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  1. Latest Making YT : Reality Fanmade clipfor the shippers:
  2. supergal99

    Food for Sick People

    i recommend "Laughter" Source: https://www.helpguide.org/articles/mental-health/laughter-is-the-best-medicine.htm Physical health benefits of laughter Boosts immunity Lowers stress hormones Decreases pain Relaxes your muscles Prevents heart disease Mental health benefits of laughter Adds joy and zest to life Eases anxiety and tension Relieves stress Improves mood Strengthens resilience
  3. Cr MBC IG Special event 27 june wed in Seoul: MBC facebook uploads:
  4. supergal99

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    A parody.. really.. juz for laughs No Tears Left to Cry
  5. supergal99

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    poke @Sejabini did u see this ?? Hahaaa.. One Last Time...
  6. latest updates Itz a reminder - Tonite 9pm It says these hp wallpapers r available at mbc facebook. One IG clip and some stills (cto)
  7. supergal99

    fun chatting

    Omg... no no i m still at Soompi. My last posts are for those threads that i dont wish to be joining anymore. Hahahaa.. i need to set this straight: 1. Dont be surprised if u see me posting at other threads. 2. NO HATES of coz.. hahahaaa... Omo... i hope i didnt offend any chingus hahaaaa... omgggg... seriously i am very skeptical in all my posts now. (All it takes is a joke ---> what a joke!!! Hahaaaa...) 3. Juz sharing - I m feeling superlight now after making these choices. Things happen for a reason and it makes me have some realisation which i dont want share publicly. 4. Hahahhaa... i better stop here ... the more i comment - the more trouble i may get....hahaahaaa... not fun chatting anymore hahahhaaaaa ** NO OFFENSE to those who dont get my jokes ah - u choose what u think n itz NOT my problem ** Juz sharing : EDIT. Ops... i juz wanna say - Memories are memories... no such thing as good or bad...hahaahhhaaa...at least for me. *dum dum dum*
  8. supergal99

    fun chatting

    Heee... yap.. thatz my sugar daddy hahaaa... (Uh oh ...i think i will get fatter than u coz this drama is like taking ages to finish... n i keep asking daddy to give me more sugar... hahaaaa) Ok.. i m here to return u yr hugs : Yesss.. can feel yr tummy from yr back hugs (3 mths pregnant??? Ops... thatz what u mentioned previously ya... Hahahaaa) Ok chingus have a nice day! ***Disclaimer - this one is rated 'horror' for those who dont like horrors HAHAHA: (Gosh.. i m super tired of putting disclaimers before a joke ...seriously...*sigh*) Sorray if this looks like a looooooong post. (Note.. My last post here... heeee) **EDIT. Sejabini -- hahaa.. nothing nothing ... finally have determination to cut down my time at Soompi la la la...
  9. supergal99

    Favorite Quotes...

    my last quote for this thread. "All it takes is one joke to be taken out of context and quoted on Twitter or Facebook, and a comic can expect a storm of invective from people who are either outraged or pretending to be. " source: BBC.com - Have we lost our sense of humour?
  10. From what i see - the date for the preview is 21 june. Also therez a Soompi article that says Wed episode is cancelled. Tonite there is a radio broadcast on MBC radio. U can tune in to the station at mbc website.
  11. supergal99

    Favorite Quotes...

    erhmm .. quote for quote @kokodus **ouch** wawawawaaa...
  12. supergal99

    Add and Subtract Game

    Ello ello... u didnt read my disclaimer ah?? Tsk.. ok ok ... anyway i have no time to 'argue' with u. No trophy plus Cannot joke here -- Not fun .. tsk...this thread too serious for me. Ok i m leaving - this is my last post. (Eh... cant help it but ...r u laughing? ) EDIT @kokodus hahaha.. ok tks for yr reply. Juz teasing u la... Itz my mid-yr resolution for 2018 -- spend less time with Soompi. Hahahaaa...
  13. supergal99

    Add and Subtract Game

    Hahaaa.. u changed yr username..superfast Oh u sound amazed *whisper* u really should find time to backread (alot) to answer this question...*cough* +2
  14. supergal99

    Add and Subtract Game

    Ello... yr gif is PG...hahaaa *cough* +2
  15. Omo.. uh oh.. i posted the fan MV not knowing he stabbed uri hottie... *dum~~* apologies...hahahaa... Ok ok cool down ya... were u able to see the vlive? There r some cuts in IG: Cont Oh and this one is on the press con