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  1. I am soooo happy tbh today i heard /saw few candy (which you guys might had already did, just in case) and something else made me happy
  2. Whatever you feel best Baby Sush if thats what makes you happy most i hope it will work out for you Fighting!!!
  3. Baby Sush if you want to give Baba a letter, I can give to someone when there is next fansign or fanmeeting I already gave mine in last fansign of baba in shanghai but i wrote the letter to both of them, it was just few sentence but it was from my heart. If anyone wants to give a letter to any of them, i will ask them. Fans usually take it if you gave them cuz they know we can't go, which is very nice and sweet of them This time many inter fans went and some people i know also went, they are all so lucky
  4. Yessss brother, Sooo happy for them Happy White Day to you too Brother and Everyone
  5. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay so many news today of QingYu (might you guys already know, just in case) First, baba's food show released ep 1 ( so nice, so happy to see baba and others too like other hosts , ladyboy... i liked the Indian dance ladyboy did and ofc other stuff, i know that song as a Bengali we usually see many Indian movies and stuff, my sister do still after i got to know others stuff that interested me i was in there like anime, manga, other countries drama...and now i finally met QingYu, my true love) Baba sooo cute and funny, during the time when he was going up oh our poor baba hehe sooo cute lol i feel guilty for laughing since he is scared of height but he was just so cute hehe) http://www.iqiyi.com/v_19rragiei0.html yaaaaaaaaay dayu is main lead of a web drama , i am sooo happpppppppy for him, finally he deserve it cr. rainbowkjj2
  6. It's seems I misunderstood what the person said about infinite fight, sorry about that . Someone went missing so I couldn't make sure but I was too excited to wait fandom teach to be patient tbh waiting for Qingyu to see....(also like waiting for the people who left to return...)
  7. Infinite Fight script writer posted dou dou 2 story out /script in public , some are guessing it might means they are gonna shoot Infinite fight 2 soon so the story 2 was posted in public or its something else...
  8. This sooo good full of emotions song, Baba's "I" song (just awhile ago relased in public) https://t.co/Rlbp10tgJN http://weibo.com/p/10151501_100397128 Same thing as dayu's song, just share it 20 times daily in weibo and click the 1 loop that will keep the song on, it will be replying it by its self after that...don't mute the sound in the player, you can mute your device if you want (if the song don't work then just do sharing it 20 times daily) Lyrics of this song Cr. Rainbowkjj2 Yaaaaaaaaay I hope one of them is infinite fight 2 Baba you are the best in my eyes so please don't think you are letting us down
  9. oh right Fresh Asia also started today, it's for dayu's new song ( it was manly way the way he sung it, its so good) just share it 20 times daily in weibo and click the 1 loop that will keep the song on, it will be replying it by its self after that...don't mute the sound in the player, you can mute your device if you want (if the song don't work then just do sharing it 20 times daily) http://weibo.com/p/10151501_100396605
  10. Hello everyone Anyway its important voting time started today,might be you guys already know just in case sharing here cr. Rainbowkjj2 To vote for Vchart award there is two way, one through Chinese phone number (by binding phone number to yyt and oversea number don't work i tried) and another through yyt vip as rainbow post shown. Both dayu and baba in the vchart popularitry award , dayu won't go the award but cpf will vote for both as always Fighhting!!! Link for to vote in Vchart http://vchart.yinyuetai.com/awards2017/wap i voted through Chinese number, i got the number from a kind person and i hope to find another Chinese number so i can vote for both when you click to vote this might be come up this what chrome translation give me I did number one cuz i bind through phone number to vote (only one person i can vote through number) Another voting going one which is for Dayu only, It's also a important vote for him This one easy like eating candy to vote compare to yyt voting Link to vote http://gcgc.cnr.cn/tp/yinyue2017/pc/html/pc.html how to vote? "@all members Daewoo all gold list the most popular new vote Web address: Http://gcgc.cnr.cn/tp/yinyue2017/pc/html/pc.html Web pages do not need to log in, a ip one day vote Mobile phone WeChat public number: MusicRadio Music → Gold Bill Need to log in, after landing into the public one day a vote The voting computer version and WeChat version of the total score. Because the total score, so both sides have to vote up Oh? " so its either through pc or wechat for to vote , if you go to the link , you will have to scroll down and until you see dayu's pic in one vote, then vote it, you will see number goes higher as you click in the vote (which is same in vchart vote too) Fighting everyone!!! hope everyone is doing fine, safe and healthy (sorry if i sound confusing in my explanation of how to vote If anyone need help in how to vote, you can ask me, happy to help)
  11. Baba so handsome, he looked so cool doing fansign standing ( but later he gonna have hard time more than now, leg gonna hurts) love his clothes, baba looked like a prince If anyone want to see baba in fansign during his some of fansign, you can see it here http://startv.yinyuetai.com/living.html?videoId=2156
  12. Baba's song is out sooo happy, His voice sooo good. it went inside my heart deep his voice http://web.kugou.com/su_6mtmx7arsV2.html?id=6mtmx7arsV2
  13. Might be you guys already know, Dayu's make up artist(google trans give me stylist trans) and his bf hehehe so happy for them : D (he is following both baba and dayu, dayu's work, two baby of qingyu, also 11cm too) cr. Anemone922