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  1. Friend watch episode 13, but skip the last part. There are a lot of good scenes in epi 13.
  2. @bubblechoco you know what, a part of me wants to see KJH try to disappear from everyone. Like resigning and not leave a trace (for a while). And when SH finds out about it from Ms. Kim, she’ll worry so much that she can no longer function anymore with her work and daily life now that she realizes the effect it has on JH. I want her to go out of her way to look for him and worry. And when they see each other, JH will try to retaliate and tell her he accepts everything. Then SH will take her words back and tell him she cannot live without him. Then they kiss and make up. I am a sucker for can’t-live-without-you kind of love.
  3. That long hair from the photoshoot really suits him, unlike the one in Cuba. In Cuba his hair wasn’t that appealing nor does it help in building chemistry with our female lead. His hair in Sokcho was the best, neat and professional-looking. His other hairstyles will do but not the one in Cuba. Was really relieved that in episode 2 they already cut it short. Speaking of episode 2, that’s the episode where he looked so boyish but appealing. Maybe he had enough rest before shooting that episode. 8 hours to go til epi 15.
  4. Will it be world war 3 if they give us a sad ending? My faith in kdrama relies on this one lol! Whaaaaa counting the hours...
  5. omg she must've seen him breaking down on the street. if so, she might change her mind right way if she sees him wallowing in pain.
  6. On the scene where she’s drunk and force-feeding him the carrot. I heard something like: “uri jinhyuk shi ahhhhh (feeding him the carrot) “uri soohyun shi...” something like that.. is that a term of endearment?
  7. Shucks I’m dreading to watch tomorrow’s episode. But I can’t wait. I love CSH’s style on her second time in Cuba, where she’s wearing white top. Her no-make-up-look makes her glow even more. Her natural beauty is really something else. Especially when they were kissing and she opened her eyes, what a beauty. Her look on those scenes is so refreshing. So light that you will not think that she’s a CEO. In those times, she’s not carrying the loads of stress in Korea, she is merely KJH’s girlfriend. Happy ending please... this is my way of consoling myself. Lol
  8. @stardustvoid Too bad there were no scenes while they were preparing the food. It must've been great to see them so sweet while JH chopping all the vegetables and ingredients while SH is cooking.. then she'll let him taste it if it's good enough. back hugs her while she's cooking. Yikes!!!! During the sofa scene, while her head is on his lap, how I wish he planted kisses on her face and told her how amazing and beautiful she is. This scenes are so subtle and beautiful as it is, but the romantic and aggressive side of me wants more lol. SOrry!
  9. I'm also wondering about that chingu. I mean, he must have suffered a lot to maintain his self control especially whenever they're alone in her apartment. Do you honestly think they don't make out when they have all the privacy? lol his respect for her is over the top! I wonder if SH really wants him to practice self-control all the time. Yikes! Sorry about this, I just have to help myself with all these depressing thoughts. Especially some are discussing about depression and suicide. I still want to believe that in every predicament and trial they encounter, the forces just bring them closer together. Happy ending it is.
  10. Im tired of feeling down. Gotta get myself some ice cream. I’ll spare my tears and emotions for wednesday. Guys, what is the probability that this could have a sad ending? I am quite sure that we will be given a happy ending. Why? Because it wouldn’t make sense otherwise. The only thing that keeps me calm right now is the thought that all of these will lead to a happy and blissful ending. If they filmed in Cuba for a month, there must be more scenes to be shown in that setting. If I were KJH, as soon as I get hold of CSH again, I will marry her right there and then so no one can ever come between us. Lol! Now that I saw the preview, I’ve come to hate his mother more. Everything’s so messed up bec of her meddling. Oh well, we just have to wait for everything to be resolved.
  11. Yeah, it seems like he has an elastic bandage on his left hand, not sure though. Maybe he felt so frustrated so he displaced his emotions by hitting the wall??? If ever, I hope SH realizes how miserable he is without her and eventually change her mind and give in.
  12. I have higher respect for PBG now. I watched this mainly bec of SHK. Never thought that it would be this good. The story is good, best cinematography, the flow of the story is seamless, the humor, the chemistry and the awesome acting. I have nothing but praises for this drama. I am thankful to have exchanged insights with you, my virtual friends. I am so sentimental right now.
  13. If Im not mistaken, that's just a snapshot from his CF. I think he's a CEO in that commercial. Nevermind maybe I'm wrong.