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  1. Heyyyyy...sorry to cut the post But the videoo issss <3 <3 <3 <3 The lyrics they are < request. can you make a video for the same song with their clips from WGM?
  2. They look sooo happy Thankyou Singapore Boices who sori jilleod! <3
  3. Yess! i was really impressed with Se-Jeong's acting
  4. This just popped up in my recommendations!
  5. Welcome to the ship! And it's never too late to join! <3 Hope you have a great time here and post whatever comes to your mind! We'll be glad to read
  6. yea saw the photo. no i don't think it's that tshirt with the kid photo! But she is wearing White tee with blue jeans probably! How did she meet them coincidentally? That too both ahn bo hyun and jae jin! I wonder if ondal was there too!
  7. Since JH's going and posting song covers,lemme post the songs which remind me of uri couple! <3
  8. Okay...I have a lot of things to write here today. First, I finished watching Circle yesterday and honestly,it blew my mind. The casting, plot everything was perfect. It was unbelievable. I won't post any spoilers here. Those who haven't watched it should definitely watch it asap. Coz finding a drama like this is like finding gold. They really took it to another level. I've always picked Rom-Coms and thrillers over Sci-Fi but this drama.....gosh! It was so unpredictable. everytime i thought of a theory i was proven wrong. And since everybody here knows about SeungYeon being bluebird...She looked goooooorrrgeeeous as bluebird. Kudos to the make up artist. That black kohl and eyeliner really highlighted her amber eyes! <3 <3 <3 I couldn't help but look at her eyes everytime the camera showed her. <3 <3 <3 Everybody MUST watch the drama. It's one of a kind. Second....Waah! Sooo many coincidences again! <3 Bee, Jeju and following ,liking <3 Third..I'm actually very annoyed looking at all the hater posts. So i thought i needed to say something. I'm sure every melon reads this page so here we go: Look, if you want to ship JH/SY with other people, do it. Nobody's stopping you. We like JH-SY together so we will ship them. What's that got to do with you? If you like another ship, just go and support that ship instead of trying to bring us down.One of the posts of a hater-page had the caption which said this "Some people just can't learn to respect others,maybe they just learn by their idol". Ahhh.. I see. So,you are overflowing with respect for us ,aren't you? Oh! you learning from your idol too, on how to diss other ships, the actors and their family,right? I guess, your idol must be like that, always dissing people and finding ways to cause chaos all the time.Remember that one of the idols/actors of your ship is part of this ship too. Please, i don't even know how you people find the time to search for stuff which us shippers ourselves can't find. Like what their family is doing and blah blah. You don't have to speak for our ship neither do you have to find things from our ship. It's purely Gonglee and their family's wish to follow and like whoever and whatever they want. So don't be so butthurt alright. Don't be such a coward trying to cause disturbance and chaos within the ship for whatever happiness you get out of it.Continue with your ship, nobody here is gonna say anything. What i'm trying to say is get a life and stop involving their family in it. And i wonder how you have the time to overanalyze and research so much. If you like them, i understand. But you don't like them one bit. You seem to have all the time in this world to research on something you don't like. wow,i'm impressed.What do you do? And brownies, those who aren't members of the forum but are reading this, stop reacting to such pages. They only get what they want. Attention. Stop tagging JH in SY posts and vice versa. Let them enjoy with their friends and family. And don't pay any attention to these butthurt shipper pages and spoil your mood.We don't want to be one of them. Remember all the things we've talked about and do this. Jaebal! I know i went a little overboard but this had to get out.
  9. Everybody please support YongHwa's new release tomorrow! Please keep him at the top in charts! <3 Whoever your bias is, please do support and try to bring the video to 1M views when it releases.
  10. Wow! His friends look pretty good! And woahhh! Both of them are on a updating spree!I always love it when they do that! And Seo Kang Joon also commented on one of her posts! Looks like they're good friends already! Waah....seeing everyone describe Jakarta concert makes a boice like me really proud...i would like to see them someday! atleast once in jakarta too
  11. Anneyonghaseyo! I'm from the Gonglee fandom I'm also a Boice And JiJi couple has made me fall for them soooo hard! <3 <3 <3 <3 Jal putakdeuribnida! Why didn't i find this thread earlier!
  12. I watched two episodes of Circle. It's so confusing and intriguing
  13. WHEN WILL I GET TO SEE CNBLUE LIVE???? TT TT TT TT TT TT TT And the caption 현대와 과거의 공존 그리고 스토리 텔링 translates to Past and present's coexistence and story telling.
  14. "바보 온달과 평강 공주의 러브 스토리 처음에 기획할때 한국의 러브 스토리를 어떻게 이야기 할지 몰라서 애니메이션을 쓰기로 했다*^^*#마이온리러브송#이종현#공승연#이재진" Caption Translates to : When I was planning Babo Ondal and Princess Pyeonggang's love story in the beginning, i didn't know how to make it into a Korean Love Story so i decided to do an animation(If u exactly translate it will be Write an animation)*^^*#MyOnlyLoveSong #LeeJongHyun #GongSeungYeon #LeeJaeJin JaeJin's comment : "Heh" PDnim's comment: eung.. And Happy B'day Yong Oppa <3 Sorry, but i couldn't help Kang Joon's character name...Android Nam Shin III? XD XD XD ....Is he a human form of an android phone or something?
  15. @peejlovesbee Unfortunately the video's not available now and i couldn't get to see it Last time,we assumed that and in the end he had attempted to draw Lou/Rou But this time, it really looks more like a bear than a cat though