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  1. she not from lovers in blooms she does well in bad richard simmons scenes
  2. I've seen PSH, I've enjoyed all his dramas, I am not one his fans ( I don't know whose fan I am) but I will have to agree with @Nymeria289 his acting is pretty decent, he draws you in. Plus this incident happened more that 3 years ago, give the guy a chance. We have all see hateful Anti-fans in dramas, sometimes their hate is based on not knowing all the facts. Same with his case...there were some question and inconsistencies. Benefit of the doubt! That is what he needs. I hope this drama does well, because a problem they will face is getting ratings up because of people skipping drama because a scandal...
  3. I am sincerely hope, that there will be no more drama..there are only three episodes left and it just seems too much of rush job. For example if CS dad is involved... don't you think it would cause complication to CS and RY's relationship. I M just hoping that the real culprit is a business rival of CS dad. CS dad and RY are cute and funny, especially the way she out smarts him. PLUS we want more MY and JH screen time. I personally think that JH's mum should come back. Cause a big issue in the LEE house and that is when JH blurts out That he is dating MY.
  4. I agree with @stroppyse I also don't think JH is innocent, primarily because he has dated the therapist. I think he knows MY is innocent and since they just started dating he wants to cherish her for who she is. He would NEVER dream of doing anything more than kissing, and that kiss was more of release from all the angst. Heck we all know he wants to marry the girl. When you are dating innocently all your innuendos are gone even if know them or have used them yourself. Does anyone one else think it funny they mentioned song-song couple... especially since one of the songs mentioned they watch FIS?
  5. It happened in conjunction with MY's confession and JH revealing to MY that he liked her too. He accepted that Papa Lee was sincere with his affection but said that he should keep it a secret to his grave so that the kids don't suffer. But then HY found out and PApa lee went yo confess. Then seeing how much it was tearing MY apart, he gave up his own self pity so that he comfort and be there got her
  6. Perfect!!! @xianyi8....PEEPS HELP I CAN'T STOP SWOONING G OVER HOW HIS HANDS RUN THROUGH HER HAIR?!!!!!!! I mean this is not the first time an actor did it this way right??? I am trying to think of all the deep kisses I've seen and I can only think of the ones where the girl's hands/arms are around the face of the guy and the hands/arms of guy are around the girl's waist. Correct me if. I am wrong P.S. IS there a thread where people submit pics of kiss scenes from various we can compare?
  7. I feel that watching the BTS of the kiss is going to kill the mood the kiss created, because the BTS shows all the fun and playful side....and watching it would burst my fantasy bubble. But the again... I would like to know how many takes they needed for that scene.
  8. IF there is to be a bed scene, I think a repeat of the first one with JH and ex-girlfriend (but with MY of course)..perhaps this is where we see their wedding rings. Ah...I am so happy for that kiss it does not matter If we don't get one!! Thanks @xianyi8 wanted to see that!!
  9. @ck1Oz. @stroppyse it comes down to male and female physiology and ...the fact that both the guys had to lead the kisses. ( in kdrama hit is always the guys who lead kisses, save for Blood where it was the girl) AND it is summer!! The poor boys must be heating up in their outfits! The girls get to dress for summer.