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  1. Oh, no, she needs to be there and working, so that she can protect BW and keep eye on CR/YS relationship with OHW. At least don't quit until YS & CR's crimes been exposed.
  2. When I post the comparison between Kdramas and the US dramas, it is not meant to compare the story from the crime drama vs melodrama or the soap running in the USA vs 120 episodes of Kdrama. My pet peeve is, Kdrama comes up with how certain things/event happening in the story is so unrealistic and mindboggling. To examples a few: In Kdrama, they come up with most unusual illness, not curable and it is so rare that only a just handful of people has this disease in the word wide and none found in the Asian nation. Yet, Kdrama has no qualms about labeling such an illness to a child and a child gets cured. Like this drama about the chemical drink issue. If water wasn’t the source of the chemical drink and it was already in the tumbler, the police should get on their feet and investigate what the chemical is, where the chemical is usually used, among all employees who will have the access to those, where they have been right before the drink incident, etc. Dig in more! Eliminating the person one by one will get to the right person. That’s the job of the investigator. But so far, we don’t know the investigation is still going on. As far as we (viewers) know, the investigation has not moved on to the next level and it seems Kdrama doesn’t take harming someone physically seriously. If the investigation is still going on, they need to show that, so that the viewers are aware of it. That is how good story should be written. Satisfy the viewers by letting us see glimpse of any indication that the investigation is still going on, so there is no question about it. Maybe it is the reality in Korea and maybe this is the norm in Korea. But it’s certainly not normal in the US in the real-life scenario or in USdrama settings. That is why when PD’s start making the show/drama, they consult real life ‘experts’ in the field. Another thing I see often in Kdrama is when someone is listening in other’s conversation, they are almost in the same room, so close to the person who is talking, but he/she doesn’t even notice that some were in the same room almost next to him/her. We see this all the time. At first, I thought all Kdrama has recorded in the settings like a Broadway show in the US, in front of the live audience. But, I know it wasn’t. It was pre-recorded ahead of the time it’s aired. How ridiculous is it that someone eavesdropping was in the same room and no one sees them. But I learned to accept this is how Kdrama is done because this is the technical and it can be overlooked. If the writers/pds just take little more time research to make the story more believable and editing the show before it's aired, it would make much better daily drama overall. Also, they need to sit in the chair as they are the audience/viewer of their own drama and see how they feel about it. They wouldn't like to wait for 6 months only to see the resolutions in the end either. They will be so exhausted by the time they finished watching their own drama, they couldn't write the next drama for a long while. Why do you think most of the people avoid watching Daily Kdrama? We are living in the fast paced world. We expect and love instant gratification and 120 days is a long time to wait. All the comparison between Kdrama and the US drama aside, what I want to see is the balance between the bad and the good. At least rotation of the reward and the punishment. I hate to see the baddies doing the bad deed episodes after episodes and the same time, good guys getting deeper and deeper in the dungeon. Then, certainly the last few episode left, tables turn and every person who did the crime gets exposed and they ended up in jail or mental hospital. Then, the drama is over! And I think Kdrama’s screenwriters and PDs needs to change the pace and to spread out the story more evenly to satisfied its viewers. We invest emotions, time and energy for 6 months. 120 episodes are a long time for viewers/fans to wait only to see the baddies gets its punishment at the last few episode.
  3. I am so glad WH pushes hard for BW to get the DNA test done and he made a place to meet BW and CGJ. It looks like CGJ and BW will know about the BW's father and CGJ's relationship. However, I don't think CGJ will yet to tell BW about YS. I don't think CGJ wants to keep it as a secret for her gain, but I think she may think it is not the right time to tell BW about YS. When I saw BW's face with disappointment when she heard CGJ telling her she never had a child. At least, we know BW now know the truth, BW won't think badly about CGJ telling BW that she never had a child. Because it is the truth. I hope CGJ gets a close relationship with BW and WH. OHW will so regret and ashamed how she behaved later on. But the typical people won't be able to forgive and forget so easily, however, I am sure BW will be so grateful that OHW finally comes around, she won't keep OHW's cruelty to her in the past against her. OHW is one lucky woman to have someone like BW. OHW just don't know that yet, but she would know that in the end.
  4. In the USA, when they produce the show/drama, the production team hires “Experts” in the field and the story of the show is accurate as in real life. I saw an interview with the producer of the popular show in the US, “Law and Order” series. The interview basically tells when we watch the show “Law and Order”, we (audiences) actually learn “ the law” by watching the show and what to expect if someone breaks that particular law, etc. The story of the show is fictional ( a little bit of added drama, after all, it is the drama on TV), but how police investigate on certain events/crimes and the end results (punishment) are spot-on. And of course, these highly popular shows has big budgets, but it pays off in the end. According to the interview, the main reason people watch the show is the accuracy of the crime and the punishment and it follows very closely to the real life event. The viewers are smart and savvy. They can tell what they see in the drama is realistic and if it is possible. Especially the crime drama, people watching the show feel they are getting an education in the Law. In addition, in order to captivate the audience, the pace of the event is very important. If the show/story starts out too slow at the beginning, people lose their interest and they don’t want to sit and find out what happen. This is one of the examples, but they are many shows like Doctors, hospitals, ER background shows that are also hire actual doctors and nurses as the production consultant to make sure medical terminologies and how patient with certain diseases look the certain way, etc. So, the actors can portrait the person with same expression, etc So, when I watch the Kdrama, I can’t help but critical of ‘unrealistic’ stories the writer comes up with. Even though I am trying very hard to convince myself that I am watching Kdrama and not the show that I am used to watching in the US produced, certain things still bother me and make me wonder what is the purpose of the scene that showed early on. I apologize ahead to all Soompi ChinGoos, who loves this drama no matter what. This drama, so far, is one of the good daily Kdrama that I came across. But I still don't understand certain things this drama showed in the past. When the writer injects certain scene ahead of the future event, it has the meaning and purpose. And it should show within reasonable time why the scene that we saw while back makes sense, etc. It’s my opinion that timing of these events is the one that makes the show and considers the drama/show is well produced and the story was well written. In this drama, either every main character is all having a memory issue or the writer /PD (I am not sure which one is the responsible) didn’t time right for the scene they have shown in the past to be revealed in the future. Now, this drama has on the air almost 16 weeks and about 8 weeks to go till the end. At the very beginning of the episode (4th episode, I think), WH and BW has met before and had the conversation. WH, CR, SC met before and had the conversation. SC even sat in WH’s car and looking at the dash-cam. YS, BW, DJ met and had the conversation too. But, none of them don’t remember this event. Not even to show any of them having ‘you look familiar” look. BW remembers leech's face from the photo that she saw. Even at that, she didn't look at the photo that much since she was mad at her mom and didn't want to know her. But she remembers leech when she passes by her at the company's lobby. Yet, she has the conversation with YS and WH in the past, but she can't recall any of them. Not even to wonder "have we met before?" look. The writer shows these scenes on the first week of the drama and it’s now 2/3 way into the show, it doesn’t reveal why they have to show these scenes that early. By now, someone should remember, at least one of the event. This show has not been as slow as the other Kdrama, but it follows the similar pattern. When it hits 2/3 way into the show, it shows the same story over and over. Nothing progressing. This show, past 3 weeks, going into the 4th week, it’s all about CR’s bad deed and never caught. BW keep suffering one way or another. SC still keeping his mouth shut! All these stories developed during 80 shows and still a lot of the true to come out. So, the writer will have to squeeze all resolution/punishment will have to spread to the rest of the episodes. I am pretty sure it is going to be a happy ending for BW/WH and OHW will accept BW as DIL, etc. However, we are not here to see how it will end. We already know the ending. We are here to see ‘see-saw’ of good and evil and ‘push and pull, which it is clearly not the case. I would be happy to see the CR’s true crime starts to reveal from this point on without any delay, but if the same thing dragging on to next week and the week after without anyone knowing what CR did, I don’t see this drama is any different than all other typical K-daily dramas. I am still here and don’t want to lose my interest on this drama yet, but at this point, I am cautiously optimistic. I am sorry about the long post.
  5. OHW will not open up to BW until she starts to see CR's true nature. As long as CR looks like a good girl to OHW, BW will always be in the background. I don't understand how come the writer will have the story that surfaces, yet, everything sweep under the rug. CR putting pineapple to mess up the BW's dish. - Yes, CR and BW knows about it, but the real person needs to know about this is WH and OHW. CR called the newspaper to put an ugly story about BW/WH and resulting the company's stock to go down - No one seems to care about this anymore. Again, OHW will need to find out what kind of person CR is. Even OHW doesn't like BW and did the horrible things to BW, she didn't do it behind BW's back. She clearly stated that BW isn't good enough to be her DIL. OHW cares about the company and if she finds out CR did this, she would not forgive her. At least, she will look at CR in the different light. This chemical drink incident. What the heck is that excuse? How can such a harmful chemical be in the tumbler? Is this the end of the investigation? I noticed this writer does lay out too many scenes and without reveal/resolution. Is this a sign of bad deeds that CR/YS did will not be exposed until the last few episode? Past 3 weeks, CR did so much unforgivable stunt to BW, yet, no one exposes her and she still going strong. Stronger than I would like to see and certainly there is no sign to end for her to stop. At least not yet.
  6. Leech! Thank you for slapping CR’s face! Small favor to ask, do not hesitate to slap her again, again and again when she is out of line in the future. That was fantastic! I hope you keep it up. In tomorrow’s preview, also, Leech is squeezing YS’ neck and love it. And What’s up with that Team Jang? Other 2 young employees have enough sense to think that the person appears on the TV cooking show should be AR since she works closely with BW and not CR. He is the only one that couldn’t get out of CR’s tail! His reply shock me! "CR is pretty and has an education" CR didn’t develop the dish! What an idiot! I hope CR gets to go on TV and screw it up since she doesn’t know anything about BW’s dish and that will humiliate CR and OHW will not like CR’s job not well done! And she doubts CR how person call herself as an expert couldn’t handle the cooking show. I am also so happy to see finally BW stood up for herself to CR. It’s about time. Did anyone catch CR’s face when she found out that the police will get involve with an investigation of ‘chemical in the drink” incident? Her excuse is she is also a victim, not only BW got hurt from drinking, she ALMOST hurt. Oh, I hope the police found out who dun it and expose her 'BIG'! Over the weekend, I had some time on my hand, so I watched this drama from Ep 1 to Ep 10. As I watched the first 10 episodes of this drama again, I realized that YS was the brain, not CR. At that time, CR was scary cat doesn’t know what to do and YS pretty much took over and told CR to leave things be and she will take care of it. YS influenced CR not turn herself in. She also was the one that told CR to break off with SC. She also gave CR idea to go to the US. YS totally took an advantage of the situation, so that YS can wrap CR around her little finger. Until this time, CR was spoiled rotten rich dad’s only daughter, who gets away with lots of things, but she wasn’t as bad and was not so manipulative as she is now. YS to help to cover CR’s ‘hit and run’ crime, YS knew CR has no choice but to depend on YS moving forward. YS knew CR has no choice since YS took care of the crime so that CR won't go to jail. (so she thinks) If YS didn’t stop CR from turn herself in, SC would have helped CR to do the right thing. I am pretty sure CR will blame all on YS in the end and CR will have no problem her true color to YS as before CR start calling YS – Mom. But, now I am not going to be upset about that because I think YS deserve what is coming to her. YS is really shrewd and she is dangerous. I think in the end, when CR is out of line with YS, YS will threaten her and remind her about she is the one that took care of CR's crime, 'hit and run'! But in the end, when worms out of the can and CR will blame on YS that it was YS' fault. She wanted to turn herself in, but YS is the one that stopped her from doing so, etc... Both will point fingers to each other. @angelwingssf @whome I second that when you said the writer keeps the evil people and act till the last couple of episode and the justice that they got was not enough. I, too, hope to see watching people done the bad deed get the justice and satisfaction of watching them paying for their crime, and not just knowing they went to jail at the end of the drama.
  7. I didn't pay too much attention to it, but yeah, it's unusual that, there is no sub still where I usually watch Kdrama. Joo**.net and hd**.se
  8. We are talking about the real world here. In that sense, it's not possible to just entered into US and immediately start going for their masters or whatever above college level of degree. I am not talking about the kids came from Korea and getting educated here with other american kids. I am talking about the woman/Man after college in Korea and just sent to USA to get the degree like you can get a piece of paper you can buy from the stationery store. In the USA, foreign high school diploma doesn't count as high school grads. They have to take equivalent like GED or some sort of test; entrance exam. It is even harder to get into Masters program since all your college prerequisite credit can't be accepted from the foreign country unless you passed the equivalent exam (not all university accepts even this). So, just getting a helping hand from an another Asian or using google translate, etc. won't get them into college settings. I am saying there are always exceptions, of course, but as you said they are in very small percentage. I am assuming CR was already done college in Korea and she is in USA to get a higher education. It's far fetched she will get that without getting proper credit toward to getting masters, etc. Unless what she has the honorary degree, which I doubt.
  9. @shamrockmom Matter of fact, last night, I used Sodium Hydroxide to make a batch of soap and Potassium Hydroxide to make liquid dishwashing soap. Both chemicals are deadly and I can't imagine drinking it. However, when these chemicals are mixed in the water, it puts out toxic fumes and you really can't put your nose near it. It will knock you out cold. The color is clear like water, but when it is first mixed with water, it immediately turns boiling hot, reaches 200+ F degrees in a matter of seconds and it takes quite awhile to cool it down. I used the wooden spoon to stir this mixture and it actually eats up the wood and turns black. So, I doubt if these 2 chemicals were used in this scenario. If it is from YS' salon, I am thinking more like Glycolic Acid that they use in typical salon settings for face peel. Maybe, we'll find out what it was that used to harm BW, but whatever the case, this act is not a misdemeanor, it's an assault! In the real world, this incident can not be put it under the rug and trying to investigate in-house. They need to report this and have police involve for the investigation. But, I am also aware this is Kdrama and what it should don't always materialize. So, we'll see how the writer will handle this event.
  10. OMG! You just took care of my years of indigestion by saying this! THANK YOU! It's like old English sent their criminals to Austraila, whenever Korean did something illegal or needs to hide out, there is good 'ol USA. Just get on the airplane and go! LOL Another thing I may add, when Kdrama sending man/woman to USA, they just go to school and get masters and came back to Korea just like that! Let me tell you something... CR's english, I doubt she can even graduate bilingual at high school level, let along getting college/masters degree. This is another area that Kdrama writers write the stories so unrealistic. You are absolutely right about the Kdrama writers (not just this one, most of them) has the same story and that also Richard Simmons me off too. Well said Chingoo!
  11. I used to think YS is a kind hearted person in deep down and she's being what she is because of the environment she was in. (young women who hated to be poor, there is no outlet for her and she wanted so desperately to get out of the hell she was in). And the reason she did what she did was to be accepted by Dr and CR. However, now, just like @angelwingssf said, YS is now beyond helping CR and she now becomes an instigator. She hates even someone mentioned about abanding their baby because it reminds her what she did 30+ years ago, yet, she still doesn't show any remorse or regret what she's done. Whether the baby she abandon baby was BW or someone else, she shouldn't be the person to look down on a person based on social class. But, she spoke louder than others when it comes to 'social class'. If she doesn't want someone to find out where she came from, at least she should keep her mouth shut and not speak about it. She is a hypocrite. I can understand or at least, I can try to understand and even forgive what she is done to baby BW. I can even understand helping CR at the beginning when she was helping to get rid of the evidence of 'hit and run' because she wants to be accepted by CR so badly, she did it. But, when someone is doing the same bad deed knowingly over and over, that's unforgivable. The Doctor is arrogant, self-righteous, douchebag, but so far, that is all he's been. He doesn't know his wife is fraud, he doesn't know CR's criminal act. If CR doesn't have YS' help, she may even turn herself in when she was going to before YS convinced her to leave the Korea.
  12. Putting all 'how bad CR is" a side when the writer will start exposing CR? I am starting to get frustrated with the writer. CR still coming between WH and BW, yet, every time CR put her nose in his business, still WH wasn't firm enough to give CR a strong message. Not strong enough so that CR still trying to get WH away from BW by hugging and begging... I can't wait to see what WH's reaction will be on Monday when CR hugs him. Also, SC still keeping his mouth shut! He knows so much to start putting CR to be in the dog house, yet, he still not saying anything and trying to be a gentleman. The H**l with being a gentleman! And where the heck is CR's ex? OHW saw a little bit of CR's temper at the lunch meeting, but not enough to see her as a bad girl. It's about time they need to make everyone aware how dangerous CR really is. Another thing... Why doesn't WH remember SC and CR was a couple once? WH saw both of them when CR jump in front of his car and SC came running after CR. I know it was while back. But, when WH hire SC to be his bodyguard, that was 6 years ago, which at that time, SC's face should have been familiar. The event like this (someone jumped in front of your car to kill herself and sitting/talking while checking Dash-cam as WH and SC did at that time) doesn't happen every day, so I would definitely remember if something like that happened to me. Same goes for BW and YS's meeting at the 'hit and run' site. They had a talk also. It's not like each other's, passer-by. Actual conversation. But either one remembers. If BW remembered meeting YS, she could have told detective, etc... Even if BW thinks it's nothing related to her father's death, the defective will put things together. If the writer wrote in the script that BW remembers her mother from the photo, which picture was taken several decades ago, and not only that, she didn't even cherish the photo of her mother. Just put it away and saw the picture a few times. But when BW sees the housekeeper at the company passing through, BW remembers how she looks like from the photo and noticed her right away to stop her and start to asking questions. But something happened later in her adulthood events, she can't remember... Doesn't make sense at all. Overall, it's a good story, but some of the things the writer injected into the story along the way don't make practical sense. It would have been better later on when they actually remember these events, then, show us as 'flashback' what they saw then.
  13. There are a couple of things that doesn't make sense in this drama. Maybe we shouldn't dissect every individual plot so deep and just accept it is what it is. But I am the type A person and thing like this bothers me. BW supposedly have a keen sense of smell and taste. Someone who has these sense, also develop smell as well. There is no chemical that can actually burn your mouth doesn't smell. But the story for this (damaging enough not able to taste) isn't believable. If it is a just fiction and we have to accept it, I guess So, whether CR did it or YS did it, I think liquid came from there (salon). So, salon would have the bleach and the Acid, most common chemicals used in Salon. It won't be bleach because just a slip of bleach won't burn to damage as what it appears to be, not to mentioned the strong smell. Something will burn the mouth on contact, most likely it is an acid. But Acid smells. Some like faint vinegar. it has a distinctive smell, some very faint smell, but it's not completely like water, also before you can drink it, it actually smell or not, it will burn nose first. Especially it's been heated. If this chemical came from the YS' shop, it's most likely the acid for peeling skin (rejuvenation). For the salon-quality strength, acid isn't pure acid (meaning not 100%). If it is doctor's office, acid strength may be higher, but not the salon use. The salon uses acid for skin peeling is only to peel the first layer of the skin (dead skin). So, just having a little slip of this strength wouldn't give that kind of severe burn enough to give 3rd-degree burn (injury to the third layer of skin, or subcutaneous tissue ). Let's say, we just assume it is pure 100% acid. If this is the case, BW wouldn't just stay calm and go to doctor's office and talk to him. She will be in agonizing pain. She wouldn't even able to talk. Also, how it is possible that only BW to get this liquid in her tea, especially when her co-worker pours the liquid into BW's thermos. No one lucky enough not to use the same pot of water that was sitting just waiting for BW? What we saw, CR wasn't the only one in the office when BW walked. According to the article that I read, here is something about the burn mouth. CR now becomes very dangerous. If SC hides CR's behavior, he is as guilty as CR. CR is now actually harming BW physically. That's criminal case. If she keeps it up, she would be in the mental hospital, not in jail, where she really belongs. They need to investigate this. I hope this is the beginning of the investigation to send CR's to jail.
  14. It's too early for OHW to accept BW as her DIL, so more of BW's humiliation in sight. But, having BW close to OHW, whether OHW wants to or not, she will see the difference between BW and CR. BW will shine and OHW will see BW's true beauty and why WH fall for her. I hope OHW will find out CR is the one that called the newspaper and CR is the one that responsible for the company's stock price to go down, not BW. I still think WH is waaaay toooo soft on CR. He should be more firm with CR when he told her not to come to his office unless it's business related. BTW, is CR's dad is the only doctor that WH can see? He supposedly the best, but if entire Korean depend on only 1 doctor for the same condition as WH has, it's sad. If WH changes the doctor, no reason for CR to keep putting her nose in WH's business. Also, why is doctor discuss patient's condition with his daughter, his wife... mays well give him the bull- horn, so that he can shout out to everyone. So typical Krama...