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  1. 780 @CamelKnight bahahaha! That spoiler. THAT'S the deciding factor?!
  2. 766 Okay @CamelKnight, now I'm really curious why you rated it so low... I'd think it would work for you!
  3. I think@akinahana89 has been busy lately prepping the next event so I wanted to at least put the answers to all the clues on the thread for anyone who was curious. Round 1: Round 2: Round 3: Round 4:
  4. hello hello @romanov!. I've been lurking around lately but not doing much posting in the drama threads. [Plus I feel bad that I had to abandon the R88 re-watch in the middle because of my work schedule =X] Omg @onlysb1, seeing that vid you posted makes me want to watch R88 so much! Somebody loan me a cloning device or maybe a time machine so I can get some free time back. I miss my SunTaek! ./hands everyone Taekie's pink sweater
  5. 760 @packmule3 it's an open ending but the overall tone of the drama is angst. Definitely not anything lighthearted! I was in the mood for tears when I watched it so it worked for me. @angelangie Yeah, I still adore SH:R and I probably won't change my signature for a long time because of it. Definitely in my top five favorites! It might be the version I watched but I didn't think the editing was that bad. I heard that in the international version the editing was so bad that the story didn't make sense so when I watched it, I steered clear of that version and went for the SBS version.
  6. 758 @Lmangla: yep! Exactly that! @packmule3: I am on the opposite side of @CamelKnight. I really liked SH:R, even though it's a very angsty story. I haven't watched the Chinese version though, even though it's supposed to be the better one.
  7. I use Whatsapp, Facebook, Steam and Discord. I tried Skype for a while but I don't like it very much. Even for voice chat it's not that great. I always liked Vent better and then when everyone started switching to mumble/discord I liked those a lot more too. I do have a Skype account for talking to family though since Steam/Discord are mainly used by gamers. I do really miss the nudge feature from MSN.... that really came in handy.. And Trillian! But ugh... dial up. I do not miss that at all! I can't even remember the last time I used my yahoo account as anything more than a throwaway [though I remember it used to be my main before I discovered gmail]
  8. 754 @Lmangla: So using proper English is my downfall huh? Well... I guess I'm stuck sounding like an ahjumma then because I even use proper English for text messages; just can't get the hang of all those acronyms. As for drama trope...hmm. Probably the water slap? I knew it was a thing used in soap operas [tbh I'd never seen it outside of a soap opera until watching k-dramas] before Soompi, and I had seen it in k-dramas but didn't realize it had a name until I joined Soompi. @emiry32: I am jumping on the Goblin train with everyone else [though I admit that I was pretty upset with the ending until @packmule3 posted her alternative ending]
  9. Does that mean I sound old?! ./gasp Nope, sorry. I have a few years to go still before I can think about joining the 30 and up club. As for the stalking... yep. I admit it. LOL. It's not my fault you posted insightful essays on TWO of the threads I was frequenting at the time [since I was doing my W&C rewatch at the same time]. I still have not touched WGM but I hear some of the couples are insanely cute. I still prefer my ships to be entirely fictional.... So I have hopped on the Delena ship thanks to @kokodus prodding me to watch the show. 748
  10. Team under 29. =X Yeah yeah.. babies up in here. I can't remember if you tagged me @packmule3 or if I discovered the game as I was lurking in your profile in the days of R88. ./shrug. oh well, I'm here now! 738