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  1. HIStory Series (My Hero, 離我遠一點, 著魔)

    @Cedric Ong I think if anyone would know...you would. Dude, I'm Looking for the novel that Dark Blue is adapted from or is this an original screenplay ? Thanks
  2. Not a problem...it was a fun fan meet. In reflecting on the last two years. They have come a long way. There are times I wish they were in Thailand where they could be an " out couple" if they chose to be..holding hands, hugging, being together publicly, but sadly, it's China. It's hard enough to get a decent BL series nowadays let alone be SS couple. It's easy for those who are not in a Same x Sex relationship to be judgy...but I tell you, it can be very difficult no matter what country you are in, but especially China. Not being out...doesn't make them not real...it just makes them cautious. But even if they were out..we'd still not know everything about them. I think about Porsche and Arm a married gay Thai couple - Porsche is the actor who was in TWM, and even NewYear and Both...NewYear having recently been in a couple of Thai drama's and actually didn't get the role in another BL drama because he was gay. ( go figure ). You only know what they share - the rest is personal. I support Qingyu as a couple - I get what it means, the sacrifices, the caution, The having to say and do things to throw folks off the track for safety. Been there done that. Coming out ain't easy and until you've been on that journey - you can't judge. You can't know...the best you can do is THINK you know...but in the final analysis - you don't. So congrats to them. I hope that times will change for them or they change locations...ultimately, they have to do what is best for them period and no punnani on earth will change that !
  3. 2nd Anniversary of Tianjin Anniversary Fan Meet Hard to believe it's been 2 years...
  4. No applause needed...the whole chat thing is nice...but I don't have that need...like I said if the $$$'s went to a named charity...10 bucks isn't bad to contribute...Now having said that....if it was a Boyz Only Chat...hummm I might pay a whole lot for that opportunity...lol But there are all kinds of fans with all kinds of needs...and I don't even try to understand what those needs are... This whole fandom obsession thing seems to be consistent in China Thailand Japan Korea India... so I chalk it up to being a cultural thing..I ship...but my boat never takes on water...LOL
  5. Ah well, I think this is not for me...I have the work Weibo's and I am content. Thanks for the info. However, if the $$$ were going to charity - I might have considered.
  6. That's nice but I have to ask, where and what does the money go to ? that gc will be collecting ( based on 1000 members) about 20K a year. (used) just wondering. Is it charity ?
  7. Throwback... interesting, one of only a few col's that have shown up and were seated together at a non-fan meet gathering.
  8. A bit of LGBT News Australia votes 79% Yes to 31 % No in favor of SxS Marriage. - baby steps around the world https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/live/2017/nov/15/australias-same-sex-marriage-postal-survey-results-live