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  1. Hello brownies! Long time! SeungYeon just keeps getting prettier and prettier <3 Even tho this thread is not as fast as before, i'm glad to see everybody still deluluing <3 May we get many more things to delulu about and also get a lot of happy surprises! <3 Finally, we know why they kept wearing NERDY <3 And welcome to the new brownies! It's never too late to join the brownie fam <3
  2. HELLLOOOOO! My brownie fammm! <3 Did you all miss me?? I missed you alll soooo much! I haven't posted on or visited this thread in a reallly long time! Because of this busy life. But i'm still hoping for uri couple and supporting them <3 This year has not been a really good one for Boice I pray that Yong goes n comes back well and that we get to see OT4 again ! <3 SY is gorgeeeeouusss in those photoshoot pics! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  3. Happy new year my brownie fam! <3 May this year bring you lots of good luck, happiness and keep you in good health <3 And may SY and JH achieve more success
  4. Hello! Yes, i know it was a shocking day for all brownies, including me yesterday! I actually couldn't believe when people commented so i checked myself thinking it might be some glitch in their IG. But he had unfollowed her. But it's OK. That doesn't mean he isn't friends with her. Even Yong and Shin Hye don't follow each other on IG, that doesn't mean that they aren't good friends Same way, uri couple don't have any need to give us proof. We can just love them with our hearts and support them If they were meant to be, they'll find their way again. Remember he even unfollowed his friend, viva_touch and yuri's brother and a lot of his close friends before. That doesn't mean they aren't friends. Sooo let's not dwell too much into it and support them always Nobody, except jonghyun knows why he unfollowed or deleted pics but it's better not to know. We are a bit too delulu and it's both a good and a bad thing. His family n friends r still following her, so cheer up! <3 We will always post here on this thread and always support them and if we're lucky see them together in the future! <3 Keep smiling and don't be upset over small things. Coz friendship and love need not be shown on social media.
  5. Wow....I'm glad u had so much fun! And thankyou for sharing your experience here <3 <3 <3 I'm getting little teary eyed because i really want to go to their concert and watch them live <3 And i'm positive i'll do that soon. <3 <3 Always exciting to read all Boice's comments on the concert <3 <3 <3 i really like glory days because the lyrics.....it feels like they've written it for BOICE <3
  6. YESSSS! I'm reaallllyyy enjoying "The Package" <3 It really feels like going on a trip to France And Yonghwa's improved so much in acting
  7. WELCOMEEEEEEEE to this ship! You're never getting off this! You are always welcome to share your thoughts about Gonglee, JH, SY and people related to them! Feel free! We'll always look forward to reading your posts! Once more, welcome aboard!
  8. @MattieCat Stay safe <3 Prayers are always there with you. Brownies, don't forget to vote for CNBLUE for MAMA awards. They need the votes <3
  9. [Drama 2017] Hospital Ship 병원선

    hello i watched 14 episodes of HS till now And its amazzzing! i'm a huggeeeeee fan of Minhyuk and i'm so glad he got to act with Ha Ji Won Their chemistry is no joke even with the age difference. <3 Can't wait to watch more!
  10. Jh's giving us a lot of good shocks nowadays! He's like "Are you human too".....No jh, she's from Saturn
  11. @kiko11 @ChyuuNyuu Welcome aboard! It's never too late to join and you are always welcome to say what's on your mind here If you have the time, try reading all the crazy thoughts we've had and talked about in the last 1951 pages kiko11 you should definitely watch My Only Love Song, a web drama in which they starred together <3 You can see the overflowing chemistry there too And as of now we just know that they're really good friends And that their friend circle is growing We will never know if they're together...if we're lucky we'll know after a few years Till then,keep supporting them <3 Both individually and together And idk why today this song suddenly reminded me of uri couple. This is one of my favourite songs and for some reason,only today it reminded me of uri couple .....i was thinking of JH's lyrics like "Don't let go of my hand...." etc, so, this had similar meaning.
  12. Hellloooo I'm good and you? When i come back to this group, it feels like home. I consider this forum as family <3 <3 Love you all and hope to see this ship reach the dock safely <3 :*
  13. Nice to see JH's comment on her photo I hope they interact further without having to worry about anybody the comment translates to "Your cheeks are going to burst" meaning chubby cheeks or she put on weight on her cheeks or something similar. Remember when they went to JH's house, his noona said "he never says we're pretty, he jus says "You put on weight, you became fat" to us" and then JH was like "Yea, you tell that to the people u love" and then she teases him asking "that means you don't like sy?" .... And now we see a comment like that from him i know...delulu But i really wish people chill. Like, stop commenting that u ship them on that very photo and as a reply to his comment. If the comment section chills, there's a possibility for more interactions.