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  1. Our poor couple........can't even have a nice private getaway for their honeymoon without the whole world knowing........they were spotted in Bali airport. Hope they will be left alone with some privacy to have a great getaway. I think Korean celebrities are quite well known in Asian countries, so to avoid being recognised, it is better to go further away maybe like European countries or USA? But I see Koreans like to vacation in Bali somehow. I think Kim Tae Hee and Rain also went to Bali for their honeymoon earlier this year.
  2. Yeah, @larus and I were busy searching and camping for pictures. I am so happy that there are so many pictures. Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Sang Woo had appeared in the weekend drama "Life is Beautiful" so maybe that is how they are acquainted.
  3. There is a segment on Lee Sang Woo and Kim So Yeon and their wedding in MBC Section TV today.
  4. With HM family......will she go over to join his agency??
  5. Same here. Even though I had been chasing Man to Man, I did not watch the last 2 episodes aired on Friday and Saturday because I was too preoccupied searching for the wedding related news and pictures. Kim So Yeon is still my number 1 bias. And I really ship my BongJi couple both in drama and in real life. Hope we find some more cute moments and epic pictures........hehe......
  6. @larus You are like me.....still camping for more news and posts and pictures of the wedding....... Here is 2 from a wedding photographer friend of Lee Sang Woo. I think both groom and bride seem to have many friends that they have invited to their wedding And their friends love to take pictures and post ........the way they are so ready to take pictures..... like the are like all ready with their cameras and phones.......they seem to be like fans attending the wedding of their idols .....
  7. @larus Haha you are waiting for our girl to upload some pictures on her IG. With her team/good friends..... The wedding venue is so beautifully decorated.....
  8. Closed up view here. Just realised that the wedding gown has added a skin coloured/ transparent modesty layer on top of the bust and that is why the capped sleeve can hold up. I was wondering the whole time.....
  9. Some more pictures in IG.
  10. This is a nice picture without anyone else in the frame.
  11. This must be from the video clip shown at the wedding showing our couple in thick winter clothes.
  12. Here is a clearer picture. I also guess that the man is her father. Another picture of So Yeon with a guest - is she also an actress? Looks sort of familiar....
  13. Love all the wedding pictures. They are all over IG today. As a fan, I am very happy to see her wedding pictures. It looks like a beautiful and intimate wedding with the chandelier and flowers settings amongst friends. And these friends all want to share about the wedding and had all uploaded the pictures all over IG to our delight! For a private wedding with no press conference, we still have so many pictures and I must say that I am a happy fan today.
  14. Some more pictures of the wedding.
  15. Some more pictures.......of bride and groom.