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  1. OH GOOD.... She found out! I was going to be all anxious if the reveal was going to be next week. YEAH!! So Week 1- Character introduction and set up Week 2 - the reveal Week 3 - either she is going to try mend and reignite the spark, it might go on for two weeks. So if they don't have consent to divorce by the end of next week, it will have to be the next week. IT was interesting they had the male lead witness her discovery of her husband's infidelity. Probably will be another issue for him to resolve.. i.e are his feelings for her out of sympathy or love. What do you think mate... they may file for divorce but to finalize it they have a time period they have live separated right? This is when they have reappear again to finalized the divorce. So I wonder, after JS and MS kick YE out, JS and YE will file for divorce but during that waiting period HY will move in. So perhaps JS will hold that the YE and JS have not finalized the divorce so she is still his legal husband.
  2. Thank you for this...I was getting my head in the knot trying to remember the definition... now I just have to save this somewhere..so I can refer to it when I make comments Thanks @awsparkle will have to add your list to @Ldy Gmerm's to get a more consolidated list
  3. Super interesting turn of events... I wanted to wait till end of week before I comment. I like that fertility is being addressed. Question is: is it her who is infertile or is it him that is infertile. This will be used by MIL to blacken her name to any suitor. It will also scare her away from any romance, because she will attribute her failed marriage to her inability to conceive (if it is really her). With any romance idea out of the way because of the failed marriage she will solely focus of rebuilding herself after her divorce, making the lead,,,whose name I don't know yet, try even harder to pursue her. All this time I was thinking why JS married her in the first place. I was wondering if he just married her because he wanted someone who will take care of his mum. Someone who is doormat who will not stand-up and fight back. Because the person he is having the affair with will definitely cause more chaos with mum. Do we have designations for people? We have SR YE CEO JS MIL.... HJ
  4. OKay.. so the way I get through dailies is section things off by the weeks we have 5 episodes a week...120 episodes so 24 weeks... So a theme for each week of course week 24 is the final resolve.. and week 1 is the setting up the situation and introducing the characters.. now for weeks 2 -23 week 1 ended with the suspicion week 2 - 3 increase doubt week 4 reveal week 5-6 dealing with the reveal and problem solving week 7 separation week 8 divorce and losing everything week 9 - 15 getting back in the feet week 16 This is probably when the new romance will become official week 17- 20 then the beginning of the drama of breaking the couple week 21 - Of course there will be some major big reveal that needs to be sorted out week 22 - the bad guys winning the final battle week 23 - the bad guys good streak begins to end. Of course the joy in these daily drama is the seeing the new romance blossom from old wounds.
  5. I like the daily but do have watch them after they are done, because for about 60 episodes it is painful to watch....
  6. Oh sleezy bag husband!!! How many episodes before he realizes his big mistake... i am into this drama! new poster here!
  7. [Drama 2017] Mad Dog 매드독

    I was wrong you were right, illegal wiretapping... plus I also think he sorta fabricated evidence by piecing together different conversations to make it look like a conversation between the two were being had How come those other prosecutors didn't get punished :S
  8. [Drama 2017] Mad Dog 매드독

    He killed the lawyer in self defence
  9. [Drama 2017] Mad Dog 매드독

    Okay seriously, the only time I saw Jang Hari tie her hair back was when she drove in one of the earlier episodes...that one time..SERIOUSLY...she did not tie her hair back while working on a greasy car!!! Does she now know how hard it is to get grease of that caliber off!!!
  10. [Drama 2017] Witch at Court 마녀의 법정

    Oh I laughed so hard when he went Geeeeee.. as the seat came up!!
  11. [Drama 2017] Witch at Court 마녀의 법정

    It is because MYD only cares about the one thing...i.e. finding her mother/solving her mother's case...she does not care about anything else. MYD is too much of a lose canon and it would be risky for MJS to take her on. I think MJS wants MYD to learn to be a little self-composed before taking her on cause MYD could end up sabotaging the whole operation MJS has set up, like she did with Soo-Ah case. IN addition...one has to wonder...if the sleazy chef had actually not backstabbed her would she have done what she did. ...true to her personality of being anti-hero...she bites back harder! That is two occasions where she was deterred from taking the crooked route because the person backstabbed her 1) The case of sexual assault of the reporter. (she had asked the reporter to drop to charges to get her promotion) 2) The case of sexual assault of photo journalist. (she was defending the guy to get her money )
  12. I find it amusing that SK keeps bringing up his baby...I feel someone needs to remind him about his other baby he lost...or perhaps it is because of the other baby he lost he is acting the way he is
  13. I'm expecting a switch to the second lead... so it will be DS and HG and YJ and HJ
  14. Well i do hope they don't play amnesia card. Dad crying scene was heart wrenching. Going by the drama summary...this must be the bottomless pit the lead lady falls into. Now it is time to wallow in it and move on.