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  1. Yu sick T__T his work weibo post and said to Fans not to go Huajiao activity (which he won through voting of fans to see Yu in TV) Hope Dayu get well & recover soon. And have a good rest T__T feel very sad seeing him sick : (
  2. Feng JianYu tv premier or can be first launching as my another friend called (it's not tv but the name is Feng JianYu Tv) And just saw this, very happy for Dayu
  3. Happy 2nd anniversary of Tianjin Fanmeeting to our parents QingYu and Family cr. logo & tagged
  4. I see it's okay. I am not in that gc either cuz I don't have money for it (its seems like there are other idol do that too like have gc)
  5. this money dayu will get it since he is the admin (also weibo too cuz it's their system) ... there isn't any mention of charity so I don't think it's for that ...(yet?)
  6. There is a group chat that is created by dayu and dayu's work weibo and they are the admin. u can see dayu's personal live in that gc if u join and dayu also chat in that gc (like answer some question when members of the gc ask at his live). To join that gc u need to pay money 60 yuan/ rmb ( its for 6 months and for next 6 months u need to pay again 60 rmb I mean) and members are limited (like 1,000 can join)
  7. Baba have work account now too like dayu's https://weibo.com/u/6164132981 Baba's work account "A4W事务所" mean "All for Wang firm" only baba know what is real meaning behind this name Lol My friend helped me to understand last part. baba too creative sometimes we can't even know what he means ahahaha (many cpf posting lots of views of their what can baba's names mean)
  8. Recent candy (I don't if u guys know or not but I still want to share cuz it's so sweet ) Baba and dayu went to badminton date lol https://mobile.twitter.com/wangqingdiary/status/931086122976870400 the car baba that baba is in is the same Rover car (3days ago he posted this & showing he went to play badmention) when dayu was wearing pink sweater he had a car rover behind his back... also during ca time we saw this car too and fans said most of the car in ca belonged to baba's family I think Yu went date with baba in rover car twice... (with evidence) first one we saw dayu wearing pink sweater and behind rover car (which belong to baba) Second date is the Presently 3 days ago baba posted that he was in the car (the rover he was inside of) and went to play badminton (with dayu) Cuz the next day dayu posted a vid of him playing badminton Dayu was wearing a pink hoodie while he was playing badminton which he later take off and put in the bench And dayu seems to like pink clothes a lot cuz in both date it's pink clothes ahaha Also it's like QingYu's dating car is Rover lol https://m.weibo.cn/5607826030/4175107930527737 I think it might been given to us intentionally this candy cuz Yu can see baba posted about badminton ytd yet he still posted the badminton vid next day (even thought its same place the badminton court) but I think Yu didn't realize (or thought fan wouldn't) the pink hoodie of his can be seen in the back of baba's post pic lol Also this lol dayu posted same hour as baba's time even thought it's a one day difference between their post it's like Yu intentionally choose the time to post it same hour as baba's lol https://mobile.twitter.com/zuaa_anzuzu/status/931460715034025985
  9. Ytd finally baba came back from his cave lol he have few activities which is good since we will see him more of him : D Ytd baba's photoshoot live http://m.bilibili.com/video/av16167485.html?bsource=weibo
  10. "I want nobody nobody but you I want nobody nobody but you" dayu was doing dance of nobody song by Wonder Girls https://t.co/CdYUbZnhgS?amp=
  11. Hahahaha even the girl animation dayu got tired of it lol he was fine twice or third times but then he kind of have expression that it's too much so he push away girl animation a few times too lol
  12. Dayu's live vid today : ) http://h.huajiao.com/l/index?liveid=170687269&author=144269810&version= I think the conclusion of dayu's live today is that he don't like people kissing him Ahhh this thought did came across my mind that his overreaction for the animation guy kissing him, is dayu worry our baba will get jealous?
  13. Baba went to Malaysia seems like : ) lucky Malaysia fans they can see baba if they want