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  1. Wow I'm excited @cpy95!!!! Haha. Take your time. There is no hurry. Thank you so much for your hard work. I really miss our silly bird and grape. Sighhh. I wonder how many times a person can rewatch a show without getting bored. It's already been 5 to 6 times for me, but I still can't get over it. Sighh.
  2. @triplem Choi Jin Hyuk Oppa!!!! I also very much like our group's profile picture. LOL. So I should nominate him as well....
  3. @triplem Thanks for the invite!!!! There are still 3 more eps left, so I hope they fit in one shower scene in that. After all he is supposed to be sad and brooding right now after that breakup. Hahahaha
  4. I've not started watching it yet. I'll probably start it over this weekend. It only has 12 eps. It should be available on all the sites. I'm not sure either. -2 I'll just drop this here...
  5. 948 Ughhhhh @USAFarmgirl I'm high on NJH daze these because of a certain variety show. Have you been watching The Light in your eyes??? @themarchioness ^^^^A real wink..... LOL. Gif cr to owner.
  6. 946 @Lmangla It's from the movie fall in love at first kiss. It's yet another adaptation of ISWAK. But it felt really fresh and nice. I liked it a lot. Exactly my kind of fluffy cotton candy stuff. Haha.
  7. -3 I can look at him looking at her all day....LOL.
  8. -2 Today's spazzing topic is ISWAK movie ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH How beautiful!!!!!! Yeahhh @lynne22 Tumblr used to have tons of porn, but they got rid of all of it a few weeks/months back. Now it's super clean and super strict. You can't even type "p" in the porn and they will block that post. Hahahaha. Ok that's a exaggeration, but yeah... https://www.theverge.com/2019/3/14/18266013/tumblr-porn-ban-lost-users-down-traffic I once saw the Tumblr app in one of my class boy's phone, and I was like very confused why he would have Tumblr on his phone and when I tried to open the app he violently grabbed his phone from my hand. Hahaha. I didn't know it then that it's because of the porn. Lol.
  9. @cpy95 omo yes, I would love to read those fanfics. I still can't get enough of Xufeng and Jin Mi, I don't mind whatever it is as long as it's about them please do share it. But yeah, no pressure, you can do at your own pace and I'll patiently wait. Hehe. Thank you so much for willing to do this!!!!!!!! @lynne22Thanks for tagging me. You know me so well. Hahaha.
  10. Yeah YYS, I started this show only because of him. I love how he led others but when he got overwhelmed because of too many customers in that one ep, it was nice seeing Son Ho Jun and others trying to cheer him up. Particularly loved his relationship with SHJ, the way they talked in saturi all the time cracked me up. Se Jong had a nice growth arc, lol, it feels like a drama now. Hahaha. And the ever elegant and beautiful Choi Ji woo, who was always smiling. It was a nice little show with excellent chemistry between all the cast members, Among the "Part-timers" I definitely loved Jo Jae Yun the most. Loved how everyone was near tears when he came back in the last ep. So endearing. And of course NJH Oppa, who just looked drop dead gorgeous washing dishes and selling tangerines. Hahaha. -2
  11. -2 @triplem I just finished watching Coffee friends and I so can't get over how tall and handsome Nam Joo Hyuk was in that last ep. How dare he play with my heart like this??? I can't I can't ...the way he kept running his fingers through his hair and pulled up his sleeves all the time, goshhhh so perfect, so hot. I can't get enough of him, so I've decided to watch The Light in your eyes for him. LOL. It also has Son Barista, so thats a plus. Hehe. I hope they come up with a season 2 of coffee friends, it's one of the best show I've watched. So relaxing and soothing with no ups and downs. Just beautiful people making coffee, cooking food and washing dishes. It can't get any perfect than this. Haha.
  12. -2 AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW @Lmangla That puppy dog face. He kills me with his crinkley eye smiles. I cant even....
  13. 928 Tunnel was all about Choi Jin Hyuk Oppa for me. I always have loved him, Park Kwang Ho was best role he has ever done. Even the way he speaks and the rustic way he deals with people contrast to the neat and polish KSJ, were all so endearing. You can't help but root for him. The only thing he wanted is to go back to his wife, and I honestly found that very sweet. It was not even heavy on romance, but his longing and love for his wife is the best part of this show. Also the bromance, it was so good.
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