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  1. @setokaonii Thank you for sharing the cut of Ryota's IG live with us! I like how many people left comments about Anikoma and that he noticed it too. It shows that people still like it very much So cute that the child actor Towa who played Onii and Kanade has followed Tao. If Tao realizes this I think she will be following back too. Speaking of Anikoma actors. The one who played the English teacher Inoue Yosuke went to watch Kasane two days ago. He was praising Tao and Kyoko for acting well the ugly side of human and he especially praised Tao for the stage-play towards the end and also that she did well playing a whole different character from the one (Setoka) in the movie (Anikoma) that they co-starred in. https://mobile.twitter.com/inoueyusuke/status/1052092741016944640 This is so cute. Anna just posted this entry telling us that she encountered Tao in Tokyo. Tao replied that she was shocked since Tokyo is really big and that it is fate that they met. Did this just happen? They are both online on IG at the same time. The messages between Tao, Anna and Maika. Ryota has arrived in Beijing
  2. When Ryota was asked about what he thinks of this season (autumn). He said it is "Irresistable eating". He explained that he is someone who gains weight easily so he has to control how much he eats but that he can't really resist eating his favourite Karaage (fried chicken) with ice whiskey. According to a weibo member who saw a variety show of Tao (with Kanjani 8) her favourite alcohol drink is whiskey. https://m.weibo.cn/status/4289340924668981 Tao speaking Chinese to promote "The 8-year Engagement". Her accent is so cute. https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4295808427339769
  3. Hello everyone! I just got back from Japan. It has been a nice trip with good food, nice scenery and interesting culture. I went to 3 temples in total during the 10 days trip and I bought an omamori there (for job). I'm impressed that Tao and Ryota could go to so many temples/shrines during a day and how they can get so many different omamoris too. I guess I'm not as dedicated and religious as them. I didn't get the chance to go through the weibo posts during the trip so I have just found some interesting things there. Here's the similarity that @ryotatao9495 mentioned before between Kanade and Setoka. A weibo member made a comparison of the two scenes. Credit: 片奈 Regarding the earlier topic about LDH artists mentioning Tao even though they haven't worked together with her before. Except for Mackenyu liking Tao's post where she clarified that she and Takumi are only friends he followed a fan account of Tao's on the 10th of October. Did he accidentally follow this account while looking through her posts? (He has unfollowed the account now). These two haven't collaborated either but he is a friend of Ryota's. @setokaonii I think being able to play the piano is nice too and violin. Hehe. Regarding the ratings, POL and Anikoma are/were both airing during midnight so if the average ratings are around 2,5 it is considered decent. Anikoma got 2,82. As for POL it has to do better in the following weeks to be able to achieve that. Yes, after being in Japan and seeing their section of BL mangas I think there are a lot of Japanese who are into BL stories. Thank you for answering my question about POL. I'll see if I'll watch it
  4. @setokaonii It is cool that you can play the guitar. I think it sounds quite good. I can't play any instruments at all so I'm envious of those who can do that Did anyone of you watch the first episode of DownTown Rocket 2 yesterday? Was it good? It got 13,9 in ratings which is good but from the comments it seems like it was a lot lower than expected. I guess it is because the first season got 18,64 at average. As for Prince of Legend. The ratings for episode 2 dropped a lot. From 2,6 to 1,9. How do you guys find the drama so far? Is it worth watching? If we compare the ratings for Anikoma, it went up by each episode (except for episode 3 where it dropped a little). 2.4 *2.7 *2.5 *3.1 *3.4(Average: 2.82)
  5. @ryotatao9495 Thank you for sharing the clip where the 2nd male lead of POL Nobuyuki Suzuki mentioned Tao! It is suspicious indeed that he chose her. Like you said they haven't worked together before so the most reasonable explanation is that he has heard about her or even met her through Ryota. You are right. The way the LDH artists know about her and mentions her is also making me believe even more that RyoTao are dating. I just watched the kissing scene between Ryota and Sei in POL on IG. I didn't expect them to kiss that soon. Like setokaonii said it makes me feel a down seeing him kiss another girl other than Tao. What I can do to make me and us feel better though is to remind me/us that the first on-screen kiss will always be the most memorable one. Or even better is to think that Ryota and Tao are most likely sharing a lot of kisses off-screen already . @setokaonii Thank you for making the compilation of Ryota and Tao playing "Canon in D" on the piano! I also wonder why he chose to especifically play this song. Like you said, could it be because he has heard Tao play it? Is it because she likes it? Or because both of them like it? Aw. I really miss seeing them together on-screen. @liemmeciau Yes, I believe many of us if not all of us feel jealous seeing Ryota kiss another girl beside Tao. So we understand you. Hope the other scenes will make you forget about that kiss .
  6. @setokaonii Yes, the tea was really bitter so I'm getting a bit skepic about trying the other product Sokenbisui and the mochi thing from Lotte that Tao is endorsing. Haha. Just kidding. I tried a juice of Shine Muscat (a grape in Japan that Tao likes) and it was quite good. I like Tao's clothes in the picture too. She really likes long skirts, doesn't she? Something that Ryota likes on girls too . She has really straight and firm legs though so she looks good in shorter skirts too. I really liked her in the purple dress in "My Little Monster". New Rubin Rosa commercial. The pictures by RR are as usual very beautiful.
  7. @setokaonii Hm. Yes, I would say the kisses in Kasane are the most intimate ones that Tao has filmed so far (although she didn't actually do much during those scenes as it was Yu who did most of the job). Regarding the third kiss, yes, it was loud too. I think it is because Yu was kind of "sucking" her lips during those scenes thus the "loud sound" . Don't worry though the first and third kiss didn't last long. But as we have talked about before I don't think someone would be happy seeing those scenes . Oh, I see. So Tao has the habit of writing that sentence since a long time ago. Thanks for your reply! Thank you for sharing the clip of Genekou! It feels nice everytime they mentions Anikoma or Tao. I went to Harajuku today (part of Shibuya). I saw a store of Asics there with Tao's commercial showing on the big screen. I also tried the tea Sokenbicha that she is endorsing but it was too bitter for my taste. I also went to a 6 storey-building with all kind of records. I happened to see the original soundtrack of Cheer Dan being displayed on a booth so I bought it. I don't have a CD player with me so I haven't listened to it yet. It seems like Tao took the flight back to Japan today? That was a really short visit.
  8. @setokaonii I'm also curious on what Tao is doing in Paris. I was first in Kyoto for 2 days and now I'm in Tokyo and will be staying for 10 days (3 days have passed already). So it will only be two cities for this trip. I was in Shibuya today and passed by Toho Cinemas so I took the opportunity to watch Kasane at 18:40. There was only one screening today but all the seats were sold out which is nice. It has been showing for more than a month now so I didn't expect that. Now to the movie. Although I didn't understand all the dialogues but I understood the story fine. Tao and Kyoko were really good in this. I had no problem telling when they are Kasane and Nina. I have to really compliment Tao in this movie because it is totally different from her earlier productions and also from how she is in real-life and like I said before you could really tell who she is playing without them actually telling you that, by just looking at her movements, eye-glances and of course the way she speaks. She made you sympathize with her although her character Nina isn't all that angelic herself. Her dance towards the end gave me goosebumps although I have already watched part of it before. As the director said she really oozes with charisma and looks sexy when she dances. Her clothes and make-up in the movie looked pretty too. When it comes to the romantic line. There were no love scenes (sex scenes) but there were two scenes where Nina was trying to make Kasane jealous of her that she was going to be intimate or had been intimated with Reita Ugo (Yu). Tao had three kissing scenes with Yu though. The first two kissing scenes happened in the same scene. Nina (Kasane in Nina's body) was rehearsing a stage-play with the cast but she backed off when her co-star approached her. She explained later to Reita that she hasn't kissed a guy before. So Reita "showed" her how a kiss is like. After the first "rehearsal kiss" he then leaned in to kiss her for the second time. This time it was a real kiss between Reita and Nina/Kasane. This is the loud kiss everyone was talking about. Yu was kissing Tao on the lips with his head turned to the right first, before switching it to the left and then back to the right side. Tao didn't kiss him back but it suited this scene since Nina/Kasane is inexperienced . Then they hugged each other with the actual Nina looking at them jealously. The third kiss happened after 2-3 scenes from this one. Nina was alone in a room with Reita and he kissed her again loudly and then hugged her. As for the story [Note! SPOILERS AHEAD] Since I didn't read the manga I thought the movie had many twists. Kasane wasn't born with that scar. It was her first victim during her childhood that gave her that scar. Her mother actually switched face with someone else too who she held as prisoner at her home. So Kasane was kind of doing the same thing towards Nina as her mother did to someone else. So far in Japan I have seen many promotions of POL at convenience stores and a few promotions for DownTown Rocket 2 at bookstores. As for Ryota and Tao's personal commercials I haven't seen them yet but Sokenbicha and Sokenbisui that Tao endorses are available in all convenience stores here. Btw, do you guys know since when Tao has been signing her name with the sentence "Love is strong"? I know she has always been signing her name with a star since many years ago but I didn't really take notice of the sentence until perhaps a few months ago or a year ago? Her autograph is in the fourth picture.
  9. Hello guys! I arrived in Japan yesterday and didn't have time to post anything here until now. It is nice seeing you guys so active. During the flight to Japan I watched "My Little Monster" with English subtitles. [NOTE! Spoilers ahead] The movie was decent. It was only about 1 hour and 40 minutes so everything happened fast. Tao was good as the aloof and smart student but since her character is more reserved and subtle she didn't stand out as much as Masaki Suda. He was very good as Haru. Their chemistry was okay. (RyoTao's were much better ). There were two kissing scenes (the-touching-lips kind of kisses). The first one was initiated by Haru (Masaki) when Shizuku (Tao) woke him up when he was sleeping in room at school. The second one was towards the end. It was Tao who initiated it. Haru left the country for a while after he and Shizuku argued so she had missed him a lot. The kiss was a bit exaggerated with her jumping/flying over to him. She looked very beautiful though with her hair blowing gently like that. Her hair looked really smooth and silky. (*cough*something that Ryota really likes *cough*). @setokaonii Yes, I think the wish of getting a driver's license and driving to the seaside is too specific too. Why right now and why to the seaside? There have been too many "coincidences" between them that make me think that they can't just be coincidences . I think they have discussed it before like you said. Thank you for sharing the interview of Ryota mentioning Tao and POL. Aw, I'm happy to hear that he would consult her when he needs help. It is sweet and really kind of Tao too how she lead him and helped him during Anikoma. It is cute if they met up on her birthday before she went to London. If they are dating it wouldn't surprise me that he would like to spend as much time with her as possible before she travelled far away for 3 weeks. @ryotatao9495 Thank you for sharing the clips of Prince of Legend! Haha. It is weird seeing Ryota playing a total opposite role of Onii. You are right. The way he speaks and acts here reminds me of Tao's portrayal of Setoka. I like how Ryota and Tao are becoming more alike and remind people of one another. As you said, it is interesting how Tao suddenly got an Osaka dialect when she was born and raised in Tokyo. I think she most likely got it by spending a lot of time with Ryota. @jerseyno13 Thank you for sharing the preview of the next episode of POL. I agree that it is too early for a kissing scene. In Anikoma Ryota and Tao didn't kiss until the movie. I hope someone will interrupt them . @Mizuno Ami Oh, so Ryota did the hand-movement again recently? Nice. I'm happy to hear that you enjoy reading the posts here. @liemmeciao I miss seeing Ryota and Tao together too.
  10. @setokaonii Thank you If the translation on IG is right both Ryota and Tao would like to get a driver's license and then drive to the seaside to enjoy the time there.
  11. @setokaonii Thank you! I'll leave New Zealand tomorrow night after having been here for a week and then we will arrive in Japan on Thursday. We will be there for 10 days so I hope the weather will be okay. Yes, I like how big RyoTao's smiles are when they are together and I like the glances they give each other too .
  12. Here comes a random post of RyoTao's laughters. Hope you are all having a nice week!
  13. @setokaonii Thank you for the links! I'll start voting once I get more time. I really like Cheer Dan and the members. I'm currently on vacation in New Zealand with my family so I don't have internet connection all the time. Yes, it seems like Prince of Legend has started to promote as well. The actor who played Haruka is in this production too. Such coincidence that both Haruka and Setoka met "their younger selves" this year again. @liemmeciau Hi Mei! Welcome to the thread! Please don't worry about the English, I understand you fine. Hope to see more of you here
  14. @ryotatao9495 Hm, yes, I have seen that at IG too. It seems like these three have a few things in common but there are more between Ryota and Tao. Tao, Takumi and Yuta did some promotions for Harumatsu Bokura today.
  15. @ryotatao9495 It is quite interesting indeed how people are starting to call Tao a princess suddenly. Oh, so Tao sent flowers to Generations/Ryota twice during the Speedster tour? Like setokaonii said the flowers she sent to him this year were more special and this time she wrote that it was especially to him too. In the earlier bouquets she wrote Generations-sama . Speaking of beauty, I agree that Tao is beautiful inside- and out. People have said it is hard to not like her after watching her in variety shows and following her IG. As for appearance, beauty is subjective. I think Tao is pretty and has nice features (as for what other people think we can't really control that). I was glad to hear that she shared the number 9 spot with Nozomi Sasaki in a "beautiful girls" poll recently. I think Japanese girls are generally pretty and I like how they go for the natural look more. @setokaonii Thank you for the information regarding Genekou! Are Mari and Niki Miwa's agency associated with LDH in some way? Choosing them as special guests for a dance competition seems a bit weird especially if they don't have a dancing background (Niki Miwa). I just saw this on IG. Doesn't Ryota's pose here remind you guys of Tao?