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  1. Nope It did... and how refreshing it cannot live on sweet need some meat, bread, and vegetables...LOL One can only that is not a page turner...that's a stay on the page, take notes, use a yellow highlighter, and if real important - use green.
  2. I hope so. What ??? Am I the harbinger of badness ? Yes, after reading...I can say you were so good that perhaps a Shrine is in order for you ! LOL
  3. It's fiction ( bordering on fantasy)...but I think it's the story that the writer wanted to tell..." What happens if you put 6 guys together who are friends and they love each other ? " So all kinda storylines and tropes and coincidences appear. The writer decided to go Shounen-Ai with this novel...I perhaps would prefer a bit more Yaoi... XD
  4. I'm waiting for PinkMilks take on that. I've read three different translations so far and they all have a different slant...The action seemed to suggest....but the conversation seemed out of place for what was initially happening in that scene. My initial thought was that Pha was stating the obvious..but why ?
  5. So what is he going to think about what happens in Episode 8 ? I mean he's going to know that Pha and Yo have hooked up before Season 2 right ? Or are Pha and Yo gonna hide it ? Oh the angst !
  6. Frankly Scarlett - oh wait ! In the've got the breakfast scene and he's wearing the bracelet. So unless they stayed up all night from the beach...there had to be a morning somewhere. The bracelet is part of the Shrine of Pha along with the pics. Wait...I want to see the camera work when Yo gets the the angle gonna include Forth ? I believe that it's the camera that gives you perspective on what's happening and what's to come - so will there be a Forth reaction unless Yo is riding in the backseat...LOL Well Ming has locked on to Kit...I hope it's the Tango not the electric slide...don't think I could do the long haul on this relationship and geez...Forth and Beam ? 3 seasons feels so's not like LOTR where they just kept shooting for three years.
  7. I'm waiting for these scenes: 1) The Pha/Phing convo in the car on the way to school. 2) Pha finding his shrine 3) Ming's reaction to Finally ! I mean as You's bff and having to listen to this longing for years...he's gotta want to celebrate - he can now move on to his business of Kit 4) The confessions cause theres the note/text thing..then the in person. I also wonder why Yo was still peeved to the extent that he kicked him... 5) A kiss..although I'm not expecting anything epic; curling of the toes, breathlessness, the vapors... that's my scene list...
  8. that sounds like part of the script from 2Moons... OK I'm just gonna say it...there better be some form of affection in E8 between Pha and Yo: a kiss, a hug, some skinship of some sort...ok so we have seen clips of hair-ruffling and crumb clearing from the face. But you'd do that to a I'm hoping for Pha to stop looking at the Icecream Sundae because it's melting fast !
  9. Will the person who mentioned anime to @charlesmorris please stand up...if not he's gonna ask every poster he comes in contact with ! And no you didn't ask me but I do and I have watched it and it was good...anything to fill the void for the next 36 hours before 2Moons...nice fill in... it has edge to it...I like it...he's adulting ! LOL