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  1. @triplem, hi there chinggu... I love this drama... It makes me smile all day long..... but I got scared from the end of last episode. It reminds me of My Ahjussi. I hope we will feel this till the end.
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  3. We are so grateful to be able to see and listen to the thought of members of BTS through V-live. Not everyone is lucky enough to meet them in person so this is the closest that majority of ARMY can experience. Thanks to the ARMY translators that provide live translation. Later, we will get the full subtitle. Besides showing his new studio, he also answered questions from ARMYs. These are parts of the conversation: credit to the owner
  4. Better preview from SBS Now. I haven't watch last night's episode in full yet. It feels too painful. Credit to the owner.
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  6. Yes, that part is quite funny. YJ really didn't know what the other women might be thinking when she said that... ha ha... I'm interested to know about her background especially when she is in a way accepted as one of the boys (men).
  7. Some of the things that I do not like in a sageuk is the power struggle that will then lead to the betrayal etc. However this is something that one has to expect when it comes to politics. I wonder how Prince YN going to handle the situation. It is clear that he didn't expect that part of a deal. What will be his strategy to overcome it? This is what I'm interested in at the moment. Credit to the owner
  8. Too lagging from my side..... have to give up ha ha... Below the highlight from last week's episodes: Credit to the owner