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  1. Erhm...ehmmm... itz.... Have u guys seen this? Uri queen gets some love letters from fans
  2. Uh oh u guys making my imagination gone wild again hahaaa... 2018 MAMA Best Couple: O..kay @hola2jin JinMin or MinJin?? Hahaaa.... *whisper softly to @justright i ...prefer this Min hahaaa ops!* Ok ok juz kidding ya... *no shipping here..tsk!* Omo... Welcome back - uri Top Star Cr owner:
  3. *whisper super super softly* u muz be thinking that M guy is is ...Min..Min...*choke* Ok...ok... i need to zzzz...dreamtalking heeee
  4. supergal99

    virtual angel

    *pulls lynne22 to one side* Uh oh i thot u were asking dotonly :"were u sleeping?" ok ok *piak!* (slaps forehead). O..kay.. thks for the tag -> goodnite all chingus and sweet dreams special thks to angel staygold and uri event organiser Lmangla. *Zzz.... snore ....zzzz*
  5. Hahaa good one though! Yap ..angel2013 not online but offline reading heee... Oh justright i think i didnt see janet jackson perform - juz receive award only
  6. Thatz why u are here in this thread hahaaa... Anyone shipping them? Hahaaa... juz kidding ya ops (hope angel2013 is not angry heeee :"no shipping here!") Ok ok chill... joking ah
  7. Seems like there are subs on big screens in the venue - heard from my friends whose friends who had attended the Japan one. i thjnk vlive also subbed it live. Ahhh.. @shjfan23 i waited that long too...heee
  8. This one longer - u can hear the audience laughing when she makes the 'blunder'
  9. Some pics Oh video! Supershort one. Another one
  10. Oh she is presenting to best girl group - Twice. She said some words wrongly i think hahaha... so cute. @justright u can use Aqstream. Uri queen juz came onscreen.
  11. @SweetLullaby i m definitely more clueless about those lineup stuff hahaa... i wonder if uri queen will speak some chinese or cantonese or even english later coz some artistes did so. Even Song Joongki juz muttered a few chinese words. Hahaa There is video in vlive - the airport fashion heee: And an article - the title eehm: 2018. 12. 14. 上午 8:50 “查看更多帖子”选项 EXCLUSIVE BEST: Seo Hyun Jin as a fashionista, WORST: Song Joong Ki in "uncle style" The fashion of stars on the way to Hong Kong to attend "2018 MAMA in Hong Kong" has been caught by the correspondent lens. <BEST> Seo Hyun Jin This is "twin" fashion style with Jung Ryeo Won. If you look closely, the details are somewhat different, but overall the two outfits look similar. Seo Hyun Jin also wore light-colored jeans, ankle boots and a camel-colored jacket. Although she was wearing a short size teddy bear jacket - a popular product of Max Mara brand, Seo Hyun Jin still showed off her slender body and she looked so harmonious and neat in her teddy bear jacket. Although the sunglasses worn early in the morning and the colorful handbag looked a bit "absurd", for a person who is included in the list of stars who have "problematic" outfits like Seo Hyun Jin, this fashion style is already a big leap forward. https://channels.vlive.tv/EBF267/vtoday/1.9304511
  12. supergal99

    virtual angel

    hi 5 this shows we got the same taste... (*grabs my hello kitty pail*) Ok..ok.. i wanna to dedicate these gifs to u: Hope u can quickly overcome your fear -- coz yr Oppa is waiting for u ..yes at the beach... happy weekend!
  13. Heee saku08 maybe maybe coz she misses her galgroup ? Oh this M guy ...hahaha...what did he say to her? Cr video source to owners
  14. Haha... i was abit surprised when i see him right after uri queen ops! And look who are here too: The Beauty Inside reunion hahaaa... Btw Lee Dahee attended the one in Japan.