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  1. It's FINALLY here! Last day of LIDD. I am not able to see the final episode until late tonight or tomorrow morning. But, I don't want to leave the thread without saying Thanks to all of you, Chingus! @chasen8888 Thank you again for the recap. Some days, I really didn't feel like watching the drama, but still curious about how it turns out. Please know that your service is very much appreciated. @euraka I love the video clips from the episodes. Between your video clip posting and Chasen8888's recap, there is no need to watch the episodes. @shamrockmom I enjoy your posting at word press site. Nice huge snapshot from the different episodes and a few times, I had Aha moments while I visit your blog. @bebebisous33 @sava2sava I love reading you guys posting, especially when you quote what I had to say in your posting. I am sorry for not able to address you all individually, but I like reading everyone's writing. The first half of the LIDD drama was so different than other Kdaily and I really thought it would turn out to be some outstanding daily. I was so looking forward to each day. Then, by the time it gets #70th +/- I was more interested in what you all think about the drama, I log in to Soompi and read the new posting by you' all before I watch the episode. It's been a pleasure and I hope to catch you all later on other threads.
  2. One more episode to go. Like @chasen8888 said, I am numb to Kdrama at the moment. I tried to view new drama last couple of days and I found myself losing interest very quickly. I guess I put too much energy and focus on LIDD. I may catch up with already finished dramas after LIDD, not the one that I have to keep up with daily. LIDD, in my opinion, started with the best drama and finish as the worst drama. BW/WH lost the sparks long time ago and never going to be the same. The final episode will not make change my opinion about this drama. Thank goodness that it is finally going to be over tomorrow!
  3. It seems My New Sassy Girl (2016) is remade from the one from 2001, which is a movie. And "My Sassy Girl" is new drama just air Ep 1, which is a story from the "Jo-sun" era that is based on the 2001 "My Sassy Girl" but set in a historical time with modern day flavor. I can see this new drama has high production value. It's funny, serious, romantic and some part of the drama even resembles black comedy. It is a little bit off color humor if anyone interested in watching it.
  4. @Newsie Thanks for starting the thread. Hopefully, this drama will move along without stagnant like daily episodes. I'll be checking in as more Soompi members join the thread.
  5. I love my dentist and guess what my dentist name is... Dr. Oral He is born to be a dentist.
  6. In the US, they have a handful of selected people to view the movie before it hits the theater. If they don't get the thumbs up from the pre-viewing, they don't even hit the theater. Because the producers know it will flop. I think if one of the smart Kdrama screenwriters read the forum like this and form a study group for her/his future Kdrama before they air it. It would be then, off the chart, history making, Kdaily ever! To be frank, I don't know why they don't. By the time we see the drama, not only Soompi forum, other site members post the same opinion how bad the drama is heading. If writer knew this is how it is ahead of the time, I am sure they would change the story. I agree with you 100%. Exactly the problem that I saw one drama after another. I also hope it is CR, not BW. But, my hope doesn't usually come true in Kdaily, so I am pretty sure it won't happen as I wish. It would be the BW who ended up being a donor. *** On the side note: @bebebisous33 I believe it's you, time to time, combined my double posting into one. I am sorry for not paying attention before I hit 'save'. I get so caught up emotionally with drama, I forgot Soompi's posting rules and create unnecessary work for admin. But, I thank you for doing it.
  7. Wow! It's astonishing you can do such a terrific job of recapping daily from the raw when you don't speak the language. I DO, as all others, appreciate your dedication and I enjoy reading your recap every day. Again, THANK YOU!
  8. CR gets 3 years and she spends some part of her sentencing in the hospital: I guess BW did just opposite of what she said she would... Asking the judge to reduce the sentencing. YS ruined the wedding: She passed out. Now everyone knows about her illness. Instead of going to honeymoon, BW is in pain of watching YS's illness. What a way to start the marriage. BW and WH don't have the same chemistry of love birds once were before. They have been separate too long and the reunion was too short. Thus, they look like a couple just met and got married in a hurry. No real justice for baddies. Good people still have to be sacrificed till the very end to save the baddies. All the bad things CR did, just because she is showing remorse, she only gets 3 years. At least, CR's sentencing should have matched the years of BW's suffering, which is 7 years. And YS didn't even get charged for her part of the crime. This storyline is some kind of misguided fantasy of the writer who can't differentiate where her fantasy begins and should ends. Doesn't all Korean screenwriters and producers get sick of the same plots one drama after another? No creativity at all. LIDD looks like it was produced under the budget cut. Even the wedding scene, the big event like WH's wedding: I get it was WH/BW decide to have the wedding in the back yard of OHW's house. But the decoration, etc., I could even have a better setup in my own back yard. It certainly shows under budget produced drama. Many Kdrama shows the backyard weddings. I don't know if backyard wedding is a trend or not, but Kdrama shows backyard weddings very often. However, all the backyard weddings I've seen were much more elegant than WH/BW's wedding.
  9. No argument here on that. However, in reality, what should or shouldn't always apply as far as Kdrama and its award are concerned. @chasen8888 @shamrockmom You guys dissecting some of the storylines and I am glad to see you mentioned some of the stuff that you just post. I also thought the same along the line with you guys, but I talk myself out of from posting it. I already voiced my opinion how I am displeased with the writer several times than I should have. We are talking about bad acting, the actor play JK's role, she is so bad, it's dreadful. She only knows 3 words/phrase: Oh my god! Terrible! Honey! Her Acting isn't even worth mentioning. Compare Kong Hyun-Joo (CR) acting to Lee Sang In (JK), The Oscar goes to Kong Hyun-Joo , hands down. I am surprised at OHW's reaction after she heard about CR and YS's news. This is not a fault of the actor because the actor who plays OHW's role, she is a good actor. I blame this on the writer. OHW's reaction to this news should make her furious, but she acts like it's not her business. Also, WW is also acting like no big deal ith what is happening with CR/YS YS=BW, etc. It huge news, but both OHW and WW don't really react to the news as we expected.
  10. I agree. A good actor shows the viewers through her acting that she really is the person she portraying, not acting for that role. Kong HyunJoo (Playing CR's role) always overacting and often times, she tries too hard, she seems awkward. I saw her in different dramas a few times and thought the same then, but unlike LIDD, she didn't have a big role in those dramas, so it didn't matter. I believe LIDD, is the only drama that she has as much airtime as the main leads. That maybe the reason that I noticed her poor acting. However, I wouldn't be surprised if she is nominated for the best supporting actor in LIDD. Not because she is a good actor, just simply, she appeared in every single episode and she is always on your face.
  11. Gangja may not have the best social grace, but what you see is what you get! Love GJ's sprit!
  12. LOL CR is still delusional. So, SC was the one who gave BW encouragement to go after her true love. I feel calmer when I watched the episode today and didn't get anxious as other days. BW handle herself well on every occasion in this episode; In front of CR's dad, in front of YS, DR and WW at the police station... I was glad WK and WH both heard when CR told her father about the fake amnesia. I especially enjoy watching the way WH told CR. He is a good actor. He showed how he is disgusted with CR and he wants nothing to do with her, not now and not ever. His expression was dead on. Even the doc couldn't stop him treating his daughter the way WH did there then. I would like to know how long CR will be in prison. YS looked so pitiful. If she really wants to pay her debt, she should do whatever she can to make sure BW doesn't find out about her illness. I hope last 3 episodes, I don't want to see sad and troubled BW. The remainder of the episodes should belong to BW and WH.
  13. Just definition of "evil" is all about YS, her action: wicked, bad, wrong, immoral, sinful, foul, vile, dishonorable, corrupt, iniquitous, depraved, reprobate, villainous, nefarious, vicious, malicious; malevolent, sinister, monstrous, shocking, despicable, atrocious, heinous, odious, contemptible, horrible, execrable; lowdown, dirty We, in general, use the word, evil, very loosely. But, according to Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, YS surely fits title "Evil". I see people already feeling sorry for YS and starts to forgive her for what she's done to BW in the past. To me, YS is also getting away scot-free if she is not legally punished for what she's done. The reason why she did the unthinkable doesn't matter, but her action does matters. Even if how she treated BW is bad, that is not a crime. It is wrong for YS to treat anyone that way, but it isn't illegal. Same as OHW. OHW did treat BW terribly, but what OHW did wasn't punishable by the law. But YS case is different. She did fabricate the truth and put SC in jail, help CR hiding 'hit and run' in a big way. And that's a crime and need to be punished regardless of her health unless she is already dead. YS action is a surely evil person's doing and if she is not legally punished for the crimes that she committed, something is very wrong with this picture. Do I feel sorry for YS? Yes, I do. I even believe that under the different circumstances, YS could turn out to be kind, caring and nurturing person. Do I believe she should not be punished because she is already paying for her sin by her failing health? No, I don't. Why should she be treated any differently? There are many unfortunate people who would die to have money, fame and glam life, but not everyone commits crimes.
  14. @cattx Well said, I agree with you. All I can say about K daily drama is, we don't know how it will end until we actually watch it till the end. I really had high hope for this drama, thinking this may be the one set apart from all other Daily because it starts out that way. Even until episodes up to 60 or so, it was moving along pretty good. Well, enough said. It's beating a dead horse and no point in it.
  15. You may be right. Not only YS get away from going to jail, BW may be ended up giving her liver. Even though end stages of cirrhosis' survival rate is slim, It's Kdrama and not only she will survive, she will live a long time as well. But only 4 episodes left, do we have the time for this? In preview, CR still don't get it. She thinks she can just get out of the jail. The reality has not hit her yet.