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  1. Hey guys im back after xxx days of work + school and man, I've got so many pages to catch up here already! >o< yesterday was the last day for his fm and man, it was awesome. The taiwanese fanclub really did and prepared alot for him, even placards, fanchant and all. He was really touched and he even cried on stage <3... Lulu was a good host, although I heard she went off script sometimes. However, there was one fan who spoiled his mood (and ours). Thankfully the situation was managed well and he ended up being so touched by the fans there. Oh well, as the saying went, oppa brought us together. I went to his sg fanmeet alone but I ended up getting to know awesome people like u all on soompi, @Ida_Dosh and @winterdew afterwards. This is my first fanmeet and will always be etched in my memory forever. Looking forward to his next project!
  2. Hi guys I am new to this thread and I am also a fan of DOTS. When I watched DOTS, I felt their chemistry is thru the roof! And when I heard yesterday morning that our song song coupke is gonna get married, I am so so so so happy for them even though I am more of a Jongjoo couple and Puppy couple shipper. Hence I would like to congratulate them from the bottom of my heart! Trust me, all of us in the other couple shipper threads are so happy for them n u guys and are congratulating our song song couple too! It wasnt an easy journey for them I know, esp when they are a celebrity couple and Dispatch even caught them in Bali and Japan and such, but they made it through! I am so happy for all of u and for them too!
  3. Hello guys I am back! Good to see this thread alive... and YES! When my bff texted me the link from koreaboo about song song couple's marriage announcement in the morning, I am as excited and happy for them as u guys! I have watched DOTS and their chemistry was amazing. But, at the same time I was also thinking, when is our puppy couple ship gonna sail too? What about our puppy or park park couple? Oh my delulu!! I am hoping to hear such an announcement one day!!
  4. I am one of those international fans waiting for Jongjoo couple's dating news too! So when I heard of Song Song couple news this morn, I was also thinking of our Jong Joo couple too!
  5. Hello guys I was just as happy as u all when my bff texted me in the morning with the link from Koreaboo that Song Song Couple is finally official and getting married. My heart was so happy to hear that news! Well I dont really follow them and all, but I have watched their drama DOTS and I found that they have an amazing chemistry too. I wasnt surprised too, esp when Dispatch has begun sharing photos and evidences of their dating rumours even in Bali last month or so. While I am happy for them, I am also thinking about our #honeycouple aka our #jongjoo couple. Bcos while watching W2 worlds, I can also feel that love between the 2 characters.I am hoping that our Honey couple aka Jong Joo couple ship sails too!
  6. Ahaha yes! Song song couple is now official, so now I am also waiting for chuyan couple to get married!
  7. Yea, I am also supporting him all the way. He needs all our support man. Thaks for the explanation, @willenette ! Oh what show are u referring to, regarding the eps?
  8. I am not surprised that DM is willing to kill his own family, even his own flesh and blood son and his granddaughter. Basically he is willing to kill anyone who betrays pyunsoohwe group. That is how evil his character is. LS is pushing them into a corner so that he can become the real king! As I have said before, his greed has taken over his sanity and now he wants to be a real king and his own master, so thats why he has to get rid of DM as well (rmb the fact that DM wanted to dethrone him?). He went to that extent to get rid of CP cos to him, CP is a threat to his position right now and so he has to get rid of that threat so that he wont have anyone wanting to get the throne from him. Dont worry, our CP aka king is and will always be smart! We can trust him to win this battle even.
  9. well, its a horror but that may happen. However, few minutes later, she might see him alive and be relieved.
  10. Good day, Chingus aka monarchs! Wow, I've just logged in after last night to find that this thread has already jumped by more than 6 pages! Its good to see this thread alive and I believe that in no time, this thread will even reach 500 pages. I would like to also thank all the fellow monarchs here for the photos and updates of our king, queen and the other characters. It is good to see them enjoying themselves last night post filming. As I had guessed, KSH had to leave early cos of her young age (though I still can't match her age according to all the characters and roles she had played in the past and current). I believe that once she is of legal age to drink, she would be hanging out with them and drinking happily. On a side note, I have finally caught up with Ep 32 and I am also waiting in anticipation for tomorrow just like everyone here. I agree with u guys that LS is already beyond hope. His greed, evil intentions, and his hot temper have led him to become who he is in the show of late. Like some of u also said, he has already become a master of his own, with people who fear him. Other than his poppy drug addiction like what some of u have mentioned earlier, I think the major contribution to his evil-ness is his hot temper. Don't u all think so? In fact, it was a problem for him ever since the first ep. Other than that, I also felt that it was his own insecurity and low self-esteem that also contributed to his evil character, like what @kaoiharang said. I also agree with @Kaoriharang and @Sakura2016 that yes, LS still has good inside of him, but it is bcos of all these and also his desire for GE that makes him want the throne, I believe. Totally agree with @Sakura2016 when she said that what LS failed to see is that GE loves CP for who he is and not his title whatsoever. He thinks that by holding this title as a king, he can have her heart. No, LS. Love doesn't work that way. It never does. Yes, as a king he has the authority and power to "force" GE to be with him, but her heart will never be with him in this way. Well, regarding the good nature he has in him, I hope and pray that in the next few episodes, or last few, CP will help him or he himself will "wake up" from his evilness and return back to being the good person that he once was. I am thinking along the same line as all of u that LS never really did hate CP, its just all these including his greed for power that is making him do such evil things. Regarding CP, based on his kind persona that we all know he is, I believe that he will forgive LS or even QD in the last 1 or 2 episodes (based on my experience after watching many kdramas). However, like what @Sakura2016 says, LS BETTER BE WORTHY OF OR AT LEAST TREASURE THE MERCY BESTOWED UPON HIM AND NOT BETRAY OUR KING EVER AGAIN if CP really forgives him. As I expected, our king is immune to even 3 pills of poison and will resurrect (like what happened in ep 1 when he is a baby) (and he is also our lead character so he cannot die early or now).I believe CP will still punish those who did him wrong according to the law (as our king, he should still have some laws to follow and be law-abiding) but he might maybe give them a more wise/ light punishment based on his persona. Come on, they all do deserve some form of punishment at least for all the wrongdoings that they have done to him. I also guess that he may even kill DM with his own hands soon (maybe even in tomorrow's episode) and I am wishing for that to happen like ASAP though there is a chance that it may not happen in the next ep. But first, he needs to save the children from the poppy field before showing himself as alive to the others. I am also hoping in the next few eps that we will see more of his fight to ascend to the throne. It wrecks my nerves to see DM forcing our king aka CP to join pyunsoohwe group and leaving him with no choice but to join the group. I SIMPLY CANNOT WAIT to see pyunsoohwe demolished and DM, dead. As for GE, yes her character may be a lil annoying, but now that she sees that CP isn't at fault for killing her dad, she may now also wake up or even understand the reason why he is forced to join pyunsoohwe group. She might even become the queen in the next few eps, who knows. Yes, she is a daughter of a "traitor", but yet, she does have a queen's mindset. She has a heart for the people, is also smart and we all know that she loves the king. On the other hand, HG. I am rooting for her to have her own love story. She is a woman who sacrifices for love and she has also done so much, more than GE in my opinion for our king aka CP to even betray her own grandfather, leave pyunsoohwe group and even rejoin and lead tat group for his own sake. She is also a smart woman, and a capable leader. However, in her own love for CP, she might even go the extreme, like even killing others for his sake. This, I do not agree with. Therefore, I hope she doesn't become queen, unless she herself changes. I feel very sad for her though. She has put so much effort into loving someone but it is a one-sided love. One-sided loves are very hard though. I do hope that she will find a guy or at least Gon, who will love and treasure her bcos she truly deserves to be loved, esp after seeing the lengths and effort she will put in for the guy she loves. All in all, I hope for a happy ending for our leads! Thank u for your time in reading my super long essay and train of thoughts. Have a good day everyone!
  11. Thank u so much!! and thanks for the war welcome too. Appreciate it much! Omg, they really look so lovely and kiddy even when sharing a snack <3
  12. Wow they even have a fanclub website for him in jp. And I used google translate for ur above link and this is what they said: "Interview report" Lee · Dong Wook, I am deeply moved by the generous affection for fans! "2017 LEE DONG WOOK ASIA TOUR in JAPAN 4 (for) My Dear" held An interview report actor 2017.07.03 2017 LEE DONG WOOK ASIA TOUR in JAPAN 4 (for) My Dear ", actor Lee Dong Wook, held at the Nerima Cultural Center in Tokyo, Friday 30 June 2017. In the drama "Ogre · Tokkebi" that has brought great reactions both inside and outside of Korea, he plays the role of a god of death to declare people to death, leaving a strong impression on the viewer's heart so that the nickname "Chosun-yi (That's life)" is named Lee Dong Wook. Lee Dong-wook, who came to Japan for the first time in about a year as part of the Asia Tour starting from April, will visit Tokyo on June 30 (Friday) at the Nerima Cultural Center in Tokyo "2017 LEE DONG WOOK ASIA TOUR in JAPAN 4 (For) My Dear ", and set up a place to interact with fans. When the event starts from the opening image as if reminiscent of the opening of the drama, Yi · Dong Wook suddenly appeared from behind the audience! Boost the venue with a surprise production and warm up the fans. When praising coordination of the Pink Panther's T-shirt from the MC on a white striped suit, "I like Pink Panther" confession. When it is said to the MC "It was good information", he said, "Please do not send everything Pink Panther's stuffed animal, because I'm not saying that I am not old enough to play with a stuffed animal (lol)" seriously When answering to the venue and inviting the laughter of the venue, MC also raises from the beginning with a talk of exhilaration saying "Do you understand? Everyone? I do not accept stuffed animals". Asia tour around Singapore and Taiwan "We are going around a lot to think that I do not have to do a tour anymore ... I am joking, it is a joke! By the way (towards the interpreter) I was fine "Lee Dong-wook, who is too freely as"? "From MC," Follow us like this because we will progress at the pace of Dong-uk, please follow me (laugh) "and invited us to laugh.(Continued on Page 2) Note that I can't find the link for their Page 2.
  13. Yeah lets all wait for updates! Since we were'nt there. But I would like to thank everyone for the photos and videos too! Love seeing him in all the photos and especially his new ad. I also believe that KES and wookie are close in some terms that he would even invite her to be his guest for his fm. I agree. For me, it started with My Girl with no destination. Yeah I saw iton his v-live just now too and i was concerned too cos it looked red. I wonder what is his v live about too.
  14. hello chingu! I feel u. I also have a few pages to catch up!! Lets keep this thread alive for oppa ya...