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  1. To the person/ staff that seems to be amending our quotes here, May I know WHO is this Jillian that has been deleting and deciding how and what can be included in the forum here ? In all seriousness, there might be a reason why we quote a picture or split the comments to two parts... Last time this Jillian fellow did by combining the comments/quote that she did not even split and leave a gap between paragraph that it ends up looking like i reply to the same person on something that was NOT meant to the person i quoted to earlier.... May we suggest you at the very least check if that picture or video are required before deleting it...? Pray tell, do you guys have lack on memory space or something? Is that why you force us to squeeze everything in one go...?
  2. So I guess he took her option literally - EH REALLY ran to her and plans to CATCH her for keeps.... LOL Sorry guys, this Jillian (staff) deleted that picture that our chingu @phetbeo has paste earlier, without the picture, my comments seems to lost the punch line it deserve....
  3. LOL.... welcome to K-drama daily awful secret story format. LOL.. For k-drama daily, the Villain is the real Main character even thou their character is listed 2nd or 3rd name... One of the WORST deceived story line of the main female lead was Happy sisters- that they gave the 6th character listed on wiki had 70% scene time in each episode for more that 80% total episode ... Irritate the living daylight of me watching the villain story line.. !!!
  4. I agree, he does bring comedic relief especially when he literally shriek loudly like a woman while firing his latest secretary inside the office and EH was waiting outside his office... I LMAO when i realized that it was CR hubby that was doing the shrieking and screaming..... ! And regarding SA, I think it was low of her to use a mentally ill woman as a tool to get revenge on CR.... Yup, definitely her grandmother's granddaughter... !
  5. I just don't understand why that lawyer guy hates CR that much.... He seems to hate that CR adopted dad still likes CR. CR is still her dad's daughter legally... That lawyer guy shouldn't be blaming CR for SA disappearance since it was NEVER CR's fault.... CR was mistreated and really sick while the evil grandma refuse to let the dad bring her to the hospital.... Fine, CR seems on the course of getting the company (if outsiders look at it), but it not like it will just drop onto her lap while she do nothing. CR works hard for it to make the company more successful, even knowing that CR won't even get it if that evil grandma has any say in it... Not only was SA with him when she was kidnapped BUT he even talk to the kidnapper... I would really like to give that lawyer fellow the finger i tell you..... ! Anyway, i smell a twist on EH story line. Would it be lovely if EH ends up being a nephew to that bozo fellow (i forgot his name). That EH is the son of that Teasan Group chairman's sister or the lawyer's dad sister's love child...??? This is what i hope to see the following episodes of this k-drama .... At first SA was happy to steal something from CR coz she thinks CR stole EH from her. YH thought that she can try to kick out CR when she found out that CR was adopted daughter. Then she plan to snatch that bozo hubby of CR to get even with CR. CR on the other hand will be sneaking to the office to make sure contracts and whatever deal her dad is making doesn't have Teasan Group influence on it. As much as it loath the lawyer to share info with CR, he had to admit that CR is doing it for the company. He starts to get a feel that CR knows something bad will happen and she is doing everything she can to prevent it. EH found out that YH was the one giving CR a hard time and he found out why YH was giving CR a hard time so he finally ends with YH then and there. Later he finally told CR that he did not get married to YH/SA.
  6. I'm super curious what they were saying after the kiss and at ep 11 after the hug..... Does anyone here speaks Korean here? Can you please be so kind as to translate it? The only part i think I understand is @ ep 11, EH said he will protect CR, as he protect the people he loves. Did i understand correctly?
  7. So does it mean if CR was taken out before 1am, then the ritual was not completed? ^Curious^
  8. Sorry, i did not mean to make you defensive on the actress playing JE. I'll say this, JE is a better actress than HN for sure..... JE however, can't convincingly play the drunken scene thou... hihihi I just realized that the actress playing HN, when she has a scene on her own, we can see how unconvincingly / amateurish her acting is. Like what @darr said, the rest made up for what HN lacks in acting.
  9. Wait, did you mean the actress playing JE that you wrote is a talented actress? I wasn't talking about JE at all... Anyhow, JE is just okay to me... Most of the time she has this expressionless expression on her face... The two person i think that can really act the most is JH and SH ... Just saying...
  10. Is it just me, but this episode I find the actress playing HN portraying misery is a tad let down? It was mediocre at best and I felt nothing seeing her in misery, a tad bit bored to be honest. I even on the second part, i just fast forward that scene... It seems different when we see JH being misery from losing SJ awhile back..... I actually cry watching JH in misery back then....
  11. Spot on....! I couldn't have said it any better.... !
  12. Never trust their synopsis .... The story clearly revolves around HK. The correct synopsis should have been : This k-drama revolve around the lives of a woman who were brought in from the orphanage to replace the rich family dead daughter's life and how she go about trying to hold on to this lifestyle while trying to protect it and she will do anything including destroying anyone who tries to take anything away from her....
  13. Hi Ajumma P, for this k-drama, they actually wrote the first name (main lead) is the Villain. So for once, these Korean put the correct character listing correctly. So, we the viewers can't be pissed off on Villain getting 70% screen time since she IS the LEAD..... WJ is NOT the female lead in this k-drama.... But anyhow, Koreans still haven't figured out how to write a decent (I am not even asking for good, just decent) story line for the good guys... sigh ...
  14. I am sooo into this kdrama Hide and Seek.... Loveeeee the chemistry between CR and EH...!!! Damn, EH doesn't even care that CR is married, he is sooooo into her and everything else be damn.... ! The Ice man has burst into flame the minute CR even hinted that she will not criticise him for whatever he does plan to do ... Love that he couldn't even wait a second to let her know how he feels about CR ...!! Do you know, i love the last scene and i wish it was longer and that the only thing i can criticise on the last scene is that they focus on SA.... I was like "what the hell, cameraman, move away from focusing on that SA, i wanna see more of CR-EH kissing and NOT SA...!!!! SA, you are blocking my view....!!!! " @yamiyugi Hi there, i did read most of what you wrote for me.... If you are just focusing on the bad side of it, then everything will be just bad, know what i mean? I tend to want to view the good side of it, CR still has a family (getting kicked out of from a family 3 times must have made CR more motivated to stay for good or for bad). If you have at least 1 family member showing love and care to you, you'll stay in that family, and CR had her dad (amid a weak one, but nevertheless CR has one). And after seeing how her dad is still being controlled by haimoni, CR seems to accept that haimoni need to be obeyed as how her dad is obeying haimoni... After 20 years, I do believe that CR has come to love her family even that crazy loon of a haimoni. So yeah, i have no problem CR wanting to stay as her family over there. So pretending to be SA in order to calm her beloved mom,.. CR did that willingly for her mom, she did not do it for fear of being kicked out... So, i have no problem on this too... And based on a LOT of k-drama, orphan are mostly portrayed as bad thing and they barely even get an education let alone love.... So as to compare to if she was to send back to the orphanage to her current life, CR current life is much better..... So, if CR was to be kicked out now, CR at the very least has her overseas education degree to fall back on along with her working experience....
  15. By the way, does anyone know if there will be new episodes today...?? I can't find anywhere that says it is postpone... Well, i can't read nor speak Korean, so my online search can only goes so far........