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  1. Nope! I was in the mood for 80's/90's yesterday.... Today it's:
  2. If I had seen this 10 mins ago, it would have been Devo - Whip it.
  3. Due to certain events going on around me [politics. ./sigh], I will be unable to host rewatches for the time being but I can possibly join in if someone else sets them up.
  4. Exhausted, hungry... a bit bored too
  5. Lee Joon Gi Yoo Seung Ho Son Seung Won Park Bo Gum Park Jin Young
  6. Ikr? 2 steps is my go to gaming music. It makes everything feel 'epic' @MadraRua That emoticon is on point for that song. Currently listening to: Two Steps from Hell - Undying Love
  7. Nah, I'm in the US but we have a claw machine or two in pretty much every chain grocery store here. It's an affront to my dignity that I cannot master what amounts to a large toy.
  8. I am seriously jealous of your skills with these claw machines.... It doesn't matter how much money I pour into them, I can never get anything out! Give me one of the ones where you just need to make the light stop at a specific area to get a prize and that's a different story. Sadly, those are few and far between here.
  9. Yes @nearsea, you were not alone. I was on a 2-day rant after that finale. @kokodus and I were in a heated debate at one point over whether Shin's punishment fit the crimes he committed. I had some ideas of my own for how Shin/ET's eternal happiness might have happened but I much prefer @packmule3's take. Now THAT is an ending I can get behind. Clearly I had a hard time accepting that after all the good ET did in her life [despite the bad thrown her way] that she and Shin would be stuck in a cycle of reincarnation [ET] and eternal solitude [Shin]. Especially when the writer and I are already in a disagreement about other things. >< As I've told others, I'm ok with a sad ending [Scarlet Heart anyone?] but I prefer punishment, especially divine punishment, to fit the crime committed and I didn't think any of Shin's crimes deserved an eternity of solitude [though someone did make a good case for it. ] I think I may have felt more betrayed by KES than most since I'm a DotS fanatic so I found it a bit hard to swallow such a bitter pill as the one I perceived our Goblin Couple were given. All is forgiven now though.
  10. I think dad will step in too. He already seems to be suspicious of the sister and GW and seems really pleased that GW appears to have a woman he's considering marrying. I think he knows something is shady with little sister's feelings and is trying to nip it in the bud. I think it's more likely that the sister would take on an "if I can't have him, no one can" approach and terrorize EH. Learning to deal with antics from the sister would also help her along in learning how to deal with JK, SJ, and the rest of that crazy family too. EH how she is right now would definitely give up on GW for her sister which is why I'm hoping, if it's true, that the reveal doesn't come until after EH/GW are in love and EH has grown a backbone. EH needs to learn to fight for the things she wants instead of giving up on them for what she THINKS is the greater good. She gave up Ha Yoon and he's not happy at all. EH needs to see that and realize that it was a mistake to give him up and that it would be a mistake for her to give up GW too. Of course even if EH takes the coward's way out and gives up, thankfully GW wouldn't let her go this time. He's already experienced what it's like to lose her. He's not likely to repeat that mistake again, not even for his family.
  11. Like @CamelKnight, I listen to sounds rather than words. In fact, most of the songs I listen to on a regular basis are in languages that I don't understand at all. As long as the voices/word composition sounds lyrical, that's all I need. Now that I understand a bit more Korean than I did before, I also appreciate the fact that the song lyrics for kpop generally tell a story; unlike most American pop music. My very first intro to K-pop was SNSD's "Gee." I was linked to the music video during all the 'gg' posts after a League of Legends match but I didn't really start listening to K-pop regularly until later. At some point, I was bugging friends of mine for new music and one of them linked me to Bigbang's "Fantastic Baby." From there, I went down the youtube rabbit-hole until my mp3 player was filled with Korean music.
  12. I'm easily amused, I know.
  13. Don't worry, you guys aren't alone! I'm sitting here waiting patiently [not] for this drama too. The OSTs are gorgeous! Just hearing them makes me impatient to watch this. Have Viki or Dramafever said whether they've gotten the rights to this yet?