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  1. Anyway, you are right. Will try to keep the complaining down to a minimum heh. I’m really happy though that her movie is doing well. Was hoping the movie would release in the states because they occasionally release Korean films here in my local movie theatres. But they didn’t Anyway, can’t wait to see what she does next.
  2. @mary-ann I questioned the relationship between members bc it feels a little stilted at times on the show. The radio show appearance with Suk-jin was nice. But I've been seeing clips here and there on instagram, and I can't pinpoint the exact ones now, but even in the behind-the-scenes photos she looks like she is placed distantly to the members. In the end, I just wish she leaves the show soon. LOL T_T
  3. B O A (보아) * Official Thread

    Just wanted to post here to say that I absolutely love her One Shot, Two Shot mini album. I truly love all of the songs on it. I hope she won't disappear on us - musically, anyway. Because she's going to be a regular member of that new food variety show with Lee Soo-geun and that NCT member. (lol I'm sorry I'm failing to remember what the member's actual name is)
  4. Really happy her new film is doing well. It's a great cast, so happy for them all. I'm sorry I'm going to complain again. LOL I feel like I'm complaining every time I post here, but seriously, I need to get this out. I really hope Ji-hyo leaves Runing Man (I sound like a broken record lololol). Every day, I hope to wake up to news that she announces she is leaving. I just feel like even the members don't even like her. From watching interactions here and there, it just seems like they don't like being in the same team as her. Even more than normal. Also, as if asking her about Gary and Monday Couple wasn't enough back in the day, now they keep asking her about Jong-kook. Wtf... Like seriously. It's as if the media cannot comprehend her worth outside of pushing her together with a man. And same with the producers on RM. They keep pushing this agenda like it's endgame. She is worth more than being part of a "ship." It's so maddening to see it constantly. I was secretly happy when Gary left RM because then we can stop with the monday couple nonsense, but now they just push her with another man as if she cannot stand on her own two feet. I cannot. And that interview where she talks about not getting any drama/film offers for a long time? It made me think that it was her being on RM's fault. I actually really think it has something to do with it. Because her image on that show was so strong and fresh on everyone's minds. Honestly, I am grateful to RM for a few things because let's be real, it has done her loads for international fame and even domestic fame. But there is the thing with being loyal to a fault, which as a fan of the actress, I am going to call out on. I really respected Song Joong-ki's decision to leave RM to focus on his acting career. I was pleasantly surprised when it happened, and I hoped Ji-hyo would do the same some time down the road. And I still do. I do hope she gets more drama and film offers. I loved her as an actress first and foremost, and will not mind her doing guest spots here and there on variety shows. Sigh. But I'll still support her even if she stays on RM. T_T Because I can't quit our girl. She's still my favorite. Sorry for the long rant. XD
  5. RIP Kim Joo-hyuk I didn’t realize Ji-hyo was close to him. She went to his funeral, and didn’t make it to Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-gyo’s wedding. Unfortunately they were on the same day. Just such a shock. They even halted RM filming because Joo-hyuk’s fiancée was one of the guests and they found out in the middle of filming.
  6. I found it weird that one of the cast members didn’t stand with the others watching Ji-hyo go on that swing. I’m probably being overly sensitive but it ticked me off a little. Meh. Is it just me, or does it feel like she’s been a lot more active, in terms of endorsements, with her new agency? I’m not complaining of course
  7. Yay her hair is growing out LOL this is such a silly thing to be happy about. I thought she was adorable as Do Bong-soon, but I missed her longer hair ^^;
  8. I agree. When the news first broke that she was to be leaving Running Man (without the details that came out further), I was pretty much ecstatic. I thought RM was a good way for her to get more exposure to domestic/international audience, but thought she could have left the program at some point to focus more on acting :\ I have always felt that her staying on RM with the continuous fanning of the Monday Couple thing has deterred her rather than helped her. Especially since a lot of folks were resistant to her screen relationships and kept asking her what would Gary think. And now that we have two additions to RM, I feel like it's even more time for her to leave the show to be quite honest. I see all these projects that other actresses have, and feel sad and wish that she'd be able to partake in those shows T_T I am such a selfish fan HAHA I'm sorry. Also, she looks absolutely gorgeousssss in the Fossil ads. It has a lot of shared elements of her RM personality in the really casual sense but also her actress status of being elegant too. LOL I'm probably not making too much sense... ^^;;;
  9. I can't tell you how many times I've rewatched that fossil cf I love the end where she is doing a peace sign, forgetting that she has to trigger the camera by pressing a button on her watch LOL. And Ji Chang-wool literally LOL-ing as well!! I need a making-of for this cf badlyyy please!
  10. Hello! Just wanted to pose a question to anyone who has ever visited the Grand Canyon National Park. I want to visit but got completely overwhelmed on where to start when looking this up on google. Any tips? I'll have to fly in, but it seemed like I'll have to rent a car to get to any kind of lodging near the park? Please help!!