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  1. @rubie Thanks, so it is Kim Tae Ri’s voice. She is very eloquent and clear in the narration so maybe that is why it is different from how she sounds in Mr Sunshine. Speculating on the next episode - I don’t think Ae Shin has the capability to point her rifle at Eugene this time as the preview (if we are to believe it) shows that she is injured and in pain.
  2. The same making video posted by TVN on their IG. Lee Byung Hun doing voice narration for commercial. When watching Mr Sunshine, I fell in love with his voice and can recognise his voice now. But who is the female voice doing the narration with him?
  3. BTS video of Eushin had been released. They are so cute especially Lee Byung Hun.....he is so goofy. Don’t know if he has always been like that or it is the influence of Kim Tae Ri. Full video is here
  4. Oh, I am interested to order too as I love almost all the OSTs for this drama. @mistymorning Thanks for the link. Can I ask which is Ae Shin cover version and which is Eugene cover version? Is Ae Shin version the one with Ae Shin and Eugene doing the eye identification one? What else is different between the 2 versions other than the cover? And Mr Sunshine filming location in Nonsan will be opened for sightseeing.
  5. I think it is Blue Dragon Film Awards? Both LBH and KTR look great in their individual pictures posted above.
  6. Kim Min Jae will make a special appearance in last episode. Another new character appearing in the last episode. Fans in Weibo are speculating if he will be the offspring of one of the characters maybe Ae Shin and Eugene or Hui Seong and the former noble lady that he met? More details here
  7. Episode 22 is a very intense episode with a time jump and so many major events happening. I am emotionally exhausted after watching it. Need more time to process and gather my thoughts before I can comment. It had been like that for the past few episodes which had been pretty intense. But at least Eugene and Ae Shin had some sweet moments together. And after that, it was heartbreaking how they were separated indefinitely with no promise of when they can see each other again. It was also sad how Eugene went to jail for 3 years. He was also emotionally spent amd the ordeal took a toll on him and he looked visibly tired and weary. @mistergenie I think this is the photo that you are talking about. Contrary to what we thought, writer sets her story beyond 1905 so it is 1907 where the Japanese soldiers had changed their uniforms now. Remember we spent so much time speculating about the soldiers uniforms. Yep, it looks like she is alone and going travelling somewhere. Credit: @goblin_mrsunshine And I like this new look of Eugene Choi, as much as that of Captain Eugene Choi when he is in his uniform.
  8. I also thought the same. That there is a possibility that Eugene will return to America and return to Joseon again. The only thing is how long is it before he returns and where is Ae Shin in all this? Looks like the last OST to be released is the one below by Hwang Chi Yeul. It had been played twice and both times, it was at a loved one’s funeral. I am dreading the next time this is played. But it is a beautiful song. Aigoo, you should just go out and celebrate your birthday that day. But who am I to say, I think I am worse since I have been staying home and avoided going out on Sat and Sun ever since Mr Sunshine started airing. I am only watching Mr Sunshine and nothing else. Being busy in real life and also kinda lost interest in watching dramas these days, I don’t watch much nowadays. Mr Sunshine is special and had caught my interest ever since Kim Eun Seok talked about it last year.
  9. Episode 21 preview on Netflix has English subs differ slightly from the ones subbed by others. In Netflix preview, Eugene asked how far would Ae Shin go in exploiting him? Very heartbreaking to see this. Sigh... Below is the earlier one that I have seen on YouTube.
  10. Always amazed at how imaginative and artistic these fan art are. Fans resorting to creating their own k scene out of frustration from waiting for 20 episodes in vain.
  11. I don’t think it is wrong of Ae Shin to want to continue her fight for the cause of Joseon. Her grandfather and parents gave up their lives for Joseon too. She has to hide and lie low as she is on the hit list of the Japanese now. I feel the reason that she wanted to go separate ways with Eugene is driven more by concern for his safety and to a lesser extent by the need to focus on the dangerous task in front of her. While her request to Eugene to take her away to America is to use the opportunity to go to Japan on her suicide mission, I feel she is also using this opportunity to get Eugene to leave Joseon and return to America somehow, again for his safety. Of course Eugene will know that she had other plans and had no intention to leave for America with him. I am anticipating to see how he will react to her plans. I can’t really hate Ae Shin. I feel she still has him in her heart and she still loves him dearly despite everything.
  12. Mrsunshinenetflix echoing fans frustrations? Or is that a hint? Kim Eun Seok, how could you cast Lee Byung Hun as the lead in your love story but not write a kiss scene for him? Since you are paying top dollars for him, you should not shortchanged yourself and fans by not having him do a kiss scene.
  13. This is the OST Part 12 played at the end of episode 20. Eugene and Ae Shin longing theme song.