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  1. Oh, I totally agree with this but when we see scenes of HY crying alone in the office at night [after being kicked out of the bedroom] I can't help but hope he would be reunited with EH/GW asap. ./sigh. More than anything, I just want EH to wake up and see what this is doing to her son. She needs to start fighting for him and his happiness because she's the only one who prioritizes that.
  2. You know, I wonder if HY will ever want to act again after all of this. He went into it because he loved it but that's the reason all of this hardship started for him. Talk about tainting one of the few things he loves. I'm actually hoping we get to see some of the aftermath of the custody battle [and not just in the last episode] because I'd like to see GW/EH building HY back up into the happy little boy he was before this whole mess started. Edit: Took out a part of my thought process, while watching, that I decided should not be included.
  3. Agreed. How can they just tell him [basically] "EH is not your mother, JK is. Get over it?" He's a child! You snatched him from the only mother he's ever known and given him to one that wants to use him to increase her fame! HY is not dumb. In fact, he's much more sensitive than most kids. It's the reason he's such a good actor. He knows JK doesn't actually want to be a mother to him because he's already felt what it's like to have a REAL mother. And they expect him to just accept JK and her crocodile tears?! pfft! Seriously. Watching that kid cry in the last couple eps was breaking my heart. He's miserable. And because SJ is a terrible father, he either doesn't notice or just doesn't care. I'm leaning towards the latter. I'm glad that GW is still working behind the scenes to get a case set up for EH to get HY back though. I really hope EH starts seeing GW for the man he is soon; a solid rock that she can always count on. I don't expect their romance to move quickly since we've got plenty of eps to fill yet, but I'd like to start seeing EH show some serious feelings for GW. I'm kind of rooting for Coupon and EH's best friend too.
  4. Pride & Prejudice
  5. Mansfield Park by Jane Austen Trying to work my way through all the classics right now.
  6. Add me to the 'Xia - Cake Love' train. That song is super addicting! Thanks for the rec @Booger Face
  7. So I finally caught up to ep 39 [where the subs currently stop]. I cannot be the only one who is super annoyed with EH for just leaving HY right? Is she going insane from grief?! How can she think that poor little boy is just going to up and forget her if she leaves? Ugh. Hopefully GW is able to talk some sense into her and get her fighting spirit back though. I miss the EH with a backbone who fought to keep HY even when crazy ahjumma did her best to talk her out of it. Besides, I'm dying to see the EH/GW romance finally gets started. I've seen signs of it in the last 10 eps or so but it's not nearly enough to satisfy me. And crazy ahjumma.... I never thought there would be a villain in this drama worse than her; I was wrong. That apple [SJ] sure didn't fall far from the tree did it? He and JK are made for each other. Honestly, I think EH isn't going to come to her senses until HY breaks down during a televised interview or something. You know that'll end up happening eventually. That poor kid is reaching a breaking point.
  8. Me too! But it's not his style to outright confess that it's for her so that's why I had him look back after saying the bit about the first love. Obviously he'll give the food to her later and that's about as outright confession as Shin will get. PS. Don't forget to erase the gif from the quote so you don't get in trouble.
  9. @nearsea, @packmule3 My short little take on these gifs. ET: Ahjussi, that’s for me right? Shin: No, it’s for my first love. (looks back at ET) ET: Hee! (backhug) And my personal favorite gif so far: ET: Ahjussi! Ahjussi! Let’s eat here! Shin: (looks around slightly smiling but pretending to hesitate) ET: Let’s go in here (pulls his coat lapels) I want this Shin: (allows himself to be pulled in)
  10. Idk. Maybe for the beginning of the story he's more ruthless in the drama but towards the end? [I'm not quite finished with the novel but pretty close] Towards the end, He Xia is probably one of the most ruthless characters I've seen in a long time...
  11. @bebebisous33 Yep! This is my kind of show! It's on my plan to watch list; just waiting for the second ep to be out with subs and then I'm going to watch both later today. I'll be back!
  12. Epik High ft. Lee Hi: "Can You Hear My Heart"
  13. @thesunset lets give everyone another 10 mins then and if nobody else comes, we'll just reschedule for next week. lol. Hey @CamelKnight, did you get sucked into weekend chores again? Edit: It's a half hour after our usual start time and it appears nobody else is coming so lets reschedule this for next week and hope more people can make it! Episode 18 Rescheduled for Saturday January 21st at 10pm KST. [Should we change the start time to later since we have less timezones to work around now? Let me know]
  14. Morning all! I know @packmule3 is unable to make it today but is anyone else here? @CamelKnight, @romanov @salz? I know @thesunset is probably lurking. If not, we can reschedule this week's ep.
  15. Oscar the Grouch. I'm still trying to get my morning dose of coffee into my system.