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  1. Sooooooo,how similar does the last scene in the webtoon? Or is that something that writernim add herself for more spiciness?
  2. @blademan @cantbreathe aww., cursed you football. always interfering our kdrama time. btw,we get confirmation(?) that Jang Daepyo is way older than Oh Sol with her calling him oppa . i guess they stick to webtoon age wise. still wondering about the childhood portion lol. they looks the same age there. and the line " let's have ramyeon" (you guys know what's the meaning of this line, right? ) come out today. oh god , im gonna watch this through my fingers tomorrow when the sub come out
  3. this scene is too hot for them not to move on to the next step. there's no way it end there!!! this one IS TOTAL NOSEBLEED!!!
  4. yikes, this cant be easy for a guy like him.sharing food and eating from shared utensils
  5. OMGEE what happen?? JTBC being a jerk not uploading anything on youtube yet.
  6. really? I feel that he's gonna have some serious mental breakdown if he find out his grandpa has been the catalyst for all the misfortune that happening in Oh Sol lives. from her mother's death to her brother getting into trouble.
  7. thinking on how hell will break loose the moment their real connection discover, i wonder who will be the one will pull away from the relationship first? at least one of them will do noble idiocy here. i bet on Jang Daepyo since he's quite vulnerable with this stuff.
  8. Soooooooooooo, i watch both 2 eps today after so much procastination(dont ask why tho) ep 11: Choi Ha In(beautiful name btw,but why did people call him Choi Gun tho) really has way to make people around him squirm lol. Did you guys notice Jang Daepyo scratchy tone every time he got angry at CG . He sounds like dying cat lmfao. Jang Daepyo attempt to seduce GOS with food. that is one messy kitchen, messy cutting and messy cooking. that poor pasta . Eric Shinwha did not teach you to cook like that, mister . please go and learn again from that master. GOS friend and that wine. oh god, lucky that wine didnt do anything more than get him sleepier and a bit hot. if we are in different medium(fanfic ), we probably get the X-rated version on the spot ep 12: Grandpa and his coughing as well as his private docs visiting. if you are sick and dying, tell your grandson the truth. dont go around making your own decision and hurting people around him. you are pushing him away more from you. even your daughter said so. poor mom. her father own separate her from Jang Daepyo father.how cruel is that? and now his doing the same to his grandson. terrible. I like Jang daepyo and whole eps confession.confess at the dining table, confess at aquarium. confess again after shock treatment . all his words are heart fluttering too . my single heart flutter too and the KISS. NOSEBLEED.NONSTOP. HELP!!!
  9. first of all, i think i was wrong about mom. she didnt actually approve GOS as her son's choice, right second, who the hell arrange a party in his house??? his mom? i thought i saw her secretary in that house, wearing mask. they are lucky, daniel and Oh Sol came at right time, or daepyo-nim might really die right there on the spot third, THAT KISS!!! I LOVE IT! finally a consensual kiss from them!!!