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  1. 此生惟你 - In this life, there is only you catch me crying all weekend for this doomed couple...
  2. Ahhh.. Thanks @epinklyn for all the stills.... I gotta say... xiao fei yu needs a better stylist ... lols... And yesss.. I love his voice..
  3. Here's the new MV, sing by Ju Jingyi of the iconic OST 千年等一回 from 1992 White Snake Legend I know they are playing on the nostalgia.. but I hope this drama will be a good one. I like the casts.
  4. @epinklyn I hope that rumor is true... hehehe.. August seems like a good time, hopefully after Novoland
  5. 662 Good Morning... lols.... I'm on #AvengersEndgame high... hahaha.... I've been talking to my friends to have a meet up and watch it together "Whatever It takes" There was a mishap in the marketing.. where they forgot to put Danai's name in the poster.. and then people as usualll went ranting about it... I think this is not intentional... its just a mistake...eitherway..I'm glad they fix it. Anyway... here's a little humor from twitter that I saw today... "Good, you finally shaved your beard" "This phone can't use internet, and only have one game in it" Tagging @kokodus @phikyl lols... Btw @phikyl so have you watch C.Marvel yet?
  6. This is a gorgeous banner I'm just passing by to share the famous KISS BTS gifs... lols.... I haven't find the video yet.. lets hope we'll find it soon... Seriously tho...... I was a little upset with the editing of this scene.... because they should have let it be a long continuous scene instead they move towards 17 and QQX's scene... lols.. Now, let me step back and re-look the gifs another million times... @angelangie @staygold
  7. Me too... hahahaahaha................ 540 Good Morning guys!
  8. Just want to add that while I don't think the long hair suits Mark Chao,,, but I still think the wig is amazingly beautiful.. hahahaha... I haven't seen any actors top his Pantene Commercial
  9. Not that I want to curse them or anything.. but I bet that they won't even last for 2 years 934
  10. Buahahahahaahahahaahhaahah I pick twooo.... Xu Feng and Ye Hua,,,, because... dudeeeeee... how am I suppose to choose? Xu Feng on his demon costume and high ponytail is the definition of While Ye Hua, just capture you with his long and luscious hair hahahaha... Tagging @UnniSarah and @USAFarmgirl to vote too!
  11. Talking about viki, I think there is a translator team standing by there right now, but Viki has not respond the license request yet... https://www.viki.com/tv/36409c-the-legends?locale=en Here is the viki request page in case anyone wants to make one: https://vikiinc.wufoo.com/forms/title-request-form/ Not gonna lie... I make it every single day.. IMO chances are quite high for this show to be picked, but... but.. it could be after its done airing... I've seen other shows getting this treatment... such as Fighter of destiny... and even yanxi... my conspiracy theory that I made is that viki don't want conflicting viewers between the current aired show in their Chanel.. booo.... Still, I appreciate PP for her effort in subbing The Legend.. she's always been an angel. Anyway... just want to add my 2 cents... Its fine if we have different taste...to be honest.. I don't have issues with GMP haha.... the comments in weibo are super cute by saying that "while GMP, breaks their heart, Zhao Yao became their balm for their wound" These two Li boys continue to have my heart... Li cheng yin and Xiao Feng's doomed romance makes me hurt... while Li Chen lan and Zhao Yao's new found love makes my heart full with happiness. @DontEatMyKimchi Thanks
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