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  1. Hi, all!!! With all the new bts' coming out, and with all the vids and pics showing our BoYoo's reaction toward each other, most specifically BG's towards YJ, it's like a silent confirmation to us that the "something" we are all thinking of is no longer a product of our delusional minds, to quote @lifeisfullofraon, or wishful thinking..they are real!!! And I must honestly admit that shipping them gives me so much joy! Thank you, everyone...I may not be posting as often but I always do the necessary backreads to be in the know of those who just came and those who are being missed. @lifeisfullofraon keep doing what you must..your writing, be it amateurish or Plebeian, of sage or not, has brought so much joy on this thread..we do what we do because we know somehow we mean to touch someone's life..cheers to you! Have a great week, yeorubun!!!and take care, always
  2. @triplemt08 I worked with Koreans for ten years so I am more or less familiar with their culture..I never learned the language, though, but I could understand just about to survive in their jungle anyways, with regards to your question, Koreans never drop honorifics..what changes is their tone in speaking to the person that they would consider very familiar and can treat like family. They are always conscious of the age and position of the people they are talking to..so be it a close friend or a co-worker, you will always hear "yo" at the end of the sentence or the title/position of the name of the person they are addressing to..like, BoGum oppa, Jin Young Hyung, Sooo Bin noona et.al... and "nida" if they are in a formal and unfamiliar setting..the only instances that they "drop" honorifics will vary on the setting or situation and as I mentioned already, how familiar they treat one another..and this is recognized when -I, -ah are added to the name itself. Examples are when BG said Yoo Jung-ie or Yoo Jung-ah, Dong Yeon-i, or in JY's case he calls BG Bo Gum-i or Bo Gum-ah, this denotes a very close relationship like family..like siblings.. And one occasion may come to mind, when BG said that he feels most handsome if he is addressed as BoGum ssi, have you come across that interview? Maybe he was, forgive my delusion, thinking of YJ that time..because she always addressed him as oppa (family/brother) he must have wanted YJ to treat him as a man, thus, BoGum ssi. I hope this explains enough, but I will try to share more next time..for now, ciao!
  3. @lifeisfullofraon this is the first time I've ever read a post that I wish will not end...thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I will not even say it was a good analysis because each point is in fact an honest observation that most of us here have thought on random and would have liked to post here as well..grateful that you beat us all to it BG had been acting like an attached male since the first quarter of MDBC, and every gesture, every act led to onlookers thinking that he is, as my favorite word for now states, attached..and shippers can't be more pleased! And nothing could delight us more because he chooses to feel attached to the girl we want him to be attached to, and that's YJ. I will not write much because your post has said it all for me...I certainly hope that whatever BoYoo is having now will last long, or forever..because every one deserves to be happy.
  4. Looooove this, sistah!!! And may this prove to be true for eternity... Baeksang night left us shippers in wonderment and I'm sure that each and everyone is finding it hard to move on..because I haven't!!! Their pics and vids are too good to simply pass on, too much reality has been revealed..BoYoo be close buddies, or in a special relationship, as I have been mentioning a lot of times, I will believe what I want to, leave me and my delulu alone Fan wars in IG are slowly fizzling out, so I hope we don't get in one on this thread again..this ship has gone through a lot of hurdles but because of the responsibleness of most shippers, peace was generally maintained.. And let's keep it that way..we won't be able to help it if lurkers come and disturb the joy we are having, and new members join without simple knowledge of what joining a forum/ shippers' thread is really like..but let's keep our sensibility so that we will retain the peace. And for the new members who wish to ride with us..please be responsible with every post you make..we may be in delulu land, but we consider this ship a happy home..and we keep the rules here, and we share responsibilities too. Think before you post..every negative or positive post greatly bounces to our BoYoo. Have a great weekend, everyone!!! Keep the love alive for all!! BoYoo is real!!!
  5. @happysloth please allow me to quote this They've almost made the other attendees looked like they were mere strangers pooled in a spot with them being the only two individuals who know each other and totally enjoy each other's company This reminds me of some lines of the song "I only have eyes for you" that goes like.. "You are here, so am I...maybe millions of people go by...but they all disappear from view..cause I only have eyes for you.." And your poem really touched my heart..every line fits. It's sssoooo good to be reading posts from our dear shippers again...I've really missed them! Our couple has cast their magic spell once again that I don't think we would ever want to be out of it..BG has proven time and again how special YJ really is to him and the feeling it gives to onlookers is unexplainably wonderful..and it's equally wonderful that YJ is slowly coming out of her shell when it comes to showing her affection toward him..let's pray that their affection now go a long long way until it matures to something for eternity. I'm suffering from a not-so-bad hangover from these two..and I don't know how many eggnogs and cups of coffee I need to get me out of it
  6. Hi...haven't welcomed you on this thread yet...thanks for your uploads I think this is one of the reasons why BG always sticks close to YJ whenever they get to appear publicly together..we shippers have called it BoGum Wall.. He may not be as touchy as he was during the MDBC presscon but it has taken a different level of activation now..it's more like everyone around them already knows that she's his girl..and their touches are more familiar now, more intimate however simple.. I love your delulu it makes the hair on my nape tingle Keep posting, chinggu!!! We need to let everybody know that our ship is sailing with love and happiness
  7. Our YJ who made heads turn on Baeksang night..her pics and vids will never do justice on how beautiful she really is, inside and out..a beautiful soul who deserves all the love she is getting. Hope to see her in a new project pretty soon.
  8. congratulations, everyone!!!! YOU ALL deserve a very warm and big round of applause for the joint efforts and support to make our BoYoo couple the most popular and No.1 in their respective categories.. and for making our dream come true!! We all know that the ride wasn't easy but because of the unity and shared responsibility, we reached our destination in one piece and with the desired result. Let's be grateful to one another so that we maintain the joy and peace in this ship. now we are eagerly looking forward to the most anticipated BoYoo moments.. CHEERS to ALL!!!!!