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  1. deltos

    HIStory Series (My Hero, 離我遠一點, 著魔)

    Shooting schedule History3
  2. Final Episode (13) note: over an hour long.. EP.13 Break 1/5 https://tv.line.me/embed/4817968 EP.13 Break 2/5 https://tv.line.me/embed/4817970 EP.13 Break 3/5 https://tv.line.me/embed/4817971 EP.13 Break 4/5 https://tv.line.me/embed/4817974 EP.13 Break 5/5 https://tv.line.me/embed/4817975
  3. The Next Chapter International links Episode 12 1/5 https://tv.line.me/embed/4761188 2/5 https://tv.line.me/embed/4761189 3/5 https://tv.line.me/embed/4761190 4/5 https://tv.line.me/embed/4761186 5/5 https://tv.line.me/embed/4761187
  4. To be honest, not long...the series has to grab me to the extent that I'll watch it twice...LS and MIR are two Thai series that I'll go back to if I'm not watching a KD or CD...but mostly, when it's done...I'm done or at least move to the fringe.. Now if you want to talk LBC 24/7 then you need to go to twitter find somebody to follow and you'll get feeds from the universe about LBC.. go to fb if you want to say more than 40 words. LINE groups and chats will give you a closed circle of 400 + fans to talk with...
  5. BTS from upcoming MV MV Teaser
  6. This is so wrong...but damn it made me LMAO in public !
  7. Wb I seem to remember you saying Thailand a while back so I figured u were off the grid for a bit. There is a bit to catch up on ttyl
  8. and it's clearly a higher quality production than the series...glad they spent the money !
  9. E10 - International Links B1 >> https://tv.line.me/embed/4638142 B2 >> https://tv.line.me/embed/4638143 B3 >> https://tv.line.me/embed/4638145 B4 >> https://tv.line.me/embed/4638146 B5 >> https://tv.line.me/embed/4638147
  10. btw,,,the director for this and all the MySkyy episodes is the same director who directed Loser/17. So there will be some nice continuity .
  11. They are going to be ok...have to look beyond the situation to the resolution. Edge of 17 isn't bad....they will close the loop with Our Skyy...we were left hanging a bit...
  12. Episode 9 B1 >> https://tv.line.me/embed/4543008/ B2 >> https://tv.line.me/embed/4543009/ B3 >> https://tv.line.me/embed/4543012/ B4 >> https://tv.line.me/embed/4543013/ B5 >> https://tv.line.me/embed/4543014/
  13. Oh I suppose if I had been home...boredom might have set in...although I have 4 episodes of TEL2 to catch up on...today's TWM3 episode. And of course Friday...and tomorrow at 9 PM BKK time....the 6 new moons will be announced. ...So there's enough to keep going for the next few days...I'm sure there will be wailing, thrashing, and/or celebration for the announcement of the final 6...it will make interesting reading around the net for sure ! Twitter ought to be smokin'