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  1. [Variety News Video Update] 260417~BTS Zhao Li Ying and Wu YiFan recording 72 Floor of Mystery
  2. [CF] Zhao Li Ying & Yang Yang for Kang Shifu Jasmine Tea - BTS Footage
  3. 250417~Evening tonight Beijing to Ningbo Filming 72 Floor of Mystery Cr as labelled
  4. 240417~Airport fashion Cr weibo shared by ZaniliaZhaoLiYing fb
  5. 240417 Zhao Liyng spotted arrived at Beijing airport from Japan cr as labelled
  6. [CF] Zhao LiYing and Yang Yang for Kang Shifu Jasmine Tea 15s TVC
  7. News TV promo, sorry no english sub. "Agent of the princess Chu Qiao Chuan" the latest film + drama through !!! │ To Watch Zhao Liying's new update in the spy and trickery among the affectionate interpretation of the world.
  8. 220417 'Princess Agents' trailer hit 20mil views after just 24hours! It was also trending on weibo~ WoW! Cr as labelled
  9. 210417~Zhao Li Ying weibo update. 她就是一个普普通通的有着自己小小信仰的女子,她是真正的女权,不是理所当然的权力,而是为了追求平等一直在战斗,她比很多人有能力,却比大多数人都活得辛苦,二十几岁的年华,却仿佛过了一生。“热血”是改变这个时代不可缺少的力量。希望今年暑假,我看到所有人挥洒的汗水能化为光荣。 "She is an ordinary woman with her own little faith, she is a real feminist, not a matter of course, but in pursuit of equality has been fighting, she is better than many people, but more than most people, living hard, more than 20 years, but as if over a lifetime. "Blood" is an indispensable force to change this era. I hope this summer, I can see all the sweat hard can be turned into glory" (translate, google)
  10. Hi, sorry for my late reply. Btw so far i can't find the full story of this novel in English too.
  11. My pleasure I'm excited too, and cant wait for the drama airing. Hoping this will be another Liying's blast drama.
  12. FINALLY 'Princess Agents" 1st trailer out. Wow.. Liying looks so badass, I cant wait to watch this drama
  13. FINALLY 1st trailer is out today !