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  1. Our Ying baby is forever very very busy 230317 depart Beijing airport to Wuxi cr weibo as labelled
  2. 230317 ZLY at Xin Ri press conference and event The Venue The Event Launching new electric motorbike Cr as labelled
  3. 230317 ZLY studio weibo update today at Xin Ri press conference
  4. Zhao Li Ying and Lin Geng Xin for COSMOBRIDE Spring 2017 issue Cr as labelled
  5. More photos~210317 ZLY at xStep 321 Kickoff run event More photos of Li Ying at xtep's run event in her sportswear They gifted her a pair of limited edition shoes for her to advertise Cr as tagged.
  6. 220217 ZLY press conference for Lee Man Paper Company -an eco friendly driven company. Cr as labelled
  7. 220317 ZLY Weibo update 吃早饭嘛 厦门·厦门高崎国际机场 For Breakfast, xiamen hap international airport (translate google)
  8. 220317 Depart Xiamen airport to Beijing Arrived Beijing airport Cr as labelled
  9. Shooting for Cosmo mag Cr weibo as labelled
  10. 200317 Zhao Li Ying Wishes Jie Ting/LADYCARE 'Happy 20th Anniversary'
  11. 200317 Zhao Li Ying Filming for Jie Ting/LADYCARE 20th Anniversary BTS Footage
  12. 210317 Zhao Li Ying at xStep 321 Kickoff event as the brand ambassador. (LQ from live stream) Watch full vid -
  13. 210317 ZLY for Lee Man press conference Cr to the owner via zaniliazhaoliying fb
  14. [Weibo] "Hello, I'm preparing a surprise at Xiamen on 21 Mar! Can't reveal it yet but stay tuned to xtep's event to find out!" Info cr ZLY HQ
  15. ZLY will be holding a small fanmeet for Xin Ri in Tianjin on 23 Mar! CR ZLY HQ as labelled.