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  1. Yes! I asssume it's should be a cool brand befitting HSJ. And in here we can see Yoo Ah IN's errr very errr posterior. @enigmatic_zephy, hee, I was referring to 2017 version. This 2017 version is abit redundant/ abrupt, except that we get to see the full expanse of Yoo Ah In's errrr posterior.
  2. Apologies, does anyone know the brand of the bike the OTP were riding in episode 10? I think they used black tape to cover part of the brand, maybe the bike comapny didn't pay any PPL fee. But got me even more curious.
  3. If I were the virginal YM in a faraway resort destination, just lost it in a car with a hunky bellboy, I would have ran too. I would think the he took it as a one night stand too. Would you, @ate ?
  4. I first noticed Sung Hoon in Oh My Venus, where his physiques is even better than the sexy So Ji Sub. Then I started watching this drama after being enticed by the car scene clips. Haha. Is this drama partly produced by a China or Taiwan company? The styling, deco and directing seems a bit of Chinese/Taiwanese drama, instead of Korean. Even the humour is no typically Korean drama type. Hhhmmm... Am I the only one to find the wrist grabbing, pulling to chest and shoving to wall too excessive? You don't have to show physical attraction so literally. A 'vein pasta' will do. Anyways, will continue to watch because the lead actress is a gem.
  5. Thanks you @supergal99 for the full clip. It would be more perfect if Sung Hoon bent down to pick up her shoe. Initially he did bend a bit but changed his mind halfway. Hhhmmm... sorry but if it was Park Bo Gum, he would have bent down and helped her wear the shoe. Cos I've seen him tie a reporter's shoe lace!
  6. Ooh, did she really nearly trip? Do you have the full clip . Whoa swooning!
  7. Just marathoned 6 episodes of this awesome drama. Does anyone know what did SJ Father see under the table?
  8. Then, I would prefer a peck on the lips or even cheek. Much sweeter and more natural. No? Hhhmmm, just like the first kiss by Sung Hoon in Five is Enough. (Confession, after watching the epic car scene in the other drama, i googled Sung Hoon's kisses). Sorry, of topic.
  9. "Take out that grim reaper outfit". That's what I wished for while watching Goblin too! Heee...
  10. Whoa! Love love love how eloquently you describe the scene. Thank you for putting the most perfect scene into words. i specially love the pauses. Both actors executed the pauses without looking stiff. I have to mention the much anticipated piano kiss in SWDBS. The pause was so awkward and disjointed. Frankly, other than the car scene, the actors are a tad stiff, editing choppy.
  11. So glad YN didn't join the mt.
  12. Good PPL considering the amount of running they have been doing. I get exhausted watching them run to each other.
  13. I have a question, the scene in ep 9, HG walked into the pub, Shi Hyun on stage alone with guitar. HG said' I feel the same way as you. There is this person for whom I am not good enough. I just wanted to pretend that's. It the case.' Who is HG referring to? CY?