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  1. WT is Colour blind? That's his big secret?! Wow, and HJ was so sharp that she planted a green charger , then told WT it's red. The scene at the laundromat with JC and HJ's mom, had me converted to a Lee Jong Suk fan. . I got to admit, I have been avoiding all his drama because I can't stand his nose. He should demand a refund from his plastic surgeon. Or he should call Park Min Young's surgeon. Almost gave this drama a miss because of him. I am shallow, I know.
  2. I thought the scene was just an excuse for Wonderbra pp.
  3. To use homosexuality as a plot twist would be daring and refreshing. But to be used as the main lead and main plot would be too heavy and definitely rating suicide. I remember a well written drama 'Beautiful Mind', badly accepted by the netizen due to the 'psycopath' theme. In WYWS, if WT really turns out to be gay I'll just remember him to be one of the dragon dreamster who happens to be gay.
  4. I think there are 2 criterias to be infected with the premonition dreams - to be saved by a dreamster AND to (romantically) love the saviour. I acknowledge there are many types of love. Why JC has premonition dreams only now? 13 years ago, he thought HJ was a boy. And he started to have the dreams only after meeting HJ as a woman. That's why, the junior cop and barista didn't get infected. But I can't help to mention that since WT infected by JC, it means WT is ... (don't bash me please). To me, WYWS is already an excellent drama, by having a gay as one of the lead just makes the drama more exceptional. A gay presented as a hot droolworthy person, not as a freak. Side-track a bit, if I remember correctly, Lee Jung Suk ever acted as a gay musician, no?
  5. Rewatched ep 1 to see WT's funeral scene. Other than WT's mother there were 2 men standing there but can't tell who they were. If WT is the younger brother, then the junior cop could one of the man at the funeral. And the cable buy is the other man. Hee... I sort of want to believe WT's claim that he is the ONLY third generation son. But why is his fridge empty then? Because his family disowned him for being gay. Things need not be too complicated to be layered and interesting. Thus, I love the artistry of this drama's writer and director in story telling.
  6. WT not changing the lock code just shows that the cable guy was not kicked out forcefully. After all, they are still friends on social media. WT not afraid of him when he appeared in his room also means that cable guy was not a violent man. Maybe, WT cut short his stay at HJ's house because he saw the news about cable guy being the suspect. To me, the most telling is when WT cried as he watches cable guy being picked up by the police.
  7. I have the same thought too. The service man could be his ex-lover and WT could be having a crush on JC not HJ. So, WT was not lying when HJ's mom asked WT "Do you like someone?", "Is it HJ?"
  8. Yes! I asssume it's should be a cool brand befitting HSJ. And in here we can see Yoo Ah IN's errr very errr posterior. @enigmatic_zephy, hee, I was referring to 2017 version. This 2017 version is abit redundant/ abrupt, except that we get to see the full expanse of Yoo Ah In's errrr posterior.
  9. Apologies, does anyone know the brand of the bike the OTP were riding in episode 10? I think they used black tape to cover part of the brand, maybe the bike comapny didn't pay any PPL fee. But got me even more curious.
  10. If I were the virginal YM in a faraway resort destination, just lost it in a car with a hunky bellboy, I would have ran too. I would think the he took it as a one night stand too. Would you, @ate ?
  11. I first noticed Sung Hoon in Oh My Venus, where his physiques is even better than the sexy So Ji Sub. Then I started watching this drama after being enticed by the car scene clips. Haha. Is this drama partly produced by a China or Taiwan company? The styling, deco and directing seems a bit of Chinese/Taiwanese drama, instead of Korean. Even the humour is no typically Korean drama type. Hhhmmm... Am I the only one to find the wrist grabbing, pulling to chest and shoving to wall too excessive? You don't have to show physical attraction so literally. A 'vein pasta' will do. Anyways, will continue to watch because the lead actress is a gem.