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  1. HIStory Series (My Hero, 離我遠一點, 著魔)

    Anyone know how old Hunt is ?
  2. There are those defining moments when I'm so glad I'm a Brother...and don't get caught up in the drama so I can appreciate the beauty of the men. Don't much care who You or Qing plays with, sleeps with, dances with, or hangs with. Since they are guys...I understand all to well. Sometimes, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do...simple as that. Qing...HOT.
  3. He actually saw him going into a venue he called his name he turned and waved...no pics of course....LOL I was like Dude !!! Forget the wave take a shot...I think he was surprised to see him so he forgot all about his camera ! LOL
  4. thanks...I'll check my sch and flights...I have some friends there - so if I can't make it...I'll send the boyz...LOL
  5. It would be very cool...although part of me thinks...getting away from fans might be a good thing for him...LOL I'll have to check my schedule.. Do you know what houses/designer shows ?
  6. First openly gay Kpop artist...the winds of change...
  7. First openly gay Kpop artist ( in case you didn't know) Kudo's to TWM - for hiring an openly gay actor...may there be more... to come
  8. After listening to Neverland by Holland ( First openly gay Kpop artist) I am reminded of all the BL actors and artists looking for Neverland, the place where you are free to love who you love and to be who you are with no excuses. Where you don't have to pretend to be something that you're not to please others. I think this song is an homage to the openly gay actors who are allowed to have a relationship and act : DarkBlue and Midnight, What the Duck, I am Your King, Together With Me. Sadly, it's not China where I think the struggle is real to be who you are or to be who everyone wants you to be... Anyway, this vid popped up in my feed...right after Neverland...it just seemed so right... Oh if they and others could only be as Both/NewYear ( relationship over 7 years), Porsche/Arm ( legally married by the way)...you wouldn't need cpl fans, only fans, or anti-fans...because the truth would stand for itself.