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  1. After watching the episode with English sub, I think that Hyun Chul C had asked Ato to turn back time thinking that he would not be able to remember anything so he went to Hye Jin to tell her he loves her and to say goodbye. However, Ato gave him the present by giving him the memories of Hyun Chul A and B. Therefore, I think Hyun Chul C was the one coming back. I really love this drama. It's about miracle so turning back time or switching soul are totally okay because it's on the basis of miracle to begin with. I'm happy that Kim Myung Min oppa comes back with this drama. He's truly magnificent in it. Thank you everyone here for the good discussions. Each of us has different opinions and it's okay. I'm glad that we're able to talk and discuss our different opinions harmoniously. See you in the next drama.
  2. I’ve just finished watching without English sub so I’ll hold my thoughts until I completely understand everything. Nevertheless, I love the ending. It’s very rare that K-drama gives us this kind of ending. I love how things end with everyone smiling. I think it gives us hope in this horrible reality we have heard in this century. At least, it helps me sleep well tonight. Thank you all the casts, crews, director, writer for this wonderful miracle.
  3. I totally did expect this but like I said before we can expect the unexpected from the writer-nim. After watching half an episode, I felt something bad was going to happen but I thought it’s going to happen to Hyun Chul. As her guardian angel is coming, will she come back to life or Hyun Chul C is going to have to bigger family including his father and Jisoo into his family. It’s just a speculation. It’s about miracle so we’ll see tonight.
  4. I was surprised by how YH was portrayed in episode 15 & 16 because YH had changed back to the cool YH like earlier episodes. I like that. I see her as a strong woman who doesn't cling on things and can move forward like when she started working in the convenience store and the insurance company. However, she had changed to be annoying and aggressive in the later episodes. I'm glad she's back to be the type that I like again. I like that they also focused on the case more in these episodes and tied up all loose ends. It seems that Hyun Chul had also recovered all the memories of Hyun Chul A and that Hyun Chul A's accident was also caused by the same perpetrator. I always wondered about this as Hyun Chul A's accident should not be fatal. He should be able to break and just hit the car in front. The car should flip and caused the fatal death. I'm glad I finally received an answer on this issue. As for Hyun Chul and Hye Jin, they're so cute and lovely together. I understand that there're people that don't like their romance and called Hyun Chul as a cheater. Well, everyone is entitled to their opinions. As for me, I love it and I feel bad for Hye Jin as she's also a victim in this story. I think both of them should get a chance on this new love. People can change even without the soul or body switching so I don't find their love story to be bad or unbelievable. I really hope that they don't kill Hyun Chul. I would be devastated if it happened.
  5. @karenliez thank you for your kind words. Of course, we can be friends. Actually, it has been extended to 18 episodes so 3 more episodes to go.
  6. I just finished watching episode 15. He's really someone new. He's not Hyun Chul A or Hyun Chul B. I was quite surprised when Hye Jin asked for divorce but I was also relieved when she asked to start over. Nevertheless, it's still hard to predict how it's going to end as the writer-nim has been teasing all the time going back and forth between two families. I'm not complaining as it keeps us guessing and speculating. I just have one wish. Please do not kill Hyun Chul again. I don't want to go through trauma while the leading man got killed in the end as most of my favorite k-dramas always did that to me.
  7. @ceepee954 shaselai1 I also think that this character doesn't appeal to the audiences. It maybe because the CEO was very forward towards a married woman and also he kept mixing between Korean and English. From my point of view, it didn't seem to me that Hye Jin liked the CEO so it's the opportunity for the writer-nim to abandon this storyline. Personally for me, I wouldn't want Hye Jin with the CEO. @dekaron that might be possible but I hope not. I love warm and caring Hyun Chul so much. @sadthe1st I felt the same about YH in ep. 13 & 14. @msmy Thanks for the info. I also tried searching about him when the drama first started as I had never seen him on any drama before but I didn't find anything.
  8. He clearly has fallen in love with Hye Jin. I think it’s because he’s not who he used to be anymore and he also felt the emotions and memories from the brain of Hyun Chul A that it drove his actions. I felt sorry for Ye Hwa in the beginning but in recent episodes she turned out to be very possessive and aggressive towards Hye Jin, whom she should sympathize as she was in the situation that her husband died before. She knew about the pain but she ignored that and went straight to hurt Hye Jin to take Hyun Chul back. Maybe this’s the side that Hyun Chul B had never seen before and it would even drive them apart even more. I think it’s really hard to please all the audiences and it seems that the opinions are totally split between two sides. I saw someone mentioned about the modern family. If this was to be hard core comedy, that would be a funny scenario. However, it’s drama and it’s Korean drama so I don’t think there’s going to be happy ending.
  9. In my opinion, he's neither Hyun Chul A or Hyun Chul B. He's Hyun Chul C. Even though the soul is from Hyun Chul B, the brain and the memory of Hyun Chul A is still there and he can remember and feel it. Therefore, he's not the same person anymore. It's difficult to guess where the writer-nim is going to go in the end. If Hyun Chul chooses either one of the family, it will still upset the audiences that's rooting on the other family. Nevertheless, it's a great drama to watch.
  10. Here's the preview of ep. 13 I found the synopsis on Naver as follows. 13회 05.14.(월) |검거된 효주와 마주한 현철은 효주를 압박해 궁지로 몰아넣는다. 현철이 남편이 아닐지 모른단 생각에 괴롭던 혜진은 현철을 사이에 두고 연화와 다시 마주치... Here's what Google translates. Hyeon-cheol confronted with the arrested Hyogu pushes Hyogu into a corner. Hye-jin, who was troubled by the thought that Hyun-cheol might not be her husband, confronted with Yeon-hwa through Hyun-chul ...
  11. Does anyone know when we will get to see the preview? I saw the synopsis of ep. 13 on Naver but I don't understand what it said as it's in Korean. Can anyone help translate? Thanks.
  12. I agree with you. They’re not angels. They messed everything up. I also think that it’s not fair that the angels only helped out YH. For my personal opinion, I don’t feel sorry for YH at all especially when she demanded HJ to give her husband back and when she asked Dak Pool to be on her side and cried all the way back. She used to be strong and very smart in the beginning and now she became such a baby. After watching ep. 12 and saw that they’re meddling again, I wish that this will backfire on them again. I think the same think. The angels must have sent them.
  13. I love this drama but I would not like it if Hyun Chul B returns to his family. In my opinion, his family has already coped with his death or at least slowly getting there. If he were to return, then this would cause so much trauma for the family of Hyun Chul A. How could his kids understand this? His son’s in the same school with Ji Soo. How could the kids explain this to their friends and teachers? It might be that he might still die in the end after making amends. Maybe this is the best solution for everyone. Everyone suffers.
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