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  1. No way SK DIED, must be a ruse to get Ruby to relent
  2. Well, it is possible, so long as DN remains SEUNG HEE's daughter. Because they are legally NOT step siblings. Then YR can get he right daughter back as her daughter in law, like what happen in A. MIDNIGHT SUN.
  3. Greetings!! So, who else found it interesting that the ending scene had the DN and SH facing each other with a tree between. This scene reminded me of someone's wonderful analysis of the scenes between DN and JW. I'll be waiting for your analysis of the DN and SH! cheers!
  4. I like the overall tone of the drama, each character has attracted me, even some of the villains, except ( brace yourself) JHR's. I was on,y half drawn to her (loved her in FIS and AOY) particularly disappointed by the stunt scenes...which I found a little...awkward. There are a few actresses who can convincingly do a stunt role Ha Ji won, Yoo So-Yi, and Li See young. The scene from first episode where she jumps and slides down and lands...looked awkward. So I was not overly impressed with that, but she definitely plays sexy. Which I am on the fence about, why is a woman only considered an asset to a team if she is the sultry object. I hope they don't hypersexualise her and make her the candy trap. I really see Le See Young character from lookout fitting well in thepis group.
  5. IS there going to be a romance? I think it might end up being a growth in mutual respect, and the last episode will leave us hanging.. So I am not going to be shipping anyone, but just enjoy the show. I am going to adhere to ...yes a guy and girl can be friends without being falling for each other romantically
  6. I am in love.... with the drama. The female lead....oh so perfect!!
  7. So, I feel bad for character Ruby. AS for the actress, it looked like she was laughing during the whole reveal scene in the previous episode. I couldn't take her seriously because it looked like she was trying not to smile...while she was crying at SK for fooling her
  8. Was she deemed pregnant? If so, I don't think she will miscarry. I think DN will tell SK get his act together to save this child of his because he failed with his last one. SK, might begin to have serious conflict, if Ruby found out about DN miscarriage she will really hate. SK.
  9. F I think security guards and peace officers can do the same... provided we have ambiguity in what "incarceration" is. For example... someone cause a disturbance in a mall (we are talking about something serious, like going around and attacking people), can be held by mall security/peace officer in a confined place until the proper officials arrive to take him away.
  10. Hi @jimb, yes...but has Officer Cha ever been shown to rough house people who were not aggressive? I think not, As for officers who patrol neighbourhoods, they can't be the goosey kind that has been displayed by GH up till recently. Because...they probably have the most riskiest jobs...they can be hit with a surprise incident, random burglaries, first on crime scene...all of which have been shown in the drama. Officer Moo, has been reprimanded by officer Cha on multiple occasions for her gooseiness. For example stepping in front of car...to enjoy the sun, AND SHE HAD BEEN WARNED BEFORE! Officer Moo is indeed more personable....but i bet, if the criminal were smart, they could try to use her...oh wait that did happen right, with sexual assault case? Thanks to officer Cha helping her be more rational, she able to notice she was being used. As I mentioned earlier, I am hoping now that I saw an awesome side of her, the character will live up to name of Rose Sharon bloom. The writer is smart, making me get annoyed with character to gradually make her bloom.
  11. Is that a real thing or is that only real in kdrama world? Okay, so I have read about legacy admission in universities but the police force...is a bit unwise? I agree with @darr You are right....she is like a Security Guard or a Peace Officer...she knows how to defend herself, and can run after a criminal. She does not have the deductive skills of a detective. She is a boxer, she operates on the basis of instinct and hunches. EXCEPT when she comes to her daughter....cause instinct/ hunches should have kept WR away from DH.
  12. Again apply Korean drama logic... a severe shortage of officers for patrol....wait that actually is a real reason, get anyone who can pass the basic test and promote the one ones who have potential. Granted.. GH would make all the female police officers in Ms Cop, Tunnel, Voice, Signal, Dr Frost, good thief bad thief want to shake her!!