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  1. Morgan Page ft. Rayla - Other Girl
  2. 728 I'm reading it and still awake @staygold. Kind of just lurking, watching a drama in some rare free time but I'm here! Are the eating habits given importance based on religion?
  3. Pinocchio
  4. 574 @Dhakra BOF is Boys Over Flowers. It's the Korean remake of the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango.... with Lee Min Ho. @kokodus is a sucker for LMH.
  5. No Country for Old Men I think I used Xanadu at one point too @packmule3. I don't even remember how/why I watched it... Just remember she was on skates a lot
  6. Zoolander Make it harder @packmule3! Also, welcome back. They've been missing you over in the Add/Subtract thread. lol
  7. 470
  8. The Chatbox area is still under construction so it's only accessible to Mods and Admins at the moment while we work out the kinks. Hopefully we'll get everything working and have it up and running for all users soon. =]
  9. 472 I saw your tag last night @USAFarmgirl but I forgot what you said. I should have replied right away. Been busy. Got a promotion recently at work so I've been training possible replacements [we already had one quit because they couldn't handle the work load. ><] I'm still lurking in here though, I just don't usually have time to type more than a sentence or two.
  10. 912
  11. 894
  12. 890
  13. That's not true. 882
  14. Right the second time @kokodus. Broken is my favorite from that OST. I adore Shi Won and Yoon Jae though. 878? Not sure what team @triplem is on.....