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  1. @ryotatao9495 Thank you for sharing the clips! Hehe. Both Tao and Ryota are competitive. It would have been fun if the Anikoma team could have gone to VS Arashi together last year.
  2. @jerseyno13 Thank you for sharing the live performance of "Stupid". Yes, it seems like Ryota was struggling to reach the high notes. Hopefully, he will get some time to rest when the promotions of his photobook have ended and before the promotions of Prince of Legend start. I agree. Both Tao and Kyoko are pretty and they do look alike. There were some scenes in the trailer that I had a bit problem to tell them apart at first glance. Thank you for sharing the conversation between Ryota and Takuya! I would also like to see Ryota and Tao exchange comments on IG. They only did that twice last year during the promotions of Anikoma. Otherwise, it seems like Tao mostly write to girls? She always leave comments to the Cheer Dan girls, Anna, Maika, Aya and Yuko who plays her sister and also Suzu but when it comes to guys I have only seen her write to Ryota, Hamaya Shono (the actor who played her younger brother in Mare) and Inaba Yu (the actor who plays Rui in Harumatsu Bokura). Is it to avoid rumours? As for Ryota, he follows more people so it is harder to follow his interactions with people. I also hope the Anikoma team can gather again Btw, Ryoma has started to film for DownTown Rockets 2. So Tao will probably join soon after Cheer Dan has wrapped up.
  3. @Dramanoona You are welcome! I didn't follow Cheer Dan immediately when it aired either but it is an easy drama to watch so I was able to catch up after a few days. @ryotatao9495 Thank you for sharing the clips of Ryota promoting his photobook. So he was only in Taiwan for a day? It is a pity. I was expecting him to go to one variety show or two, just like how they used to do as a group but as you said he is probably really busy. I just watched the first two minutes of this show A-Studio with Tao. At 1:20, the host said he has heard she likes to eat meat a lot and that she can eat well too. She replied that she does eat meat often. Then the host said: "Why do you suddenly speak with the Osaka dialect?" Tao was born and raised in Tokyo, so why would she have Osaka dialect? Can it be because she is spending a lot of time with someone from Osaka? (*cough* Ryota *cough*) https://m.bilibili.com/video/av29782727.html Despite, Ryota's busy schedule he as usual liked Tao's posts. She is so pretty in this picture so I'll post it here for those who haven't seen it yet. He also liked this post of Anna's.
  4. @ryotatao9495 Thank you for sharing the pictures of Ryota and Tao's smile. Yes, the way they smile broadly, showing their upper and lower teeth, is similar. Whenever they find something funny they will laugh out loudly in a similiar way too. I'm glad Ryota's photobook has been selling well. I have heard it has sold about as much as Ryoma's. Ryoma's photobook was released earlier. @jerseyno13 Hi! I'm sorry to hear about the bad weather you had had. I hope everything is fine for you now. I hope the weibo user will post more of the poems that were included in the photobook too. I'm interested if we can find more things that are related to Tao. Another reason that made me think that Nina is a weak character is because I have read comments that people pity and felt sad for her but that might be due to other reasons than her personality. Let's see how the story is when the movie is out. I agree with you that the message and energy that Cheer Dan has been sending have been positive. The songs that they have chosen didn't catch my attention at first but then I'd unconsciously hum to them later on. Speaking of the songs, the OST of this drama will be out the 5th of September. The one that Yuuko and Tao lipsynched to earlier has still not been played in the drama. Based on the snippet I heard I think it sound quite good. Hopefully it will be included in the album too. Btw, the promotions of Kasane has already started and it seems like Prince of Legend is about to start too. The cast of Prince of Legend will be attending Tokyo Girls Collection on the 1st of September. Tao attended the event last year to promote Tori Girl, I wonder whether she will be there this year as well but for Kasane? If yes, then Ryota and Tao will finally be at the same event.
  5. Ryota has been online and liked all of Tao's latest IG posts (she has been posting a lot these two days) and also this one of Anna's.
  6. The latest post of Anna that Ryota liked, as the previous times this picture is with Tao too . In this post Anna mentioned that they are approaching the end now. Many classmates have already wrapped up filming. Cute side of Tao's. Beautiful Tao/Nina
  7. @ryotatao9495 RyoTao had had too many "coincidences" for them to be called coincidences . I have finally been able to catch up to Cheer Dan. I just watched episode 5 yesterday. [Note - Spoilers ahead] I was surprised to see Wakaba's sister returning as the coach for Rockets. I originally thought she was just going to appear in episode 1 but then seeing how close Yuko seems to be to the cast I did wonder if she would appear again. And then she appeared again in this episode . It is good that the Cheerdance club and cheerleading club are friends again. Here's a snippet of Kasane. I haven't read the manga but from watching this clip it doesn't seem like Nina is that nice of a person? It is refreshing though seeing Tao in such role. I'm looking forward to it.
  8. @ryotatao9495 Thank you for sharing the additional and corrected information about Ryota and Tao's flowers to each other! I think they chose the flowers with the special meanings in mind. As you, I have also looked through Tao's other bouquets to other people such as the ones posted earlier to Anna, Takumi, Kota, Backnumber etc. and none of them were like Ryota's. I think it is sweet how they are responding to each other. I hope Ryota and Tao can have a relationship that is everlasting and that they can be each others' pillar and support, just like what they both are hoping for. Ryota and Tao have liked each others' IG posts and they both posted pictures of the sky today. His picture: Her picture:
  9. @setokaonii Yes, when I used the translation function on IG it seems like Tao mentioned important person/people in the entry you posted. She has the habit of sharing a lot of things with fans on her blog and IG but being a celebrity she has to be careful of the words she chooses so like you said "important people/person" would be a safe play since it can be interpreted in different ways. I went to look at your IG story a few hours ago before it disappeared. I think you sounded pretty good. Sora isn't an easy song to sing. I also prefer lower pitched voices than the really high-pitched (chipmunk) voices so I think your voice is good .
  10. @setokaonii Aw. That means that we probably won't see any clips on IG either since it is most likely restricted to post it elsewhere (just like their mobile blog). Haha. Yes, Maika keep calling Tao a princess. Oh, so Maika is rumoured to be dating a member of Gekidan Exile? Then she might know that Ryota is called a prince by fans and Gene members. She could be calling Tao a princess to match him and also to tease her. She is the only one so far who has called her that. A fan at weibo posted an old magazine during the promotion time of Orange which was towards the end of 2015. Tao was asked to write a letter to her old self and one letter to herself in the future. To herself in the past she wrote: You already have muscles when you are so young, hereafter you won't be able to grow in height. To herself in the future: Have you spent important times with your important person? https://m.weibo.cn/status/4271789410489947 Do you guys remember Tao's IG posts during the end of 2017 and early 2018 (around her birthday) she mentioned important person/people a lot? An example was that she said on her 23rd year she would like to be together with important people that she cares for and loves? We were thinking that important people/person could mean her family, friends and also boyfriend. However, in the letter to herself in the future I'm quite sure "the important person" she is referring to there is her future boyfriend/husband. So what I'm trying to say is "important person" might be the words that Tao use instead of boyfriend? So the important person/people she has mentioned a few times before might be only one person and that is a certain someone we all think she is dating .
  11. @setokaonii Hehe. I believe Tao isn't scared of Ryota anymore. It was her first impression of him when they hadn't interacted yet. Yes, if Ryoma has been working with Tao three times I hope there will be a chance for RyoTao. A second time isn't too much to ask for. Regarding your interpretation of the poems. I forgot that Ryota likes to analyze people. You have a good memory. I hope he and Tao have talked it through regarding her rumours so he isn't doubting her and is willing to trust her. Thank you for sharing about Tsuchiya Tako appearing again! Hehe. I wonder what s/he is up to this time :p I found this funny. We all know how Ryota is called a prince. This actress Yamamoto Maika likes calling Tao a princess. Tao doesn't want to admit she is a princess though. Maika is saying that she was asked to kiss a princess in the picture below (Tao). Tao said she liked it but she isn't a princess. In the second picture she said that the princess wants to hold hands when she is anxious. Tao replied that she wants to hold hands but she isn't a princess. Haha. Ryota and Tao are different in this aspect
  12. @jerseyno13 You are welcome! Hehe, yes, Ryota seems to like teasing Tao. She is so cute with her little mistakes. I also like how he said that her tennen is her imperfect part which I interpret as that he thinks she is perfect otherwise. He has said that she is perfect before in an interview as well (that's why I was immediately thinking of her when I read the first poem about perfect purity.) It was the same for me too when I read those poems. I thought of Tao as well. It is good to hear that you guys think the same . @Dramanoona Yes, I also think as you that Ryota had a say in what kind of poems he wants in the photobook and the content of it. I like your interpretation of the poems. I was thinking the same as you in the first one. Sky (Sora) has a special meaning for both of them and about having no ugliness or evilness but perfect purity he has used those words to describe Tao before, that she is perfect and pure. As for him being unable to take his eyes away from her, we have all noticed how he always look at her. As for the second poem. You are right. Guys usually say they think women are complicated and hard to understand . Regarding the third one I was thinking of all the critiscms that Tao has gotten too about her looks and her acting. When she was crying when she held her speech for an award she got last year. He felt helpless for not being able to do something for her. As for the fourth one, is it that Ryota is someone who is afraid of getting hurt so although he choose to believe in people he will still hold back a little and doubt a little until he knows that person more?
  13. A fan has been posting the texts/poems from Ryota's photobook at weibo. Even though I know that those aren't written by Ryota himself but perhaps he had a say in choosing them? Or could he have told the lyricist what he wants the poems to be about? Anyway, I'll be translating the ones she has posted then you can interpret it in your way That day you came down from the sky. You didn't have any trace of ugliness or evilness but perfect purity, which made one unable to take one's eyes away from you. https://m.weibo.cn/status/4271129130945349 While gazing at you, there will be times when I don't seem to know you. At that time I would hug you without hesitation. https://m.weibo.cn/status/4270379495353043 The day you felt the saddest, I couldn't do anything. I couldn't wash away the sadness for you. https://m.weibo.cn/status/4271132846772112 Due to fear of getting hurt so I'll keep believing but also keep a little doubt. https://m.weibo.cn/status/4271131499769956 Credit: -雪奈yukina-
  14. Here's the subbed version of the stage-greeting I posted earlier. Tao has really paid to how Ryota is. Her explanation of her impression of him was very detailed. Hehe. The part where she said she thought he was scary was quite funny. She has said several times before that he has a lot of knowledge. That is one of her boyfriend criteria .
  15. The official announcement is out. We will be seeing Tao in a drama again in October, although her screentime might not be much if it is like the prequel.