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  1. Probably to do with finding baby's mother. She thinks no mother would abandon her child (she being a mother) and he thinks otherwise (he being a child abandoned). Oo..interesting story indeed!
  3. Yes I know that is what camichi means, but people reacting negatively has nothing to do with puritanism is what I was implying. I agree with you, I like you and some of us in this thread don't have an issue with the story , we are going along with ride Side note: I wonder if it was the psychologist ex-girlfriend who revealed the story
  4. @camichi I understand some of the other people's apprehension to the sibling romance. I think ire land.. or something like and old Kdrama had such a theme going but that time they were really siblings. Here, because we know that they are no blood related it make the tension between the two more interesting. Because more the tension the more interesting is the release It has nothing to do with puritanism, it is just we know it is not a good idea for siblings to have romantic feelings for each other because they should never get into a relationship for biological reason. I'm looking at it from a person who know they are not related. The others are just looking at it from the character's point of view.
  5. Really, that looked really good for an NG Just watched the trailer (#2) I think for the show. Made the drama look funny. The trailer was where she was running up to the prince and she falls, they try go in for the kiss but the King stops them
  6. @minwookie I WAS HOPING SOMEONE WOULD HAVE GIF OF Prince taking a sneak peak at her exposed calf! THANK YOU |I am just addicted to that scene
  7. I am hoping for one more kiss scene between MY and JH.... after the reveal... and it better be an amazing intense one! like... "Oh my GOSH I can finally kiss this girl about it and not feel guilty about it, better yet I am going to marry this girl!"
  8. Question: is there a male way of speaking ad female way of speaking? Curious because king finds her with the escorts he repeats some of what she says..
  9. The looks he give when he takes a peak at her leg! giggle *Hi peeps, I think this is my first time posting here
  10. YEAH @chocolatepie and @euraka, my apologies.. yes you guys are!! my bad!! OH THE TRAINING SESSION!! AWESOME!
  11. I guess there no no episode today eh? It is sad no one else is following... but lets just see
  12. Thanks @0ly40, tomorrow's episode seems interesting... the trailer got me with the food scene!
  13. I am excited as you guys about the kiss, but I always amused and squashed lips sort of kiss... It looks like he is kissing her and she is not kissing back in return.. just keep your lips sealed.. and let him do all the work
  14. So, I guess we are either going to get the girls who bullied the "friend" or the "friend" who falsely accused GH will appear in drama. She might be DH's "prospective" match set up by his "mother" Then there is a matter of how GH's husband died? Was GH's husband a friend of RoboCop? Who was the person Robocop was referring to about when he said "Make sure people get fair treatment?"