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  1. Well it depends on the size of the hole my jeans all look like that and worse lol
  2. cr: fb Tive Bl Series 4 life #wildboys
  3. You're right the editing is very tight...and lack of obvious product placement is refreshing. I saw more product placement in the BTS. I will be
  4. What drama YOU watching...??
  5. you forgot Ramen and yeah you did...and here you are back again.
  6. We are consumed
  7. Dude...been telling ya...
  8. If you build it..they will cum...Dude...it was just a matter of time before you came back...after the E4 preview...I knew you had too ! And there are NO interventions...just fall down the rabbit hole with the rest of us ! That's a good one too...I also forgot about this thing call work...so I have a week long conference...that will take of waiting time too !
  9. I don't think anyone is...it clearly beats 12 episodes of staring longingly into his eyes and ending with lip touching...( yeah I'm throwing shade). Well I also watch mega episodes of Chinese fantasy dramas so I can be distracted until next Friday...they release two episodes a day...LOL of course I could rewatch ( again) LBC purely for educational reasons...or blow through two seasons of LS..( again )- no matter what we do...Friday at 22:15 is still...about 140 +/- hours from now.
  10. E4 Teaser... <sigh>
  11. Frame was in Mir but we knew that from the beginning...Ae is guy walking around with the answer to his question in an envelope. He just hasn't opened it yet... and the answer is: Walking down the street with a friend - middle school He says: " Wow isn't that gurl cute ? " I say : " yeah..but who is that guy she's with ?" Deal was seal then...
  12. Well we already know the deep connection that LBC has to LS. Sometimes the mechanics of one scene resembles the mechanics of another scene. Take for instance, LBC E3 2/4 6:41 that scene to the end...and now look at this: I am loving this ! You always see more wit a second watch !
  13. Interestingly enough , I was having this exact conversation today with a writer friend of mine who explained, that it's a plot device and a trope that appears in most BL series. How else will one male ( usually str8) character reconcile the feelings he has for another guy ? Like you, I think another guy could do the same thing ( aka DBM). But somehow the one male character has to act against a female to confirm/recognize/accept his feels for the other guy. Rather laborious if you ask me; it's never pretty and there's never a Yiwha around to balance things..
  14. From Lovesick. He talks pretty slow in any language I think...LOL. Yeah he's growing on me...a nice comedic relief and direct opposite of his hyper best friend. Wonder what's going to happen when Can gets his Tin?