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  1. I agree it shows the producers cared about UL, the story, the characters, and the fans. I think that they knew we would get the subtle changes in the character. Now those who have not watched UL will have too!
  2. TWINKle,TWINKle little star...
  3. Dude ! Did you not get the memo ? The Team Color was Black and White...but you are forgiven...Finally Bas is not +1 at an event #handsomegoldencarpet (sorry for low dpi)
  4. Thanks ! I knew there had to be a title change... thanks for info!
  5. I've been looking for the novel in any language...anyone seen it online ?
  6. It was a fine piece concept ! First time I've seen a cross over of characters in a Chinese production using an another original character...well..that color could be applied..but it says more about being flamboyant that and a white Bentley...Xie Yan was no slouch in dressing..LOL I think I was captivated by the storyline, interactions and deceptions...less with it being hardcore BL...perhaps there is another release like with UL...
  7. So I guess, there was a real HE after all. LOL. Brilliant ! Well played Leofish...well played. btw...anyone sub that clip yet ?
  8. It would have really been cool and a nice cross over to have him singing in a club or being his assistant. Nonetheless, it was nice to see Xie Can in his role again.
  9. sometimes you find the cutest things on other cpls's sites...
  10. Thanks dude. I'm always looking for a more complete downloader that will work across browsers.
  11. Yeah when I compare the two. I almost want to go ahead and's like 1080 HD on IQ. Oh well...something is better than nothing ! Always Shayoe.. it was a good clip...and he looked good too...! Makes you wish for another episode of