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  1. Ten Things I Hate About You
  2. Life as we Know it
  3. 404 Friday morning here. Day off woo!
  4. Cold, snowy place. It would be uncomfortable at first, but then as hypothermia sets in I'd start feeling warm and wouldn't notice anymore so it would be less traumatic.....
  5. I love spicy food. The hotter it is, the more I like it.
  6. I think they should. A movie is a movie! Never Been Kissed
  7. 514 @packmule3 You actually hit the nail on the head with your fake news earlier. Been super busy at work and the lack of sleep was getting to me. Side Note: My fitbit is finally happy with the amount of sleep I got. PS. WHERE DO YOU FIND YOUR SHOES?! I've been scouring malls around me and can't find any that fit my wants/needs atm. ./grumble