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  1. lynne22

    Add and Subtract Game

    @dotonly Just be yourself... It's OK @triplem
  2. lynne22

    True or False.

    True The next person is sleepy
  3. lynne22

    Add and Subtract Game

    852 @triplem Happy Mid autumn Festival guys.... I just had a few piece of moon cake last night... with its egg yolk filling... haha.. cholesterol galore.... Anyway... I've been loving the snow skin moon cake variety too. It's quite good, eventho sometimes it taste more like a traditional mochi for me haha..
  4. lynne22

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Primadonna Girl, by Marina Diamandis.. acoustic version. I saw some tweets for this song in twitter last night.... LOL.. so here I am listening to this song again... My story about this song is the first time I heard this song was when I was watching Michele Phan Zombie Barbie transformation for Halloween wayyy back in the 2012... Hahahaha... Imagine watching a barbie slowly transforming into a zombie and while a song talking about girls wanting to have the world was blasting softly in the background... Link The lyrics and her voice is really unique to me that it made google up the singer. Remembering its 2018 now, I got to say this song aged really well... Because even if we shouldn't be selfish, who doesn't want to be selfish once in a while right?
  5. lynne22

    Add and Subtract Game

    774 I want to sleeppp..... been drinking cofee nonstop today LoL.... 1.5 hour till its time to go hommeeeeeeeee.........
  6. lynne22

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    One of my fav song from HSALF... Sa Sa Ding's opera voice really delivers...And in my opinion the lyric composer is very smart.. where in every verse depicts the lead's character arc in the story.... The Lyrics's meaning can be read here. https://dorayakiz.wordpress.com/2018/04/21/ending-ost-for-heavy-sweetness-ash-like-frost/ Currently I'm re-watching the drama again in 1080 pixel and viki sub... and wow! it gives me a different experience for sure..
  7. lynne22

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    So Darren Criss (the lead singer for this song) won an Emmy.... Wohoooo!!!!!!
  8. lynne22

    Add and Subtract Game

    -2 @triplem 100 Days prince does look good. I'm looking forward to watch it once it's over. Anyway... let's give a round of applause to this content creator below.The use of Kuch Kuch Hotta Hai theme song in this scene is so on point....
  9. lynne22

    Add and Subtract Game

    @mouse007 Ashes of love have a happy ending... and it wasn't rushed for me.. it's good. There's a closure for the characters good or bad. The story started out pure and sweet.. but there's a lot of intrigue and sinister plot unbeknownst to the leads that caused heartbreak and misunderstanding in the latter episodes. The angst is 10000x more painful because their beginning is such a sweet journey... Still, for me the pain is worth it. Overall, It's good eventho there are filler love story for a side character in the middle of the drama. At least its for a likable character... LOL. 698
  10. @enigmatic_zephy You can read them here:
  11. lynne22

    Add and Subtract Game

    706 @stroppyse glad to hear your legs are fine now.... LOL... ---------------------------------- So Marvel drop a trailer today for Captain Marvel... and its good... it builds up my expectation nicely. I like the transition of word from "HER" into "A HERO" Funny thing is... I can't help to think of dragon ball reference here somehow... because : - The villain, Skrulls looks like Picollo - AND........ Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel totally transform into SUPER SAIYAN at the end of the trailer.. and no one can tell me otherwise.
  12. lynne22

    Add and Subtract Game

    686 @CamelKnight