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  1. @USAFarmgirl I totally agree with everything you said. The first couple i watched was YongSeo, followed by uri couple Gonglee....even after that i continued watching...and somewhere i found myself comparing some couples to uri couple. Gonglee planted a seed in my heart and it's grown into a tree now. I just can't let go. I keep believing that there is still something between them and they are close as ever. <3 I'm not too delulu everytime but sincerely, they're one couple who i feel will stay close forever. <3 Whether they're dating or not <3 When i heard WGM was getting cancelled, i thought about how JH and SY came to WGM at the perfect time <3 Not too early..Not too late. Just right <3 Yes, their time on WGM was short, but it left an everlasting impression on us. <3 Some couples have a lot of episodes but i couldn't feel the sparks till the end. But uri couple,their eyes filled with cannot deny that they were in love, and probably, still are, and always will be. <3 If you keep in contact, i don't think that love will go away soon. Right? And there are still a lot of evidences here and there. Their friends shipping them <3 Then why should we give up hope? Please watch MOLS, because they've worked hard. FOR US. <3 And idk , after watching that,his love worked out,didn't it? Both Goblin's and Grim Reaper's. So why won't it for our couple <3
  2. It's an edit. :| How can the pic have 85k likes but none of us saw it! :| It's better to remove it :\
  3. @lou143pabo Eonni. I'm sorry for your loss. Always here for you <3 @ahnborabora Chinguuu!! Ofcourse you can talk here as much as you want! And i totally agree with everything you say @Aileen4ever When i heard Hye Sung sing that song, i'm like's THAT SONG. the song before the proposal <3 <3 <3 I will never forget it. <3 But Hye Sung did sing it beautifully <3
  4. No chingu! All the members who followed her earlier are still following her ! <3 I just checked!
  5. YESSSS FINALLY! <3 It's gonna air soon <3 <3 Probably by this or next week?
  6. @jongyeonid I'm sorry to hear that you want to get off the ship Atleast ,please support the drama because they've put in a lot of effort and hardwork for us, and also had a lot of fun while filming. We will get to see a lot of BTS,hopefully <3 Trust me, it'll be worth the wait I think it's been said so many times on this forum that uri boys won't reveal who they are dating till they finish their military service because it's risky. TT If you don't want to delulu over them, it's totally fine. But please don't blindly believe the dating others rumours until we get proof. JH's been holidaying? Well, let him get relax before the concerts start! Yes he doesn't drink much, that's what Choa said. I don't think he's drinking a lot. Just once in a while, with his friends? Anyway, people change and we can't expect anybody or anything in this world to be the same because change is the only thing constant. Cheer up! And think positively. <3 We still have the mysterious cat, Bami It's really upsetting when people on this forum leave because all of us have been through so many things together. The good times and the bad times with uri couple. <3 But it's your choice in the end. Please don't give up on MOLS. And also, HAPPY BOICE DAY!!! <3 <3 May CNBLUE go higher and higher <3
  7. I don't know if it's already been posted here! But i can't help watching it again n again! Uri boys though <3
  8. SeungYeon looks stunning as always. Especially in that second photo. Those eyessss! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I love how she looks amazing in classy and all those redcarpet kinda dresses and also in casual wear. Not everybody is like that! It's already been a week, but i was watching HyeSung-GongMyung the other day and they went parasailing in Jeju, i was reminded of uri couple a lot! <3 Uri couple got a lot of time parasailing and talking about different things and saranghae from each other! <3 And they played a clip from the parasailing , didn't they?? I remember screaming "They played GongLee couple's clip" even though it was shot from a distance! <3 After watching uri couple, when i went on a vacation, i went parasailing and it was seriously an amazing experience. That feeling when the breeze hits you and the beautiful view of the ocean! <3 I missed uri couple after watching candy couple and so i went n watched uri couple's episode again! <3 I guess i'll never stop watching them! <3 I'm getting impatient waiting for MOLS now
  9. JH is having a great time with his friends! With Shin Hye, his close friend! The girl near Shin Hye looks like Soo Young from SNSD to me!
  10. @heneciaburningsoul Hey I too checked out those posts on her profile! It's absurd saying it's his car when we can see only the windsheild. :\ And the one with the black iphone was posted 5 days ago in japan. Was jh/cnblue there in japan 5 days ago? They were heading to Bangkok according to my knowledge @Gonglee02 Chingu, you are free to relay your thoughts here! We're all work it out together! Next time, don't delete your post. SY's new post reminds me of the flower garden "Kkot Audikke?"
  11. Hehe!!! SY And JH are posting often again!
  12. JH's noona looks gorgeous! <3 <3 <3 Wishing her all the very best! <3 <3 She looks stunning in that dress! I hope JH gets to go to this noona's wedding atleast. He didn't go for harangie omma's wedding. I wonder which of his friends he'll invite, if he's inviting. (Will he invite SY?)
  13. We waited for so long. We can wait a lil more! <3 It'll be worth the wait!
  14. He's out of town Let the secret chatting via photos begin! HEHE! @peejlovesbee Omg! That post is from so long ago! But it puts a smile on my face nevertheless! And can't wait for MOLS! <3 <3 But why don't i see the show's name in the netflix list?