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  1. You know what I think I mentally prepared myself that this drama would have flashback from prob the very first/second episode. I doubted myself a lot cause being Song Jae Jung writer's follower I assumed she would use a lot of flashbacks in her scripts just like W. But gotta say, its not as annoying cause they have a flow to the story. But now.... I will even tolerate it in ep 15 just when it gets to ep 16 JW better not struggle as much lol
  2. Not sure if There is anyone else here watching Running Man... they were using MOA edits and some concept on their episode today while playing games like “quest” and the pop up CG messages lol
  3. Kk guys last post for now so promise.. I really hope I am wrong. guys what if like some of us still think JW is still stuck in the game and is still the biggest threat to NPCs??? And prof Cha ID is not deleted cause of an error so he ends up wanting to kill or get rid of JW?? i mean at this point idk where we are gonna end up with next week lol
  4. I know right?? Like one is a total b**** and one is so weak she committed survive... like I get it she has been through a lot but still I thought that was a weak decision o her end
  5. @Kasmic time for you to do another poll lol... will Prof cha keep being an evil person to JW or not
  6. Okay guys we got more than a hug and what an episode .... but now watching the preview poor JW he can’y Seem to take a break... at least his friend is on his side while Prof Cha is being a brat
  7. So I am not really good at following the form lol but I realized some people were wondering what happened today. so I haven’t watched the episode on Netflix yet but if someone can confirm my theory that’ll be great. So At the beginning I am sure JW mentions that he thinks all this started cause of Emma.. because how she saw SeJu getting hurt and she was playing MOA. So connect rain and the song, that’s where the game went wrong and emotions were put in. So so here we go, my theory and explanation; rain is a resemblance of think of it at Emma’s tears. So in the game JW kills Hyeon-seok with vengeful feelings, not just for the sake of playing the game. Now recall how Marco stabbed SeJu... again, vengeful feelings but that’s where it started. So basically Emma idk what kind of NPC SeJu creates caused the glitch to happen in the first place. So whenever MOA plays and rain starts and Zombie Cha appears that’s explains it all. And that’s why Emma is the key for all this to stop idk if I’m making sense now and if someone already mentioned this theory LOL
  8. @Kasmic they never requested an ally but what happened once that NPC came JW told HJ that’s it’s dangerous and he told her to log out and only log back in again to meet only Emma
  9. My thoughts for the past 10 minutes guys has been I wanna punch Yu-Ra in the face ...
  10. Lol so just finished watching today episode and guys I am fed up... I need tomorrow to come ASAP
  11. Guys does anyone have live stream links? i usually watch it on Netflix but I wanna watch it live tomorrow