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  1. @SailBeneteau Hello. I haven't watched this drama yet but was checking to see the comments about it. I am very interested in what you wrote here especially #3. 3) what can HaoLan's life show or teach people of today about life's purpose, etc. And, in addition, what can the other main characters (YiRen and LBW) tell everyone about life and its journey... Would you mind summarizing in your own words what you learned from this show? I am curious to hear about it. Thank you in advance
  2. There are 3 elderly ladies who are my favorites. They enlightened us with knowledge and insight full of kindness and love. 1. Ming Lan's Grandma, Madame Sheng 2. GTY's Nanny Chang 3. Madame Kong, the imperial tutor brought in to instruct the Sheng sisters in feminine graces and imperial court manners
  3. I too love the relationship that Ming Lan has with her female relatives, friends, and maids. They are there for each other in good times and bad. Zhang Guifen, General Shen's wife, impressed me with her loyalty and friendship to Ming Lan. She not only had her beauty and elegant manner, but also intelligence. When GTY was put in prison and Ming Lan wanted to visit him, General Shen even discouraged Ming Lan that it was no way to get the visitation granted. However, Madame Zhang went into the palace and had Ming Lan disguise as one of her maids and allowed Ming Lan to meet with the empress and finally visit GTY in prison.
  4. Ming Lan, dressed in her full title attire as the wife of Marquis Gu, went to strike the drum requesting the audience with the emperor. I like her hair piece and clothes. They made her look powerful. Too bad, her effort went in vain...
  5. This is Ms. Wei who makes Ming Lan burn with jealousy though it is all misunderstanding Well, there are reasons for Ming Lan to be upset when this Ms. Wei is not only pretty but also smart. She is also good at listening and that is why men like to go to her. GTY and his gang must be very comfortable with her enough to use her room for strategic planning.
  6. Every teardrop, every hardship, every pain... are all challenges for Ming Lan to fight and overcome so that at the other end of the tunnel, she will come out stronger and stronger so that she can use the strength to protect those dear to her.
  7. Yes, rice can grow indoor well as long as the water, temperature, and fertilizer, all relevant ingredients are controlled. As a hobby, I plant rice in flower pots in my bathroom and in planters in my backyard to enjoy the green and golden colors. The seeds collected at harvest are then put into the next pots. I guess the Emperor is planting rice in the palace because he thinks about his hometown agriculture and wants to remind himself of his background. If I remember correctly, he did not wish to sit on the throne from the beginning.
  8. Never seen any husband who is so gleeful that his wife is jealous! In general cases, they are irritated, upset, guilty, or some kind of negative attitude. This Marquis Gu is having such a great time, so much enjoying, and looking forward to his wife's being green with anger from jealousy! I'd say he is not quite normal
  9. Yes, there are so many thankful events happening to Ming Lan although her life has always been in the war zones with one crisis after another. She has all these blessings and many helps from people around her such as QH, whose heart was broken, yet still comes to her rescue; people who she sincerely helps and protects such as Madame Zhang; all her maids; and everyone else who is around her or somehow connected to her; and of course, her grandma and her dear husband. "Live your life in such a way that if someone spoke badly of you, no one would believe it. " And may I add, " Instead, they would come to be on your side."
  10. I am dumbfounded by Aunt Kang's laying guilt on her mother, the old Madame Wang, for the failure of her own marriage and trying to pressure her mother into helping her because she might be divorced by her husband and her son would get misfortune if her crime got spread out. Why would her failed marriage life have anything to do with getting away with murder? Regardless, a crime especially of murder in this case must be handled in a justified manner. I just can't believe that she expected to get away with it not to mention that this was a severe crime against the elder old Madame Sheng, the only daughter of Marquis of Yongyi. Moreover, old Madame Wang and her son argued so much trying to help the criminal Aunt Kang, but both uttered no sound to a very simple question, " How many lives have died in the hands of Mrs. Kang ( Aunt Kang )?" I am very proud of Changbai. He handled the case with justification, not only toward his Aunt, but also toward his own mother.
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