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  1. @razledgoose @mirela @BlueJays180 @willowmyst Agree with all of u. Their managers deserve some personal space too, therefore as fans we should respect them as well. Lets keep our puppy couple related comments here and not on their igs. #teampuppycouple -Cheers.
  2. Really? omg I should go check it out!
  3. @michy18This was how my ex always looks at me last time, so i can instantly feel their chemistry & phs feelings of love towards pby when I see him looking at her this way.
  4. yup yup... love always requires the right timing. @willowmyst 고맙워요,친구야.... (thanks, friend!)
  5. Hi everyone, I am new to this thread here as I have just finished watching episode 19 of Scarlet Heart Ryeo. I hope this thread is still active ?? hahah. Now let me begin by saying that I loved the original chinese version, that is why when I first heard that Korea is gonna remake their own version, I'm like \^o^/ . Being an avid kdrama fan, how can I not watch it right? After hearing so many reviews about it (and many dramas later), I finally started to watch it. Man, I liked how they showed us all the good looking shirtless hunks as princes in their first few scenes. I also liked how ALL the actresses and actors (even the villains) looked so pretty and handsome, notwithstanding the fact that most of the princes are male leads in their own different (and popular) dramas. IU is a really good actress and I cried with her when her friend Wang Eun (played by Baekhyun) died in front of her. Though I have already watched the chinese version and hence, already know the ending, I still feel that this version is unique and it stirred up an interest in me to actually go and read up on Korean history and Goryeo dynasty. I was in disbelief that these characters really existed in reality (but thousands of years ago) and I would really want to know how these actual kings and princes and kings looked like (but I guess we won't ever have the opportunity unless our bodies expire (touch wood)). Though the content is different (this version is based on Korean history while the chinese one is based on chinese history, duh) and the storyline is the same, its the content and characters that made it stand out to me. I honestly wish for a happy ending for our Wang So and Hae Soo, so that is why I am hoping for this drama to have a season 2 as well, just like the chinese version did. Meanwhile, in Singapore, Mediacorp Channel U is currently broadcasting this drama on weekdays at 10 pm! They are currently at the episode where the queen and Yeon Hwa plotted to use Hae Soo to serve the poisoned tea to the crown prince, Wang Mu. For those of u like me who are in Singapore, u can tune into Channel U on weekdays at 10 pm to watch!
  6. Same, I wish to see them together too! Oh Lord please let them date at the right timing.... Do u all have any idea when is his fanmeet?
  7. Wow this girl is so lucky! Welcome to Soompi (and this thread) @parkx2shipper ! Yes I did watch that video and their chemistry was the bomb indeed! I guess we are all hoping for them to be together lol...
  8. @noname111 I feel u girl. My shiftwork is as &*%$#^ as urs too. ^^ That is why I was unable to come on here for the past few days recently. Nevertheless, I still love your games (always) and stuff that u post here for us to interact! Here are my answers: -Can u spot the similarities?- 1. His juicy pouty lips. 2. His fair skin (& good complexion!) 3. His eyes. 4. Striped tops 5. His hairstyle!!!
  9. Hi everyone, I'm back once again after x number of days due to work shifts and all and wow, there is already so many pages for me to read up and catch up on! Always so exciting to see this thread so active and how we are all bonded here over our beloved oppa! Aww, I wished that I had an older brother like him! <3
  10. I think he really loves the vermicelli. It has also been mentioned in his interview with Taiwanese media during his recent trip to Taiwan too.