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  1. Have you seen their photoshoot for Hamburger Mag ? A three story concept - very well done. cool !
  2. Just watched it again - just to make sure that I hadn't eaten too much - ( there's has been a BL drought lately). It's still good - still funny and well directed. There's no wasted space in filming - everything you see has a purpose like I also like seeing the new Singto ( haven't seen him play a character like this ). He and Ohm play well. Looking forward to this series with and without subs...they act for understanding.
  3. these two scenes had me LMAO....so far, it's a good series, enjoyable - Met & Tun work !
  4. Yeah the Ohm/Singto combination is a draw. They look good together - so let's see if the chemistry translates on screen. And it new - been a while since there has been a new series that I'm interested in so if for nothing else...I'll watch !
  5. You mean the the first episode came out yesterday...not Bass right ?
  6. LBC-Manila FanMeet - Live Reaction by Alyx. If you've seen if reaction vids you know he's triggered ! Aside from his reactions...he was sitting in the front row judging by the close ups.
  7. Hey there !! How are ya ? Thanks ! I hadn't seen this one yet.
  8. And so my friends....The TharnType story from the LBC Universe is happening.... Meet Gulf( Type ) and Mew (Tharn ) Congrats to both them...LBC lives on in another novel ! and the scene that made it happen in the audition and if you forget the connections here the map again
  9. That is/was the best copy so far...I'm sure somebody has it in HD and will post it ! Although this was a video of a video...it might not get any clearer unless CathyDoll releases the original...one can only hope !
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