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  1. Ahh... of coz .... bulging muscles heee... for more kabedon yo..
  2. Gosh... almost spill my drink But wait.. erhm... the stabbing **Not the 'bulge' ya?? Opz!!
  3. More fr Jump Ent Cto Happy friday all!!
  4. If it happens we need our hair pulling expert @ode2kdramas to have one to one *cough* counselling session with writer nim...opz!! Cto: Ok chill juz kidding... no violence allowed haaaa Fun Friday all!!
  5. @uchihaarga Kiss talks are fun and educational.... haha... I think the script doesn't demand for heavy deep kisses yet. ( i'm optimistic , that's why I say YET ) so I don't think he's too shy. If PD says go for it like in OHY , the professionalism in them will produce the desired effect..... hot , heart thumping and intense I did the same Awww man... u guys making me very busy... Zoom in zoom out zoom in zoom out...ahhhhh Erhm letz see... his mouth did open a bit ya? Heeee.. @lavender2love maybe the script have scenes that allow our Mr Cute to open his mouth bigger heee Psst @lavender2love *phew!* luckily I am normal... **wink @mademoisellesia @angel2013 if u r bored u can always zoom in zoom out ... v busy...heee
  6. come come @angel2013 Let's eat 3... chew chew *Yawn* erhm ...i mean *Yum Yum*
  7. happy thursday! Cute queen n her bestie! Mesense IG update Cto
  8. haa.. talking about my cousin Superman...ya ..he is complaining to me there r not enough phone booths around anymore ... !! Yap... about his brief, he decided to ditch totally.. haaa ... : Heee ok ok pardon me for my wild imagination..heee *wink* @angel2013 Aw man ... wall kiss ! Muak muak @ode2kdramas@lavender2love 's favourite!! Uh oh....Opz!
  9. woweee... we have more on board the train to Busan opz!! Ok ok ...Train Of Love ??? *wink* @Visually-wandering *hi fives* to all ...erhm... especially those who r here after seeing the muak muak *nosebleed*. Sorray cant tag all names coz my loading super sloth... heee... Haaa... yessss... happy chewing !! Ahhh... me was imagining some Kabedon in the phone booth ...tks to @lavender2love heee Ok we need MORE clones from @mademoisellesia wahhaaaa Terrific Thursday alll!!
  10. @ode2kdramas hee... Oh .. this scene is my FAVOURITE !!! Haaa... our cute HS ..super cute shaking her bums *whistle* *poke* @lavender2love "OHY vibes" wahaaaa
  11. where where?? P-D-nim!!!??? Heee... Seriously me thinks our cutie overheard u guys planning for THAT train jerk moment. Haaa see: @angel2013 ahhh... 'picture duty' for me?? Haaa.... have to confess me have yet to finish the full subs coz ..ya was focusing on the train kiss ...opz! *wink* @triplem
  12. Add and Subtract Game

    @triplem yap ...flashback Both very thirsty...opz!! *legit spoiler* : 472!!
  13. Add and Subtract Game

    Aw man... u missed the 'train to busan' ..muak muak!! 468!!!
  14. wonderful wednesday!!...haahaaa.. **Hi five to @samaf @mail3227
  15. Ahhh... ok.. we need to give our Mr Cute one to one english lessons ya..opz! (*ship ship ship*)