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  1. QingYu bar (nickname 88) is QingYu's official fansite or the main fansite of QingYu... They are cp fansite, ship both baba and Yu together and support both Yu and baba. while Yu and baba have invidual fansite like Dayu's one is FengJianYu bar (only support Dayu only )and baba's one WangQing Bar (support baba only ).... basically the fansite have bar usually are official /main fansite of that idol ofc there are others fansites than main fansites I think to explain supertopic will be hard for me haha i will ask my friend In 2017 0203 Yu came to QingYu supertopic (created by qy bar) while usually or always baba and Yu go to their own invidual topic like baba go to wangqing supertopic (wq bar created) to post anything relate to his works or anything they want to while Yu go to fengjianyu supertopic which is created by invidual main fansite fjy bar so if QingYu have any work together they might post under QingYu supertopic or they can decide not to post under any topic too... since long ago qy don't have work together so baba and Yu don't come to qy supertopic. baba and Yu didn't come to qy supertopic for a long time so that's why we are happy baba came to see qy supertopic while last year Yu did. if we fans who are cpf want to post anything related to qy we post under QingYu supertopic or even if it's just related Yu we post there or post in fjy supertopic and individual fans post under invidual idol topic name the rank of supertopic shows how popular Yu or baba are or a cp that people ship is in weibo I don't know if it's makes sense to u what I mean cuz I can't explain these things well : (
  2. Something very happy thing happened ytd in QingYu land ( in USA it's today haha) Baba came to QingYu supertopic Yaaaaaaay All the fans got excited and happy and some did lucky draw even haha our QY supertopic rank went from 28 to 9 rank and old fans come to see too lol My morning was bad with no energy but when I heard baba came to QY supertopic I felt full of energy hahaha The power of QingYu My friend Ane screenshot 88 post a very touching post T__T "Do you guys know what is Qinyu bar mean ? 2017 0203 , 1 year 2 month 21 days ago Dayu went to Qingyu super topic. Then 20180424, 1 year 2 months 21 days after Qing went to Qingyu super topic Can you guys count what day is that?" "2017 0203 , 1 years 2 months 21 days ago, Qingyu's Yu, came to Qingyu super topic. 20180424, 1 years 2 months 21 days after, Qingyu's Qing, Qing came to Qingyu super topic, thus, Qingyu all come to Qingyu super topic. At the moment, I would like to say a lot, but feel that every words is pale, but there is a word that have to say , Qingyu super topic and Qingyu bar will always be your ( Qing and Dayu) and bei bei er ( cpf)' s home, welcome you guys ( Qing and Dayu) and bei bei er back home at anytime." Translation by Tini Me
  3. Not sure if u guys already heard... I founded in YouTube when I searched now... hope this can help : ) Yu will be releasing album so he will release others song slowly I guess
  4. I think it was ytd (?) weibo send notification (which I didn't get) that they will be deleting bl related stuff ... i heard they will start with bl comics... Very sad to hear this I hope they don't delete QingYu supertopic I heard lots of people were angry with it which is ofc understandable why would they be i feel so sad for LGBTQ community Hoping things will get better asap *praying* "# Weibo Community Notice # In order to further create a sunny and harmonious community environment, Weibo strictly complied with the requirements of laws and regulations such as the "Network Security Law" and strictly fulfilled the responsibilities of the company's main body. It is now launching a three-month period of illegal comics, games and related graphics. Concentrated cleanup of short video content. The main targets for this action include: 1. The comics related to yellow, bloody violence, homosexuality, and short video content, such as the content containing the following characteristics: "Corruption, base, beauty, book"; 2. Violent games with violent content (eg: Grand Theft Auto, Mafia, mercenaries) and related short video content; At present, a total of 56,243 related violations have been cleared. Close @ @homeroof18R@Microblogging Most polluted @Reef_Ghost @Uncle @Calcium GTA-6@Grand Theft Auto Wonderful promotion @Grand Theft Auto-GTA-Sin City@Mission Summoned 108 serious offending accounts, such as OnLine@gta, Tianyi, and closed 62 offending topics. Follow-up, the station will continue to publicize the work of the special clean-up operations. Users are welcome to actively report illegal comics, games, and related graphic and text content." I got this from my friend
  5. Yu new song : D (in case u guys didn't hear yet) http://m.kugou.com/share/?chain=199MQ1et6V2&id=199MQ1et6V2
  6. Did your friend saw Yu brother ? I went to wrong place :__: feel so sad that I couldn't meet him
  7. I met yu in airport : D so glad I was able to met him and thanks to my friends help me found out what time his landing possiblily be T T my impression of Yu is tall and very caring : D
  8. I feel he would be happy to know he have fans in New York /USA : ) Yu is invited two of these show... I am thinking of going Thursday : )
  9. Hello everyone sorry I been busy doing voluntary so I didn't visit here much : ( I am not sure if you guys know that dayu going to New York feb 6th for New York fansion week (he stay until 6th-14th) and I live in New York i am planing to see him is anyone here live in New York or in USA and want to meet yu?
  10. Yu sick T__T his work weibo post and said to Fans not to go Huajiao activity (which he won through voting of fans to see Yu in TV) Hope Dayu get well & recover soon. And have a good rest T__T feel very sad seeing him sick : (
  11. Feng JianYu tv premier or can be first launching as my another friend called (it's not tv but the name is Feng JianYu Tv) And just saw this, very happy for Dayu
  12. Happy 2nd anniversary of Tianjin Fanmeeting to our parents QingYu and Family cr. logo & tagged
  13. I see it's okay. I am not in that gc either cuz I don't have money for it (its seems like there are other idol do that too like have gc)