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  1. Thanks for everything. Nice to know all of the guys and read theory here. This place being my recovery since the past and i'm glad about it.
  2. It probably JK's Car then.. Hehe just my assumption but looks like Tiny Oppa chillin on JK Car when he on RM Set. Just like two days ago when Tiny do Insta Live he was stayed on JK's Car with GapJin. as we all know among RM members he is the close one or original JK friend. so yeah hehehe maybe that time Tiny Oppa take a wefie with Ji Hyo unnie, she came to great him and talking to him Me too!!! I almost thought it will disappear for long but glad when i comeback i can open it again I mean half or much of Spartace story was here. I will be very very sad if this forum disappear
  3. Hi... Long time not say something on this forum, but i can't hold it the moment i saw our spartace mirrroring each other again I post this on my second account but i still want to share it here, as you guys often talking about spartace body language hehe I didn't know how to post the picture here so i will insert link instead hehe.. See how they sit really look alike, both Ji Hyo Jong Kook lift their left leg and somehow i just happy to see they have the same style from head to toe ㅋㅋㅋㅋ https://www.instagram.com/p/BqO0SQAg9Za/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=3sxh6it8on2x P.S : i do hope Myuk PD will make the show with these two about travel and food. Since both of them like to eat and JK want to Travel with his 'woman' kekeke
  4. Okay you win. I am out from here. Thanks. You just add my problem. And sorry to you and other. I shouldn't see about spartace when i have problem in my real life, knowing spartace could make me calm and all. But now thinking about it. It just make me worst to see unpleasant thing on the not right time. Will be back to read awesome spartace thought from all awesome shipper here when i was done with my problem and clear mind. Thank you and sorry
  5. Can this picture or article not here? It's spartace forum rite?? Its upset me enough seeing this picture on #송지효 tag on instagram. Now i deactived my instagram because personal problem and don't want to worst my problem to see anything that make me upset more... I want to enjoyed spartace thought and moment that spartace shipper share here and not this kind of thing.. But then, Should i really get this pic here too?? JK and his loveline thing will never done till he get married.. So what the use talking it here again... Rite, whoever he get married to was his right. I will accept it. But, as long he not married yet and since i ship spartace i want to see more about spartace instead other mehhh.. Sure you can talk about that thing related to spartace here. But it more wise to make the picture as spoiler...
  6. Hii guys... how are you been long time no post anywhere kinda busy with real life... but still SA just can't out from my mind... well, i just want to share some observation i do all these while and today as i lurking on spartace hashtag on instagram and found lot of SA moment on last episode i think to share this thought of mine... first, want to say sorry for my poor English but i hope you all understand what i try to said... and, please forgive me it may sounds lil BIAS and delusion but kekeke let me share it here key~~~ don't take t too serious because it could be coincidence so here... it's just me or Ji Hyo being more careful/selective to choose movie or drama she? uhmmm what i mean after Ex-Girlfriends club drama, i didn't see Ji Hyo do another drama that have kissing scene... okay let me explain and please remind me if i'm wrong... Oh her last drama Manager B Love Letter, yes she almost have kiss scene but then at the end she didn't, that one with celderma also didn't have kiss scene, and the last one her hit movie What A Man Wants (Wind Wind Wind) i watch this movie already, well not watch it fully as have not english sub yet, so i skipped for JH part only ^^ and voilaaaa she didn't have too... and with her decline an Absolute Boyfriend Drama make me more suspicious tbh... yeah that drama is romantic comedy and i saw the Version of that drama where Goo Hye Sun staring on it and yes they have a kiss scene on that drama... well, i'm not sure about her next movie and drama (That one with MDS and where she act as writer). it could be only coincidence, but as SPARTACE SHIPPER i can't help to think IF SA REAL (RIGHT NOW) that could be their agreement? kekeke it's remind me of JK last drama where he have kiss scene, then when his co-start came to RM we can she how jealous JH (after JK hug his co-start, JH suddenly interupted it, its kinda random for me as we rarely saw JH act like that when female guest come and being friendly with JK... well, except she looks jealous but rarely interrupted) also that one when JH was calling JK Kim PD the moment JH mentions JK as the actor that annoying (?) sorry i forget the actual question but JH answer LKS, YJS, and KJK. then, JK complain saying he is not actor, so JH answer quickly calling him Kim PD... maybe, well just maybe kekeke they want to go to the next step (if they are in relationship) and cause they jealous with each other co-start they make that agreement (?) AT THE END I JUST PRAY THE BEST FOR BOTH JI HYO AND JONG KOOK AS COUPLE AND AS INDIVIDUAL <3 WISH IF THEY REALLY HAVE SWEET RELATIONSHIP THEY WILL MARRIED THIS YEAR... AMIEN p.s. anyway, i really love Jihyo new Movie we can see the swag JH there and my fav scene where i can see JI HYO UNNIE WITH BABY BUMPS!!! so lovely !!!!<3 can't wait to see it for real mihihihihi AND ONCE AGAIN SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH, PLEASE!
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