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  1. Thanks for making a post on this ship! Regardless of what you have read from other threads or some news without evidence, and like @OksanaSsaid PMY and JCW are still single. I will not try to discredit any ship because that’s not what is going to make this ship real. We are here to have fun because we ship because of what we saw In Healer as others saw in the other dramas, they ship too. Having several ships for them actually is a testament of their great acting skills. If you are swayed by others then you are free to leave this ship and after all, we are talking about two different people and they decide and announce when they are ready! Meanwhile, let’s have fun!
  2. Really cute and hilarious gif! Miss our couple so much! Have a great week
  3. Great bod girl! You can give any idol run for their money! We love that both of you always give your best in everything! We are your proud fans.
  4. Love this find, both of them are cute
  5. our girl is having fun! We should all do the same! Happy Monday, weekend was great! This ship sails by itself, don’t need to convince anyone until our OTP says otherwise #stayonyourownlane! If you left this ship refrain from mentioning it or comparing this ship with others. We respectfully decline fan wars.
  6. how can we not love you two! So talented and generous! We will wait for the announcement!
  7. I hope our soldier gets to see this video
  8. Another perspective! Uhmn! Whatever happens we are ready! Real fans love till the end and as promised on this ship, till they both announce they are with each other or someone else.
  9. It’s the Debut anniversary proper from this side of the world. This is a ship after all, so let’s have fun! Happy debut anniversary our captain again!
  10. youngatheart

    Park Min Young 박민영

    I thought I read somewhere that it has not been decided if LKS is coming back or not. I hope he still film with them as his time permits him.
  11. I finally have time to post something here. RL has been busy and also first day of working week too! Wow! The letter to us your fans is really appreciated PMY! Why we remain at your side has been proven over and over again. Having watched snippets of your fan meeting, I know I will remain your loyal fan. You are very generous and genuine with everything you have. Looking forward to seeing season 2 of busted! Our captain JCW, happy anniversary, we are waiting for you too! Stay healthy both of you as you wait for each other!
  12. Wows saw all the posting and activities on instagram and Twitter! Congratulations on your first fan meeting! I am happy that you showcased your last drama and also tried to placate those fans who were offended that you didn’t go to receive the APAN award! You can now put that to rest! Nice touch with the singing! Love that you made your dog, Leon your special guest. It just shows your devotion side. We love you here and we continue to support you, our idol. We will wait for your new drama in the coming spring or summer! Get a good rest in between taping for the busted 2.
  13. Love you girl and congratulations dear have fun with your fans! Wish I can be there but accept kisses from the USA and your other fans from all over the world! We love you and always will support you our angel