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  1. 1 hour ago, aniola said:
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    Or because Tum was emotionally devastated and did it without thinking. Also he probably has some kind of gift since he can see ghosts, and even know how they died. So may be he can touch them as well.

    I think ghosts can interact with objects as they want. Like they can open a door or just go through it. Also i'm not really understand if they can eat (other wise what else did Gunsmile-ghost want to do with chicken leg?)). Also i was surprised to see that Met slept and had dreams.


    Of course. Pleasure for my eyes which still pops up ones in a while here and there.:lol:


    perhaps it's the gift - and will it happen again now that he's no longer a child ?  Well, Gumsmile was eating the chicken and a banana..this one has twists..it doesn't follow the typical ghost lore - so it will be interesting to see how everything plays out. It's almost like a  AU ghost  universe :joy:


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  2. 18 minutes ago, aniola said:
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    I thought sticks just allow a ghost to be outside graveyard. So i guess Tum found the way with electric(?) one to be able to bring Met into his home.

    I'm more curious why Tum (when he was crying about his father's death) was able to hug Met.





    Yeah I was surprised that they could hug also - I wonder if his father's presence had something to do with that ? Not only that, but sitting on the car at the lake...it's seems the ghost/living trope is being tested...it's exciting to see something different...


    Have you seen their photoshoot for Hamburger Mag ?  A three story concept - very well done.

    1 minute ago, aniola said:

    Btw, one of the possibilities how we'll get engsub.


    cool !

  3. 48 minutes ago, aniola said:

    Same.:lol: And i find this way to change ghost's clothes interesting. Well, since i couldn't understand what they're saying (only the very end was quite obvious) then at least i tried to understand rules of being a ghost in the series.))

    Anyway, i like it, since it was interesting to watch even without subs.^_^ (And i'm suddenly having temporally fan-crash on Singto.:lol:)

    Just watched it again - just to make sure that I hadn't eaten too much - ( there's has been a BL drought lately).  It's still good - still funny and well directed. There's no wasted space in filming - everything you see has a purpose like


    I'm waiting to see the real meaning of those incense sticks...they are important. Also loved seeing the " ghost dad " that was touching.

    I also like seeing the new Singto ( haven't seen him play a character like this ).  He and Ohm play well. Looking forward to this series with and without subs...they act for understanding.:rolleyes:

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  4. 4 hours ago, gogole mongol said:

    It is regrettable (to me) this new series have a supernatural topic, which i never gives an interest (that's why i ddn't followed any series into this way), nevertheless, the Ohm Pawat presence is enough to be curious. He is one of my fav actor, and his co-lead role into "He's coming to me" is enough attractive to me for to glance at it on his next start. Singto/Ohm pair create my interest and i hope i will made an exception and watch it from beginning to end. The cast also include some actors i will be glad to see again as Singg and Gun! With such star's series, i guess it will certainly be the next success story, that's all i can do to wish the best luck to the serie!

    Yeah the Ohm/Singto combination is a draw. They look good together - so let's see if the chemistry translates on screen.  And it new - been a while since there has been a new series that I'm interested in so if for nothing else...I'll watch !

  5. 14 minutes ago, dramaandfood said:

    How long does it take to move on from a favorite series?? Clearly, 1 month is not doing it!

    All the other series I am seeing feels like a rebound lol. I wish there are so many people who likes LBC so that I can speak all day about how much I like it.

    To be honest, not long...the series has to grab me to the extent that I'll watch it twice...LS and MIR are two Thai series  that I'll go back to if I'm not watching a KD or CD...but mostly, when it's done...I'm done  or at least move to the fringe.. :joy:

    Now if you want to talk LBC 24/7 then you need to go to twitter find somebody to follow and you'll get feeds from the universe about LBC.. go to fb if you want to say more than 40 words. LINE groups and chats will give you a closed circle of  400 + fans to talk with...

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  6. 14 minutes ago, midnightbottle said:


    YAY!! The trailer is out!! Seems like they are going to be a lighthearted episode.

    And instead of Mork being jealous of Tee having a girl (ie. Bambie), now it's the other way round. Hehehe. 1f642.png

    And appearances by Gord x Morn. Can't wait!! #justiceforteemork #justiceforfrankdrake.

     and it's clearly a higher quality production than the series...glad they spent the money ! 

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