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  1. Have been a silent reader for long. But after 8 episodes,I feel like expressing myself. I do not know if there is any kind of love between DJ and YJ yet. But their r few things I am quit sure that is between them. DJ has come to care about YJ in these eight episodes. It did start with hatred from his side. As she was just one of those who used him. CEO Choice blackmailed him into marrying his daughter ,Chief Justice fired him and here comes a lady, who frames him into an alleged rape!! DJ is an educated lawyer, so maturity and refinement r his character but he straight forward called YJ a Prostitute. A word that is an ultimate abuse to an honorable woman. Such a word coming from DJ shows how much he hated her then. But after she saved his life twice, her nearness and strength that he experienced during these life saving moments made him admire YJ. Once he met her father he was empathetic to her and her family. Realisation came upon him and he decided to protect her and her father .He decided to give them back what they lost due his one wrong judgement as a judge. Few r saying he double crossed YJ while few r saying he is timid. But fact is he is far sighted and true in his promise. He promised himself that he will make YJ safe,he did by taking promise from KIL. He made promise acquittal of her father ,he did. He promised that real culprit will be punished ,he is on his way to do so. YJ started with using DJ as her tool and still more or less he still remains the same for her. She is too much occupied with her father to see a man in DJ. Even if stripd him naked or mouth kisses him. The night she slept with him was out of anger and hatred . YJ respected DJ a lot , he was much looked upon judge by people. U know u will get justice once case was under him. But what this judge do? He distroyed the evidence and sentenced her father 15 years of jail! How can such a judge live a stainless life and happily get married when he just sent her innocent father to gallows. Why should he be happy when he is the reason for her life to crumble. They say u get angry on a person from whom u expect the most when that person fails you. Their were many people who failed her but she still had hopes in DJ and then what ? So DJ became her target. Man on whom she vented all her anger and frustration. They may not have had sex but she did let him touch and kiss herself .She did strip him down ! She did throw herself on him . She must have been busy getting right angles and making it seem real .She must have been full of contempt for him and herself while getting the act seem real . She knew what she did was wrong and therefore had no qualms when DJ called her prostitute though I feel he said wrong he must have called her rapist instead coz that was what she did. She did take gratification in DJ helplessness, making him do as she directed him . YJ is a trained cop who has been faithful to her duty. Saving lives comes to her as an instinct ,a reflex . So later when she saved DJ life ,he was a tool she desperately needed plus her reflexes can't lie..Second when she saved his life,he was a human she endangered for her own gain,so being her father's daughter she was bound to save him. Her dynamics and outlook towards DJ changed only after she realised her war was going nowhere and her father was at brink of death .That an operation table death has been planned for him and that she has to take DJ slow route to get final victory. She realised his worth and how far sighted he was. It was then she finally broke while burning her fathers war on corruption to ashes .She felt helpless .She broke in DJ's arms and he was their to collect her coz he knew he did had his share in crumbling her so hard . It was then their dynamics changed. She gave him the lead . By the end of episode 8 ,again I see them nowhere ,the trust they built together is suddenly all lost not that DJ changed not that YJ did not get what she wanted. But coz justice was again slow ,too slow for YJ to accept plus now YJ has new goals. One thing is clear DJ may not have destructive goals like YJ but he does have one goal in life : Justice and due to this goal he will always be on YJ side coz that is the side of justice . As for love between DJ and YJ . Till now I have not seen it despite of few extremely close physical scenes and we r already half way ! DJ does admire and care YJ but YJ !! Well I do not see anything on her side . As I said she is too occupied in fighting her father's war to see love around. Seems like it will happen same way as it happened in MDSY .It will be LSY character who will melt hardened LBY character . It will be DJ who will grab and kiss her just the way he grabbed her in his embrace to make cry her heart out. While YJ can be physical to DJ anytime in wake of life threatening situations . Well bring it on. I am looking for many such moments in next eight episodes.
  2. Now since we know CR tricks to shame BW often backfire on her making WH even more protective to BW. So this paparazzi thing will make WH take extrem decision > publicly accept BW and announce marraige ..........ah CR it is gonna come on your face
  3. Ah such a high Voltage drama .......BW at knees while Rich Mom standing high and mighty, spitting venom .....bam enters hero WH grabs his heroine BW and takes her out of his Rich Mom clutches
  4. Though in story heart transplant and cellular memory were the main plot . I would have loved the story in which old rude self of WH would have had fallen for BW and slowly changed due to her . It would have been equally fun plot . In Initial episodes WH was such a rude badass and BW so free spirited and warm hearted bothe belonging two different worlds of Korea. One from elit class while other from local fish market I really wanted BW scooty bump in that jerk WH just like two worlds collide . I would love see their love story without heart transplant . A story where Rich Mom would be like Oh my Monster kid is turning human rather then present Mom who is like Oh my Monster kid is turning into an idiotic human !! A story where rich Mom would know true self of CR and WH would have no problem with CR coz she is as jerk as him but would always end up stranded with BW and we see opposite attract and similar repel. I somehow wanted to see old rude WH change due to realisation of another world due to BW . It is not that I am complaining but present WH is no fun he is a nice guy with terrible Mom and jerk ex and is being really trampeled for being good. . He has changed for good sill i miss jerk WH . Yes call be moron for that :-P
  5. i dot see present situations enough reason fo OTP to break up specially when DJ Mom is out their to take a stand . MIL will make sure Rich Mom knows her place. I want Rich mom to speak something against BY and DJ people MIL loves most and then MIL will slap Rich Mom and we will have score 2 to 1 . Let us ignore her slap to WH coz that is mother son thing but her slap to BW needs to comeback to her in form of slap . Though I see OTP temporarily going in silent mode and WH health being effected by so much tension due to two ladies in his life. BW does not know seriousness of his health issues so we can forgive her but what about this rich Mom . She knows everything but her pride has blided her and she is hurting her own child she loves most Till now writer has been balancing things . Like CR always gets a payback for her actions she sabotaged BW recipe and today she had to apologise to BW and yesterday she was kicked off by WH. Soon her past will appear from dead too . Well writer is keeping it for later episodes. Rich Mom is also getting her bit by bit pay back too . She mistreated BW at lunch and got humiliated by WH in public. Today she stomped on BW food and WH did not come home , missed his check ups and soon will land up in bed . There is no better punishment to a Mother who thinks herself the protector of her kid to see him sick in bed . She misused her powers to damage BW family and tomorrow MIL will give her an ear full may even slap her and still if Rich Mom continues we will see her bowing down on knees infront of board. I hope writer continues this way coz then we know your wrongs will be judged and rights will be rewarded. . At least in drama we can expect that happening if not in real life !!! We r here to watch family rom com not some depressing melencoly drama.
  6. Good thing is that now DJ Mom is in action to protect her son. This is gonna be big Moms fight. Rich Mom thinks she can get away using her power .Which would not happen I am looking forward to Rich Mom apology in public to DJ family. On the knees tyepe aplogy which i know is coming soon. Thanks to her actions.
  7. After BW now WH got slapped to by Rich Mom....................when is it going to stop seems like a never ending nightmare
  8. BW should ask chairwoman to have a fair chance. If CR is Chairwoman's choice to be BH Group DIL then BW herself is her son's choice to be BH Group DIL. If Chairwoman really loves her son then she should also respect her sons choice just the way she expects her son to respect her choice. SO CR and BW should run a DIL competition . Once who wins gets the title .LOL And Yes WH can sponser and suppert his candidate and while chairwoman can do to her CR. If BW is lacking coz she is widow with kid and low social status then CR is over lacking with trail of ex boyfriends and criminal record and dishonest character . BW should be given chance and facilities to prove her worth while CR should have a background check. I want game to start enough of BW being trashed ,the woman shoud stand now and get her man . Sometimes u do need to fight to get what belongs to u . WH is caught in between he loves his mom and BW both. Rather then letting WH choose between two why not BW let him both . Yes she can do it . All she needs is a confidence and a master plan. Iron cuts Iron so BW needs to become an iron to cut down chairwoman and CR who r ganging up together to bully her. I want to see WH BW SC and Leech gang up together :-)
  9. well that self esteem will come once she feels she is no less . That will happen once she gets those grooming and training. She always feels small infront of Rich Mom and CR why??? Coz she is lacking let us accept the fact . Just having confidence and self esteem will not make her win the game . It will keep her happy but in long run she does need to work on herself
  10. even if their is a time jump it would not be long enough , may be one or two coz they cannot bring new actor for BY midway i would love BW to upgraded to a level where she can compete with CR and stand her ground infront of rich Mom coz right now she really stands no chance Being widow and single mother is not that big deal ,biggest thing is her limitations regarding upbringing and education. She needs to be grommed according to the society she is about to enter. Either she goes NYC where WH can get her full makeover or she remains in Korea and WK WH decides to groom her up with help of personal trainers . Here I would prefer Korea. Korea has everything be it high end fashion or elite grooming intitutes. Plus WH is rich so he can sure sponser his going to be wife BW. I want to see the process as how BW matamorphs to en elite woman rather then suddely droping up in high heals and sun shades on Seol air port !!
  11. i did like this drama from ep 1 but I soon started loosing intrest midway but then came Kim Jae Wook as psycotic killer and I got my interest back . I liked Kim Jae wook in Coffe prince even though his role was too short in it and here too he has guest appearence but I look forward to see him. They discribed his looks quit well as a CEO son ' He is handsome and good looking ' , and I was like yes he is But then that does not excuse him of his sickness . he deserves to be locked in asylum , keeping him in normal jail will be dangerous for other prisoners !!! Just wanna see how he gets caught and finally set behind the bars and his fathers powers be crumbled ,the man who has been protecting his psyco killer son for so long and wait will his father will ever be put behind the bars ?? Coz he himself has accepted that he has been a cruel killer lifelong and his son has taken on him !!
  12. so BW is going on transfer with SC and BY and WH decides to wait . LOL so when BW BY and SC return they will be family coz in case of kids it is out of sight out of mind and even though BW will love WH still her friendship with SC will become more deep which will never let OTP be together . Plus CR YS will be their to point SC BW nearness Now since BY truth is out and rich Mom is mad so i see WH reaching hospital soon coz his heart is too weak to handle any hurt or disline to BW BY. Rich Mom will never let BW BY meet her son until WH moans their name. I hate this rich Mom she will realise the damages once she sees her son dying coz of her own actions. WH dear time for u to have a hospital trip only that will make that mighty woaman fall.Yes once u recover dare not go to that witch castle instead go to your second parents > DJ parents
  13. @eakeeper@bebebisous33 i too want CR to exposed little by little and her plots backfiring after everz two episode would be so frustrating to see things reveal in end i hope rich Mom accepts BW by episode 80 after all that drama and blackmail so that we can see BW working hard in transforming herself to adapt to WH family way, BY earning rich Mom love etc. that will be more intresting rather then seeing BW being victimized and her business and work being sabotaged every now and then. Well am tired of this plot . My last two kdrama had same plot so want it different way
  14. is BW really gonna be thrown out of BH Group . !!! What use r of WH SC and that team who like BW so much when they cannot help BW clear her name ?? I really wanna see WH leave that rich Mom castle and live with DJ family . I wanna see rich beg at her knees or WH falls sick and she comes begging to BW BY to come and see him Either case i want rich mom at her knees and Crazy in jail and YS as monk in Temple . Am I asking too much !!
  15. hummm @euraka i will wait for this dark tunnel to end First Mom is distressed and on hungerstike then will be son . While BW will try buckets on other side. Dear Society why did u make this class difference and is being widow that a sigma !! No doubt that is why we see YS kissing a"§$% of that Doc and CR