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  1. That statue is in Copenhagen, she not going there Well, the point in the previous episode where she said she only wants to think of her baby - she is being an irrational mother. That was a warning bell she was going to do something foolish. I would be pissed at her if I were HJ, 'so you thought of me as only a sperm donor did you?" plus, HY has attackec HJ not ones but twice , YE. Is working on irrational fear.
  2. It is easier to forgive wen the daughter ends up in a better situation because of it.
  3. Then what about women who are genuinely infertile? The stigma will always remain. If YE doesn't conceive then she will be representing all those women who have had to live the stigma of not being able to get pregnant. They also deserve to be happy. If the YE does get pregnant then it sends the message that women who are genuinely infertile are just lost causes and no hope, because in the end you need to be able to get pregnant to deserve a happy ending in a marriage. for example HY. Her entire psychological corruption was because someone destroyed her ability to conceive a child The stigma of YE not being able to have children should not be treated as a bad thing, MS did that to her. In fact, YE still deserved to be loved even if she does have the stigma. I think it would be nice to see, for a change, a women who is accepted and loved despite not being able to conceive. It is a good parallelism HY and YE both can't conceive, neither one is at fault for their infertility. While one woman becomes malicious because of that stigma, the other remains kind.
  4. It would be nice if they end with YE and HJ bringing home a baby, by adoption
  5. I wonder, if the show will end with no baby, because I was thinking...perhaps the director and writer want to address the topic that even infertile women deserve to have an happily ever after. Babies, are another addition, they bring their own set of happiness, but one should not put all the weight of happiness of a relationship on the baby - that is to much pressure for the baby.
  6. That seems a rather odd move, YR's dad wants her to go back to her husband. Giving her the position of personal assistant would be going against the father.
  7. DJ is worried for SM. As a mother she can understand - My son wants to marry a woman who has put his life at risk. Only reason HY is targetting HJ is because of YE - this is a given fact. If HJ didn't pay so much attention to YE, and if SR had not botched-up the plan HY had set in place to have her blackmail HJ into leaving YE - then HJ would not be a target. HY is targeting YE, and HJ is just collateral. Since HJ has taken an active interest in YE, HY has is attacking both of them. SM and DJ have not realised it. I am on the fence about YE being pregnant already. They made it seem like the other two got pregnant just by kissing. At least SM and JH had a bed scene - where there was change in wardrobe. YE and HJ didn't have a change in wardrobe. Hence, I think HJ didn't go all the way with her out of respect for her. As for BS, I hope her doing the DNA testing will set her mother straight. It would be funny is the results came back wrong saying that BS is not her daughter - or BS submitted the wrong samples. For your own daughter to doubt her bio-mother she must have felt a little neglected. the truth about IS's conviction should come out soon. Why are they not bring that to light!!
  8. HY is really bold, to step out when she is hiding for her life from Dr. Ma. I think she is going to try maim YE, it makes the best revenge.
  9. Could it be just her information network. The girl can pay to have private investigator. She probably did a background check on YE and thus her husband. Found out about the old secretary, and then about HY and about her whole connection with everything. YR and Dr being married seems odd. plus, how long ago did she break up with HJ? 1 or 8 years ago? HY had a miscarriage 8 year ago or so right? The timing and the "social" circles don't match up at all. Dr's wife in the states. Isn't YR supposed to have been in England? OMG yes! No amnesia Though it is a good way to have story drag on. Plus he can trap HY in some way
  10. I really find the connections with YR and nurse and MD too far stretched.
  11. I find it amusing how HY's character hates it when people betray her, but she is the ultimate betrayer and she feels justified by it. I hope they don't end HY's story with Dr killing her. Even if this is not a set up by HJ, I hope like @mizkorea said, YE will plan the ultimate set up for HY. With HY going and finishing the job, they can catch her red handed in attempted murder. Hopefully the hospital won't lose her. As for the Dr, he will have what he deserves with the wife coming back in town. I have suspicion that the nurse may be working for the wife.
  12. YE is going to fight HY the way she has always been fighting her. Not using money. It has nothing to do with financial resources. HY has been using money to try destroy YE, but YE has been besting her by being her self. She was lucky to have HJ and his source of income. I didn't mean to imply that YE will leave HJ, and it is obvious the moment she leaves HJ -HY wins. I meant : can YE still withstand against the taunts of HY without him. He was her main support, and now that he is not physically able to be there, will she still be able to carry on without him-until he is back on his feet and on a direct path to throw HY in prison with no parole. YE taking over the company would be far far illogical. the one thing directors and scriptwriters do well is - board of directors. Just because she came up with two products doesn't mean she is can in anyway help with being a director, the board of directors won't have it. Anyways, how may more episodes? 26? @rolisrntex would be cool if it were a scheme by HJ, but is awfully drastic. Plus, could you trust a person who would double cross you when times are alight. Dr anad HJ don't have a good rap after all. But then HJ can be holding a carrot stick over his head.
  13. I am quite intrigued by the turn of events. Such a cliff hanger. I was not expecting it, I was expecting more of an attack on YE, not HJ. Here are some of the reason I like the new development. 1) can YE still be happy despite HJ? This has always been a battle between her and HY. This situation is a test for YE, she is being tested not to lose herself. I think that voice over in trailer speaks paramount. "You still need to carry on without me." Yes about the screaming and crying I found it odd. I always thought the natural response is to put pressure on the wound or call 112. She had to go and lift his head up and scream and cry. Logic Suspended It is hard for me imagine they would kill anyone off this late in the game. Plus, I seriously don't hope that this is not a fake situation set up by HJ to catch HY. 2) It makes it even worse for HY, she will now be brought in on attempted murder. IS has to hear about. He will be provide the necessary information. I just hope IS gets wind of it soon. 3) No one is going to forgive HY, she is going to try and plead forgiveness from JS and sympathy from people but she won't be receiving any of it...I think 4) As for SR, I have always wondered if there was a drama about a person who was a horrid, who turned around a new leaf. Her struggles to change herself and find love. I personally can't take any of the crying scenes seriously, I want to cry because it doesn't look genuine. Even a person who tries to smile while crying can't maintain the happy face all the time. The smile slips. It almost feels like SR is not genuine, just on serious woo is me pity me mode. 5) If the writer go the forgiveness route with HY, I think it would be the changer she needs. For example, if she is suffering kidney failure and needs a transplant. JS offers his. Then she will truly begin to understand what love is and JS true. You love despite the failures of others.