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  1. I know.. something does not seem too right, maybe they are just going to clear YE of pushing HY down. By showing that she was no pregnant, to begin with. I'm looking forward to the scene where he is resting on her shoulder.
  2. Well, I must admit, I am surprised it turned out the way it did. I wonder what the writers are going to do.
  3. I love the blank stares HJ give SR. I'm kinda upset at the secretary. I remember her commenting in earlier episodes how dedicated HJ was. Too bad she didn't see fit to continue to be loyal to him. I think HJ's plan is going to backfire on him. He said he was going to use HY's tricks to get back at her, but I think will be bad for him. I think the idea would be you should not lose yourself and become evil to fight the evil. Because then you become HY. YE is going to show him how being true to one's nature is going to help fight HY. She won't lose herself, HY will hate her more for it. HY will think it is her win that she was able to get HJ to fall into her trap but she will not win over YE. I'm hoping the HJ and YE scene are progressive albeit being short.
  4. Oh that will happen but not until the last three episodes...because otherwise we won't have a drama! CHINGUS I AM BACK!! Loved reading all your comments and insights now have to do binge catch up! So, THEY better give us just a good a kiss between HJ and YE when the time comes!
  5. Hey guys, I will be in and out a bit this week, won't be able to watch the episode!! See you chingus next week!
  6. okay, this is never going to happen. She may forgive him, she may help him and his family out but she is not going back to him. When she told him he was out, then he is out. The problem is if the writer wreck the whole mood by giving HY and JS more air time that HJ and YE. Heck I don' t even mind more HJ and HY where is he one ups her everytime. Don' worry, these things can't resolve in one episode. It will happen, when she will let it known to both YE and HJ what she has done. Plus, even MS lied about where she got it. I am interested in how they are goingto have YE find out about HJ. I seriously think it will be through her mum working as the cook for HJ's mum. Of course it will go on for about a week, it will be nice to see HJ and YE's mum get along well. AS well as HJ's mum and YE's mum get along. These two women have one thing in common, they both lost their husbands. Of course as the all Kdrama's go, YE will find out, then MS will be against the two having a relationship. Nothing as bad as it was in Lovers in Bloom. NOw...if only HY uses that picture she took of HJ and YE to try defame them both...which get YE and HJ to enter into a contract marriage or a real marriage to save his reputation, then love can take over from there...:D what you think @mizkorea @Pam_Van Fossen Of course in reality this is the worst
  7. The backstory for me is not YE and HY , but first wives and HY. She does not like how this wife has out done her... but we shall hopefully get a clearly picture with the end of the episode
  8. I found it curious as well, HY's obsession with YE still being happy. It is almost like she has a vendetta for the wives of the men she has lured. Perhaps she was a child of a mistress who was driven to commit suicide by the first wife. HY ended up in the orphanage because of that. So her sole purpose is to suck the money out of those men while ruining the first wife. YE is not like the others, she us holding her ground. Oh SR is really a pickle isn't she. Going to YE for her lotion. Father in law law should have called HY's bluff, and told JS, how can a woman who gambles with her child life be a good mother. If she loses the baby it won't be his fault but at affirmation to the fact that YE was indeed a better rife and would indeed have made a better mother because she would never do that.
  9. So... me trying to fall asleep but not being able to. Therefore me was thinking about the drama... funny thought..... if someone mentioned this already sorry, I have not been able to read through all the post yet... the sister's of JS....HY is enemy to both sister because she screwed their chances with each guys. The writers are making the Oppa and BS hang out a lot, I can only assume they may fall in love, but with the criminal record it is gonna be hard to get approval. as the SR, we all know how HY has screwed SR over - not that she had a chance. now off to try and sleep... Fantasize about how the kiss betweEN HJ and YE would play out. Oh probably episode 70 or 80 before we get a kiss. and yet another amusing thought....did YE not notice how many coats HJ already had, I think he has at least 4 different ones..the red one being my personal favourite. I guess the person in charge of costumes was getting tired of always getting HJ a new coat.."have her buy him a coat and we don't have to worry about the coat for at least another 40 episodes" Both YE and HY were wearing pink in their encounter...hindden meaning or just an oversight?
  10. But she did sorta act like a "crazy person" according to HY, when she was coming to her condo and ringing the doorbell. She asked JS is YE was crazy. You are right, she was not expecting YE to have some class. Because she know YE lost the battle but YE won the War instead. And when she realised how much better HJ is she is going to be more livid because it was because of her YE has a better life.. @ziarama love those pic by the way... I am getting more and more attracted to HJ.
  11. I was curious as to the hospital scene, why she got pissed at YE after she left. She may have won, but she didn't feel like it.. . the comment " she should have begged for her husband"...really has me interested I am one fence about the pregnancy being fake. Because HY would have had to bribe the dr. Which is possible, but the scene in the Dr. Office when she asks if she is really pregnant...would be very misleading to the audience. A possible miscarriage is still there... but we'll see.
  12. HY, is obsessed with making YE's life miserable, it is curious why she is makes comments on Seeing YE with HJ. She should be enjoying her married life... i am looking forward to Sunday evening or Monday morning!
  13. Wow... so they are going via the let us blame YE route. they are so going to use this against YE at the end, that is how they are going to blacken her name to HJ's mum... oh wow oh wow
  14. It looks like episode 39 is going to be more losing on YE side. So this week will end with another HY and JS win. Question... are the writers of daily drama masochist? They spend so much time of giving the heroine a hard time and losing things, and so short a time with the positive. THis is completely different from those prime time dramas where the heros are always winning
  15. OH Nooo.... the trailer...fake pregnancy and fake miscarriage then force YE out? Or is YE going to give in to divorce for the sake of the "child" HY is truly evil, but truly good at the art of war.. uses the enemy's weakness to attack.