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  1. waahh it's been a long time since i last spazzing here... omg.. the news of them cameo as couple is truly a bless...
  2. Dear all... i read every single word of ur analysis and thought... and i love them so much... just wanna say thank you..
  3. anyone has link to the vlive? it's at 7.40 today right? Hi.. they are asking for 1 million hearts in vlive.. do watch them.. they are working hard.. http://www.vlive.tv/video/73057
  4. i love the drama so far.. yet if i'm allowed to request something, i would ask the stylists or costume designer (or anyone entitled in changing the wardrobe) to change lee do ha style.. i find his hair and style is a bit to "ahjushi" part.. does anyone think the same? or perhaps this is just my thought? agreed.. i think, her time increases when they have mutual feelings.. but i would say do ha is more to "attracted" to mika then mika reciprocate the "attraction"... they are not yet into "loving"...
  5. I do think so while watching and turns out many people said so too.
  6. So sorry for not doing any back reading yet. life is kinda hectic here.. i wonder if this been posted or not.. but i guess this article provided a good answer to those who still question about their chemistry.. https://www.soompi.com/2018/05/24/dynamics-life-death-love-can-expect-premiere-time/
  7. new clips for today... aaaahhh so sweeet.. perhaps i'll do live streaming tonite...
  8. HI.. love Lee sung kyung and lee sang yoon so much... and i got the vibes of "kimi no nawa" when i watch this.. IDK why but i guess because both characters don't even know why they have to be together and don't even understand their feeling.. but it's there.. the feeling is there.. similar to characters in 'kimi no nawa'... i anticipate so much more in next episodess...
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