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  1. WHEN WILL I GET TO SEE CNBLUE LIVE???? TT TT TT TT TT TT TT And the caption 현대와 과거의 공존 그리고 스토리 텔링 translates to Past and present's coexistence and story telling.
  2. "바보 온달과 평강 공주의 러브 스토리 처음에 기획할때 한국의 러브 스토리를 어떻게 이야기 할지 몰라서 애니메이션을 쓰기로 했다*^^*#마이온리러브송#이종현#공승연#이재진" Caption Translates to : When I was planning Babo Ondal and Princess Pyeonggang's love story in the beginning, i didn't know how to make it into a Korean Love Story so i decided to do an animation(If u exactly translate it will be Write an animation)*^^*#MyOnlyLoveSong #LeeJongHyun #GongSeungYeon #LeeJaeJin JaeJin's comment : "Heh" PDnim's comment: eung.. And Happy B'day Yong Oppa <3 Sorry, but i couldn't help Kang Joon's character name...Android Nam Shin III? XD XD XD ....Is he a human form of an android phone or something?
  3. @peejlovesbee Unfortunately the video's not available now and i couldn't get to see it Last time,we assumed that and in the end he had attempted to draw Lou/Rou But this time, it really looks more like a bear than a cat though
  4. In the upgrade photos above, the one where he's giving her flowers...they're wearing similar dress shades as the one in wgm JH is wearing a black shade and SY blue Is it really unfulfilled love from the past?
  5. Translation of SY's comment on JaeJin's photo: ahh....ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I couldn't go,i couldn't go. ㅠㅠ Again Again , do it again please........!! SamYongie...except Noona (i didn't understand this last part what she meant...but this is what it meant)
  6. I finished watching MOLS yesterday! And dammmnnnn! I had the best time watching it Even though there was not much of a story, it was still very entertaining and dripping with honey SY's acting was really commendable I like how she kept saying "I'm korea's top star, Song Su Jeong...,I'm the period drama queen" <3 Usually ,i'm not very fond of characters with a lot of attitude...but she was hard to not like <3 She swore in Busan Satoori, something which i wouldn't have imagined coming from SY(the cursing, i mean) JH too played his character really well Soooo much improvement from Orange Marmalade <3 (Maybe because he didn't have to act much *yes delulu starts*)...I really liked the character Ondal. He was greedy for money, but he loved her like nobody else <3 And i shouldn't forget to compliment the other actors for their acting as well. Without them, this wouldn't have been fun to watch <3 Princess Pyeongang was a fun character...and yes, i did keep telling her not to fall for Ondal when BoongBoongie took them to OD's old village. She was a fun person. Sam Yongie...<3 <3 Awwww...that cutie I loved his friendship and brother-like relationship with SuJeong. He always stuck with her And when he said that his name was "Oppa" I found myself calling him oppa with SuJeongie and Gwangnyeonie Can someone tell me the name of the actress who played "Gwang Nyeon-the one who played with flowers" She was so adorable <3 Moo Myung-ah......Gosh....he was mysterious and yet at the same time, i wanted to give him a big hug <3 What a cutie! So funny when he took his sword out when they were playing that drinking game and also when Princess poured the whole medicine bottle on him I got really upset when i thought they beheaded him. Like,how can they? :\ But ThankGod, he was alive And i only realized that the CEO was the king after Sam Yongie said it One of my favourite characters' was Ko Il Yong..He was such a "numbnut" XD XD But i couldn't help but like him Actually,Il Yong and Su Jeong were a lil similar. she kept saying "top star top star" and he kept saying "like a flower like a flower" XD .. This show had so many WGM references and some of those dialogues though. People would have flipped out if it was released on TV We got to hear SY sing...what a beautiful voice <3 In the words of Ko-Il Yong "Kkotgateun moksorida" (Voice like a flower) When the news about the kissing scene came out, i was expecting a small peck or just for very few seconds. But woah, this was so passionate and on top of that, 5 times PD-nim and writer!!! Jalhaesseoyo I can go on telling , but i'll stop here for today Oh.....How can i forget the ultimate shipper- BoongBoongie Only when OD and SJ were together, he moved kekeke You are a gem <3 Um...I asked my Korean friend what "nannyeonie" means...she said it is used when insulting someone. Maybe something like nappeun nyeo? I don't know. Might have some other meaning My most favourite scene was the one when he'll play with her ear and she'll pull his cheek And soo many Saranghae's <3 <3 <3 <3 omomomo! my hearteu! <3 Those emotions in their eyes I had always had this wish that Kang Joon and Seung Yeon should act in a drama together. It finally came true! I was so surprised when i saw that post <3 Can't wait to see it
  7. I could only watch till episode 5 yesterday! I'll watch the rest today! Honestly speaking, i was expecting a melodrama But it's the opposite! So much fun and light hearted from what i've seen till now I couldn't stop smiling watching them! I love SY's character in this! I wouldn't have expected her to curse in Busan Satoori Here also, few of his lines! She'll be like "You're such a cyber bully" and he'll be like "Fine. I'll be a cyber bully. Only for you." (I hope i'm right) MOLS is wayyyyyyyy more than what i expected! <3 <3 *smiles like a babo* I can't wait to finish watching the rest of it and watch it again and again I hardly watch anything on TV these days, since all i watch are korean dramas these days. And even other shows i just watch on my laptop But MOLS, i am watching on the TV First i hadn't subscribed to HD thinking that the quality would be fine but it was blurry, so i upgraded to HD just to see them And SY's amber eyes can be seen clearly in many of the scenes! Good job PD-nim! And i like the article posted above Season 2 hehe no problem! GongLee fandom will keep waiting Babo On Dal and michin nyeo Su Jeong have done really well I like the BTS pics at the end of every episode but it would be really awesome if we get to see videos too <3 Pleasee PD-nim upload some bts videos too! Bloopers! Anything! Just reminding..there is a MOLS thread created way back! Even i forgot about it Feel free to post there too My Only Love Song Thread I don't know There was a poll long back asking for the names and the fandom name. I guess someone else can help you out.
  8. HAPPY MOLS DAY brownies! And happy MOLS life (If tht even makes sense) I can't wait to watch! <3 <3 But as soon as i woke up and opened instagram, i saw the kiss! Damnnnnnn! So hot! <3 Can someone provide air conditioners here! Coz this place is gonna be on fire! <3
  9. I got my netflix subscription few minutes back! Gosh, i'm smiling like a fool!
  10. Good for her then! We will be happy to support her with anybody she is happy with! If you are right, then okay But if this is a plan to cause chaos again, don't even start. Because girl/boy, us brownies are more mature and supporting than you think we are.
  11. Ah chinchaa? Geu Yeoja nuguji? Wifeu? And Shin Hye went to CNBLUE's concert to support the boys! I wonder if uri SY went too? I hope she did. Though we won't get any photos!
  12. Welcome to the ship Ahhhh! I missed JH's live! Why do i always seem to miss when uri CNBLUE boys are doing a live. First JS,now JH TT Next time HEHE And i haven't watched Circle yet, but i'm watching it today <3 The new shots of SY in that black dress and cap sexy <3 And MOLSSSSSS! <3 <3 I'm waiting so we can all talk about it
  13. A very happy b'day to our awesome guitarist with dimples ! <3 Have the best bday ever! And it's always heartwarming to see cnblue celebrate together! <3
  14. Trans: Finally! T Me: YESS YESSS!! FINALLY!!! <3 <3 All of us have waited for 939 years!