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  1. @liemmeciau Happy Valentine's Day! Hm, I can just understand a little bit of Tao's entry. She mentioned today is the last Valentine's day of the Heisei period. She also mentioned about graduation ceremony for students? She wrote about the guests that came to the food show as well. She has met GACKT before at the movie festival in Okinawa (the same one that she went to with Ryota).
  2. @liemmeciau Hi! Glad to see you again! Happy Chinese New Year to you too! Thank you for sharing the pictures! I haven't started to watch 3A nor TCL yet but it is nice to hear that the ratings are good. Yes, Tao will be singing for the SP that will air on the 22nd of February. Pictures from new interview Credit: 片寄凉太应援博
  3. @ryotatao9495 You are right. Ryota hasn't posted as many posts about his other work compared to Anikoma. Speaking of Anikoma Ryota recently met Takuya again. Ryota's IG post 190207: I was thinking "I have only not met you for a long time and you have become a cute highschool girl". Until now I still don't get what is going on (laughs). However, I was still very happy that I was able to meet you. @takunikochanman @shirasumikasu_world #IeuruOnnanoGyakushu #Anikoma Harumatsu Bokura will be released on DVD/Bluray on the 10th of May. Just two weeks after Kasane. We will be seeing a lot of Tao during spring .
  4. After Anna started posting off-shots of Cheer Dan due to the release of the DVD/Bluray Tao took over and now it is Yumena's turn. FYI: Yumena is currently in the drama 3A along with Ryota and other actors/actresses. Yumena: Although I'm a bit late, from now on I will start to post some off-shots as a rememberance of the release of the DVD. Being invited to join the cheer dance club by Wakaba and Shiori is an irreplaceable existence (to me). I have always loved you guys the most!
  5. @ryotatao9495 It is good that Tao's fans are nice and well-mannered just like her . When you see her being so diligent you would like to do your best too in everything you do. Speaking of Ryota deleting pictures, have you noticed that when Anna in E-Girls upload pictures on IG that they are all very small. I have heard it is to save space/memory so perhaps it really is a LDH thing to keep their IG accounts as "clean and tidy" as possible? Tao singing for the SP
  6. @ryotatao9495 Thank you for your post! Tao is such a nice and gentle girl. You can't help but like her the more you know about her .
  7. Happy 24th birthday to Tao! I wish her a healthy a prosperous year! @ryotatao9495 Thank you for sharing the posts! Aw, I haven't seen some of those pictures of little Tao before. Elaiza is so sweet.
  8. @ryotatao9495 Hehe. The editors seem to be a fan of RyoTao like us . Yes, based on what Tao said before, about quitting being an artist after marriage, wishing to form a family etc shows that she is family-oriented so she definitely fits Ryota's criteria. But being her fan and also a female myself I can't help to think it is a pity that she won't be acting after marriage and also I think being a married couple you should help each other out. So I think it is best to divide the chores. Ryota seems like a gentle and nice guy so I believe he would help out although he is not good at it . It is Tao's 24th birthday in two days. I wonder how she will celebrate it. Tao did voice-dubbing for "Bumblebee".
  9. From Hanako magazine Q3: What is your current cellphone wallpaper? Ryota: It is a photo I took of the sunshine in the forest when I went to Ise Grand Shrine. I haven't changed (wallpaper) for 2 years now. Q4: Please tell us three criteria when choosing girlfriend. Ryota: Someone who I can respect, who can get me in a good mood and who can keep home tidy. I'm not good at chores so I really wish for a girl who are good at keeping a home tidy. If it is someone who is used to cook or wash dishes/clothes I would be very happy. https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4333438154344086 Credit: -雪奈yukina- Hm, Ryota hasn't changed his wallpaper for two years. Two years ago was 2017. The photo was taken when he visited Ise Grand Shrine. I can't find the old post now but do you guys remember if he got any omamoris from there? Or if Tao has mentioned this shrine before? As for his girlfriend criteria, he has said before that he respects Tao and he always laugh when he is with her. As for keeping a home tidy, I haven't heard Tao talk much about that but she does know how to cook and seems to cook often.
  10. @setokaonii Thank you for sharing the clip! Ryota's drawing skills are really...special. Haha. Only Tao would praise him . I have to thank whoever that decided to put the video clip of him showing his portrait of Tao in this show. It has been such a long time since we last saw them "together" on-screen. It was cute how everyone was laughing when they watched that part.
  11. Cheer Dan reunion. The DVD & Bluray have been released. Original pictures were posted by Anna but her versions were very small. From the newest episode of the food variety show. Tao mentioned some of the Cheer Dan members here, Anna, Yui and Maika. Probably the ones she is closest to?
  12. Tao and Ryota posted a picture of themselves in a school-uniform about an hour after one another. New JRA clip of Tao and Tori with the two new members Taishi and Aoi. Full version https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4332364518365651#repost Credit: 土屋太凤烘焙坊
  13. @ryotatao9495 I miss RyoTao too. I like the screencapture of him leaning in to Tao to listen to what she was saying. Thank you for sharing the clip of Ryota and Tsuchiya Tako. Hehe. They were really trying to hold in their laughters. @setokaonii You are welcome . Thank you too for sharing the video! I think I was a bit late though. The uploader seems to have removed it. Kasane DVD & Bluray will release on the 24th of April. I'm looking forward to watch it again!