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  1. What I am hoping for next week is the DH give SW a bit of a struggle in him trying to get back on her good side and she does not cave in.... but it looks like she might end up being the "easy" girl after all
  2. There are a few things that need to fixed here 1) WH has DJ's heart 2) Hit and Run 3) YS is CR mother I think the heart might be the last thing to come out, may be that is what will get OHW to accept BW. It looks like it will be a messy finish
  3. Changing one's heart does not change the bone marrow, I think that would be quite the medical fantasy stretch. but it is Kdrama land so anything is possible
  4. You are right MY can't tell her family because JH knows about the bullying. What amused me about the episode is how poor MY, both the people who really use her end up being part of her family. Her family was her haven, but now both the fiance and boss are intruding
  5. `So, CR does not know hy she was in the hospital, I think WH should tell her she tried to commit suicide
  6. @dhakra Seems out of place if she were, I think she would have taken morning after pills or something to prevent that from happening
  7. Well, they need not be better human being.. they could be decent, then make bad choices, turn bad, regret and return to being good right?
  8. This is a complete side note: I think the characters of SY and JI should have their own drama. Lover become rivals Like SY and JI, college sweethearts who have to turn into rivals because of their fathers. Each betraying the other just once each but once was enough for both. They part ways hating each other. They meet again years later (say 5 year) as intense rivals. THe drama can start with they always fighting each other, but conclude with them have to eventually fight on the same team because of the second lead couple. The second lead couple first start out at SY and JI significant others who 1) notice SY and JI attraction for each other 2) their attraction for each other. The drama can end either with a significant loss for both which reconciles them to each other. Non of this mis-communication richard simmons, they have to be legit reasons why they can't be together. Which they have to accept and reconcile before they can be together. Both have to make sacrifices if they want to be with one another May be there is a drama out there like
  9. You know, I think this drama is still less of a train wreak than Witch's Castle. WH is still saving it being sturdy and not giving into the demands
  10. The last bit of hope I have for this drama is... as long as WH does not cave and marry CR. If he hold true to his character
  11. You know if someone commits suicide because of break up, they need counselling!! Not a boyfriend!
  12. Youtube videos are out! After watching the clips, the only thoughts I have are 1) CR and her family will force WH to get engaged to her. 2) WH will consent, but on day of engagement WH will experience heart complications that will send him to hospital 3) WH will be in coma, and only BW's voice will wake him from the coma.
  13. So, I am trying to figure things out by reading your post... I am a little confused Is JY BHS's son or not? Cause if Original BHS's wife was pregnant then it could not have been his baby or was did he have an affair with his friend's wife? NYS is the original BHS's wife? OR Did JH's biological mother just ask BHS to keep the name so then she would not be a widow, and JH is not born to a widow. JH would have a father in official documents. BHS would then "separate" from JH's mother and marry NYS