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  1. More clips... yess.. the cringy cheek kisseu mentioned by @ELY_397 Close up of that *lacy sexy* gown heee Preview
  2. Tsk @Lmangla.. ya i confess.. caramel custard looks yummy...... "no no captain muscle .... dont ... dont go...." *shed a tear...* Mussel muscle back hug Edit: poke @bubu678 think positive coz now JYB has a new ship called -> skinship...*dum dum dum*... ok ok dont cry... do u need a gif of that bed scene? (No no no @dramaninja i am not joking ya)
  3. @Annya ya rich people are like dat ...waste money on engagement ...hahaaa.... psst DH changed her gown coz she heard @Lmangla's "redo redo...tsk i dont like that disco gown" Oh wait SH or DH ??? Ahhh... confused... @bubu678 my sympathies... wawaaaaa.... (no no @dramaninja i am not joking ya...)
  4. @Annya they kept using the word yaghon = engagement *ding! Korean lesson 101*
  5. Ig clips Omy @Annya repeat that bed scene.. -> bull's eye..ops! Cto
  6. Oh she is vomiting right..? Aw man... one nite stand only... gosh if itz true...then itz really a twist ottoke...JYB's fans *cough* Hahha... the feel of holding her hand.. is sooo different... oh we should consult @ELY_397 ...*cough* juz pulling yr leg ELY_397
  7. great ! WJ's own realisation that DH is not his Cinderella SH He let go of DH's hand The preview WJ cant bring himself to kiss her TY asks SH for a date WJ calls SH... Next week we should see our hot couple get together?
  8. Oh WJ thinking about SH n cries...? SH discovers the device implanted under the table
  9. Hahaaa.. The Real DH... Puppy confess.. shippers alert..ops!
  10. SH is bring the money to CKM?? I thot i heard she asks him not to go?
  11. Oh twins quarrel again WJ calls SH... Oh i like SH's grey 'detective 'jacket ... calling JYB's fans... omgggggg bedscene
  12. OTR n gang is here to bring the chairman away in police car. We see TY in distress n SH's turn to comfort him Omo... tonite alot of crying scenes
  13. OTP talking... we see SH crying a little TY eavesdrop HE gives encouragement to her
  14. Exhubby asking for forgiveness SH voiceover in the backgrd : her twin is comin to replace her.. she asking for their support