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  1. First the story keep circling around with no ending its like a cat chasing his own tail. They make Yu Ra the perfect devil but then she is forgiven and building alliance with the leads as the story created that she doing that because of Joon Sang.... because she is looking for her lover which is Joon Sang... so what happen with the first episodes where she was Wang Shik lover??? so she's playing double love life or triple love life??? then the grandmother turns out killed her self... oke last night episodes was all disappointed .... why did I see this whole time... makjang plot. then CJH won't be appearing in next episodes... then the last time I saw him is fighting the boys at the island.. that's it... the writer is really annoying... then why the writer create Na Wang Shik after all....
  2. Yippeun_eonnie

    [Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

    Park Jin Joo Joins Park Bo Gum And Song Hye Kyo’s “Encounter” https://www.soompi.com/article/1262965wpp/park-jin-joo-joins-park-bo-gum-song-hye-kyos-encounter Definitely it will be very bubbly and full of laugh when she's around.... she is a scenestealer for sure.
  3. Yippeun_eonnie

    [Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

    I still have mixed feeling about this drama, I'm not sure will I following this drama or wait until its end then I start watching while I read all the updates in here. I'm a fans of SHK in love with her ever since Full House. And Park Bo Gum well who can resist his charm and his kindness.... but I still not sure about the pairing... I just still thinking the pairing is odd.... well I hope its just my false argument...
  4. Yippeun_eonnie

    [Drama 2018] Devilish Joy, 마성의 기쁨

    I need subtitle.... its so hard watching it with my limited korean..... 4 episode left and suddenly DF stops and leave us wondering for subs
  5. in my opinion Jin Ah will not follow Joon Hee to US. She will stay in Korea but living separately from her family, in her new place. Because she need to be in Korea, tp fix her problem at work and to fix the relationship with her mom as well to make her mom receive the reality that she will end up with Joon Hee whether she like it o not. because if Jin Ah follow Joon Hee then she will runaway from her trouble which is that really not her personality. remember case of Gasan store? she fix it all the way even that makes her work outside the office and help as the store employee. Fighting Jin Ah eonnie..... you can do that!!!!
  6. Yippeun_eonnie

    Jung Hae In ✪ 정해인 ✪ 丁海寅

    Honestly I'm so disappointed by him.... I thought he will be the next SJK after the drama ended since all the romance was given me the same vibe with Dots, but seems like he's way too far to be compare with those level male actors. I guess he has this bad side in him after all. His hardwork, and all the love from While You Were Sleeping and Prison Playbook and Something In The Rain for me just vanished. Hae In-ah I hope you will reflect on this and be the old Hae In I was in love with. Its just too bad to see you're wasting all of your hard work for this controversy. Jung Hae In opens up for the first time since his center controversy Wednesday, May 09, 2018 jung hae in No comments Article: Jung Hae In confesses feelings for the first time since center controversy, "I will quietly walk the path that I've gratefully been given" http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.co.id/2018/05/jung-hae-in-opens-up-for-first-time.html
  7. Yippeun_eonnie

    [Drama 2018] Suits, 슈츠

    When I watched every episode of it, yes cannot deny that I keep flashback to the US version of this drama, and this week case I also vaguely remember the clash action lawsuit that also happen in the US drama, and it was also involve pharmaceutical company. But I tried to not diggin my memory into the US version, but stick my focus on how the korean version will bring to me. I love it, how JDG fight his opponents with his irritating words... LOL... and the new cameo lawyer... suddenly I like him hahahah... his english is very good... his pronunciation also very clear... he perfectly portrayed a lawyer who is growth in New York. I tried to remembering his face... and yes he is the bad oppa from drama "mother" ....
  8. Can't help to comment this pic.... "Eomma... did you follow them to Jeju????? So seeing you laugh did you accept Joon Hee as your ivy league son in law??"
  9. Basically he said his mom to stay out from Jin Ah life, that what she did can be a boomerang to her. he said his mom standard is so strict that even he and Jin Ah also face hardships because of her standard, even he was thought about jumping into Han River when he was so stressed applying into Ivy League university in korea based on her mom standard. He afraid what if Jin Ah do suicide into Han River or even gone missing with Joon Hee to a place where no one can find them. and Seung Ho said what his mom do to Jin Ah now is an abuse.
  10. Yippeun_eonnie

    [Drama 2018] Wok of Love (Greasy Melo) 기름진 멜로

    I haven't watch this...raw nor sub... went to see comments about the pilot..its heartbreaking...but I believe it will be love as the episodes goes.... I believe in the casts... it have a good casts... Tae Hang Ho, Jo Jae Yun, Lim Woon Hee.... they're strong on presenting comedy in their own way... and Jang Hyuk as the gang leader....
  11. TRUEEEEEE..... I love the writer too..... who else except this writer that can make a manga character can walk into reality life thru a dimensional door and it looks as cool as crazy as I were that time when watching it happen.... I'm looking for another jaw dropped moment in Alhambra by this writer...
  12. Yippeun_eonnie

    [Drama 2018] Wok of Love (Greasy Melo) 기름진 멜로

    I love the casts already... hahaha and the rating promise is tempting too... Love Jang Hyuk that play romcom now... as its Junho..love him in Chief Kim.... Who will do the live tonight??? is someone re capping this?
  13. Lets hold hand.... me too... I only watched HB on secret Garden, passed his other drama with Han Ji Min, never watch Sam Soon or Worlds Within. But i love him in Confidential Assignment and The Swindler. I hope I can fall in love again with him in this alhambra. the story synopsis quite interesting, and Shin Hye also on it. I have my time on and off with Shin Hye, never missed all of drama with her in it, but somehow in every episode of it there was me love her and hate her.... well we are in that kind of relationship I will be looking forward for this.
  14. Yippeun_eonnie

    [Drama 2018] Live 살다

    I'm going to miss this one. the casts are amazing, the story is humble yet very touching and great at once. I love how the writer and the director portrayed daily life of people in that precinct. I love how the story goes, everyone is just a human being in this story, nothing goes overboard.... everything just perfect as the way it is. I love you writer...thank you for the hardwork PD team and the casts.... you all will be miss.... 'and yes I'm agree with majority I will be very happy if there's season 2 for it.... another precinct with another member??? love it for sure..