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  1. Ops... @junejungki keep calm and drink ...drink... Yakult ok chill ...super sweet dreams ya!! *flies off quickly*
  2. *cough~~* queue up queue up... hahahaa **Ep. 15** O..kay... spotted some BTS pics compilation @ mbc IG: --> For that shocking ending scene (The underwater scene Reminds me of the other MBC "W")
  3. supergal99

    Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    beauty beautiful in uniform This owner has lots lots of super nice gifs of our beauty queen: https://mobile.twitter.com/DARKCLOUD227 Cto
  4. omgggg... finally managed to catch the latest ep.s (erhm... in chinese subs though) O..kay... looking at the preview, i am guessing ep. 15 -> a short separation and then ep. 16. -> wedding!! Add song: Thks to original IG: (The ending scene) And cr to this YT clip - so cute the caption: CP (couple) unlimited pouring of sugar and a jealous CJH is asking for kisses behaving like a 3 year old kid **pardon me for direct translation - my brain not functioning well** Another cute YT clip - on the cute height difference heee- sweet 'intimation' for a hug:
  5. supergal99

    Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    Jtbc latest pics plus more at http://mtv.jtbc.joins.com/photo/pr10010943/pm10049815 I can not come back again. 2018-10-16 PM 6:38:14 View 472
  6. Oh i like uniforms (screenshots from preview) Soompi article: Cute IG update
  7. supergal99

    Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    high school uniform ?
  8. Omy "superfit body... guard" ?? Ops this is a 'historical' drama? Uh oh i ... i ... cant... i cant erhm... follow all these historical plots
  9. ops @booha pardon me for my random comments (ah.. itz ok.. the IG owner indicated 'ccto' in the comments). Wow.. thks for your kind words and omgggg... that super hot shirtless gif -- havent seen it before. hahahaa...Mmm.. ok come come i will give u a 'muak'.. eh..eh... why u dont like it heeee.. oh i get it... u prefer Oppa do it with u ya? Ya... hahahaaa... *whisper* so sorry chingus - for all the teasing Ok chill ...dedicating this fireworks (talk about timing *cough*) kisseu to shippers of uri 2nd OTP hahahaa..
  10. ooiyooo... triplem... u...u... like this kind of fan service ?? Hahahaa.. pardon me chingus - this is for triplem to analyse those *choke* tattoos erhm..mm.. ok i know u prefer this kind ya? Ya.: Omo... accidental hug *dum~~* (Tks to IG owner's clip)
  11. BTS pics SuperCool pics collection of uri hottie Some pics from KIS news: All cr to MBC
  12. supergal99

    Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    compilation by jtbc
  13. preview: Omo... she is the one who initiated it plus that car wash scene for 2nd OTP
  14. But... but... dont forget uri top star is good at acting...hahaaa See the audition- that rival is super upset hahahaa... (Need to know what happened here...*dum~~*) Those pretend moments:
  15. O..kay... not sure if the kisseu is for real?? Just like those dates and hugs are for show ... hahaha ... anyhow i cant... wait to see that kisseu scene!! *cough* Oh some of the the YT clips are out. Oh do not post here u might get warning hahaaa... use PM