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  1. @Trisa Branscum I am not sure if u understand Chinese but this was SC leaving post "Joint notice by the three sites @青宇吧官博 @Spicy__Chicken @TheTies_青宇牵绊站 1. Firstly, the three sites apologise disturbing FJY's rest after the event while waiting outdoors quitely for FJY to leave in order to give him the prepared birthday gifts (none of the members of the three sites gave any gifts indoors) 2. While giving the gifts on the night of 27 August, while the three sites were in communication with FJY studio, we were officially informed for the first time that: No birthday gifts would be accepted, and no gifts would be accepted in future as well (everyone, regardless of fandom, be it fan sites or individual fans), at the same time FJY studio suggested that the gifts which had been prepared months in advance be donated to the poor under the artiste's name. However, after discussion, the three sites decided it would not be suitable to donate the gifts to the poor, because the birthday gifts this time were all boughtin advance, according to the artiste's style and size, and these gifts are not suitable and useful to be donated (all sites havee never cut back on the work we do for charity just because we give gifts). As for how these birthday gifts will be handled, we are still deciding. 3. As per the work studio's request, the three sites have decided not to give the artiste gifts anymore, but switch to venue, offline, fan and community service fan support. Also, based on the way that the studio suggested the gifts be handled, us three sites would not encourage everyone to give the artiste any gifts anymore, to preveng causing any inconvenience to artiste and studio; at the same time we hope everyone will focus efforts on community service as we've always done, and do something for society and for those in need; Lastly, we hope everyone will always live with gratitude, and walk with the sun. Qingyu family has always been great, we love this home. The above is all a recount of facts, and anything not in line with it are rumours. @青宇吧官博 @Spicy__Chicken @TheTies_青宇牵绊站 : All the cute girls in our family, we really love all of you, take care of yourselves. Thank you to all qingyu fans for your support and understanding towards spicy chicken in the last 2 years. Goodbye." Translation by Yans (twitter) I hope you see full picture/truth before making your own assumptions and talk about SC like that. I am sure SC have their own reasons why they left but it's definitely not cuz of dayu didn't accept gifts, SC is big CP fansite after 88, they are not someone who will leave just cuz of dayu is not accepting fans gifts and this not first time QingYu refused gifts, Just that it wasn't in bd/bd party before like this time.
  2. Yeah and it's making me angry I tried many times it's not showing up and even posted in another post it's not working, soompi gave me lot of problem recently
  3. Welcome to QingYu family About the above graph means that baba came to online 6 times ytd and dayu came 1 time.... and it's have timing when they came to online, after they post dayu's pics of half naked, baba came to online twice and baba before that came to online 4 times... : )
  4. OMG My dream which I long to see everyday of my life (qy having sex lol) and qy getting marry btw their photoshop is really good https://mobile.twitter.com/maxiuxianQY/status/879730837725495296/photo/1 Cr. QY Family or cr. Tagged
  5. There is seems to be few candies today in dayu's live like the same curtain and same watch (The watch seems to hold lot of special meaning even the price of the watch together and meaning of the watch is really sweet) I heard from my friend Dayu said in live he like LeBron James while baba posted some days ago about liking Jame (i don't think its a coincident) "dayu said he liked James and his character is like James's" that's what my friend mentioned to me but she think its a coincident so we had disagreement kind of lol she mentioned fans didn't ask him about it, dayu himself mentioned about liking James. Btw dayu said this in live "Yuyu: ‘There are many activities that i can get advantages from, but not for you guys. Activities that make fake promotions or need fans to work for are all rejected by me now. Evn though I may offend someone, since most of them are teams in weibo, but you guys love me, so i have to love you guys too. We are always in best relationship.""Yuyu: ‘I love you guys, and i hope you guys can accompany me and walk to the result and target, which we want to have for the end. No matter how long it will take, and no matter what setbacks will appear, the future is still very bright. It's true.’" translation by JustForQY (ig)
  6. Yaaay Congratulations Baba!! You deserve it and his hard work paid off cr. Rainbowkjj2
  7. Translation for Ai Ba song : ) very nice of her : D After I saw Ai Ba (full) and Qing qing de (not full) translation but i think both song lyrics sound like qy relationship but only qy know for sure... [Ai Ba] Please bring the moments blown up by the wind, Hold it in your palms, resist together with me, Old memories cannot be thrown away by the changes in future, Choose either to keep it or hold it, and continue you path *The next place filled with hopes and expectations, (It's)like the ocean, reflecting the heaven in the heart, The same courage and deepness, the same clearness, Not afraid of winds and waves, know how to appeciate different views we are going to face* #We learn how to grow together, We build up our dreams together, and see hopes We sing loudly together, yeahhhh, Sing about my courage, and the far place full of sense of belongings You light me up, make me full of power, Prevail the unknown perplexity in my life, You make me extravagant hopes come true, always be with me Gradually melt others' gazes, don't be afraid, just love# Repeat *## translation by JustForQY (ig) she did translation for 'Sinian You Zhongliang’ (Missing has Weight) also dayu's another song but I didn't ask if I can share in public lol
  8. Other fansite and fans are also sharing Dayu's digtial album too so nice of them : )) http://cdn.youthlighting.cn/product/ganaijiulai_detail_share/id/7f76481f-ec9c-4eef-9192-b028ed8e872a/uuid/87ebeeec-a445-4d86-bcc0-276aa735d05b/itemid/d39623c1-d56f-4892-934a-d228e8714536?t=1 http://cdn.youthlighting.cn/product/ganaijiulai_detail_share/id/7f76481f-ec9c-4eef-9192-b028ed8e872a/uuid/c0a9c8eb-166a-422b-96c7-2f6ae66c06a7/itemid/d39623c1-d56f-4892-934a-d228e8714536?t=1
  9. It's a link shared by spicy chicken, they are sharing the album for those who can't buy or don't have money for to buy dayu's digital album ( after all SC brought a lot of album). For to buy Dayu's digital album, the company give 24 hours which is finish in 2 pm today, some might say why spicy chicken gave link to share the album so early and didn't wait until 2 pm? I think if fans want to buy it, they will even if u give the link early and if they don't want to they won't... I see that way for the reason why spicy chicken share the link early ( might you guys know about the link already, I just got to know awhile ago lol) http://cdn.youthlighting.cn/product/ganaijiulai_detail_share/id/7f76481f-ec9c-4eef-9192-b028ed8e872a/uuid/d7c1362d-c6ab-4870-81c3-9f462d4a97da/itemid/d39623c1-d56f-4892-934a-d228e8714536?t=1
  10. Yes it is, me too I am excited to see him in tv drama so much and I hope he get many scenes ( i did heard he might not have many scenes but we don't know until we see it right?) i love dayu's dancing so much when I see it I feel like fangirl cuz I fangirl inside me so much lol but ofc seeing qingyu dancing together I do much more
  11. @gogole mongol Dayu will realase a mv, not sure which song if it's for new or the one he already released but he said to GT uncle in idol show that it's have dancing so we will get see dayu dance in his new mv I know you like his dancing like me a lot (based on how it sounded like I think he already did the mv but not sure)