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  1. To see BTS clip when SY practicing action scene, i just can say whoa..she's quite good on it.. I hope SY will shine even brighter in the future with all of hard work she does
  2. I am a bit surprised that Sy has close friendship with woo jin, as long as i saw, there is no clue that they are close friend (its a good thing, of course). Whoa, both banner from woo jin or caption from sy is really cute, like real oppa and dongsaeng.
  3. Ahh.wonder when this busan namja will get married. His wife must be so lucky to have a very warm heart in-laws..
  4. Oh yass..finally managed to watch all the episodes. I shed a tears when moo myung being "excecuted" and momentarily i hate on dal but thankfully they all are safe and sound until the end. The chemistry of the second couple is also great! I love how they communicate through mind. Oh..when truth or dare scene, when ondal and nanyeon confess their feelings, i see jh and sy in their eyes (ya..ya..i'm shipper indeed ).. i love that scene the most (besides the kiss scene, ofc). Five of them are very playful and very natural. Haha.. Will re watch it again in the next week..
  5. And BIG THANKS to you, Chinggu! It works for me with this app
  6. Well, thanks to the husband who is willing to take care the toddler so that i can have marathon watching mols Honestly i got hooked with sy acts since 1st episode but i'm a bit worried with jh for first 5 episodes (mian jh)..but when it turn to ep 6 and after, whoaaa..the story is getting better, jh acts better, and the other cast is good. Oh, i love Park Joo Hyunh (Ko il-yong) acting. Yes, he is the villain but he is hillarious
  7. Oh chinggu..i'm so sad right now because i cannot open netflix app (even tho its complete downloaded). It said because of connectivity (my wifi signal is strength) or date and time settings (my settings is correct) Huhu..i want to watch mols desperately..
  8. ahh...am i late to the party? i hope i can watch it tonight! can't wait to watch, to see them have a very intense kiss, my heart couldn't stay still...i'm smiling with stupid face while see it on my timeline. Keep the love alive
  9. Hi brownies fellas, Firstly, keep on voting uri sy. Actually i dont really get it about this voting thing, because there is no category instead of movie (man/woman) and tv (man/woman). Some name that doesn't mentioned on nominee is also there. Can you give me some thoughts about it? Anyway, i still vote her! Secondly, oh i got so mad to those so called "fans" that doing rude things toward cnboys. I know there are some consequences to be idol, but please be a supportive fans. Third, sy and jh surely really very beautiful person! Love them Good night from here
  10. Hmm..i got teary eyes here while re-reading the interview. I miss those days when they were together on screen. But also exciting to see their works in the future I love all the songs in CNBlue 7 CN. They are less "rock" but for good.. i think their music grows with their personality. And i miss uri Sy.. This thought come to my mind this morning, someday maybe when we are no longer shipper of this 2 beautiful person because of various reason, i will forever cherish the moment we were together in this forum. It will make me smile from ear to ear every time i remember the thrilling, the happiness, even "so called" bad news that we share together. Ok, why am i blabbering this and that..? Haha.. Good day, everyone!
  11. Im so happy to read all of your thought here.. we are really cool shippers! About what so called rumours, i have seen it yesterday but being surprised to see the comments on uri sy ig post like "heol!" I will keep support them no matter what, fighting!
  12. Ahh.. i miss this thread so much Just quick update to say hello to you all, i hope this thread keep alive! Mols, paliii