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  1. 260617 Weibo update "Princess Agents " (ok emoticion) image - "is there freestyle?" Translate by ZLY_HQ
  2. Variety: 72 Floors of Mystery ~七十二层奇楼 250617~BTS filming in Chengdu (3days)
  3. 240617 to Chengdu for shooting final episode 72 Floors of Mystery ~七十二层奇楼
  4. 230617~Li Ying weibo update still on today's variety show: 72 Floors of Mystery ~七十二层奇楼 - "If you continue to be a flamboyant, I'll come and catch you"
  5. Variety: 72 Floors of Mystery ~七十二层奇楼 230617~new stills from today's episode 7
  6. 220617 Our love super star in Devil You cap is so cool for rehearsal
  7. Variety: 72 Floors of Mystery ~七十二层奇楼 210617~Zhao Li Ying new stills for next episode
  8. 210617 depart Beijing airport
  9. Ratings: Cool real-time finally break!
  10. Video added on Opening Speech at Weibo Movie Night 2017 Feng Xiao Gang has a short speech in the beginning in which he uses to tease some actors. With Li Yi Feng, since it’s Father’s Day and they played father-son in Mr. Six, he looks into the audience and looks for his “son.” You can see Yi Feng waving his hand to get father’s attention, then Feng Xiao Gang asks if there are a lot of daughter-in-laws in the audience. A lot! Lol. He adds that he posted a comment this morning and over thousands of daughter-in-laws left a comment. He wonders if he’s really busy these days and Yi Feng jokes back that he’s been taking medicines regularly, as in he’s been drinking nutritious stuff to prep his body. HAHAHA. Feng Xiao Gang is happy for his daughter-in-laws. XD If you didn’t know already, Zhao Li Ying won yahoo star search held by Feng Xiao Gang and thus began her career. In the clip above, he sat down next to her for a little chat, reminding her that it’s been 10 years since she started out with his commercial. He recalls her as a pretty girl with character. Now that she’s a big star, he can’t believe it’s been 10 years, and apologizes for revealing her age. (Ha!) He then jokes that she was only 12 at the time (actually was 19). He hasn’t seen her since then, more so because he doesn’t watch tv as much. Then he finally met her again at the Student Awards Festival and they took a selfie and chat some more but at the end of the day, he thought she was familiar and was told she’s Zhao Li Ying. So then he got on weibo and befriended a Zhao Li Ying account, only to be told it’s a fake account. He remembers Li Ying has left a comment and gives her the mic and she confirms that she left a comment saying she’s the real one. However, he didn’t pay her any attention and instead teased on weibo that he’s also a fake Feng Xiao Gang. Lastly, he congratulates her growth. The audience’s love for her is like the brimming sun in the afternoon. He hopes she continue to improve and if there’s a chance, they should grab a drink together. Translated by AVV source https://www.avirtualvoyage.net/2017/06/weibo-movie-awards-ceremony-2017.html#more-23471 Some screencaps
  11. Male lead confirmed, Feng Shao Feng (William Feng) It'll be their 2nd time working tog, after the movie, The Monkey King3: Daugther of the King/Land of Beauty. Cr ZLYHQ