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  1. I'm so looking forward to seeing what will happen to KJH once he falls deeply in love. Will he become even more stubborn? Will his stubbornness become his flaw? I think his character will be more complex as the story progresses. It'll be interesting to watch that.
  2. cr : Naver Blog He's always there for her and he understands her more than anyone else could. Guess I need to find my own Kim Jin Hyuk as well. Thanks @gumtaek
  3. So cute these two CSH looks shocked..I wonder why. cr : dc
  4. I know some might blame CSH for her failed marriage (KJH's mother for example). To me, CSH isn't a character without flaws. She grew up being told what to do, had to fake her happiness for the sake of her ambitious parents, forced to be in a loveless marriage and treated like an object by her MIL...while I do feel sorry for her ex-husband, maybe he just wasn't the right person to crack the wall she built for years.
  5. Ep. 04 ratings : Nationwide >>> 9.264% Metropolitan >>> 11.486% cr : BogumThailand
  6. The men will have a tough time then. Sometimes watching Encounter is like watching a CF. Both SHK and PBG effortlessly make everything they wear and eat look so good. Effective endorsers indeed! Lol
  7. Three episodes to fall in love sound reasonable to me. There was obviously an attraction from the beginning but still not enough to be called love. And Idk if it's just me but I could totally see the different stages of their relationship.
  8. Someone posted the ratings on Twitter..9.25 last night.
  9. Afaik, SHK is very professional and she would never want her private life to meddle with her career. She said so herself. Also, correct me if I'm wrong but normally when she receives a drama offer, she'd consider the script, writer and the PD first before agreeing. Well I'm glad that SHK and PBG accepted the offers as I can't imagine anyone else as CSH and KJH now. They're both perfect for their roles. cto And regarding the promo, Idk if it's just me but I think tvN is doing quite a good job? But then I'm not familiar with how they promoted their dramas so I could be wrong here.
  10. I kinda have a soft spot for the ex-husband after reading his character description. Seems like he does love her.
  11. Those negative comments about their age gap just can't be helped. More attention is probably on SHK and PBG simply because they are SHK and PBG..two equally popular actors whose names alone are enough to get the hype. Btw, I love this pic...the visuals, side profile.. ❤ cto
  12. Thanks so much for all the updates. I still haven't watched the full ep so I can't say anything about it yet but I'm curious about reviews from Korean viewers. I hope they're positive.