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  1. Hi, warm welcome to ZLY's thread, hope to see you more here.
  2. Try this link at Viki, I think the link is still good. https://www.viki.com/tv/21465c-legend-of-mermaid?locale=en
  3. More pics from Aquair cr as labelled
  4. Another pic for Dioramour
  5. @cherubstomatoI let you know once i have info on the brand of her cap and necklace. Btw as i see there few of her co-stars like LYF, WC & WYF, always wear caps and even YY too. @mrsyooknitCan you please tell us what was Yingbao's short message about? thanks in advance. http://www.weibo.com/tv/v/FhudIo7GQ?fid=1034%3A9a38d3cb34478a4e0a4693ab85ac128f Her news on this was published on "China Daily" too. ~edit, sorry forgot to cr source Full news at source: http://www.chinadailyasia.com/articles/59/106/99/1502946918101.html
  6. Those medias always put the wrong ideas to create frictions esp among fans. Opps edit~ @cherubstomato correct 'google' translation confusing. btw meaning of Love is very wide, as for Yingbao we have to wait and see what love means most to her @icyphoenixI read those are for 'Metuan delivery" I dont know if it's the same as the app she promote in 72 Floor. Yingbao is like a living doll, so so beautiful. Pic was during filming 'Our Glamour Time' in Wuhan. cr as labelled
  7. The C-media always trigger that kind of news to create attention and they will always use those few competitive top actresses to stir the news. And I heard there are some actors/actresses companies who paid media for such news too. @Chii90 well said about shipping. I really cant be a delulu shipper it's hard for me. I need concrete and solid evidence news and proofs, i willl ship the real couple in reality bcos i dont like to speculate their rumours esp on Yingbao as this can effect her image and career too, what more with media interference. Let's hope everything will be good and smooth for "The Story of MingLan" and "Our Glamour Time" too. cr zlyfb
  8. Yingbao for Dior Dior sincerely presents the dioramour tanabata series, designed by the Dior Couture Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri, and invited the famous actor @赵丽颖 to interpret the meaning of "love" and to make love to you. -translate google cr dior
  9. Wow so many pics she selfies and who said Yingbao is alien head? To me as always she is so cute and pretty. I love her smile so sweet and eyes is so beautiful. Hahaha she even promote the Dove chocolate too Gosh so there are so many intimates scene as per the book I agree, they are sure not to cover too much spaces on the intimate scenes, after all the drama has only 30 epi, It's better to be short and precise with meaningful story rather than dragging and bored. Added pics at filming ceremony, cr as labelled
  10. WEIBO UPDATE: 160817 Yingbao commented on Zhang Xue Ying's weibo saying "jiayou" for her new drama. The two of them knew each other from a while back cr zly_hq
  11. When Dove beauty camera encounters Zhao Liying http://www.miaopai.com/show/eJWBK~Wr0jMpZw9o4C5gYvexq7YRjFwPGcJexQ__.htm
  12. @mrsyooknit wow you are fast, thanks. OMG LiQian looks pretty and gorgeous. I cant wait to watch this drama..2018 pls come fast cr as labelled
  13. Thanks so much, you're our savior. Take your time dear, no hurry we will patiently wait for you. I trust Yingbao, she is a professional actress and will deliver us an excellent job. And i'm sure she will train JH to be a very good actor too. I guess when they're deep in their acting character, automatically he will be turn to be her boss
  14. Thanks so much. So glad they give them a good lesson. Ah so it was a PR stunt by Ciwen to show their concerned now. If Ciwen are really sincere, they shld have made the forum long b4 the drama ended and analysed how the best ending shld be. So disappointed nowadays, i guess everywhere the same, big companies will win regardless their dirty play.
  15. Yingbao On Line App. Cr as labelled