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  1. "If we ENCOUNTER hardships along the way that we must endure, let's do so by reminding ourselves of the memories we made since Cuba." OTP, fighting!!! cr : Tukkatamickie37
  2. I just watched Ep.15 and continued to be impressed by the flow of the drama. When I first saw the genre..I knew things wouldn't be all sunshine and rainbows probably until the last 15 mins of the final ep and I was totally fine with that. Even after watching the first few eps..I still told myself to get ready for a sad ending. It'd never been a problem to me before but decided to change my mind after seeing the leads' struggle to fight for their happiness. Hopefully the writer will be able to give us a good closure today.
  3. She tweeted this two hours ago..she said someone met PBG and SHK at Ihwa Mural (probably Ihwa Mural Village). Didn't mention when tho. Googled to see how the place looks like. ctto
  4. I don't mind feeling angsty tonight..but they'd better give us something like these tomorrow. ctto
  5. Our beautiful CEO.. cr : Weibo @redbeanbuns @NongpeeP I loveeeee KJH's manly hands I could stare at them forever..too bad they already belong to CSH. Not that I'm complaining.. lol.
  6. I love it when the camera focuses on their hands. cr : en_junio
  7. He seems so proud of her.. ctto @redbeanbuns I don't understand anything they said but I heard 'Kim Jin Hyuk'..
  8. @dukesa1122 Let's hope we get to see Cuban KJH again before Encounter ends.
  9. This gif never fails to make me laugh. cr : summergum_ He's such an ideal boyfriend.. I just wanna give her a hug and tell her that everything's gonna be okay. ctto