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  1. Well you have to have quite an intimate relationship to want to fix the buttons and belt on another mans clothing ( unless you are a tailor )..LOL
  2. It seems..based on the wigs that I've seen...they are all rockin the long ( to the waist ) hair this time...LOL Maybe the Kings is to his butt....LOL
  3. As @swong2330 said, no apology is necessary. this genre takes a while getting comfortable with it for all the reason you mentioned. I have seen MWS1 and I think this installment will be even better...the costumes and hair styles already say that. I too am anxious to see Dayu in the drama...I think as the King, he will do well. As for the hair...every Bl and Non-Bl historical drama I've watched, the men have long hair..I've actually been following the behind the scenes with this and it's quite remarkable what they do in the designing of each hair pieces the cornets and the robes...I'm impressed...not to mention...I'm the kinda guy who likes the look...and considers it hot ! LOL...
  4. Something to remember. In the real world it's not easy - pass this on...
  5. And MR always wanting to fix XB jacket - button it...pants.. .lol That's a lot a intimacy...LOL You don't want to button the jacket of some dude you just met unless...
  6. And I forgot...we have those great calendars done by @fingersandpaws. So, as a fandom, we don't have it so bad....
  7. Yeah it is...but at least we do have Wudong's for their public time not have anything would mean we would have to guess. LOL