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  1. Hi brownies fellas, Firstly, keep on voting uri sy. Actually i dont really get it about this voting thing, because there is no category instead of movie (man/woman) and tv (man/woman). Some name that doesn't mentioned on nominee is also there. Can you give me some thoughts about it? Anyway, i still vote her! Secondly, oh i got so mad to those so called "fans" that doing rude things toward cnboys. I know there are some consequences to be idol, but please be a supportive fans. Third, sy and jh surely really very beautiful person! Love them Good night from here
  2. Hmm..i got teary eyes here while re-reading the interview. I miss those days when they were together on screen. But also exciting to see their works in the future I love all the songs in CNBlue 7 CN. They are less "rock" but for good.. i think their music grows with their personality. And i miss uri Sy.. This thought come to my mind this morning, someday maybe when we are no longer shipper of this 2 beautiful person because of various reason, i will forever cherish the moment we were together in this forum. It will make me smile from ear to ear every time i remember the thrilling, the happiness, even "so called" bad news that we share together. Ok, why am i blabbering this and that..? Haha.. Good day, everyone!
  3. Im so happy to read all of your thought here.. we are really cool shippers! About what so called rumours, i have seen it yesterday but being surprised to see the comments on uri sy ig post like "heol!" I will keep support them no matter what, fighting!
  4. Ahh.. i miss this thread so much Just quick update to say hello to you all, i hope this thread keep alive! Mols, paliii
  5. Uri Sy in on top ten, is there any other source? Super love her shoes on Introverted Boss press con
  6. i'm quite free today..kekekekeke Me : BOTH ARE SO CUTEEEEEEE
  7. Very long time not lurking and see this kind of picture here...oh my heart it's sad to see sick JH, hope he will get well very soon. And SY is super pretty at premiere.. #girlcrush And she is so beautiful here!!
  8. Glad to be back after 2 weeks bed rest due to sickness! Just wanna say hi to you all BeeBearHug
  9. I am about to cry to see this picture!! Thank you PD Nim, you're jjang! That song moves my heart, that precious song contains uri couple heart, the feeling that can be felt only by the two of them but also gives us so much feeling.
  10. I'M SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS PICTURE.. BILLION THANKS TO THE OWNER OF IMAGE!! Before is JH who always show his excitement in every photo of BTS, even we have seen the photo which capture his hand on SY's shoulder just like statement. But in this photo, SY also show her statement. Love JH big (really big) smile on this picture. Who else dare to put their hand on his face beside her? Kekekeke. JUST LIKE @Changsky SAY : HAPPY WEDNICEDAY BROWNIES!