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  1. congratulations, everyone!!!! YOU ALL deserve a very warm and big round of applause for the joint efforts and support to make our BoYoo couple the most popular and No.1 in their respective categories.. and for making our dream come true!! We all know that the ride wasn't easy but because of the unity and shared responsibility, we reached our destination in one piece and with the desired result. Let's be grateful to one another so that we maintain the joy and peace in this ship. now we are eagerly looking forward to the most anticipated BoYoo moments.. CHEERS to ALL!!!!!
  2. My exact sentiments, and no offense meant to BG exclusive supporters..with or without the popularity nomination, he will surely be there at Baeksang since he is nominated for an acting award while YJ is not..unless JTBC, i think they are the producers of the event, invites her as presenter which is quite unlikely..and one thing we must really be aware of is that YJ's contenders' supporters might do a massive voting on the last minute as their strategy and because we became complacent, before we knew it, she will be left behind. So like what @liemkopi mentioned, let's be very careful..we all miss BoYoo moments so let's work together to make them happen.
  3. Hi, all!!! I'm a new shipper!!! Hope this will make your hearts flutter like it did mine https://www.soompi.com/2017/04/21/park-hyung-sik-admits-truly-loved-park-bo-young/ Happy shipping everyone!!!
  4. Great going, girl!!! I'm lost for words We shippers are in an ambiguous phase right now..but I will believe what I want to as far as our BoYoo are concerned. Because I believe that great wonders come to those who patiently wait. Like you said... BoYoo forever!!!
  5. @tsarathefirst If I am not mistaken there is another video where BG was seen checking towards the camera first before massaging her. No doubt he was being cautious, watching his moves and watching his words. I've seen this vid several times..yes, you're right..he was being cautious.. He seemed like suddenly becoming aware that there was a cam on them..and he stopped ( he was probably going to give YJ a hug or hold her close ) right on time..good that he looked around before doing what he was about to do thus avoided any misconceptions but sad for us because we would have wanted to see the possibilities anyways, never felt this peaceful with our couple since day one... Happy shipping, everyone!!!
  6. And how I wish he goes back to 2D1N as guest again and have YJ as the surprise guest with neither of them knowing about it...I'd love to see their reactions when faced to each other being caught off guard and all!
  7. Life is like a box full of chocolates, you'll never know what you're gonna get - Forrest Gump Let's hope for the most unexpected, my dear
  8. I missed something???? Hope all's well...
  9. @joyoflife77 thank you sooooo much for a very thorough analysis..again, somebody simply wrote what I would like to explain...be it delusional or not, the facts are there for us shippers..it started with the tweet that made our thoughts reeling and rolling..first time I read it, I knew there's more to it than a simple message to his fans..why ask the fans to come early when the schedule on their tickets is at 4pm? From what i understand venues get opened at a certain time so that crowd management will be efficient. And why tweet with an expectant image and with a single yellow rose at that? It was obvious he was waiting for someone..be it YJ or not, all the details pertaining to her are there. Love BG!!! He always slips @Kissy13 as always, you nailed it, girl!!! Can't have anyone better to read the unreadable @mushforbrains just want to add...yellow symbolizes a love for food..and they are food buddies, after all..they could have gone out to eat after the event, who knows? Have a great week, lovelies!
  10. I have a feeling that she was there...*BoYoo mode* thus, his tweet about coming an hour early...Korean audience is much much different compared to other Asian crowd..if you noticed, no implications on his personal life was made except that of his friendship with KDY and how their bromance started..did the MC ever ask him in such a way that BG might insinuate something the way he did on his previous FMs? ( any info will be appreciated as with regards his responses on the favorite scenes segment ) the audience wasn't encouraging any references to his relationship with YJ, right? Did he even make high-five's with the fans? That fans could have a chance to tell him what they did on his past FMs? That's what i found disappointing, i guess..there was a lack of warmth in this FM..so back to the shippers' issue, there can never be platonic relationships with Koreans..it's either you're friends or lovers..be discreet or go public..that's the only rule they abide in..now which one could our couple be? Enjoy the remains of the weekend, everyone!
  11. Don't apologize... We're all on the same ship with the same thoughts and dreams
  12. @parmma BOYOO mode... Hmmmm, I think I like that much better than "delulu mode* Thank you for sharing all the amazing posts, lovelies!!! Have a wonderful Bogummy day, everyone
  13. His right arm is where it should be where else do you think? Something to keep our imagination going and our delusion active!
  14. Hi, all!!! Do you have any news about who will be BG's special guest on his Seoul FM? That's something to look forward to.. I'm discounting YJ's appearance since we don't have any idea what's going on with her and Sidus, if that's even something to think about but good thing she gave us updates yesterday..it's nice to know she's willing to share her happiness again with her active posting. Take care, lovelies!!!
  15. @peachlover777 -opportunity to do time travel, she chose 2016 (mc reacted what, so close as in to 2017?) YJ said because she has many fond and happy memory in 2016 I think we all know why!!! Aside from MDBC memories, i.e., friends and experiences, 2016 had been a very good year for her career..she garnered awards here and there that established her firmly as an actress, and her visibility definitely increased due to endorsements and CFs which made the public's purchasing power steady that benefits their economy. And I just need to write this because it's bubbling over...there's Jeoha in 2016!!! And there's AAA, MNET and BoYoo up to now! And @peachlover777 why, oh, why leave a hanging question like that???