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  1. @Dramanoona Welcome back! I hope you have had a nice vacation. @jerseyno13 Wow, you have been watching Mare in a quick pace. You are already more than halfway through the drama. Hehe, what are you planning to watch next? A bit off-topic but here's another happy news coming from the Japanese entertainment industry. Tamaki Hiroshi (male lead in Nodame Cantabile, Love Shuffle etc.) and Kinami Haruka just got married. They have known each other for 8 years through a common friend but they just started dating last year after they had co-starred in a special together.
  2. @ryotatao9495 Ryota and Kento do have many similarities and they have a common friend Mackenyu too so if they spend more time with each other then they might be able to become good friends. However, it might be a bit awkward if we think about their connection to Tao . I also think Ryota and Gene might have watched "The 8 year Engagement" since it was so popular. I listened to a recent Genetalk and Hayato mentioned the drama "We Married as a Job" with Aragaki Yui and a bit about a scene in the drama which shows that he has watched it. WMAAJ was widely popular too so it seems like Gene do at least watch the popular productions. Thank you for sharing the information about Gene having attended FNS Music Festival two years in a row. I think the chance is big then that they will be there this year as well. I like seeing RyoTao wear matching clothes. They have looked good in all of them. Throw-back to Anikoma promotion period when Tao and Yudai went on Genetalk. This is the part where Tao said: Please marry me, Katayose-san! and Ryota replied: Let's get married.
  3. @jerseyno13 Yes, hopefully Gene will be there. They just released a new single so they are probably going to promote it on different shows. I'm curious on what Tao is going to do at this music festival. Promote Cheer Dance perhaps? Just saw this on IG. RyoTao with orange sweater. New picture from Mina magazine August issue with Tao. I like this photo shoot. Cheer Dance special clip (with Chinese subtitles) http://p.weibo.com/show/channerWbH5/1034:4253000219172371
  4. @setokaonii I also hope that Tao can gain more fans in China. Ryota must have been very worried when he knew about the earthquake since his family and perhaps other relatives as well live in Osaka. Thank you for sharing the clip from Lotte Yukimi with Takuya! It has been a while since we saw them together. So he was one of her guests? Does that mean that there will be more clips coming out with other guests? Btw, is it just me or did Tao's sudden big laugh at 1:12 in the clip remind you of Ryota's laugh too? A fan account of Tao's on weibo summarised what Tao and Takuya talked about in the clip. In the first half he gave her a rubberband that she can exercise with while Tao promoted this product by Lotte and in the later half they were talking about pictures of yakiniku that they took during filming of Anikoma. Takuya also asked Tao some questions. One of them was what she would like to do if she got a long vacation (for about a month). Tao said she would like to go to school and study overseas. I just saw on weibo that Tao will be attending "FNS Music Festival in Summer 2018" on the 25th of July. The event will be 4 hours long and it seems like a lot of singers and actors/actresses will participate. Today was the first announcement of some attending artists and there will be more coming soon. I hope Gene will attend this music festival too then they will finally be able to be on the same stage again.
  5. @jerseyno13 I just heard about the news. I hope the injured people will recover soon and that the buildings and streets haven't gotten that damaged by the earthquake. Both Tao and Ryota have written some words on IG for the people in the affected cities. @setokaonii I'm curious on how Tao's dad looks like too. It seems like she and her siblings inherited their looks from him since I don't think they look like their mom (if the woman in the picture is really their mom that is). Hehe. I also wonder if Ryota has said similiar things to Tao when she travelled. He is getting better at this so I suspect he has really done these things . I just came across this thread of some Chinese people's reaction to Tao's IG-post that was written in Chinese. Everyone was praising her for being very gentle and warm. They got touched by her words. https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5748758122?lp=5027&mo_device=1&is_jingpost=0&pn=0&
  6. The talking-to-the camera-challenge from the latest episode of Genekou. The scenario is when you are sending your lover off to a boattrip and you hope she would return, what would you say? Ryota: That's the boat. You have to be careful so you won't get seasick. You are a woman who is used to travel by sea so you probably already know this. The sea breeze will make your body feel cold so be careful so you won't get a cold. But if...you feel cold you can return whenever you want because no matter when it is I'll warm you up. (The guys were laughing because the boat made a sound that made it seems like someone farted. )
  7. @jerseyno13 You are right. Ryota's mother seems tall and he most likely inherited his height from her. As for his father, he looks kind of mixed. I agree with you about Tao looking pretty even when she was a child. I have always thought her calm demeanor makes her seems more mature than what her real age is. Here's a special clip (about 14 minutes long) of Cheer Dance that was shown today. It includes snippets of the drama and also the BTS. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6m37y1
  8. It is father's day in Asia today. Happy father's day to all fathers in the world! Here's a picture of Ryota with his parents. He looks like his dad. Credit: 片寄涼太應援博 I couldn't find any pictures of Tao and her dad. This is the closest I could find (of her family). I remember someone said the woman is their mom but I'm not sure if it is 100 % confirmed.
  9. @frostyautumn Hehe. We had some dancing during our PE classes in my elementary- and highschool days and I thought those were hard already I don't think I would be able to do Gene's dance choreographies or any other Jpop or K-pop group for that matter . @jerseyno13 If Tao does decide to start weibo I hope she would just write a few sentences in Chinese per post. I enjoy reading her thoughts and the things she tells us about but I'm afraid that it might be tiring for her to write her little essays in a foreign language. Yes, I have also heard of "The Good Doctor" being remade in Japan and that both the Korean and the American versions were good. I think that it will be tough for him seeing how well-received the other versions were. There are a lot of dramas in the summer season that I'm interested in except for Tao's drama such as Ishihara Satomi's "Flower of the High Mountain", Ayase Haruka's "Stepmother and Daughter's Blues (the actress who plays the younger Setoka is the daughter in the drama) and Hirose Alice's "The detective is way ahead". I'm not done with the dramas from the winter and spring season, "Unnatural" and "Love Rerun" so I have a lot of dramas to watch. I used to be a fast drama-watcher but now it feels like I can't keep up with so many dramas coming out.
  10. @setokaonii Gene and DEEP singing Sora together? I would like to hear it. I think both versions are good so I believe the "combined" version would sound beautiful. @jerseyno13 I also hope the typhoon will go away soon so these Asian countries won't get affected by it. Thank you for sharing Tao's latest post! She wrote some Chinese today too. It seems like she can write short sentences already. I'm impressed. Some fans have been asking her to start weibo. I think it is a nice place for her to interact with Chinese-speaking fans in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia and she can also learn the language by reading and writing it. So it would be 'killing two birds with one stone'.
  11. @setokaonii Thank you for sharing the clips! I like how Music Station have shown snippets of Tao's movies the recent two times Gene have performed on the show and that it was shown that they watched the playback too. As we said before they sure have fate. It makes me wonder if the same thing will happen with Kasane and Harumatsu Bokura? The best will be if Tao herself can come to MS someday. I would like to see her with all the Gene members too. @jerseyno13 Orange is good indeed. Except for good reviews it did well in boxoffice too. As for Mare, I haven't watched it myself either. Hehe. I think the same as you. Although I'm watching dramas and movies of Tao with other co-stars my favourite is still RyoTao.
  12. @jerseyno13 Haha. Yes, I noticed Ryota and Mandy's pose too. So funny. I'm also curious on how come Ryota knew about Kento's age. I just checked if they have started to follow each other on IG, out of curiousity but they haven't . Regarding Music Station I saw some fans mention that backnumber performed Mabataki (the themesong of The 8 Year Engagement) and that they showed snippets of the movie. So Ryota, Tao and Kento, so we can say that the three of them "appeared" on MS today. I think this trailer of Cheer Dance was more interesting as well. It seems like Tao is playing a character who isn't flexible and who doesn't know how to dance? That's the opposite of how she is in real-life. Hehe.
  13. @jerseyno13 I think that's what many of us are thinking, "Did Ryota and Kento talk about Tao?" A lot of people at weibo said it felt "magical" seeing these two guys together . Thank you for sharing the clip of MS with us! The host asked if Gene and Kento are from the same generation. Ryota answered that he and Kento are same age and that Mandy seems to admire Kento. Mandy then said he thinks Kento looks handsome and that he has always wanted to star in these "sparkling" school-themed movies as he does. Reo also revealed that Mandy would like to become Kento in his next life. Ryota knew that he and Kento were born in the same year. Did their common friends like Tao or perhaps Mackenyu tell him? Here's Gene's part in Music Station http://p.weibo.com/show/channerWbH5/1034:0f2d9536c8ec69a83c4e251c8a2939d7 New trailer
  14. Wow, Generations and Kento in the same picture? Ryota and Kento are standing right next to each other too (or behind). I never imagined that this day would come. Haha. They were all on Music Station today and that's how they met. Tao's message to Chinese fans. She is so sweet and considerate. I saw some fans mention Onii (Ryota) in the comments. She said she is starting to learn Chinese now so they said something like she should learn it together with him or was it learn from him? I'm not sure Ryota is online on IG right now. He posted an entry about Gene performing on Music Station and he also liked all 3 posts by Tao today and also the one she wrote yesterday. So now he knows that she is learning Chinese too (he probably already knew it before). They can do as the fans suggested and study the language together .
  15. @jerseyno13 It is good to hear that you enjoy coming here :). Hehe, it was the same for me too when I saw Ryota liking the post yesterday and then noticed "his pattern" of liking Anna's posts. @frostyautumn Haha, you never know. He might surprise us all . Gene went to the pre-screening of Reo's movie "Rainbow Days" yesterday. It reminds me of Anikoma. They all went to watch the pre-screening last year too, around this time of the year.