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  1. lynne22

    Add and Subtract Game

    368 @Lmangla I don’t think I know any calming drama hehhehe... don’t dramas always have their ups and downs? So, Can I suggest a song instead? Pinnochio by Roy Kim an OST for Pinnochio. I love this song for its soft melody and the beautiful lyrics. So it does give a calming and peacefull effect for me. @Sejabin
  2. lynne22

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  3. @UnniSarah Understand your feeling.... me too...
  4. lynne22

    Add and Subtract Game

  5. @angelangie It's 将夜 - Jiang Ye... It has a realistic happy ending in my opinion hehe.... @rhaps No, I didn't happen in the book Anyway, Btw, Song Yi Ren as Sang Sang also cute and adorable... her acting is really fluid.... I like her a lot. She does feel like a child of 13-14 yo. @sonicwave
  6. lynne22

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    412 Ok,,, time out.. my lunch break is over.. see you guys later..
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    416 @dotonly
  8. @angelangie LoL..... I can only watch 1 drama at a time.. This is a decent adaptation,, better than other cultivation book to drama adaptation that has came out in recent years.... The source material, Jiang Ye won award when it came out in 2011. It's that good! So far with changes here and there, the story still kept the heart of the source material so I think this is still a decent and acceptable adaptation. @sonicwave I think the violence in the drama and how ruthless NQ can kill is toned down. My guess is there's a regulation/limitation about the it.... for me I just have to accept it... haha.. even if I wish I can see it on camera. I think Chen Fei Yu can act the ruthless and cold part. @rhaps Yeah, I think the Emperor is older. So.... ehhh..... another sweet spoiler that seems to be not shown in that super sweet video in page 6..
  9. lynne22

    Add and Subtract Game

    @angelangie thank you for sharing your positive tought with us.... I wholeheartedly agree with your outlook in life... For me, it is the same... Live is already hard enough, so rather than being sad it's better if we see the positive side and always try to be more accepting toward whatever may come. CORRECTION! -420-
  10. @UnniSarah @stella77 about ep 12 special @angelangie
  11. lynne22

    Add and Subtract Game

    426 @angelangie I've just read your story.... Sending you big hugs... It must have been hard for you back then. @Sejabin I hope with time, it can lessen the trauma... it must have been hard for you now... maybe take everything a step at a time can help.... Do what you need to do to grieve – we'll be here to listen. @USAFarmgirl hehe.. I haven't started yet... December.. I promise..
  12. lynne22

    Add and Subtract Game

    76 This is a family drama? LoL.. 100 episode... let's see if I can watch it in December. This one should be good for marathon hahahaha.... I feel like we exercise our brain more than we exercise our body. @USAFarmgirl You always say it the best. This is true..
  13. @rhaps No problem. The comments in viki is my fav too..haha..
  14. @rhaps @UnniSarah Yeah, the way I see it, the emperor is a good guy.. I kinda feel for him with how frustrated he seems to be with everything. I wasn't really sure about Leon Lai's Emperor when I first saw him, but now, I think he did a good job in portraying the emperor's nuances. Anyway.... there's actually a running gag in how much the emperor loves to scold people as IDIOT/ Fool just like NQ hahahaa...
  15. lynne22

    Add and Subtract Game

    86 @angelangie I'll check out the drama you recommend later