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  1. Hello Thanks for the welcome! It's good to be back <3 <3 Thankyou @GongLee Global for creating the new thread <3 Welcome to the new brownies <3
  2. Hi!! Thankyou! <3 Yes, i will try to come here often <3 Welcome back to you too
  3. My level has come down from Fanatic to Hooked T.T I hope i can be more active . T.T I miss talking to all of you T.T
  4. Hello brownies! How have all of you been? It's really been a loooonggggg time! Hope everybody's doing well <3 Happy new year!
  5. HELLO BROWNIESS!!!!! Hope you've been doing well!!! I REALLY REALLY MISS COMING HERE EVERYDAY! T.T But even after such a long time, this place feels like home <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I just started watching Are you human too? And i'm lovinggg it uri SY is just soooo beautiful and her acting is first class! <3 And i watched the swiss episodes <3 It was sooo cute when JH wasn't scared when paragliding but to stand on that bridge, he was getting sooo scared XD XD XD Such a cutieee <3 <3 I'll try to be more regular here <3
  6. Hello brownies! Long time! SeungYeon just keeps getting prettier and prettier <3 Even tho this thread is not as fast as before, i'm glad to see everybody still deluluing <3 May we get many more things to delulu about and also get a lot of happy surprises! <3 Finally, we know why they kept wearing NERDY <3 And welcome to the new brownies! It's never too late to join the brownie fam <3
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