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  1. Waiting so long to see this photo . We should have group hug. Hee Heee . So happy to see like this . It makes my day. Happyyyyyyyy
  2. Wow . Thank you so much for updating . I really enjoy your fanfic . it was so natural and I can feel our couple's behaviour . please make more more chapters , Writer nim please.
  3. I just finished rewatching their script reading again . I found that the moment when the director asked if they have know each other before. When our Soobin answer I saw that her hand was touched to YSH. Am I seeing wrong ? If they are not so close , will CSB touch like this ? When YSH was greeting to other actor , his smile gaze is somewhere else .... to our CSB ? ???
  4. Love your fanfic . I even thought you are one of the crew INAR . haha I can't wait to read next chapter. While waiting , repeat reading previous chapter again make my day. Thanks unnie .
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