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  1. I wonder if Director Go deliberately forced DI to be fired ... So that she can be legitimately rehired as a full time Marketing employee.
  2. Time leap? Sure, here goes ... PS has finally died. BS inherited the laundry business from her father, who moved to a retirement community. She defaulted on the building because of the loan. However, she turned out to be the new owner's first love. So, the courtship begins. JS and hubby are parents now. His mother has retired to babysit her twin grandsons. HS is still searching for HM because she doesn't know he died from cirrhosis of the liver. JS has gotten his wish. He leads an indolent life, getting three meals a day and warm lodging. Minor issue is that he is in jail for life because he finally killed that guy. CB has seen the light and is attracted to one of the girls at the neighboring hair salon because she bought him a larger- sized pants. The End.
  3. Anyone want to bet that mom's gigolo man ran off with the money? Stupid drama and writer. Offed the most interesting, least aggravating and most potential character. At this point, I want PS to die because that is the only way BS can cut ties with that group of people. Notice that I didn't refer to them as family. They are not! Now, I am really done with this drama. It's been nice talking with the few of you. See you on another drama; a much better drama. Can an actual human being really make such a stupid drama? I pity the cast who had to act in this drama. Maybe, this drama was a training exercise to teach potential writers how not to write a drama, as in: How Not To Write A Drama 101 - 3 units - no prerequisite - Tue&Wed 10-12.
  4. Their mother is something other than a human. I don't think she's had a change of heart about her children or that the character is being redeemed. I agree that she showed up, in front of PS, because of the potential for the insurance and funeral money. My eyes rolled every time she claimed that her kids would not be the ones taking care of her when she grows old; implying that her current man will take care of her. She's totally delusional if she thinks the guy will stay with her if she didn't have any money. I don't have a good take on when she ditched the family. But, I'm wondering if WS could be the father's son with another woman. And, the mother left because he brought WS home for her to raise. The writer has shown us that a single situation can be viewed from very different perspectives. Such as PS thinking it was a good tactic locking up JS, for his own safety. Whereas, JS was totally traumatized by the incident. Perhaps, this whole mess was a result of the father's misdeeds. I was really surprised at the opening scene of the drama, in which the father was found dead on the street. It brought to mind what I heard the old folks said when someone died. In Chinese culture, being found dead on the street is the worse way to die. (The best way is to be at peace surrounded by generations of family.) One can even curse someone by wishing that they die on the street.
  5. BS (Poong Sang's wife) needs to be awarded not only a best acting award, but also nominated for sainthood. I agree that today's episode was worth watching. Mainly, because BS had most of the scenes in the episode.
  6. Yesterday's episode was postponed until today due to news coverage of the North and South Korea Summit.
  7. Surely, tying up someone with a rope isn't the way to treat dementia. Actually, I can't think of a disease that needs such restraints, unless it was just an episodic act of violence. Even for a lunatic or maniac, they would use a straitjacket (a la Hannibal Lecter). But using a rope seems so archaic and inhumane.???
  8. What's wrong with this writer? Nothing because s/he owns a whole lot of shares in the pharmaceutical company that produces high blood pressure medicine., Yes, PS has the excuse that he was just a child trying his best to take care of other children. And, that he did not have a good adult role model to learn from. However,it has been a long time since he became an adult. As an adult, with all the fiascos that have occurred in the family over the years, it would have been reasonable for him to question his own judgement/ decision-making. Instead he plays god. Example is now he conducted himself at the meeting when WS introduced the woman he loves and wants to marry. Without listening any further, he rendered his decision and walked out. PS sees the world only from his perspective, which he deems absolute and the only answer. He does not listen and will not even consider any other opinion. (Who made him God?!) However, this is not to excuse the siblings either, especially JS and HS. If they held so many deep-rooted grudges against him, they should have left a long time ago to make their own life, instead of eating and living off of him. As someone else commented, there is co-dependency involved in that family. Yeah, I think I will just check out the end of this drama.
  9. The acting by the two lead actresses are great. They each flow so easily between the so diverse characters.
  10. As the saying goes: "The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions. " And, this drama is a perfect example of that adage. I've never understood the belief that one is 'saving' someone by not telling them the whole truth. Ostensibly, to prevent them from getting hurt. Question for those so-called 'saviors': Will they hurt more now or will they hurt more later? There are no secrets in this world that last forever. Sooner or later, they will find out. So, the hurt is inevitable. Actually, I've always thought that the savior attitude was very insulting and belittling. It means that the savior has no confidence in the ability and maturity of the other person to know the truth. The adage this family needs to live with is: "The Truth Shall Set You Free. "
  11. It wasn't a lack of education, opportunity or bad luck that hindered Jin Sang and Hwa Sang. It was their stubborn refusal to admit to their own deficiencies, an unjustified arrogance of their self-worth and the immaturity to move beyond blaming others for their own failures. And, most of all, they totally lack character, integrity and ethics. They have no problem with doing borderline illegal things. Whenever the two of them are critized, they immediately deflect to blaming their situation on some past grievance and on other people. Not once did they admit to being in the wrong. And, it is aggravating that PS keeps bugging people to forgive the fiascos caused by JS and HS. Within the family, one can forgive each other. But, it's rather insensitive to ask aggrieved outsiders to forgive, and therefore, make accommodations for the siblings.
  12. I'm glad they set this drama in the publishing industry. By doing so, all the characters are literary and educated type of people, without the usual nonsense characters in other dramas. It's also great that the drama included some of the problems facing the publishing industry. Such as the shredding of unsold books, contending with unauthorized on-line sharing and the small margin of profit. I love that Ms Go is the Gangnam Leopard, but only on the third Friday of each month. I really like that the drama is showing how a healthy relationship is built through Dan-il and book designer guy's storyline. Even though it's predictable what the final pairings will be in the end. As for the newly divorced couple, it really is "Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars."
  13. I wonder if a pharmaceutical company that produce high blood pressure medicine is funding this drama because this drama certainly raises my blood pressure. Out of frustration, I dropped this drama. But, curiosity pulled me back in. And, the fact that, when you least expect it, there is some great dialog, especially from PS' wife. She has great common sense, endurance power, loyalty and whole lot of love for her husband. Almost everyone in that family is frustrating and delusional. And, the most frustrating and totally delusional is Poong Sang. He is the worst type of do-gooder because he is actually an enabler that handicaps the people he's trying to help. Instead of pleading and begging with the siblings, he needed to help them set reasonable goals, understand the potential consequences and don't fall for sob stories. PS needed to treat them as if they were babies learning how to walk. Hold them and let them take one step at a time. PS is such a push-me pull-you that he is that family's worst enemy.
  14. Really love the character of DI. And, Lee Na Young is playing the character beautifully. It's so nice to see her in a drama, after such a long time. She is absolutely luminous on screen. Hee, hee, if I was married to Won Bin, I 'd be luminous, too. The story is a nice change from all the makjang-ness that is currently televising. I hope the story doesn't stray too far from being a rom-com. And, I love how the publishing house was filmed at Forest of Wisdom, in Paju City. I visited in October and loved the entire area. I rode the same elevator as in the drama. I recognized many of the areas in the drama. As for 'shipping', I have nothing against EH. But, I like Mr Umbrella more with DI. They seem to be on the same wavelength. Knowing that Lee Na Young is a veteran actress, I was curious in the age differences between the members of the triangle. I was surprised that there is 12 years difference between her and L JS. There is no perceivable age difference in their characters. That is really good acting.
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