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  1. @Lmangla Yep! I technically work swing shift, which means I get off work around 1-2am my time..... Which is why I'm on the same hours as you guys basically. @triplem Do you mean the Team Addition Resident Mechanic thing or the gif banner below all my posts? The mechanic thing is my fan level, gif banner is my signature [which is old and needs to be changed but I haven't had time to make a new one] I didn't actually finish TBI. I fell asleep before it ended... Sometime around the 1.5 hour mark. I'll finish it when I get home from work today. @Dhakra Her ship as in Reply 88 ship. She explained it while I was sleeping though. 744
  2. @bedifferent Halfway through. My favorite so far is the little kid. Hilarious! 744
  3. @bedifferent I'm only about 20 mins in right now [keep pausing to reply on this thread] but I'll let you know when I finish it! 742
  4. @triplem I'm watching it right now. I didn't even wait to know if it's a happy ending or not. I blame you if I go to work in the morning with puffy eyes. Yes, that's @kokodus's ship. You snowflakes. Bring on the ghost peppers! 744
  5. @TRaNz It's not too bad. Mostly that will be taken care of by the earlier shift supervisors and I'll just have to come in and get my stuff done/run the late night shift. 740
  6. @TRaNz It's only for training. After I finish I'll be going back to nights and be right back on my normal Aussie-wannabe times. And sleeping patterns?! I don't sleep! Sleep is for the weak! 736
  7. 732
  8. @TRaNz I'm ok with drinks in the early AM but if I eat something before I've been awake for a while, it doesn't sit well. All nighters require a lot of caffeine come morning.... Between 6am and 9am after an all nighter is the time to pump all the caffeine into my veins. Caffeine is life. 732
  9. @bedifferent I have not! The last thing I watched on Netflix was probably either Daredevil or some documentary [Hoarders, Air Crash Investigations, etc]. I have it but I don't use it all that often. I keep meaning to watch The Beauty Inside. Happy ending? 730
  10. @bedifferent I don't think so? I think that's a spring thing. Ask @TRaNz! I bet he knows. I'm just waiting for the Shamrock Shake thing to be back. Did Netflix get any of the newer dramas or is it mainly old ones? I saw they have R97 and stuff like that [but they changed the background music in R97 to old American pop.... which is weird. ><] 730 Edit: @TRaNz Can't help it, I needed caffeine and I'm not a fan of their coffee.
  11. @angelangie It's not too bad but I do have to cram 6 weeks' worth of training into 3 weeks because the place I'm going to after I finish training needs a shift sup asap. Hence the homework. Are you testing for errors in the new system? @bedifferent Of course we're back at McD's. Do we ever leave? 728 PS. @kokodus Is alive guys. Don't worry. She's busy fangirling because her ship has sailed IRL.
  12. @TRaNz Trade the orange juice for a diet coke and that's what I had this morning. I needed my caffeine more than I needed OJ. Was kind of sad they don't have the egg white delight at the one by me anymore. That was my favorite. @triplem I honestly don't have McD's often. Today was the first time in months, so I can't comment on whether the food here sucks or not. My shifts right now are 8-10 hours, depending on how early they need me. Usually I work 8.5 hour shifts, 5 days a week. Yes, I was promoted from a regular employee to a shift supervisor so I'm training for that for the next three weeks. The amount of information they crammed on me today was insane.... and I have homework. >< 730
  13. 724 @triplem Oh yes. The worst part about this training so far is that it's in the morning. At least give me an 11:30am shift people! These 8 and 9's are going to be the death of me! I did have Maccas for breakfast though [went by side streets to beat traffic and ended up getting to work super early so I doubled back] so @TRaNz should be proud. Edited to add: And the sitting. Sitting all the time sucks. It makes my shift take forever.
  14. 720 So I get home from work, log on Soompi...... and promptly pass out for a couple hours. >< This is what happens when I work a morning shift.
  15. 720 Edit: @angelangie I can see your sig pic fine.