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  1. I like this scene in Episode 1 where our Agent K can so coolly beat the lie detector and the bemused expression on the interrogator's face. The acting is very good in this drama not just from PHJ and PSW but even from the minor characters like the interrogator.
  2. [Drama Review] 'Man to Man' - Episode 2 By eric_r_wirsing Google This episode centers around Do Ha's attempts to get Seol Woo fired. She does this with the full cooperation of the actor, as he's not eager to have someone looking out for his best interests, either. But he wants it done quietly, and if Seol Woo leaves on his own it would look even better. So she gives him an unorthodox job interview and tries to make him look bad. She fires him near the end, but Seol Woo climbs in a car and tries to save Woon Gwang when he hurtles out of control in a sabotaged vehicle... And they leave it on a cliffhanger, just like that. I suppose it'll keep people coming back next week, but it still raises my hackles sometimes. I wonder if this will be a constant thing, or if it will be an every once in awhile thing. I know we were promised twists and turns, so maybe they're just delivering on their promise. I think Do Ha managed to become less annoying. And it was funny to see the tables turned on her again and again as things start to fall apart, and Seol Woo is just doing his job. I think that's the funniest part -- the indignation when she finds Woon Gwang sneaking out to violate his diet, or when Seol Woo leads him out of the car and through a traffic jam to get him to a bus so he can get to the shoot on time. And he did ask for it. *snicker* What I'd like to see is more of Seol Woo's personality. He's entirely professional, and he's all business, and his straight-man shtick is a large part of the humor. But I think trading barbs with Woon Gwang would be fairly funny as well. Maybe if they get closer we'll start to see some of that come through. And again, we have a largely successful installment. This one was less awkward, although somewhat less action-packed as well. The humor here was large and in charge, and we were treated to several amusing situations, and largely due to Do Ha and Woon Gwang. Seol Woo was left to clean up after them. The writers have done a bang-up job here, and this series is just starting to get lit. Score Plot..........................8 Performance..........8 Pacing.....................9 OVERALL..............8.3 Please go link below for original review:
  3. I was wondering how come I do not have anything to say other than the general comment that it is entertaining and fun when everyone here is posting all these indepth character analysis and plot insights and what have you. Your post is such a relief to me. Now I know why, same case as you, PHJ is such a distraction that I can hardly concentrate on the story. Haha... What should we do?
  4. So many had commented that they do not like our female lead character, Kim Min Jung and her over the top portrayal of Cha Do Ha, making her into a crazy over zealous and jealous fan girl manager without any hint of softness. While I personally find Kim Min Jung pretty, I agree that perhaps the hair style and make up could have been improved and she could tone down the toughness and soften up a little. She is really pretty if she had a different style with long hair or tie up hair and softer make up - see pictures below. I think the image of her below would be more matching with Park Hae Jin and maybe more of us will then feel sizzling chemistry between her and Park Hae Jin.
  5. At the Vlive program, the MCs asked Park Hae Jin to demonstrate some action if this is an action drama. They asked him to demonstrate the action with a towel since he did the fighting scene with
  6. Mi Eun came home a bit tipsy after drinks and her son said that she smelled of alcohol which the hubby did not like. The hubby asked why she drank when she usually does not drink. She said she drank a bit with Sharon and Mr Yi and she is happy about the movie and thank her husband for investing in our Mr Yeo movie. The hubby did not like it as he only invested in her movie and not our Mr Yeo. The hubby was originally ok for her to give him (referring to Woon Kwang) some sympathy cash for dumping him but now he did not like it anymore. The hubby asked his assistant to fix it for him.
  7. The suspicous lady wearing a cap is previous Girlfriend of Oppa who is stalking him and pestering him with calls who he could not get rid of. Guard Kim offered to get rid of the lady for Oppa if she is making him uncomfortable. The stuff in her car shows that she had been to Blue Hotel with a actor, all of which our Guard Kim somehow knows from his intelligence as well as from his observation of the items in her car. He nicely asked her to leave Oppa alone if she does not want to the trending search item the next day. However, the lady said she has pictures of Oppa that can also make him a trending search item before she drives. Before she drives off, Guard Kim got her handphone number from her car number and called her handphone and told her to call him if she wants to talk further. This effectively helped to get her off the back of Oppa as she really did call him. Guard Kim's meeting with the lady at the restaurant is because she called him to talk and he wanted to persuade her to delete the pictures of Oppa.
  8. This is what Yoo Jung did after he went abroad for those who had been wondering and asking ever after CITT ended..... (Haha I just cannot resist to repost this comment which must be from a JungSeol 's fan in the IG post below)
  9. Mr Kim Sul Woo is a lady killer and heartbreaker. Here he is winking at and practising his charms on a small girl.
  10. He was stealing to demonstrate that the security around the celebrity actor is poor and then in the last shot, he introduced himself as the new head of security for Mr Park Sung Wong's character......Haha..... I really enjoyed the first episode. It is both exciting and fun at the same time. Who else with me? And Netflix is great. I can download it after the live streaming and choose between English, Chinese or Korean subtitles and it is very smooth and clear.
  11. I have anticipated this drama because I had wanted to watch a spy action thriller which is not a common genre in korean drama but which I like very much. But now, looking at all these photos of Mr Kim Seol Woo, I think I will end up just admiring our secret agent and how handsome and hot he looks and out of the window goes the plot or story line.
  12. Maybe you can try this. Saw this in the Park Hae Jin Baidu thread. I just registered to try out the 1 month free trial all for the sake of watching this drama. Hopefully it works to make it worthwhile to continue to subscribe as the current offering of Korean and Chinese movies and dramas in Netflix in my country is very pathetic and so not worth it.
  13. I read the article below that Netflix will broadcast at the same time as JTBC. This seems promising so I have registered for Netflix for their free one month trial. I think the exception is South Korea where it will be available 1 hour after JTBC has aired and USA where it will be aired in 2 parts of 8 episodes each. Not sure why US is so different though.