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  1. If GTY fell in love with ML first and ML reciprocated his feelings, then I don't see why not QH wouldn't help him. Until you're in that person's shoes, I say don't be so haste to judge. IMO, nobody is at fault here, be it GTY or QH, just different circumstances.
  2. Yes, you remember correctly.
  3. @penelop3All your statements above...
  4. I saw somebody on viki get confused over the world setting, so I thought it might be useful to explain this and help others better understand the story. Think of this whole world as Middle Ages Europe, all the states believe in the heavenly god (Tang, Yan, Nanjing, etc.). Xiling is like Vatican, which is powerful in all the other states except Tang. So I guess that makes Tang England here. Tang's Nanmeng (South Gate) is a sect of Xiling, but only has a loose connection. Its leader only follows the order of Tang emperor. The emperors of Tang don't respect Xiling much. Within Xiling there are three departments, each has a different function: mandate, judgement, light (devine faith, prophecy). Its three departments are secretly fighting each other to gain control. Xiling wants to undermine Tang, and sends spies in South Gate and all the states. Tang also has spies in Xiling. FYI, the Tang kingdom in this story is fictional, not the Tang dynasty in Chinese history. I hope that explains a few things.
  5. @lynne22Yea, I understand the tone down, and I'm mostly ok with it. But the fisrt revenge killing is just too stupid for words, especially if you compare it with the book. @rhaps
  6. I think in the earlier eps, his acting is a bit lacking and awkward, but from eps 9-10 onward, his acting greatly improved. Most series shot out of order, so I don't know the reason for it. It was just my two cents. I had more problems with LQ and most of the Xiling characters' acting (except WGM, YHY, Chen Lixue). Sometimes it's really bad. The initial low score was also partly due to the awkward Xiling scenes that weren't in the novel, and the plot change of NQ's first revenge assassination.
  7. I think you're right in number 2.
  8. Ning Que can't cultivate because most people simply can't. In this world, most people's points are sealed, thus only few become masters. He's really just an ordinary guy besides his strong will. As for unblocking his points or not , just wait for ep 15.