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  1. You know I am reading your words and remembering SH seeing JH's happy face on the phone in an early episode talking to someone who SH thinks is probably a girlfriend. JH later tells her no I'm not seeing anyone--it was my mom. Totally creeps me out now.
  2. Take heart. The second episode each week always ends with a scene I watch and re-watch again with our OTP happily in sync together. Hoping the trend continues tomorrow. What JH's mom did today was reprehensible no matter her motives. I didn't like the sly way she put that note in the bag and went around JH to reach SH either. But you reap what you sow the saying goes. JH lied to his mother about those high heels, was not honest all along about his love for SH and what they were going through. I hope as chingu have written here those family members and our OTP learn to talk with one another. Felt terrible watching SH blindsided by another mom like that. Does the tea lady have any kids? She's my favorite mom figure. Hanging in for that happy ending. Episode is too beautifully acted to miss, anyone hesitating to watch. And I even watched it with a broken stream and little understanding of what they were saying.
  3. Loved it! I think you captured both of them perfectly. I could see both characters so clearly. Thanks so much for the fun read.
  4. I wouldn't mind a scene with Manager Nam and his heart's desire unless you just want to do the OTP.
  5. I was watching @stroppyse clips and translations of the bed scene and realized that beautiful Saltnpaper "Take Me On" song now being sung by female vocalist? Maybe signaling shift to SH following JH? Or maybe singer has been alternating and I just missed it ooops.
  6. Not working today. House still asleep. So happy to join everybody to "watch" although I can rarely find a live stream. Was thinking, too, I want back to the fairy tale. I want happily ever after for our OTP and all of the sweet pairings in this drama. My idea of a perfect happy ending would be JH and SH at JH's parent's house laughing and eating a meal together with the family. Comfort food. I don't know how they get there but here's hoping. I'm still not convinced that the wolf image at the end isn't JH's dad. But I think wolves are beautiful soulful animals. Much too beautiful an image for T. Group and its ilk.
  7. @bebebisous33 identity of the wolf? But isn't SH reaching in the image towards the wolf? As one might move to pet it? Would she reach that way to WS and T. Group? JH's parents as wolf more likely? Can't wait to watch tonight when I get back from work and take care of real life. A big thank you to everyone for all the sharing.
  8. Actually I guess you could also say that men are attracted to women like their mothers? So WS attracted to SH as successful hotel CEO because she reminds him (misreading her completely) of ruthless cold no-nonsense mommy?
  9. @africandramalover thanks for pointing out the fact that the damage to JH's camera view finder forces him to look at the world and SH without the lens. Also that it makes him ready to save her as she falls asleep and almost falls off that ledge. The fact, too, that SH's car breaks his camera glass must be part of their destiny to be together? I watch things more with my heart than my head. Grateful for the sharing of things I'd otherwise miss. One thing: I hate that this drama can be categorized as a "Noona romance" rather than two people made for each other. I don't remember hearing the term "oppa romance" which I guess is everything else. About SH, I like her best feisty. Would like to see more of her as take charge executive. It worries me still when she's so sleepy. I guess this goes back to @bebebisous33's analysis of SH as Sleeping Beauty? Enough of the fairy tale for me. Would like to see her fully awake.
  10. The garden where he sleeps? There's a scene where JH pushes up the light switch illuminating everything?
  11. @stardustvoid What will happen next episode? Have been wondering, too, what's next. For me, JH calling himself a human sleeping pill was his sexiest line to her so far. I'm hoping they are getting lots of rest. . I'm also hoping SH's dad doesn't cave and ally his political party to T. Group out of his fear for his daughter. I hope he'll trust her to endure and take charge of her life.
  12. About WS: One minute of screen time for the ex-hubby is a minute I'd rather see spent on characters I love such as hunky teddy bear Manager Nam and PR Director Nim. And the thought of JH befriending WS gives me the creeps, seriously. Can't WS find some other helpful pal to help him grow up? In my own life, I cannot imagine being best buddies with my spouse's ex-girlfriends, never mind an ex-wife! I'm not that enlightened. Starting to worry, too, a bit about SH always being so tired. The way, for example, JH calls Manager Nam to pick her up because she'll be too tired for the drive back from Sokcho. It made for a fun "sad story" convo between SH and Nam, but she's a young woman. Why so easily tired? Her driving skills seemed fine. Unlike other kdrama drivers, she actually used her turn signal before doing a U-turn in traffic at speed. Anyway, I am nervous now when our lovers are so happy that her tiredness will suddenly become some horrible kdrama disease. Please happiness and health for our lovers! Perhaps SH needs to eat more iron-rich foods. Take care of yourself, woman! Re: @larrysouth's concern about the danger of JH and SH falling over the balcony while passionately making out. That worry never occurred to me! But thinking about it, a bed would be a better location absolutely. It's a safety thing.
  13. Happy New Year, everybody. Wishing much happiness and happy endings in real and reel life to all. It's New Year's resolution time for me so I thought I'd make some for the drama, too. For JH: Find another company to work for. Maybe get hired by SH's dad for his campaign? You guys look terrific together. For SH: Reorganize your hotel's Human Resources department. Please! Why is the employee who posted that sleazy rumor about you still working? And how could a college educated management level employee suddenly be demoted to desk clerk? That was more than a transfer. For WS: Didn't you ask your assistant to find out the employee who posted the nasty rumor about SH? Maybe hand over the info? For Manager Nam: Please stay the same adorable hunky teddy bear. And Manager Kim Sun Joo: You go, girl! Fighting!
  14. I know. Really not happy the article used the words "the star-crossed couple." I hope JH and SH can choose their own destiny, not some fate determined by the stars, or their social status, or their age, or families, or anything else..