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  1. Hy welcome ! And yes you have completed your task...I could see the notifications of someone walking through the forum. Glad you took the time...there ar ships...and there are special ships...Ruiwen is a special ship !
  2. Thanks for the quote ! I was looking for this book. Yes, and Yes.
  3. When ever something good passes my way I always think of this forum...I think the best fans sometimes are those who sit quietly and watch... I don't need to see him leaving an airport, going to an airport, washing his hands...or other stuff...I can respect his privacy and know when he shares stuff..it's worth while. I like see you post also...you always bring clarity !
  4. You have to look at it this way. TWM2 Was the story of how K7K met again and started college of course Yiwah was there. None of the people in TWM2 were in Bad Romance except for Yiwah and Cho. Bad Romance ( although hit came first ) is really the sequel. TWM3 ( the Next Chapter really occurs after Bad Romance...the the only characters that travel would be Yiwah, and Cho who were in the first two, and Dr. Bright andFarm who were in TWM2. So aside from those 4 characters, it seems you get a brand new cast of characters..and also looks like Parents. Korn's sister wasn't in Bad Romance. The other thing is TWM3 is an original script so there is a lot more freedom in the story telling.
  5. deltos

    HIStory Series (My Hero, 離我遠一點, 著魔)

    Hunt and Steven will be on in June. ! Yesterday was a great show. Oh and there will a HIStory 3. One story will be Trap ( which didn't make it into H2). I guess we'll hear about the rest later.
  6. Da nada ! although the star of David did catch my eye ! something not worn without a purpose.
  7. Qing in Spain pic cr: qing's Weibo
  8. This was so cool...great way to end the day !
  9. deltos

    HIStory Series (My Hero, 離我遠一點, 著魔)

    All that is known for now is that it was mentioned that there will be a History 3.
  10. deltos

    HIStory Series (My Hero, 離我遠一點, 著魔)

    Also has the producer of the History series ( woman with the mike ) also talks about History 3
  11. deltos

    HIStory Series (My Hero, 離我遠一點, 著魔)

    HIStory Fan Meet in Taiwan ( contains some video and pics) https://star.ettoday.net/news/1150402
  12. deltos

    HIStory Series (My Hero, 離我遠一點, 著魔)

    There will be a HIStory 3. Recent Fan Meet pic cr: Steven
  13. Yeah it was Weibo. There's a lot of content that has been deleted already. So all we can do is wait and see what happens.It's truly sad for this to be happening in the 21st century.