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  1. What can I say about this girl PMY! She is classy and a good bet for investors! She has been really committed to this drama WWWSK. She was professional through out, I have no complaints and I am sure other networks are watching. Please send more great drama our girl’s way! I believe she will filming Netflix Busted soon! Another news on the pipeline, our actor/soldier’s Chineze drama Mr. Right will be released soon! Happy changminers and happy weekend. Can’t wait to see him on the screen, it’s been too long. Miss him!
  2. One of those days that you woke up and was pleasantly surprised. Changminers forever #rabbitlovesbunny
  3. While waiting for our girl to finish her wonderful project, the WWWSK, I found these posts! Lovely right, I am loving everything about her new drama, but I still believe in changmin until they decide otherwise. #rabbitlovesbunny and waiting for the news.
  4. I just had to post this one from our couple number one fan. Happy birthday again
  5. Wow it’s been over a month since I posted here! That was due to a personal tragedy! I have mourned like a Christian mother. Our couple has been so busy and great things are happening in their lives, I couldn’t be happier. I am a proud fan! Our girl’s worth in her chosen career has been validated and so also our soldier, he has been selected amongst many. I am very happy for both of them, the fact that both give so much efforts to making their career worthwhile is applauded. We support all your endeavors and it’s July 5 in Korea now, I want to wish our captain, the soldier man, a wonderful birthday and a glorious year ahead. I am going to start to post everyday now as my time permits. Changminers forever Still waiting for the announcement and rabbitlovesbunny
  6. Our glowing girl, evidence of happiness, love
  7. Our cute, charming girl! So lovely and such a joy to watch
  8. It’s hot in here! #rabbitlovesbunny
  9. How can you not love someone like PMY she is lovely,
  10. Love these posts by our dearest chingus on instagram #changminersforever #rabbitlovesbunny
  11. I love that PMY, our girl is brave, smart, hardworking and humble. All the haters can just be ignored because they don’t deserve our comments. She will continue to demonstrate excellence in all she does and I her loyal fan salute her and post this IG that she post boldly to promote her new drama. Nothing is stopping our girl!
  12. Yes she lost weight @Malala RakotonirinaShe mentioned it in one of her interviews recently. She goes to the gym now to the point that she said she’s become addicted to her training. She must have said that in jest though or to enfancised the fact that she’s preparing hard for her new drama What’s wrong with Secretary Kim. I am sure JCW can’t keep away, remember how he showed just a day before premiere of BustedNeflix?! He looked so happy during that break and we know PMY too glows now. She said she now puts more priorities on work than her relationship which tells me that, there is a relationship right?! She has to put her efforts more on her work now because her significant other is away. Lol woke ke up to this video by changminers’ most supportive chingus our girl is so lovely and happy, she has the looks of a girl in love.