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  1. That sweatshirt though! He's also wearing a lot of sweatshirts these days Glad to read all your thoughts here everytime We've got to support CNBLUE this time. So , BOICCEEE! Fightingg!! Gotta bring our boys so many awards like last time We musn't disappoint them SY will update today or tomorrow i guess. It's been a while. I have a feeling she'll update tomorrow. Idk! forgive me if i'm wrong. @newbie02 Welcome to the family! We get to go on a lot of rollercoaster-like rides. Hope you like them! (okay i couldn't embed the video. Youtube didn't allow me to) It's the video of CNBLUE performing It's You in Music Bank. And guess what colour JH is wearing? ... ... Yes, you're right. WHITEUUU! They're also performing Between Us(He's wearing black there though) And can i take a moment to say how amazing Yong looks! *HEHE TOO MUCH FANGIRLING I KNOW..CAN"T HELP IT*
  2. Last post for today: Read thisss!
  3. I'd like to add one more thing. I know i've told this a few times. But whenever i hear Meet him among them, i am reminded of uri couple. And if anybody is losing interest, or don't know where destiny will take them, we can't do anything about it. Just close your eyes and listen to the lyrics. In the end the lyrics go like this : "byeolchoreom su manheun saramdeul geu junge seororeul manna saranghago dasi meoreojigo eokgeobui sigani jinado eojjomyeon ttodasi manna uri sarang unmyeongieotdamyeon naega neoui gijeogieotdamyeon" the translation is: "Both of us met among so many(countless) people, We loved, and parted again. Once this frustrating time passes,maybe we'll meet again, If our love was destined, If i was your miracle." I know i've posted this before, but whenever i listen to these lines, i feel much better and happier. <3 The song which JH picked was perfect ,and it matches them really well. So if they're destined, if they're each other's miracle, then surely only good things will happen <3 P.S. All i know if that JH has been wearing white shirts most of the time whenever we get a photo of him. Like i don't see him in any other colour! Good for somebody!
  4. Watched It's You and Between Us promotion It was soo good to see the boys perform live again but they looked so tired T.T T.T They must have worked really hard on this album, please please show them some support <3 @skybluecoat Really happy seeing you! Welcome aboard! You've gotta face a lot of things here! And it's kinda sad to see how some brownie fanpages themselves doubt uri JH...i was really heartbroken to see one page posting that pic which antis posted. (Even though they deleted after sometime.) This page was one of my favourite brownie pages. I'm questioning myself. Who are really brownies? Are you really supporting them? Or are you just faking?Because of one thing ,you just withdraw your support for MOLS and CNBLUE? I can't find myself hating or wanting to bash JH or pity SY like some people are doing. They have been through this so many times and it may be nothing to them. They don't owe anything to us. What they are today, is purely with their hardwork and effort. HATERS, who caused all this. To you, WELL PLAYED, REALLY WELL PLAYED. You managed to turn this loving ship into an almost wrecked one. And just so you know, doing this won't bring our boys down neither will it destroy the friendship with their loved ones. It's only showing what kind of a person you are.
  5. I'm going to post something i found something the other day: No ship has ever reached the dock smoothly. It has to face storms and huge waves to reach its destination. (I really liked that quote) And our ship too, has already crossed many storms from the beginning. Some people fell off the ship, but most of us held on. Now there's another storm, and the waves are really high this time, almost sinking our ship. But we cannot let ourselves fall into the water (I don't even know how to swim Lol :P) Turn around and see how far you've come...The lighthouse(our heart) is guiding us, the moon is still there, hiding behind the clouds,even though it isn't able to shine upon us now. Only look ahead and grab onto anything you can to make you stay in the ship. So wait till you reach the port. If you feel like you never want to travel by the same ship again, leave,only after you reach the port. I guess this was too much, but all of us have been feeling really low lately, so i thought i should write this. It's really from my heart,okay?
  6. Too much drama to take in! Omo omo! Guys, let's do it once again. Let's flood the accounts of PDnim, JH and SY with supportive comments
  7. VLive broadcast with subs Enjoy!
  8. Everytime i see a photo with JH And JCW in the same frame, my heart skips a beat. JCW has been my faaaavvvv since i watched Healer Nampyeon looks so tired. Get some rest. T.T
  9. @Dawani Ttruee! The haters achieved what they wanted. :\ People should really stay calm and collected. :\
  10. Proud of them <3 <3 <3 <3 Let them reach greater heights! <3 <3 <3 And @IAmSoulReader YESS! The views froze and now it decreased. By now it must have been 1 million views. So unfair. T.T
  11. @MattieCat THAT's SOOO COOL! Never hesitate to post something related to uri couple here! And if i come to Japan, i'm not leaving without meeting you @Changsky That's right Eonni! I feel like all us brownies on this forum should meet up and have a great time! Maybe, one day Just wanted to say . That model's name is not Ji Soo. It's Ji Yi Soo. I guess people just call her Ji soo or whatever. Yi Soo? Sounds familiar. Someone played a character of that name, didn't they? I'm not going to worry about this anymore! There's no need to. And Manito and It's you are my absolute favs in this album Both have this "FEEL GOOD" and OST like feeling...Now i can't get Calling You also out of my head Fans who will go to the concert this time are going to have an awesome time singing all these songs. Like in "It's you" ...Girl you got me singing.. "WOAH OH OH.." (I think Yong wantedly did that so that his fans could sing along) ....Nado GAGOSHIPDA! T.T
  12. Waaah....such sweet lyricss! Will wait for better lyric video..or sit and try to translate it myself HEHE I just found it it somehow goes with the's as if he's saying to us: "Naan nappeun nomila saenghakhajima " (Don't think i'm a bad guy) And i also like this line..."I don't remember your face ,but we got in touch" (When i read this line, my heart beat a lil fast coz of the rumours and all) ...but then i was like "What if this song is written thinking of uri bear...Like they met for MOLS shooting after so long" That's why he's like "we got in touch" Hehe...Oh haters will never win against us! Hwaiting! @Dawani GURLL!! Long time! I sighed with relief as i read each line <3 We are truly the coolest shippers! And please don't forget to watch Between Us as many times as you can. Come on brownies! We gotta bring our boys atleast 1 million views in 24 hours <3 With this, i'll call it a day. I feel like i posted a lot here today But this is home. So no probs! I Hope! Good night everybody! <3
  13. EVERYBODYYY WATCH!!! THIS IS AWESOMEMEEE! <3 <3 Let's bring it to 1 million viewssssss in 24 hours! <3 After watching this, i totally forgot about all those issues Only this song is stuck in my head <3
  14. TRANS: It's you're full and sleepy right? Our song comes out at 6. Look forward to it Trans credit: Twitter- codenametwice