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  1. #TEMPTED tv rankings Tnms Ep 27 : 2.4% Ep 28 : 2.2% Agb Nielsen Ep 27 : 1.9% Ep 28 : 1.7 What a plot twist .such a opposite characters we get from sihyun and s-jo.bcoz of love can change people to be a better person and the other one turns him into bad one . But from the beginning I dont like s-jo.what i know from the beginning I felt he was so annoyed. And I read on Twitter who says taehee deserves what happened to her right now because she has separated their trios friendship. What the ...ffffff ????!!!!
  2. Tv rankings #TEMPTED Tnms ep 25 : 2.6% ep 26 : 2.7% Agb Nielsen ep 25 : 1.6% ep 26 : 1.9% Already watched ep 25. Apparently the petal was blowing away even though sihyun had caught it before and It's still hard to predict if they'll be separated .Because the writer is really good at playing our hearts .
  3. The Great Seducer TV Rankings Tnms Ep 23 : 3.1% EP 24 : 3.1% AGB NIELSEN Ep 23 : 1.9 % Ep 24 : 1.9 % Increased little bit .but its okay The writer keeps making viewers confused.And how many times does the writer wanna them to break up ? And until now she has not known about the bet. I'll bet, next week they'll be back together again and again the other next week will break up and breaking up this time she know about the bet Hahahha keep on like this. The most drama makes me shake my head because so confused about lol. But I love it. writernim, just go on what is in your mind .dont worry ,We'll watch it anyway. I just remembered at the beginning of ep 23 tae hee saw and read an exchange student brochure and the possibility of her applying as a student exchange participant after their breakup this time ...hhhmmmm
  4. The Great Seducer TV Rankings Tnms Ep 21 : 2.5% Ep 22 : 2.5% Agb Nielsen Ep 21 : 1.7% Ep 22 : 1.6% the drama is a mess but I can't stop watching and I find myself quite intrigued with it and I totally understand the negative comments and low ratings
  5. OMG ....Hi5 ...You are not alone in this. Your thinking is exactly what I'm going through now Tv rankings Tnms Ep 19 : 3.8 % Ep 20 : 3.2 % Agb Nielsen Ep 19 : 20% Ep 20 : 1.9 % In episode 19 there is an increase compared to the previous episode. But in episode 20 back down. Indeed in ep 19 the stories is interesting but in episode 20 really boring. When I was streaming last night I wanted to stop because I was too bored
  6. All have been able to guess about the break up/dumped things. I've watched cruel intention and dangerous liaisons Chinese version.if this drama is fully adapted from the novel SH and TH will not getting back together again .after SH managed to screw TH.screwing TH is one of their bet.thats why SH try hard to sleep together Therefore I hope they did not fully take the storyline of the novel. It's okay I am treated to a such heart breaking stories as long as it will end with happiness. But do not be forced .Because I've watched such dramas "end up happily" being forced for the will of the viewers .And finally make the drama flawed completely. Anyway yeahhaaa today is the day !!!!! Cant wait to stream the drama tunite !!!
  7. [SPOILERS] GREAT SEDUCER E13-14 + RATING / 4:40 PM Naver - sportsseoul: 'Great Seducer' Park Soo Young♥Woo Do Hwan started dating "Today is our first day" 1.[+1223, -72] Where did Tae Hee's iron wall go? 2.[+1127, -120] She is too soft ㅠㅠ It's cringy but I still find myself watching it 3.[+931, -161] It's so childish and cringy but it's still fun 4.[+838, -203] Seriously Joy and Woo Do Hwan's chemistry did everything 5.[+652, -133] But still, It's nice to see them together 6.[+257, -29] Honestly, this drama is just a waste of the actors...I really feel bad for them ㅠㅠ Director, writer and everyone else should be good to them....I think the ratings are still hanging because of Joy and Woo Do Hwan's fans. It's like a little fun drama that you can watch without any thoughts...haha 7.[+237, -20] Seriously there is no content...there is no improvement, only the supporting characters keep coming out more than the mains...I really don't have anything else to say, just show us Joy and Woo Do Hwan's chemistry, I don't want to see the other actors. 8.[+222, -23] Writer-nim. Director-nim, there are a lot of supporting characters. even though the main characters are talking we know how things will end up, you are giving us to many hints 9.[+194, -12] There is no improvement in this drama, stop using Joy and Woo Do Hwan for media play ㅋㅋㅋㅋ why didn't you go to Pyongyang while you only appear for 5 mins ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 10.[+202, -21] The leads don't even come out in this drama ㅋㅋㅋㅋ...I'm watching it for Joy and Woo Do Hwan but they don't even come out that much 11.[+171, -6] Just accept all the curses you're getting for filming this...ㅠㅠ 12.[+160, -17] The visuals and chemistry are really warm, but do something about the content...ㅠㅠ 13.[+139, -8] Seriously the production team aren't doing anything and the scenario is just a scenario ㅋㅋ on top of that the main characters <<< supporting characters ㅋㅋ what is this ㅋㅋ Please comeback to your senses production team 14.[+146, -30] The actors are really good at acting ----- cr : netizendrama all these comments represent what i want to say lol
  8. The Great Seducer TV Ranking Tnms ep 15 : 3.3% ep 16 : 3.3% For tnms Increased by 0.2 % Agb Nielsen ep 15 : 1.9% ep 16 : 2.1% Agb decreased
  9. You're wrong if they do not think about ratings. For them (pd, tv broadcast and all related to drama) rating is needed. Hence many actors and actresses promise to do this and that if their drama rating matches the target. With a high rating they will get benefit and surplus. And about the female lead .yes we already know a lot of complaints about her had little screentime. Tonight many assumed because she went to japan for RV concert. The previous episode we entertain ourselves by assuming that tae hee story not came out yet . but we're at eps 14 and still so little of her.i'm bored with the trios already.what i need is otp lead stories.. I even thought they were recruiting joy to act in this drama is just to lure the audience from kpop fans especially RV fans who are not little fanbase.This has happened in other dramas that also recruit an idol. It's disappointing if this is true. Despite a low rating but this drama became the most searched and talked online And Please forgive me if anyone is uncomfortable/ offended with my complaint. my patience with this drama almost at the end ....hhhhh
  10. The Great Seducer TV Ranking Tnms EP 13 : 2.6% EP 14 : 3.1% AGB NIELSEN EP13 : 2.3% EP14 : 2.3% hmmm decreased again I understand with knetz lol. I myself if not for joy and dw, i'll dropped this drama at the beginning .sorry not sorry
  11. [SPOILERS] GREAT SEDUCER E11-12 + RATING / 3:45 PM Naver - sportsseoul: 'Great Seducer' Park Soo Young pushes Woo Do Hwan away "I wanted to be your girlfriend" 1.[+870, -169] Why is it so sad to see Park Soo Young crying ㅠㅠ Release the preview soon I'm so curious 2.[+738, -125] Wow...the ending was really heart breaking , why is it so sad ㅠㅠ 3.[+653, -143] How can I wait till next Monday...This is the first time I keep waiting for Monday to come because of this drama ㅋㅋ 4.[+637, -151] It's so fun ㅜㅜㅜㅜ Today was really fun and the development was good ㅜㅜㅜㅜ Everyone is good at acting 5.[+547, -103] Ah why is the development like this, just make her his girlfriend 6.[+160, -35] Now Tae Hee has a complete iron wall, conflicts will start between the 3 friends and Si Hyun will start treating Tae Hee seriously. I'm so looking forward to it ㅠ 7.[+130, -36] Today, only Tae Hee's last scene was sympathetic ㅠㅠㅠ they even kissed why is he playing hard to get, I pity Eun Tae Hee 8.[+112, -31] Tae Hee and Si Hyun at the end was really sad 9.[+99, -25] Tae Hee is walking on the iron wall path ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Heart breaking Naver - xportsnews: 'Great Seducer' Joy's tearful ending, Woo Do Hwan hold his breath 1.[+1616, -216] Ah it's childish....but why do i enjoy watching it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 2.[+1782, -463] Joy's voice tone isn't suitable for acting 3.[+816, -226] I enjoy watching it...yesterday was really sad ㅜㅜ 4.[+711, -348] Some people are good at acting from the beginning, but Joy seems to be working hard, Woo Do Hwan looks fresh...his eye acting...he is a cool craftsman 5.[+206, -59] Why did you make me say this? Tae Hee's line made me sad ㅠㅠ Si Hyun let's become more straightforward now ㅠㅠ 6.[+198, -82] Yesterday had a good immersion. SonTae couple's acting was good too 7.[+182, -72] I loved yesterday's ending. I still remember Joy's tears and Woo Do Hwan's eyes 8.[+170, -64] Yesterday's ending was really sad ㅜㅜ Get them back together soon 9.[+160, -56] My heart ached after listening to Tae Hee's lines ㅠ 10.[+178, -75] If she can't act why do you call it a hate comment...Just because the fans didn't like it it become a hate comment??? 11.[+207, -112] Why is she practicing her acting on a drama...Overall, it's visual acting, what a waste of the original work Cr : netizendrama No care about the negative comments. As long as I like it I will follow this drama.because joy i'm hooked to "tempted" dont like joy dont watch .u like the second lead more and can not stand seeing joy. It's your pain no one care
  12. The great seducer tv ratings Agb Nielsen Ep 11 : 2.3% Ep12 : 2.6 Tnms Ep11 : 3.5% Ep12: 3.9%
  13. So TH told him to end their relationship (I'm also still confused, whether they have been dating before ) both TH & SH looked so heartbroken.. See they leave us cliffhanger w/o preview ...grrrr
  14. Yesss ki young showing up at th's workplace and sh , i feel like he's jealous
  15. So it was sji's mom who hit sh's mom car !?!?!