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  1. awww... this picture is so cool... But then, he just had to go on being adorably shy.... hahaha... I just had to make a gif of his shyness at the airport... Ahhh I see.. Thanks
  2. @epinklyn Its Ok.... haha.. he's heading back to US right?
  3. lynne22

    Add and Subtract Game

    @dotonly Yesss!!!! @Sejabin Hahahaha...... 448
  4. lynne22

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    @pad-hari welcome Mostly we just post whatever song we want here hahahaha.... and maybe trash ranted about drama OST I watched (I'm super guilty for doing this here ) ----
  5. lynne22

    Add and Subtract Game

    460 @sushilicious does it taste good?
  6. And how many smh @UnniSarah wrote @angelangie ? hahhahaa... I admit there's a lot of time I agree and want to shake my head too... especially in the eskimo hut when they were teased by that boy about getting married... *facepalm* @UnniSarah I'm just teasing you... haha..
  7. lynne22

    Add and Subtract Game

    @Sejabin Your friends are right haha... About Park shin hye, tbh I never notice her mouth ... She's a good actress eventho she's not a good kisser on screen hahaha... 462
  8. @epinklyn Judging from the scarf he's wearing.. Yeah, I think he's going back to school now.. He went to Tabor Academy If I'm not mistaken... Best of luck for him then....
  9. lynne22

    Add and Subtract Game

  10. During re-watch now, I'll fast forwarded MSS scenes starting from Ep. 41 I'm mostly fine with the wasteland arc for the most part.. To me, NQ acted as he usually are with her in the wasteland.. He's shameless and practical... while its a normal thing for NQ, I think that made MSS confused and flustered with his attitude. Some like saying "he'll hide behind her forever he he had too" when facing LQ, it's a normal and practical thing for him.. but it confused her... LoL. He still misses Sang Sang a whole lot...
  11. lynne22

    right now I am...

    Downloading Dragon ball brolly
  12. lynne22

    Webnovel Discussion: Ever Night (Yoda Version)

    He does like to foreshadow the future lol, he did the same thing in Ze tian Ji.
  13. Hahahaaha.. very true... NQ and YS felt more like a father son relationship in the latter episodes.. and I love it....
  14. lynne22

    Add and Subtract Game

  15. lynne22

    Add and Subtract Game

    @bairama I'm between these two emoji hahaha... MOA was a bust, but I'll say.... the acting there was really good!! Sec seo's death still makes me sad! 462