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  1. Our girl posting, promising to do better! Wow girl you were awesome and it just proves what we knew about you, hardworking and humble! The grace you need God will grant you because that’s His promise to grant and lift up the humble! Looking forward to Japan fan meeting!
  2. Yes save all your for him! Love the lyrics of the songs! Yeah she confirmed for the next drama! All our support for you girl!
  3. great job girl! You were awesome! You prepared well and thanks to your fans in Taiwan and all over the world! Love you always and will always support you! Spring?! You said, we look forward to it with you!
  4. youngatheart

    Park Min Young 박민영

    Our girl, beautiful and elegant as always! Love love!
  5. Our girl post! We are excited for you too
  6. This dress reminds me of the asymmetrical dress she wore at Healer press conference.
  7. Our gorgeous and elegant girl And doing what she loves
  8. WOW! Made me miss them more! Is great to know this ost is still favorite of many!
  9. Just seeing these, being busy at work! Our girl looks lovely and elegant as usual i can’t leave this one out too! Great work chingus
  10. https://youtu.be/EnJkDn0yF0M what a fantastic video of our changmin on YouTube by our chingus @labyrinth525 it’s worth watching and this compilation makes me miss them more! #waitingforJCW
  11. love this! Our OTP and counting down to return from service for our soldier has begun! WOW I am amazed at how time flew by! Can’t wait dear
  12. A good day to share this, and concur the caption on this IG post thanks to my lovely chingus
  13. Reminiscing about our OTP ! Happy shipping