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  1. Slyfindor

    [Drama 2018] Lawless Lawyer 무법 변호사

    Finally caught up with the first 2 episodes with subs, phew, better late than never. I think it's a perfect drama to hook onto after some emotionally draining drama like My Ajusshi. It's just the right balance of everything; humor, law, thrill, romance and an apt emotional quotient and I guess that's why the drama intrigues me, coz it's offering me all those genres on a single platter. Lee Jun Ki Is absolutely love, there isn't even an ounce of doubt about that. And I can totally see why LJK is the perfect person for the role, he plays the sauve, witty kind just perfect, also his actions always looks slick and classy. I'm also living Seo Ye Ji in this role, it's a refreshing change from her last drama. Plus it's always a welcome to have a heroine cussing and bossing around.. Am so waiting for the next episodes now...
  2. Slyfindor

    [Drama 2018] My Mister, 나의 아저씨

    Caught up with the live recap and Their love is so so different any than conventions, different yet not unpleasant or unfathomable. The relationship they shared through the 14-15 episodes could be undefinable, abstruse but not the love they had for each other. And that's why probably the open ending was the best case scenario to go with for this situation. And I think this situation aptly shows the beauty of an open end, like for me their smiles at the end signified HOPE for happiness and a better tomorrow very possibly TOGETHER, whereas many perceive those smiles to be the bittersweet kind of love where the two people who love each other but know can't possibly be a part of each other's future, whereas for some it may mean something else for others. I love how the writers had laid the groundwork for such kind of an ending, the opinions, perceptions for the drama has always been divided, the ending was woven such that People are free to use their imagination and give them an end they feel the best, either happy, sad or bittersweet. The finale totally had me. We aren't even halfway through the year yet but I'm gonna declare it My Best drama of the year. Definitely one of my top favorite.
  3. Slyfindor

    [Drama 2018] My Mister, 나의 아저씨

    Hello people, I've never commented on this thread but have been watching the drama right since it started airing.. It's hit me right in the gut from the first episode itself, in the first ep the scene where JA starts packing food for herself from the leftovers sealed the deal for me, it prepared me for a ride that would atleast be realistic, If not anything else. I lovedthe tone of episodes as they passed by, bleak and dark in the start, hopeful as we approached the end. Will it be an overexaggeration if I say that the drama is a true Masterpiece, because I fully mean it... Damn, it leaves me numb sometimes and sometimes overwhelmed with conflicting, unclear emotions.. Very very few dramas touch your heart, this was THAT drama for me. There are quite a few dramas that are my absolute favorites, but even amongst those dramas MA has a special place. The effect it had on me was something I haven't experienced much before, it's supposedly a non romantic drama but it brought Me more flutters than a drama filled with romance, it's not exactly a melodrama but it made me cry more than most Melo ever have, JA-DH weren't supposed to be an "OTP", but it still made me (crazily) root for them, it wasn't a thriller genre, but it had me to the edge of my seat for all 16 eps, JA-DH had almost zilch skinship or any form of explicit expression about their love for each other yet they made me fangirl them to the fullest....!! IU was phenomenal and I don't think I even need to write about have fantastically brilliant Lee Seon Kyun was in the drama. Kudos to the whole cast and crew for crafting such a brilliant piece of work.. <3
  4. Slyfindor

    [Drama 2018] Lawless Lawyer 무법 변호사

    Sorry for a small rant, I'm waiting quite (im)patiently for the subs.. I firmly believe that Netflix should honestly just keep away from Korean Dramas, the way Netflix intends to deliver and the way Kdrama audience consumes the content is quite different, more often than not they end up hampering the watching experience of the audience who watch the drama as it airs. Plus Netflix being more resourceful than Viki/Dramafever ends up taking rights for the biggest /most hyped or awaited dramas, thus disappointing a larger audience. Netflix already has a much larger audience at dispose, they honestly I feel should just focus on them, and leave the niche market of Korean entertainment alone.. With Netflix in the game, it feels like we've gone 10 years backwards, to a time We would wait weeks for subs...!!!
  5. Slyfindor

    [Drama 2018] Lawless Lawyer 무법 변호사

    So it is the D-day finally, Lee Joon Gi plus the trailer kinda forced me back onto this forum, waiting for it to air tonight. I'm more hopeful coz most dramas this year have surpassed expectations, so I'm hopeful LL will too be a good watch. Also does anyone have any idea who has the subbing rights for the show. Please tell me it's not Netflix, anyone other than Netflix I hope.
  6. Have been awaiting for the drama ever since it was announced, it's finally here. Just saw some clips here and there, it has a very pretty tone to it, Jung Hae In with his puppy face is adorable and cheeky, Son Ye Jin is an ethereal beauty and their chemistry is so on point P. S- Read Dramafever is subbing it, any idea why subs aren't out yet? They're usually quick in subbing it(atleast such big hyped drama)..
  7. Or may be he could become the Prince Charming and marry her in that world...
  8. Hey guys, so I just started watching the drama a couple of days ago, guess I'm a little late to the party, but nonetheless I'm having a great time back reading the comments and views on the forum.. I was actually quite reluctant to watch the drama for various reasons, but it was a drama my mom strongly recommended me and told me that I really shouldn't Miss watching it, glad I listened to her... And damn I'm only 9 episodes in but the drama has me so floored, I'm really enamoured by it.. It's one of those few dramas that's really sad but so beautiful at the same time, especially the cinematography and the way it's directed also the background scores and osts just gives such a melancholy that it makes the viewing experience bittersweet (In a good way), I'm not really articulate so I don't know how to put it in words but something about the drama especially how the sad elements and the trauma is portrayed, makes it such a realistic watch, like one of those dramas that shows you, for a Melo you dont need all the in-your-face sad elements to get you crying, a simple scene is enough for you to understand and feel the characters sadness... Also I love love how the drama is so detailed about even the smallest of things, say for example something as unimportant (atleast to a lot of drama audience) as a cell phone that leads use, none of them use the latest samsung model, and I was so happy to see that for once, if I'm talking about the minute details I even noticed that the bus number(the one MS takes from biotown) is also always the same, not many would've bothered taking into account such details... Also a big applause to the actors especially Junho and Won Jin Ah, can't belive JH is a rookie actress, she's comparable to ones with experience, totally nailed her debut drama.. And Junho,damn words might not do justice to how much I loved him and appreciate him here.. His pains, his trauma, his visions, his hallucinations rightly gave me chills, his best work so far, the actor Junho has gotten a newfound and a completely head over heels fan in me... And if am talking about actors, last but not the least Grandma, she's a seasoned actor and it shows, I always look forward to her scenes and her words of wisdom and healing, she's probably the most important member of the surrogate family to Gang doo, though I haven't reached the episode yet, but I know that's she's going to die, and I'm so ready with my tissues for that episode ... I know that there are many concerns about the ending, and I'll agree that I might be pissed if GD dies, like I know that it's a scenario that would be realistic, but come on, it's supposed to be a show about healing right? How can you put an individual who's healing through the vicious cycle of pain again.. Like wouldn't that just nullify the purpose of the whole journey? I'm really hoping that makers don't take that route...
  9. So I think that this could be a probable scenario That Samjang might be the offering to close(?) the gates of hell, placing OG next to Sun Mi might serve two purposes, first is the obvious one is to use his powers for the better and second is to save Sun Mi from dying/being sacrificed whilst fighting the apocalypse since Oh Gong might go to any lengths to save her, so the deities might have placed him next to her thereby killing(or saving) two birds with one stone
  10. I doubt that the drama would have a completely happy ending for the couple, I would be the happiest if it has, but speaking from the past experience of drama watching, fantasy dramas mostly never tend to have an absolute happy ending.. They endings tend to fall between somewhere of a total sad ending to a middle ground between mortal and immortal, something more acceptable... But nonetheless there's nothing wrong in wishing for an absolute happy ending..
  11. I'm running so late in catching up the episodes but finally made time to complete episode 5, and damn it just keeps on getting better, it's one of those dramas wherein even if you read the recap, the watching experience is just different.... About the episode, okay I didn't get much about the Japanese girl's storyline neither the purpose nor what it wanted to convey, but that's okay Coz I didn't really watch the episode for it in the first place.. Also I have a doubt about it, will the girl's story continue? Coz she did say everyone who knows about her must die and also because she's still roaming around I'm curious will it continue or was it just a story without a closure? I'm loving the way SOG and JSM are progressing, like it's not like most love stories where they first only fight and the become close, here SOG continuously keeps on taking two steps ahead in the relationship and then four steps behind, he just keeps on oscillating between a jerk ND a fool in love... No wonder Sun Mi is reluctant to him, I really don't blame her, in fact I totally understand why she rejected (?) him and told him that she doesn't want to like him, it's her way of protecting her Heart from getting broken. But then again it's not like you can really control liking someone, while your mind might follow your orders, your heart sadly doesn't, and I think that's the reason why even after all that OG does or tells she somehow does find her way back to OG, OG too for that Matter might chalk it to the effects of GGG, but his words and actions never match, his words may be rudest and hurtful but even the thought of "his" Samjang in danger is enough to pain him... Speaking of pain, I saw a totally different MA Wang in the film when he saw his wife, I think I saw pain and desperation (?) in him when he saw her, I really hope that he becomes a diety and frees his wife from this continuous cycle. Also must Commend CSW for his acting, he's a seasoned actor and it shows, he's probably having the time of his life playing the different starkly different shades of Mw. Must say when he and OG are together they behave like petty play school kids.. It's really amusing to watch... However there was one thing that owned the episode for me, "for her sake, SOG burned down an entire world" asgshsjsjshsh, damn it made me swoony and gave me some major chills at the same time. To what extent would SOG go for her, I hope the line was just for the purpose of swoons and not a hint of future. Because if upon the monkey if he doesn't mind destroying one world for her he could surely do anything to protect her and if she's the offering to stop the gates of hell from opening, SOG would rather let the whole world burn down and get her safe, well in that case the one to protect the world would be indirectly responsible for the destruction.. But knowing Hong sisters they'd introduce all the heavy story elements in the later half so until then I'm gonna enjoy the two - faced hot and cold monkey.... P. S. - that turned out to be an essay, sorry for the long post.. P. P. S- there's one thing I didn't comprehend or may be it's just my pervy mind acting up, so when SM is in the movie reel she has a different dress, before she entered the movie she was in her black dress, how dafaq did she get into that green dress in the theater with SOG.. (who helped her change btw or was it just magic )
  12. Okayyy so I know that it's Hong sisters so an assy, arrogant male lead is expected, but I wish that they do not turn the Monkey into a complete richard simmons male lead, I'm loving his fluctuating character.. Like just when you think that he's being a total rude jerk he does something swoony or vice versa. And as of now, I'm really liking it. Also I've noticed a trend in Hong sisters drama, atleast most of them, that while the start usually starts of light, whacky and funny, it's towards the end that it starts getting really heavy, and tear-jerker, while I don't mind some episodes being sad, I just hope that it won't be complete cycle of sadness and tormenting towards the end.. Id really like a balance..
  13. Ah ok... Was scared it wouldn't be subbed early, since I saw the Viki page of Hwayugi and it said that ep3 is only available on Viki premium for now,so I thought we wouldn't be getting them any soon..
  14. Okay so completed the 2nd episode, and must say if the 1st episode made me feel positive about the drama the 2nd episode just affirmed my liking for the drama. Lee Seung Gi plays the role like a pro, he's not new to this kind of role wherein he needs to potray a haughty, assy character, so his good portrayal was kinda expected but I'm really drawn to OYS's character, I didn't have much of an opinion about JSM till the 1st episode, but the 2nd episode changed my perspective. Too early to say it but I guess she'll make it to my list of favorite female characters- she's smart, strong and independent, plus she's resourceful and intelligent. She's not shown to be a total damsel in distress nor is she shown to be utterly strong, she Is just the right amount of fearless and self-preseving... Plus OTP have an explosive chemistry, they really do. I'm loving the tone of the drama, humor and fantasy elements (though I'm assuming that there would be some emotional, angsty elements too as we move ahead). I also loved the she's - my- supper-so-I-need-to-protect-her angle of their dynamics of otp's relationship, even though that bracelet (don't remember it's name) is now tied to OSG, I still want them to continue with the running food and sauces joke. It's amusing. Even though for most part I like the episode, I couldn't get my head around a few things. (even if I know that it's too much to expect a compelete logic in drama). Firstly how did that useless umbrella protect Sun Min for 25 years? Secondly what was the exact purpose of that kiss, can someone please explain it to me? I seem to be a little slow in understanding it. Like to me at least it felt so out of place.. Also I really don't find any similarity as such between Goblin and Hwayugi(execpr some obvious ones), in fact if I found more similarities between Hwayugi and Twilight /Masters sun. Also are all episodes Goin to be 90 mins in length? Or was It just for the premier week. I'm assuming that there are 16 episodes,if all of them are going to be 90 mins, I feel that it's better to just extend the episode numbers rather than the episode duration. Long episodes Won't be a problem in the beginning, but could potentially feel like a stretch towards the end.