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  1. I made vid of baba and dayu and qingyu for first time ( don't expect anything lol)
  2. Baba in in-music : D ( baba did good, baba's voice unique makes me want to hear his voice and his music more he looks like having fun and show us so much love ) Dayu : D ( dayu's hair was funny when I saw it first lol he so cute ) Photoshoot ( dayu's sexy stomach hehehe)
  3. Candy (btw ytd baba's flight got delayed 3 hours, poor baba, finally was coming home and he must be so tired) Dayu's song is soo good, i was keep listening in train ( tbh i do prefer Dayu's slow song more, hearing his smooth and beautiful voice slowly i love both ofc ) http://www.miaopai.com/show/sE911Rl~1LKRS8OHPKdbfYuj5KLNp74B.htm (love the fmv)
  4. Happy 2nd Debut Anniversary Baba and Dayu. Wish you all the best Cr. AWANWAN
  5. Yea it's really nice , when I listened in live My heart was like this ( btw this not from album in case if anyone want to know, dayu didn't sing any new songs of his, my friend said this song called Chengdu, it's kind of like folk song. I want to listen it full from dayu's voice so much T_T)
  6. Glad to hear : ) I love this song very much too ,it's a love song ( I wonder for who ; ) hehe let me have dream of qy ) it's really a good song and it's goes very well with dayu's voice i think
  7. “THE IRON FOREST” in English "钢铁森林" in Chinese
  8. No, they don't have any twitter, FB or twitter, they only have weibo official account. Dayu have two weibo account one for work and another one for his personal use, Baba have one only.
  9. No, they don't have anything they are gonna do upcoming so far as we know, we are hoping they do Infinite fight 2 soon but there is no news yet when it will happen. ( i am okay if its end of this year or next year cuz we don't know for sure if qingyu will do any work together after IF 2) I hope dayu have bd party so we can see them together in the bd party this year There is many vids eng sub by QingYu fans channel in youtube, they are our translation group(they have their fb page QingYu Translation Group, they are in weibo too). there is another fb fanpage translate which is QingYu International fanpage (youtube is QingYu International, they are not active in youtube like before sadly, check their vids they translated vids too) i will post some vids randomly if anyone hadn't seen these just in case
  10. Welcome to QingYu family Yes CA s2 was cancelled and it was QingYu decision, we respect that i don't think qingyu will do s2, they have their reasons and Tbh i am glad they didn't cuz many stuff started to happen like many bl drama s2 ban stuff (also,new regulation for bl drama?) it's good that qingyu didn't get involved in this. first, we were hoping for s2 too cuz ca was so good, their acting and chemistry was so good so we understand where are you coming from to see more of qy act together (we love it sooo much) but after hearing many stuff i am glad they didn't do ca2 QingYu are doing good i think now, they are very busy but doing okay : ) Did you watched all the qy fm, interviews, ca bts, their movie Infinite fight ? they have so much candy there
  11. Our adorable Baba and his beautiful smiles Cr. Rainbowkjj2
  12. Dayu's weibo update ( i was confused what he was talking about first since i thought he is talking about he is in state of mind that he don't know who is he and reflecting himself or something ahaha so i asked my friend she was saying "''into the state' kind of means like "get into the mood/the right frame of mind"" of something, basically he is asking who is he ? (to us for us to guess, he might be in character role he is in now)) "#FengJianyu Weibo Update #FengjianyuFridaySymposium I think I'm in the state. Who am I?" Cr. QingYu Translation Group
  13. I agree with you, Baba always had this in him i believe and he always make me proud of him. i am sure in future we will see many things we didn't got opportunity see in both of them and we just got to see it now cuz we didn't get the opportunity to see before i guess our both parents changed but they are also same like u said, like their personality same and as you said their principles and beliefs too. their experiences getting bigger and they are growing maturity more, more to look forward in the future in both of them they both have things that are different from each other and similarities thats what makes them special : )
  14. I am glad for you that you found something that they inspire you, its good being so positive and its great qingyu helps you destress since the most important thing about being a fan is that it's make you happy