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  1. RIP Kim Joo-hyuk I didn’t realize Ji-hyo was close to him. She went to his funeral, and didn’t make it to Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-gyo’s wedding. Unfortunately they were on the same day. Just such a shock. They even halted RM filming because Joo-hyuk’s fiancée was one of the guests and they found out in the middle of filming.
  2. I found it weird that one of the cast members didn’t stand with the others watching Ji-hyo go on that swing. I’m probably being overly sensitive but it ticked me off a little. Meh. Is it just me, or does it feel like she’s been a lot more active, in terms of endorsements, with her new agency? I’m not complaining of course
  3. Yay her hair is growing out LOL this is such a silly thing to be happy about. I thought she was adorable as Do Bong-soon, but I missed her longer hair ^^;
  4. I agree. When the news first broke that she was to be leaving Running Man (without the details that came out further), I was pretty much ecstatic. I thought RM was a good way for her to get more exposure to domestic/international audience, but thought she could have left the program at some point to focus more on acting :\ I have always felt that her staying on RM with the continuous fanning of the Monday Couple thing has deterred her rather than helped her. Especially since a lot of folks were resistant to her screen relationships and kept asking her what would Gary think. And now that we have two additions to RM, I feel like it's even more time for her to leave the show to be quite honest. I see all these projects that other actresses have, and feel sad and wish that she'd be able to partake in those shows T_T I am such a selfish fan HAHA I'm sorry. Also, she looks absolutely gorgeousssss in the Fossil ads. It has a lot of shared elements of her RM personality in the really casual sense but also her actress status of being elegant too. LOL I'm probably not making too much sense... ^^;;;
  5. I can't tell you how many times I've rewatched that fossil cf I love the end where she is doing a peace sign, forgetting that she has to trigger the camera by pressing a button on her watch LOL. And Ji Chang-wool literally LOL-ing as well!! I need a making-of for this cf badlyyy please!
  6. I am having serious withdrawal I hope she doesn't wait too long to do another project. (Also how is her thread not more popular?! I adore this lady so freaking much. If anyone ever asks me about my favorite Korean actress, she is always part of my list!!)
  7. Hello! Just wanted to pose a question to anyone who has ever visited the Grand Canyon National Park. I want to visit but got completely overwhelmed on where to start when looking this up on google. Any tips? I'll have to fly in, but it seemed like I'll have to rent a car to get to any kind of lodging near the park? Please help!!