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  1. I agree with the new buzzword going around “timing is everything” good things always come at the right time! Let’s wait for it!
  2. I have really missed the forum and our couple. RL has been wonderful! I found this gif while waiting for a flight! Good one! love it! Thanks to chingus on IG for keeping the fire of our couple burning. #waitingtilltheanouncement.
  3. Our girl’s accomplishments need to be applauded and I join her in raising the glass to cheer what she was able to do. From another person that loves to travel and visit various places of history. She just demonstrated how cultured, classy, and how her horizon is widened! Just love you PMY and I know she’s going to be a great mom someday!
  4. I am shipping happily because I am happy and marrying off a daughter is really exciting! I wish happiness for our couple! I want to reminisce, I will probably post more in a few days before my fun RL catches up with me in the next few weeks! Let’s be happy! We know everything that would be would be! Waiting till the announcement
  5. Despite my busy RL I found this again and had to post! Missing our couple! I have to be faithful till the end! Let’s hang in there, changminers forever!
  6. Miss our soldier! RL! Patiently waiting
  7. It’s great to see her out smiling like herself! The distractors cannot win over this girl! God will NOT allow it! Their intentions have been thwarted, thanks to all your loving fans from around the world and in your country. You have a great family too that supports you dearly and that is what our girl strong and courageous! Love surrounds you, keep doing what you do best, smiling!
  8. It has been interesting past 24-48 hours, but our girl is strong! So many things to say, but no need for them! Hang in there our dearest PMY and keep doing what you do best smiling! https://www.instagram.com/mrandmrshealer1
  9. Thanks for a great work PMY! Like we always say here until either of you announce for someone else this changminer is solidly behind you both. We can’t be in the kitchen and be afraid of smoke, otherwise don’t ship! Looking forward to another wonderful work from both of you! Always support you!
  10. Full support dearest, we are always on your side! Looking forward to the last two episodes. You have done so well
  11. What can I say about this girl PMY! She is classy and a good bet for investors! She has been really committed to this drama WWWSK. She was professional through out, I have no complaints and I am sure other networks are watching. Please send more great drama our girl’s way! I believe she will filming Netflix Busted soon! Another news on the pipeline, our actor/soldier’s Chineze drama Mr. Right will be released soon! Happy changminers and happy weekend. Can’t wait to see him on the screen, it’s been too long. Miss him!
  12. One of those days that you woke up and was pleasantly surprised. Changminers forever #rabbitlovesbunny
  13. While waiting for our girl to finish her wonderful project, the WWWSK, I found these posts! Lovely right, I am loving everything about her new drama, but I still believe in changmin until they decide otherwise. #rabbitlovesbunny and waiting for the news.
  14. I just had to post this one from our couple number one fan. Happy birthday again