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  1. So cute ! @fingersandpaws...the door may indeed have a crack in it !
  2. I mean the genre is something like Men With Swords...This pic is MR's newest and this was the Booting ceremony...they are shooting it now...
  3. Not sure if it's just Wuxia or Xian feels a lot like MWS...sort of historically in the middle. Booting ceremony
  4. yeah me too...I'd love to see him do a Xian Xia drama
  5. I love historical dramas...can't wait for this one...
  6. Interesting...never noticed mr had double ear piercings...or are the second ones new ?
  7. What's funny is if you know how he feels about clothes and would know he was really interested in what was on the ramp. You can't do much more at these things than what he was doing...LOL. Not to mention he and XB had a photo shoot with crash 7...nice stuff !
  8. This takes innuendo to the next level...brilliant...!!
  9. I actually enjoyed him in PWY..will be great to see him in this.