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  1. I really think the writer's core message, for this drama and for the audience, is the question: "Does the end justify the means?" I can see how appropriately the question should have been applied by every single character, for every single situation, in which s/he had to decide on a course of action. It's magnificent how the writer, first, paints a character's action as black, but, subsequently, gives us further insight into the situation that changes the black to gray. First, the character is a villain. Then, the character becomes an understandable villain. (Nonetheless, a villain is still a villain.) And, the answer to the question depends on the ethical and moral fiber of the individual, which was exemplified by various characters defending his/her action( s) by asking, "What did I do that was so wrong?!" (Wrong is still wrong. ) As to HN's death, I think it was suicide. Her death, in that house, will be a constant reminder of how the consequences of their decisions affect other people. By dying there, she really gave them the finger.
  2. This is a superb drama, in all aspects. It's really unfortunate that the global licensed sites didn't secure a license for this drama because the topics are relevant all over the world. There would be a much larger audience if the drama was easily accessible to viewers. And, much more discussion on Soompi. As it is, I have to search on the illegal sites for the episodes.
  3. There are still eight episodes remaining. So, there will be more crazy twist and turns before we get to the end. However, here's my imaginary wacky ending: The ghost of (Christmas past, )i.e, Granny, haunts Kang to the point that she has to be institutionalized on the island. ( Kang was the final one to be responsible for Granny's death.) So, Kang got her wish to own the island. After which, Hyuk and Yura declares their true love for each other. Together, they go to the police and confess their crimes. Along with which they reveal all the crimes committed by Nanny and everyone else. The reason that Hyuk can do this is because it is revealed that he isn't of royal blood. Neither is Yoon. The only one with royal blood is ... Princess Soo Jin. And, since the Prime Minister has pushed through the change to the succession law, Soo Jin can, now, inherit the throne. Guess who is Empress now?!
  4. Ahhh, from my dream, I, now, know the secret of Granny's island that Kang wants so badly. The island has magical powers of resurrection. But, Kang doesn't know that it only works for good people who died an unjustified death, i.e, death as a result of other people's evil deed. Kang thinks she can vacation on the island to stay young and live forever. So, at the finale of the drama, all the good people who have died will return from the island, and live happily together in the palace. Oh, wait, it wasn't my dream, it's only the finale photo of cast and crew. Addendum: If you want to see a totally different version of SSR, you should check out the drama, "Three Dads, One Mom". Totally impressive. BTW, as related to me by a friend who attended one of his musical performances, he's also an awesome person. After the performance, he was one of the few cast members to actually greet the fans waiting to catch a glimpse of them at the stage door.
  5. Actually, I don't have sympathy for any adult in this drama because each, and everyone of them, with eyes wide-open, walked into his/her current situation. I was very surprised at the Soo Lim character and her debut with the Sky Castle community. I thought she was very presumptuous, given that it was her first time interacting with her new neighbors. It was fine for her to disagree with their methods. It was fine for her to open up a discussion on the subject. However, the way she delivered her opinion was quite imposing, and rather impolite. She sounded autocratic. As if she was the foremost authority on the subject matter, so her perspective is the only accurate one. (Not due to the acting, but the dialog was not impressive. ) Actually, being autocratic applies to 99% of the adult characters in this drama, regardless of their stance on the topic of education. Perhaps, the writer wrote, and the director directed, to show how it is not opinion, style or conviction that is wrong. But, a dogmatic approach on any subject is wrong because it doesn't facilitate discussion and dialogue. Discussion and dialogue is, instead, replaced with argument, which produces more angst and resolves nothing.
  6. Although we were shown the scene of a doctor telling Fairfax Jennifer about the child being hit by a car, I won't discount that it wasn't a result of overstudying. Perhaps, as a result of her style of coaching her daugther, ie, the end justifies any means, her daughter tried to commit suicide by standing in a roadway. And, since Fairfax Jennifer refused to accept that what happened to her daughter was a result of her coaching methods, she is trying to validate that her coaching methods are correct with these other students. Warp logic of warp people is the bane of the world. Just check your daily world news reports.
  7. There's no question that all three - WK, IN and EH were all abused children . However, they seem to have managed to established and live a stable and ordinary life. At least, up to the point before something triggered them back into remembering their past. I also wonder if focusing on the three of them, as red sky, is actually a red herring by the writer. I agree that everything links back to the children center. And, the person who has knowledge about everyone and everything, past and present, in the center is one person, ie, the center director. I think she might be red sky.
  8. Heck, since the writer has thrown every makjang thing into the plot, s/he should throw this in: The emperor is not the son of the previous emperor. Kang had an affair with someone else and passed off Hyuk as the emperor's son. So, Hyuk does not have royal blood. That's why he's not intellectual. And, insanity runs in his family. However, Yoon is the son of the previous emperor, so he does have royal blood. That's why he's smart. And, no insanity runs in that family. I was joking when l said the murder was going to be like Agatha Christie's "Murder on the Orient Express".
  9. Haha, playing Ravel's Bolero as background music for this drama must be an editorial comment. Especially since there is a tale that composing Bolero drove Ravel to insanity. Even an audience member, upon hearing the composition, called it crazy. And, this drama can certainly qualify as being crazy.
  10. Man, seeing Ari's reaction after she heard the secret that she is a princess, and her father is the king, I am positive that insanity runs in the blood of the royal family. The kid looked absolutely maniacal. And, the swimming pool scene really bothered me. The thoughts that instantly came to mind were anorexia and death camp survivor. I was really appalled.
  11. I also think that Granny was killed by two different people. Hyuk put in the poison. Yura, not knowing about the poison, stabbed her with the hairpin. (Just like in Murder on the Orient Express.) And, when the truth is revealed, they will have a Romeo and Juliet ending. Hahaha, a makjang drama utilizing Agatha Christie and Shakespeare.
  12. Hmmm ... So, they are going to frame Suni for Granny's death? As for who killed the previous queen, it's interesting that Ari's nanny is in cohoots to change the succession law, which would allow Ari to ascend the throne. Since this drama is already so crazy, I'm hoping that we get a back story on Suni, where she is the leader of her high school gang. Her mild appearance was just hiding her true personality. She probably made a promise to her dead mother that she would change her personality.
  13. @Stella77: And, this drama didn't stop with Korean makjang, they even paid homage to American Mafia by using the 'cement shoe' tactic. Supposedly, the cement shoe was to ensure that the corpse doesn't rise to the surface, after being thrown into the water. Now, if they put in the horse head scene, from The Godfathers, I will really die laughing. But, nothing tops the Rocky theme song. I laughed so hard that I couldn't catch my breath.
  14. I watched the original telecast of the J-version of this drama, and have never forgotten it. As with the original, the K-version can be perfectly described in one word ... Memorable. It's not a drama that asks for our sympathy, forgiveness or even understanding. Nor does the drama give sympathy, forgiveness or understanding to the characters or events. The drama just present things for what it is. And, this is what makes it memorable. The acting is even more superb than in the original.
  15. I had wonder how this drama was tagged as a comedy. But , I fully understand now. Every piece of makjang that we've ever seen, in all dramas, have been incorporated into this drama. It is hilarious. They made a makjang drama to poke fun at makjang dramas. I was going to drop this drama. However, if they keep up with the hilarity from ep. 5&6, I may stick around longer.