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  1. Ratings PRINCE OF LEGEND *2.6 *1.9 *2.8 *1.9 *1.0 *2.1 *2.1 *2.1 *2.2 *1.8 (last episode) Average: 2.05% Downtown Rocket 2 13.9 12.4 14.7 13.3 12.7 13.1 12.0 11.5 12.6 Downtown Rocket 2 will end this Sunday.
  2. @ryotatao9495 That's suspicious indeed. But if that is able to protect them and their relationship I don't mind them continuing to keep their interactions private . However, I hope they will keep giving us hints like what they usually do.
  3. @ryotatao9495 Ryota and Tao are probably good at choosing places to eat. Like you said they haven't been caught by the paparazzi before although they have met up privately. Or it could be that the paparazzi have seen them together but just didn't make any news out of it, for some reason?
  4. @ryotatao9495 Hehe. Thank you for sharing the clip of Ryota on the swing! Both of them are kids at heart. I think I understand what the guys meant. If you are sitting at a table for four people it is weird indeed to leave two sits on the other side empty. As for couples, if you sit opposite your girlfriend/boyfriend you will get to look at her/him more . Did you also think while reading the conversation at Genetalk that Ryota's reaction was that big because he might have tried that before but he didn't like it?
  5. Recent Genetalk. It has been a while now since Ryota joined them. Here's a part about couples wearing couple-outfits but choose to sit side by side in a four-people table. Ryuto: Here's the everyday of couples wearing couple-outfits, they sit at a four-people-table in a restaurant but choose to sit side by side. Ryota: It feels painful watching that! They should sit opposite each other! Ryuto: That's right. Alan: Yes, indeed. Ryota: That's very despicable! I really dislike that! Ryuto: Isn't that weird sitting at a table for four people but choose to sit beside each other? Alan: Doesn't it look funny sitting like that? Ryota: I don't like that. Hehe. It isn't often we hear Ryota uttering things that he dislike. Since he is someone who likes wearing matching things as a couple I guess he has his way of thinking how couples should sit too, which is opposite each other. That's probably what the majority likes to do though . https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4314968956099453#repost Credit: -雪奈yukina- In a poll that the Japanese media did asking guys who among the female artists are their ideal girlfriend. Tao came on the 9th place. The top 3 were Aragaki Yui, Arimura Kasumi and Hirose Suzu. https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4314591230002161
  6. @liemmeciau You are welcome Yes, I think the IG live that Ryota has had was for promoting Prince of Legend. So now that it has ended he probably won't be having more of those. For those who are interested in the drama version will be out on DVD/Bluray on the 24th of December. Speaking of drama(s), Cheer Dance is showing on a Mainland streaming channel called Mangotv now. It is good that Tao gets more exposure outside of Japan. Hehe. Yes, Ryota has pushed her before on the swing. I remembered that either he or Tao has posted a picture on IG before but I couldn't find it just now. It is probably because it is one of the pictures he deleted. The more mature side of RyoTao
  7. Tao seems to like to play on the swing. From the filming of Harumatsu Bokura Cheer Dance and Anikoma P&JK Credit: 土屋太凤烘焙坊
  8. @ryotatao9495 Thank you for sharing the pictures! Yes, Tao looks pretty here. Actually her styles for the promotions of Harumatsu Bokura have all been very pretty. Btw, I didn't know that Ryota had a shot with similar pose . Both of them have been featured in a lot of magazines recently. That's nice.
  9. Friday magazine Credit: momo_nanami @weibo For more pictures please click on the link below https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4314555314407537#repost
  10. Making of Men's Non-No magazine shot. Tao looks pretty here. I liked the last issue that she did for them too. Credit: 橘橘橘橘橘小鳗
  11. The cast "dancing" to Anniversary. Hehe. Takumi seemed a bit shy and embarrassed dancing to his own song. Around 1:00 in this clip the guys were talking about Tao's long entries on her blog/IG. If I understood it right she spends about 30 minutes writing them. Haha. The last part when Takumi was "imitating" her was funny. Credit: 宝物庫 話題の
  12. Prince of Legend movie poster. The movie will premiere on the 21st of March 2019. GQ Japan Credit: 天才画伯片寄凉太的天妇罗屋
  13. Anyone watched the last episode of Prince Of Legend yesterday? How was it? The rest of the students in Ryota's new drama have been revealed now. There are two actresses from Cheer Dan among them, Yanai Yumena (the tall and baby-faced original member) and Hotta Mayu (Wakaba's first friend in highschool who later became their rival). https://www.ntv.co.jp/3A10/ [Edited]
  14. Kansai ウォーカー 2018 no. 25 Credit: momo_nanami Generations' first dome tour is going to release on DVD/Blu-ray on the 23rd of January 2019.
  15. @setokaonii I tried to look more at the information of the movie by Koichiro Miki but I don't think it says what kind of theme it will be, whether it is manga-adapted, school-themed etc. It only says that it will be a romance drama that will make your heart flutter (?), the female lead is an Asadora actress and they will need extras to film 20th November-10th of December. Thank you for the reminder! Yes, there was someone earlier on either IG or weibo who suspected that Tao and Sato Kanta were filming something together. I totally forgot about that. I'm with you. I don't mind if it is other LDH actors but I personally hope it is Ryota. Especially knowing the genre will be romance. I kind of feel Anikoma owes us that since we didn't get any scenes of Onii and Setoka actually dating. Thank you for sharing the new information about Ryota's new drama. He sure has fate with the cast and crew from Anikoma Thank you too for sharing the clip of Tao and Takumi! Hehe. I wonder if Nee-chan is something he has called her off-camera since Suzuki Sensei. It is good to see that they have a sibling-relationship and aren't avoiding each other (although they may seem abit awkward sometimes).