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  1. it’s our guys’ turn! Always texting someone and we kinda happy with the connection
  2. Our girl has gone and returned from Taiwan! I am sure she had a wonderful time! Tiffany is a company that defines class and elegance so I am glad that she is their muse!
  3. Happy Valentine Day to all us changminers and to our couple
  4. Happy Valentine’s Day to all! https://www.instagram.com/p/Bt3ByOPhK0B/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=dwon2qhoyj45 https://www.instagram.com/p/Btvrn10Bd87/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=6wx7v7cu2guz
  5. Revisiting these scenes as we move closer to valentine 2019
  6. Guess who is back to work after a great vacation and wonderful weekend with friends! Who also was around this weekend! This great guy, who’s working while serving! Happy to be your fan!
  7. It was great to the read the account of these changminers! The caliber of our soldier fans! I am great company! We’ll let him enjoy his reunion and Healer anniversary with friends
  8. Our soldier has been apparently around for some few days now! We all hope you have been having fun with your loved ones!
  9. Our couple can’t get enough of them! Waiting patiently!
  10. Exactly 2 years ago! memories of 2 years ago that worth revisiting! We know that there is no way someone would shun a support from a colleague, so why would JCW too pictures with others and not our girl?! Suspicious right? That’s what we thought especially since both said they wouldn’t be caught with a significant other before marriage in public! Also that statement post of our before a concert! Those are things that happened outside of the drama! We support both of them regardless of who they eventually end up with! Let’s wait for the new drama! Happy Lunar Year again to all!
  11. New Lunar Year greetings from our couple!
  12. In between cooking and cleaning! Sunday morning getting ready for church and super bowl! I found this fan art! I am happy even if my team doesn’t win today, I am happy wish this was real
  13. we trust and love you both! We believe in both of you and waiting!
  14. Missing them and waiting with them!
  15. Hoping to see more of his siting in the next few weeks! Lucky fan!
  16. I love this side by side creation too! Memories of our couple! It’s great to reminisce since we are on the countdown to our guy return and our girl’s new drama! I am going to give my best shot today! School has been canceled 3 days in a row! I get to go in whenever I am ready so I have some time to play around on this forum! it’s been like on vacation just like our girl, but I have to plan makeup for my students!
  17. memories of a time in the past, still the feels! Our OTP know how to have fun! Just like our girl on vacation right now in Hawaii enjoying and resting for a full vigor before her next project!
  18. youngatheart

    Park Min Young 박민영

    Gorgeous girl
  19. our OTP! Some asked why I am still here on this ship? I really didn’t want to answer, but if they may know, it’s a matter of integrity! Until they both declare they are dating someone else, this ship sails! All shippers are the same, no one on this forum knows them personally or have a way to tell what they are thinking so each ship should just focus on their ship instead of comparing chemistry with their new costars. The gravity of what some people alluded to is really gravitating towards unprofessionalism of their OTP, but still we on this ship do not want a fan war. We have stayed focus on our OTP! We’ll continue to support them individually and share fan arts of them! Shipping is supposed to be fun and a distraction from one’s lucrative career! I am happy with whoever they both decide for in the future, but meanwhile changminer forever!
  20. our couple loving life! Both takes great vacation! Person that works hard has to have wonderful vacations! That’s like me! (I travel each time there’s a school break) Taking time to smell the roses is what life is about! Have fun dear!
  21. Our busy and successful girl! Great work! Can’t wait to see the season two of Busted!
  22. In support of our girl’s new drama, I am posting this IG from a chingus and also to realize that there’s a connection to our soldier, a bonus! Can’t wait for this drama