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  1. @kiko11 @ChyuuNyuu Welcome aboard! It's never too late to join and you are always welcome to say what's on your mind here If you have the time, try reading all the crazy thoughts we've had and talked about in the last 1951 pages kiko11 you should definitely watch My Only Love Song, a web drama in which they starred together <3 You can see the overflowing chemistry there too And as of now we just know that they're really good friends And that their friend circle is growing We will never know if they're together...if we're lucky we'll know after a few years Till then,keep supporting them <3 Both individually and together And idk why today this song suddenly reminded me of uri couple. This is one of my favourite songs and for some reason,only today it reminded me of uri couple .....i was thinking of JH's lyrics like "Don't let go of my hand...." etc, so, this had similar meaning.
  2. Hellloooo I'm good and you? When i come back to this group, it feels like home. I consider this forum as family <3 <3 Love you all and hope to see this ship reach the dock safely <3 :*
  3. Nice to see JH's comment on her photo I hope they interact further without having to worry about anybody the comment translates to "Your cheeks are going to burst" meaning chubby cheeks or she put on weight on her cheeks or something similar. Remember when they went to JH's house, his noona said "he never says we're pretty, he jus says "You put on weight, you became fat" to us" and then JH was like "Yea, you tell that to the people u love" and then she teases him asking "that means you don't like sy?" .... And now we see a comment like that from him i know...delulu But i really wish people chill. Like, stop commenting that u ship them on that very photo and as a reply to his comment. If the comment section chills, there's a possibility for more interactions.
  4. I haven't been active on this thread much lately due to a kinda busy schedule but i read all the posts whenever i can It is really heart-warming to see both JH and SY do well in their careers. I haven't watched the dramas of the CNBLUE members' yet. I'll do it pretty soon And waiting for SY and KangJoon's drama as well There's one thing which i wanted to know. There were three songs released earlier- Shake, Someone Else and Was So Perfect. Shake and someone else is in the album. Why is "was so perfect" not there? I kept thinking about this.
  5. Why??? It sounds really good to me! I'm enjoying their smiles in the video <3 <3 Such a fresh tune, one which could wake u up when you're tired <3 But jong looks a little tired. <3 Minhyuk and Jungshin are having so much fun in this video...Yong too and yong looks way too good in this one. Jong looks really tired. :\
  6. Okay....i tried translating JH's song with my little knowledge of Korean and using translator at times. If i'm wrong, please let me know. I'll correct it. 니 생각만하면 왜 이렇게 Why is it like this when i think of you 후회만 남는 기억들 일까 Are there only regretful memories (i think the two lines together translates to Why are there regretful memories like this only when i think of you?) 우리가 지금쯤 만났었다면 If we had met now 조금은 다르지 않았을까 Wouldn't it have been a little different? 끝날리가 없던 사랑이 지나고 The love that doesn't stop passes 마지막 니 눈물을 보고 in the end,I saw your tears 홀로 남은 이집 창가에서서 standing alone at the window 좋은 추억만 남기려해 I just want to make only good memories 너에게 준 상처를 the wounds i gave you 무심코 한 그말을 The words i said unintentionally 모두 지울수는 없지만 I can't erase everything 태어나 처음 느낀 The feeling of being born 따뜻한 너의 품은 Your warm body 영원히 내가 간직할게 I'll keep it forever 니 생각만 하면 왜 이렇게 Why is it like this only when i think of you? 후회만 남는 기억들 일까 Are there only regretful memories remaining? (i think the two lines together translates to Why are there regretful memories like this only when i think of you?) 우리가 지금쯤 만났었다면 If we had met now 조금은 다르지 않았을까 wouldn't it have been a little different? 홀로 살아갈수 없단걸 알기에 I know i can't live alone 또 다른 누굴 사랑하며 if i love someone else again 남들 처럼 평범 한 삶을살며 If i'm living normally like others 널 추억 하고있겠지 I'll still be thinking of you 너애게 준 상처를 The wounds i gave you 너에게 한 실수를 The mistakes i did(to you) 다신하지 않으려 하며 I won't do it again 조금씩 조금씩 난 Little by little,I 좋은 사람이 되며 If i become a good person 너를 떠올리고 있겠지 I'll remember you I tried my best! <3
  7. I wondered too who sent the truck too...but the translation mentions something like this: To protect the promises I was asked not to do, Thankful people who ran far, I'll cheer up thanks to you and shoot well I didn't quite understand what she meant. But she didn't post the whole truck photo like she did with other friends' trucks. That made me real curious. But whoever it is, i'm sure they provided her a lot of strength. OMG! JH's voice suits that song soo much! Some of the lines <3
  8. Can someone tell me how to get english subs in that line live? hehe I can understand korean a little bit but I can't understand a word of japanese. T.T
  9. @Dawani I too delulued seeing that shadow and as to who took the pics! But today her sister had posted similar photos....So she must have gone with her sister
  10. Hey:) Seems like its used when insulting someone ...that's what my friend told me. Maybe it's like a short form for "Nappeun nyeon"? But she ended up liking it anyway @MattieCat Thanks for the trans! I can imagine him being a businessman/martial arts instructor @Dawani I had the exact same thoughts when i saw SY's photo. Jingoo and SY seem to have gotten pretty close (Ofcourse, he's talked to her before circle ) I was like "Didn't JH send one food truck? Nah, it can't be." I'm sure he must have sent one to Circle atleast. Coz he knows both the leads there Maybe they didn't want melons to say anything so they chose not to post photos Either that, or he really didn't send food trucks and instead personally visited her on set? (one can delulu right?) @Lyricalstars Chinguu! Can i know what software you use to edit your videos?
  11. Heyyyyy...sorry to cut the post But the videoo issss <3 <3 <3 <3 The lyrics they are <3....one request. can you make a video for the same song with their clips from WGM?
  12. They look sooo happy Thankyou Singapore Boices who sori jilleod! <3
  13. Yess! i was really impressed with Se-Jeong's acting
  14. This just popped up in my recommendations!
  15. Welcome to the ship! And it's never too late to join! <3 Hope you have a great time here and post whatever comes to your mind! We'll be glad to read