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  1. I am having serious withdrawal I hope she doesn't wait too long to do another project. (Also how is her thread not more popular?! I adore this lady so freaking much. If anyone ever asks me about my favorite Korean actress, she is always part of my list!!)
  2. I hope they'll get a good head start on filming so Ji-hyo won't be too tired later in the year. Her RM appearances kind of suffer whenever she is filming a drama, so I want her to be able to at least have semi decent downtime. :-/
  3. Hello! Just wanted to pose a question to anyone who has ever visited the Grand Canyon National Park. I want to visit but got completely overwhelmed on where to start when looking this up on google. Any tips? I'll have to fly in, but it seemed like I'll have to rent a car to get to any kind of lodging near the park? Please help!!
  4. I was interested in watching this too already with Lee Sun-kyun. Now I'm even more ecstatic about our lady, Ji-hyo acting in this. I can't contain my excitement!!
  5. OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!