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  1. Maybe this big size Shirt is trend in south korea..or maybe just Between SMA and LJH only http://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/280351/20170301/lee-dong-gun-jo-yoon-hee-dating-ex-girlfriend-jiyeon-is-still-not-over-laurel-tree-tailors-actor.htm So,there is a hope for SMA and LJH too
  2. Seems like Mina who is more in love with "you know who". She send food truck,answering question about him.support him by watching his drama. But what he do?? Its Lee Je Hoon who show his admiration for SMA, and what LJH doing to her is like what real boyfriend is. Be it for fans service or not,i believe that LJH sincere about his feeling. Its good to live with someone that you love,but would 2x good if you live with someone that loves you because he wouldn't hurt you ((Sorry iam being emo....))
  3. Shin Mina x J' estina http://m.entertain.naver.com/now/read?oid=023&aid=0003273837
  4. @Reyko bottom pic. LJH right hands is in the RIGHT place And Mina looks sooo beautiful
  5. her outfit seems like what she's wearing on canon cf. With woody too. Cuteee Cr.on pic
  6. SMA going to NY for practicing dancing if iam not mistaken (she said this on strong heart) but Gong Hyo Jin Join with her too and GHJ asked SMA for girls night out (clubing) but SMA had cold so they just end up at hotel. This interview during promoting Sister On the Road.but i cant find the video now
  7. @Cherrine Kim totally agree with you. If she consider younger man,well LJH also younger than her right? About 3 month
  8. But why i fell like it is always SMA. Giving food truck. Giving comment about him. Whatching his drama. But why KWB play dumb when asked about her?like he not gratefull to have SMA.
  9. Lets wait untill KWB going for military service. And I hope Mina and Jehoon still working togerher untill that time so they will become closer and closer to each other
  10. Aww that stare of LJH. Like he want to kiss SMA right that MoMent
  11. And will airing in malaysia this april.base on wikipedia
  12. Shin Mina ELLE interview https://thesunnytown.wordpress.com/2017/04/08/april-2017-elle-shin-min-ah-more-than-beauty-interview/
  13. Is there any other actresses who doing kissing scene on their cf? I only whatcing everything about SMA,be it movies,dramas,or cf. She doing kissing scene with won bin for maxim top coffee.then with sojisub for giordano.and now with Leejehoon for canon.
  14. LJH : we are good friend right? (Smile) SMA : (nodded) (smile) And then He make an eye contact again while smiling Me : what ??? Are you two hidding something??