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  1. I didn't watch the LIDD past 10 days and binge watch all at once to catch up today. As expected, I didn't miss much. It's already passed 100 episodes, yet, the story of exposing CR still has not fully developed and still no way for WH and BW to be married in near future. I had a high hope for this drama, but it turns out to be mediocre, typical Kdrama. I, too, hate to see WH being so weak and nothing works out for him. In this stage, WH should be very active and energetic, but as someone mentioned, the writer made WH seem like he is the 2nd lead in this drama lately. @angelwingssf I felt the same when BW was so harsh toward to WH. I know why she is acting the way she did, but it's over the top and there is no reason for her to say so hurtful things to WH. He doesn't deserve any of it. There is a way to let him know why they can't be together without being so nasty. And I also agreed BW shouldn't ask WH to help CR to get her memory back. Some may interpret as BW is an angel and her heart is as big as the pacific ocean, but to me, she is being stupid. Also, why WH didn't say anything to his mother, his sister, and her husband what CR did (at the hotel wearing bathrobe business...) is beyond me. If they knew the truth, they wouldn't ask WH to pretend he still dating CR. WH! Being nice someone like CR doesn't suit you, so go back to being rude and nasty old WH. I rather see you brassy way than mild and kinder spirit. We have been waiting for CR's ex-boyfriend to reappear, but he hasn't appeared yet, so when will he show up? And what's up with WK's ex-husband showed up for awhile to bother WK/WW. What was that all about? Some of the plots do not make any sense at all. I really enjoyed the first 1/2 of this drama. It was a joy to watch and it seems very different Kdrama at the time. But now it's less than 20 episodes left and BW and WH still not united tells me that the ending would be just luke warm.
  2. I have to correct myself on this. I watched the preview again and I think she is looking at her father's photo and telling her father that he should have opened up and told her the truth. So, she was thinking about her father. (She was NOT feeling sorry for YS). Thank god for that!
  3. Ok. This episode is the hint for me to exit for next 1-2 weeks of watching this dreadful drama. @chasen8888 is absolutely right about the writer bringing in new story line; pairing CR/WH and BW/SC. We already know the story behind these 2 couples and there is no need to add this to the drama at this late. This is the time that the story should start to unfold for the discovery of CR/YS's past and the bad deeds. SC again, disappoint me. I didn't think he will come clean, but I was hopeful that he would. He really turns out to be ungrateful SOB. Even if CR said what she said, either he should walk in and see what is going on himself or confront WH with the truth. After all, he should know WH and he should give WH a benefit of the doubt and not just assumed. Just assume what he heard from CR is true and judge WH is unfair and SC didn't know WH at all even after he serve him 5+ years. (or maybe secretly he wants to believe what he heard is the truth, so he can court BW) When someone said, don't tell so and so.... that is the first clue that the person has a different agenda. Especially it is coming from CR, that the heck SC was thinking? Does SC want to have BW so much that his judgment suddenly tainted? The writer really went overboard and now I don't like any of the characters in this drama. BW is getting stupidly clueless, (in her situation and knowing how YS treated her, she still felt sorry for YS and worry about her after she finds out she is the real mother? Who does that? (see below post for my correction) SC became ungrateful selfish Bas**r, CR and YS still going strong and still scheming to destroy what's left of BW and WH's relationship and succeeding, WW and WK are not adding anything to the drama except to waste valuable drama time. OHW continuously to find fault in BW and there is no hint of ever changing her opinion about CR. If OHW is an intuitive person; she can tell a person's character by a mere five-minute conversation. Yet, all these time spend with CR and YS, OHW doesn't have a clue that she's been played by CR and YS. I am seriously wondering how she's able to lead such a big company successfully when she lacks the ability to judge the character.
  4. I am so hoping SC will push CR out of the way and goes in and discover WH fully clothes and passed out cold from being so drunk. And SC warned CR that he will expose everything that he knows about her so far. Am I wishing for something that will never ever happen here? SC has been a big disappointment and I am still hoping that SC will be the one saved the day for WH, especially for BW. If CR's scheme works, it will hurt BW more so than WH . I think she is hanging by the thread, trying so hard to stay strong.
  5. Run Jang mi and Love is drop by drop written by the same writer. So, I guess it wouldn't be a big surprise that CR will create this scenario and spread the rumor that she spend the night with WH. This plot (woman tricks and spread the rumor "she is pregnant" by the man he doesn't even like her) is really getting old. I think starting ep 110 will start reveal baddies' bad deed, which as expected, they will have to all crammed into the last 10 eps. 120 episodes of the drama, this is non-sense! It shouldn't be like that.
  6. I think when YS finds out BW is her daughter, she will change her attitude a little. Not that will make everything better for BW, it will certainly make CR unhappy about not getting total support from YS as before. When it comes down to it, CR will put every blame on YS about her "hit and run" crime. It was YS' car and no one saw CR drive, so CR thinks she can blame it all on YS. But I think YS has to black box from the car before she sold it off. YS will leverage that with CR. I can see the 2 of them point fingers. Then, of course, there is the necklace... JY starting to see who CR really is now. As selfish as she is, maybe she will take BW's side against CR. After all, BW is family. I am not a big fan of WH at the moment. He is like a little boy having a tantrum. Grow up and be a man and do something. Put your foot down and tell BW that he won't take 'no' for an answer. Tell your mom that you'll give up money/position (or whatever) and can't live without BW and YB, so take it or leave it. Just stay in bed not eating anything won't make the problems go away. Get up and do something productive. Spying on CR, Investigate past incidents that still didn't have the result. Do something... Watching CR still going strong and chummy with OHW is hard to see and watching WH in bed really tops it all. I think I need a break from watching the show about a week, maybe then, some real drama will begin.
  7. We all still waiting... waiting.... we'll see something good happening for BW/WH and baddies will get expose next week, so we wait for more... I think I need to be charged up good for next week. My battery is completely drained.
  8. As much as I want BW to stick it to BH group, she won't leave the company. Even if she does, OHW will never bow down and beg her to come back to the company because of the bottom line (profit). Only one thing will make OHW beg BW is when she knows for sure it's life and death for her son and only medicine that can save her son is BW. If the writer will make WH be sick in the hospital, I want him to be very sick, so it will scare Jesus out of OHW and she deeply regret getting in between her son and his only love BW. OHW needs a serious wake-up call.
  9. We need something drastic like that happens so that BW and WH will have another chance. We want this to happen soon. I think that is the only way for OHW to see that she can't separate her son from BW and BW really do love him. Also, this event may reveal that where WH's heart came from. This will a shame OHW to think hard how poorly she behaved and money and power don't bring happiness.
  10. I totally agreed with you. When I saw the episode today and I was getting agitated how BW just brushed off knowing what CR did. BW should have gone further and get CCTV copy and go to OHW and WH. CR said she did it because of BW is trying to ruin the company's reputation and she is trying to teach a lesson! What a Bxxl SxxT! And this is the exact example of the writer making BW too naive and she let people run all over her. Being naive and being stupid is just a yard difference.
  11. WH never really had a good friend and he may be longing for a true friend. WH actually decided on his own SC is his friend. But, they will never be a friend (as a buddy) unless SC feels the same way. SC still calls WH 'bonbujang' and not by name. WH call SC also by his title. So, there is no friendship there. I believe SC respect and like WH as his boss and as a person. If they will be a true friend, it will take some time. WH has been a lot more open to SC then another way around. SC hasn't been truthful. He withheld a lot of information from WH. But, I don't think SC has any ulterior motive. I think it is his nature, somewhat introverted. It's not only that he is not telling WH what he knows, he didn't tell BW for the most part either. The writer wrote the story of BW and WH's separation little too late in the game. They just broke up and we still have to see a lot more suffering of BW and WH from this break-up and the same time, CR won't just stay on the sideline, which means, we'll plenty more of CR's tricks still. This drama adapted typical Kdrama's path so far... Main characters separated, both side families still not united, baddies still smirking still at an ep#90... I really don't want to see this drama ending the same as the most of the daily Kdrama, which dragging the same story till the last few episodes and it's over. As someone here mentioned, no journey, just ending. At this point in this LIDD, I really want things moving faster and get to see some marriage life of BW/WH/BY while we get to see how CR/YS doing in jail. Just knowing and assuming they live the life they deserve isn't satisfying to me. However, I feel we are not going to see any movement of exposing CR/YS won't be in near future.
  12. I understand now why you said WH feel betrayed by SC. But, I see BW and WH as 'one' and not 2 separate people as far as SC helping them. BW+WH vs all other and SC was there for both of them. As for SC not mentioned to him that CR is the one sabotage BW, he would have mentioned, but BW asked him not to. But, I do think when he finds out about SC; he was dating CR, he knew about CR's ex-boyfriend's situation, etc., WH will be disappointed and mad at him about not telling him about it. But it is not the same as feeling betrayal. My guess is, as long as WH doesn't see SC coming on to BW or he hears otherwise, I don't think WH will feel any different about SC. I as a viewer of this drama, personally, SC should have come to WH about the CR's sabotaging BW's dish. He has the opportunity to do so when 2nd time they were investigating the chemical in the drink, but he didn't say anything. Thus, whatever the reason SC has or had, he did purposely hiding CRs bad deed was enough reason to question his motive.
  13. I just finished watching today's episode. I didn't get the same feeling about SC as your assessment. He spoke to WH harshly because he only thinks about BW and he feels BW needs time for herself without WH. I think SC is truly feel bad for BW and he feels BW is hurt by break up. SC always like BW, but he knows BW will not go for him unless BW is totally available to open her heart to someone else other than WH. Not until then, SC will be silent about his feelings. Also, what SC is around BW isn't unusual. He has always been with BW regardless of her break up with WH. WH knows the circumstances and I don't think WH will think badly about SC being there for BW, especially now when BW needs much support from people around her. I agreed that it's crucial to this drama to reveal the truth about CR. The key point is the "truth about CR", not the "truth about SC". Even SC not telling his relationship with CR in the past is not anyone's business except his and CR's. But morally, it isn't right for SC to hide the fact that he knew CR and pretended like they never even met until when SC start working for WH. Even though it wasn't his intention and it was CR who asked SC to keep his mouth shut, the end results are the same. For that, SC should have come clean with WH about his past relationship with CR right from the beginning. In this drama, it's not only SC who knows a lot about CR keeping his mouth shut, Leech is also not come out and say what she knows either. Everyone is waiting for the 'right moment', which I feel it will be not soon enough. The sooner or later, the truth will come out. The bigger question is 'when' will the writer reveal this? Episode #100+? Until then, we have to watch BW keep suffering next 2-3 weeks before we sees the baddies suffering? Thanks for letting us see the Doc squeezing YS's neck slowly, but that's not enough. We need to see OHW truly suffering from her son's break up with BW. The way this will happen is to find out 1) WH's heart trouble 2) She finds out WH is living with DJ's heart 3) her future daughter in law, wonderful, beautiful, kind and thoughtful CR is nothing BUT THAT. We also need to see CR getting scared about what she did to BW and her hit and run crime. She needs to be publically humiliated. 1) More appearance of Detective or BW mentioning about the hit and run 2) OHW and WH needs to know YS is her stepmother.(I am sure CR will come up with excellent excuse as why she never told the truth about YS is her step mother). 3) Her ex-boyfriend reappears and stirs up things. ** I just thought about something. When OHW had a bazaar to raise the money for some charity, there was a rich woman. She asked if CR is available for her nephew. I am wondering if that nephew happened to be the CR's ex-boyfriend. Maybe OHW and rich women will get together for business and OHW will find out CR was engaged to her friends' nephew. That will be a sweet justice for OHW to find out that way.
  14. I totally in agreement about YS. She left baby BW and with a man she supposed to be in love because of her fear of being poor for the rest of her life. Now, universe willing, she is not only going to stay poor, she may be ended up in jail as well. This is ultimate justice. WK is a good hearted person, but she is very selfish. She doesn't have to spill every single thing about what happen at her house between BW, OHW, WH, etc. to CR. if she thought about her brother's pain at all, she should distance herself from CR.