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  1. kokodus

    Add and Subtract Game

    -2 Of course!!!May I know what made you realize this only now?!?! LOL.
  2. kokodus

    Add and Subtract Game

    @stroppyse Tell me you have watched Secret garden!!!! Although it's cheesy as hell, it's one of my first kdramas, and I still love it dearly. -2
  3. kokodus

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Awwww @Jillia I miss this drama too. Ye hua and QianQian... PS: Think you should come back to Add/subtract thread. Subtracts are winning in every other round. Hehe.
  4. kokodus

    Add and Subtract Game

    @LSGLMH_88 will fangirl and swoon about oppas and Geges until my last breath. LOLOL. Look at that arrow going straight into my heart... I think, there is considerable amount of fanfollowing for Kpop and kdramas here in India I guess. But not large enough to hold kpop concerts and such?!? Even if they hold concerts in India, they never come down to South, sigh. -2
  5. kokodus

    Add and Subtract Game

    -2 @LSGLMH_88 Here you go... Ohh sweet dreams was way over the top, I know. But at least Deng Lun looked good there. I watched it only for him.
  6. kokodus

    Add and Subtract Game

    114 @LSGLMH_88 Haha. I'm patiently waiting for the sequelae of To all the boys....Can't get enough of Peter Kavinsky and Lara Jean. They are just so damn cute together. Ohh you are only on ep 8, you have a long way to go my friend. How do you like it?!? What do you think about my Phoenix?!? And where have you seen Deng Lun before?!?!?! C'mon tell me!!!!LOL. Ahhh I'm so happy that I got one more person to spazz about AOL. I feel like everyone else have moved on and I'm the only on who still can't let go. But I only picked this drama up last month when I saw it on NF. So yeah....
  7. kokodus

    Add and Subtract Game

    @LSGLMH_88 Beats me to it. Which ep are you on?!?! It is just so good that I'm on my 3rd rewatch now. Phoenix has captured my heart and is not willing to let it go. Sigh...I didn't like kissing booth that much, but I luuuurrrrrvvvvvvved To all the boys I've loved before. Peter kavinsky......!!!!!!! -2
  8. kokodus

    Add and Subtract Game

    @LSGLMH_88 Omg you are back!!!!! And what do you say, couple of days?!?! You have been missing for a few months now. Pffft. Glad to hear that your daddy is doing well. Stay strong. I'll take you to the chinaland again, but have you watched Ashes of love?!? If not, go and watch it like right now!!!!! -2
  9. Can we just stop, please?!? It feels like we have two fandoms fighting against each other and the drama hasn't even aired yet. Comparisons are useless, really because CFY is not going to come back and take over this role again just because his fans think DW is not tall enough. Nothing can be done now, season 1 fans have to accept that DW is the new NQ. I know it's hard to accept, if it were me, I would curse the writers for changing the lead between seasons and boycott watching the 2nd season. LOL. But I was so amazed that many of the S1 fans are here with an open mind willing to give DW a chance. That already says how big all of your hearts are. No need to listen to those nasty shippers, there are always going to be immature fans like that. But hating on DW for those immature fans, idk what to say...
  10. kokodus

    Add and Subtract Game

    Suicide is illegal in my country too. It is wrong to take your own life. I like that law. I know. I saw the video. It's him showing his palm repeatedly, and when the description is about his palm lines, so I thought you wanted to talk about it. Hahaha. @staygold Fighting!!! You can do it. I thought the premise is interesting with him being the flower company CEO and all. Hahaha. The dreams are over the top initially, but they do reflect his state of mind and his fear. -2
  11. kokodus

    Add and Subtract Game

    144 @cenching Too bad though...chu qiao is already married. Hahaha. Eng trans cr to vandvand@IG.
  12. kokodus

    Add and Subtract Game

    @cenching Bae's emotional line is interrupted?!?! Ohh nooooooo. I'm more than willing to volunteer to become his emotional support. Hehe. @staygold Get ready for lots of fluffiness then with one hand at the ffd button. LOL. But it doesn't get bad until the last stretch. -2
  13. kokodus

    Add and Subtract Game

    @cenching Awwww my sweet cupcake.....I think this one is from Because of you? @bedifferent Hola!!! Agreed. Wasted potential indeed. But I don't regret watching it for Oppa. -2
  14. kokodus

    Add and Subtract Game

    @cenching AHHHHHH that cool strut though....with hands in the pocket....gosh....are you trying to kill me?!?! @staygold Watch Ashes of love!!!!!! He is soooo cool there, and I know you like costume dramas. The drama itself is very pretty. I loved sweet dreams' bohai as well btw. But my heart is with Phoenix. -2
  15. kokodus

    Add and Subtract Game

    156 @mouse007 For you...