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  1. Don't worry about it, i found it cute and funny you have such a cute relationship with your sister
  2. yes, its a clip from the new drama. they are filming still (heard before vaguely that it will take one month for filming the drama)
  3. Dayu wrote a letter in magazine for the people who like him (fans) "这是一封冯建宇送给喜欢他的人们的亲笔信,让我们一起走进冯建宇的内心世界吧!原亲笔信图片cr:@时尚COSMO 翻译文稿转载请私信@青宇翻译组 申请授权This is a handwritten letter from Feng Jianyu to the people who like him. Let's take a peek into the heart of Feng Jianyu! Original picture of letter cr: @时尚COSMO Please send a private message to @青宇翻译组 to obtain authorisation before posting the translation anywhere else. 冯建宇からのお手紙ーみんなに伝えたいこと 心話" cr. QingYu Translation Group
  4. Welcome to QingYu family ofc you can call us brothers and sisters since we are family
  5. awww welcome yes i would love it very much if dayu danced more too, i want to see dayu dance so much tbh lol but too bad dayu don't dance that much... hope in the future he do more : D
  6. yes it's true cuz dayu said does he really need to go to stage two times so some fans were little angry at production team cuz dayu didn't prepare anything...and tbh its not a good thing a sudden performance cuz its not about he can do it well or not ,rather forcing something on him but Dayu seems okay doing a surprise performance to me from his expression and behavior which is good ...or else i feel he would refuse it if he really didn't want to do/ refuse more...
  7. I heard from Aili sis that baba said "sorry to us for not sing well" and "he is very nervous". Tbh our Baba improved alot and i am sure he can do better cuz he have that potential. Might be his performance wasn't perfect but it was very touching performance for me T_T
  8. Dayu In Music had great performance. His mic almost fell from his hand but he catch it when he was coming to stage hehe some pics but it's not good quality since i took it with my phone and was watching it in laptop... (dayu is asking the fan are you tired and have charge and memory, and the fans said she have it cover everything...something like that i heard from my friend... it was nice seeing dayu seems in good/okay mood and interacting with fans, this happened in super boy show) Twitter post by @TloveU_JJ He looks having fun here. I am glad to see qingyu seems happy/okay now : D (Btw the MC mentioning wang qing and read somewhere it was related with topic of tallness but not sure how much its true since i wasn't able to get confirm) 3 times they mention baba lol Twitter post by @AlwaysQingYuTH
  9. Baba won 3 award in 2017 Vchart award show "Hot Trend Male Artist of the Year" "Platinum record" or Platinum album for "December" album ( not sure how to call it kind of, all I know it's platinum award for his "December" album lol) Our baba gentleman like always : D "Most Popular Artist" Congratulation Baba!!! I am so happy for our baba and glad to see baba having fun there : )
  10. This (when dayu dances something get turned on in my head which is my fangirl side but ofc nothing can beat my fangirl side for qingyu) Btw dayu didn't know beforehand he had to dance and sing so he was surprised, he did great without any preparation Twitter post by @AlwaysQingYuTH
  11. oh sorry i missed ur post, from what i hear most of the times antis is someone can be either support baba or dayu but hate/dislike another of them (they make one look good while others look bad kind of) and antis can be also someone who hate both of them so they make noise about qingyu (as saying bad stuff about them to make them look bad)
  12. Might be i am late in their eyes topic LOL they both have eyes that gave me different feelings, its hard to describe for me (my poor level of vocabulary) but this fmv really good it's focus on their eyes look kind of cr. Roszer Marchshall
  13. Aaaah miss them a lot They will be fine i am sure, they have each other and we will always be their wings made me emotional cr. QingYu Fans