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  1. Dude, I don't mean to leave you hanging out here...I agree with ya... It's beyond me why the PERSONAL LIVES of Qingyu matter at all ! Here's the thing. Guys are pretty direct. They say what they have to say and move on. If they don't say anything ....you don't have to go and make shite up ! I support them as actors..my focus is on their careers..not who they fck. And honestly, the desperation to know kinda pi$$es me off. So girls - take it to the sandbox... leave this forum for happy times...The she said, she said...really is tiring because at the end of the it doesn't matter. So as I say to my girls in real life...
  2. Thanks ! I may wait for completed CA then read again..lol Tell me do you know of any translated copies of there's a lot of fan fiction...but I want original novel.
  3. Right...but I think only on Patreon can you download the entire vol and read at you leisure...LOL. Either way I'm happy it's translated. I hope she does Counter Attack next !
  4. Anne Noh has finished translating Uncontrolled Love Vol1. If you are a member of Patreon you can access the translated novel. I don't think it's on Wattpad. But if you follow her, you prolly got a notification.
  5. Hi there...it has been a while...I remember you from the early days....lol I tell you, I do read the stuff that floats around out there on Weibo and other site and often scratch my head wondering why all the convo? Like are these folks getting a check ? Getting Paid ? Is it their job? Then I remember than fandom looks different in the East than the West. But I notice it's the same for most current and former BL drama actors. Bottom line is I consider Qingyu my Bro's..don't know them personally, but we do share ( ahem) commonalities. I care about their careers and future projects, yeah I look for cute pics...light weight stuff but ultimately personal life is well, personal and it is China; hich comes with it's own set of issues and expectations. At all times I wish them the best and respect them as men doing what they gotta do. I get that and not being judgey. So that's my two cent.LOL I will tell ya that the convo's the guys have that I talk about QY is way different...
  6. Not all gifs are animated LOL loved that clip Yeah that would be me only I would be guided smart fashion guy...why waste the opportunity.. Hope he had a good time...I'm sure he's glad to be home...Think this was his first fashion week. Now, we have to get him to the NY fashion week...LOL No it's not a animated gif but a video clip. You have to have a place to host video clips so you can paste the url here like you do with yt,fb,twt, or other platforms.
  7. [Thai Drama 2017] Together With Me The Series

    I think you have to put the transition in the context of the scenes. Farm's behavior was always in the presence of Bright. That is, he deliberately wanted Bright to see him - the changing of shirt color from White to Black was brilliant and showed very subtly that Farm was out for payback. The changing of partners is not so much about maturity...it's about choice. Every interaction is not a search for a relationship...and every guy is not a boyfriend. It is what it is...
  8. [Thai Drama 2017] Together With Me The Series

    Ummm..which men are you referring to ? Men in general ? I'm actually glad that Farm manned up...he couldn't stay a young boy forever. We ( being men) come into manhood in different ways - for Farm this was his way perhaps not the best - that said, I don't think he's confused - he knows exactly what he is doing and why. He gave up his " innocence" so now, he lives with his eyes wide open - it happens. He can never be innocent again...and clearly not a boy. If there was a season3 we might see this played out even further...but for now, Farm is in charge of himself. Bright's guilt is really about him caring more than he thought he did about Farm...that's his struggle and that's what he has to live with.
  9. [Thai Drama 2017] Together With Me The Series

    1. Horse 2. I only know one "gay thing" and it's not long nails. 3. Not my business. Unless he says it I don't inquire - it's not important.