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  1. I was thinking whether he may fly from Hawaii to Singapore? There is a CIP terminal in Singapore Changi Airport which provides private departure/arrival not accessible to general public. K-celebrities have used the CIP terminal before and fans waiting at the usual arrival hall will not be able to see them. Generally, if celebrities on official trips arrives in Changi Airport, the airport security will put up barricades to ease their arrival and prevent fans mobbing. If you head for the airport and do not see barricades set up say 2 hours before expected arrival, it is likely that the celebrities will exit through the CIP terminal. Just FYI, based on my personal experience. I did the airport stalking thing before.
  2. Hi chingus, any idea what is the schedule of PBY and PHS this week? Particularly when they will leave for Singapore? Will PBY fly straight from Bali to SG? Or will PHS return to Bali? How long are they staying in SG? I'm thinking of going to the meet and greet at SG and my 8-year boy wants to come along (he watched the whole drama! LOL.)! I have no idea how early I should be there at the venue? Should i be there at least 2 hours early? I dunno if it's a good idea to bring my boy if it's going to be 2 or 3 hours wait, not to mention the expected crowd. Anyone who has attended such meet and greet at Plaza Sing? What's the best spot?
  3. @InggridI appreciate if you can delete the quote of my post within your post above. Thanks. @Mike candy appreciate if you can delete the quote of my post within your post above as well. Thanks.
  4. Oops, sorry chingus. Can I suggest that you all ignore my posts, since the original post in instagram is also deleted. I have deleted all my replies. Anyone has an idea how my post in quotes can also be deleted? @fanie586 Sorry, I think I best not respond to this anymore. Can you delete your question too? @Mike candy @InggridI please also delete your posts concerning this. Thanks!
  5. Omo... his smile when asked if PBY is the ideal type. Though the rational part of me thinks with such question, if he answers yes, it'll fuel the rumours, if he says no, it may appear disrespectful. So a smile it is...but how cute is the smile? Like he was embarrassed being caught entertaining the same thought.
  6. Actually, I'm guessing PHS is interested, but to what extent is his adoration and possibly romantic feelings are PHS to PBY, instead of AMH to DBS? I hope he takes some time for himself to internalise his feelings then make the move for PBY. But don't take too long! Love is timing as JS/Gookdu says. I cannot get a sense of how PBY feels for PHS. As of now, I think it's a bit more one-sided interest. Hopefully more interaction / sightings of them in Singapore will shed more light. Wow!!! Ok... i'm like this close to becoming a shipper. They are spotted alone on the beach talking???
  7. Oh...by private lounge means the lounge chair? I thought the private lounge may be one of those nice bar/cafe place that is normally found in resorts. I read about PBY's lounge chair beside PHS's by the pool. No... I dunno.if she has left Bali, maybe not cos no news of her leaving? I thought she posted that msg in DC because she might be leaving soon. If she is not leaving Bali anytime soon.... wow, then what does that msg mean???
  8. I have a question about them both wearing black amd white caps at the same time. Any confirmation whether those caps are sponsored? Are other casts or crew wearing those caps? If I let me imagination run wild a little, can I speculate that maybe PHS gave the caps to PBY?
  9. Don't mean to pour cold water... but I'm a bit skeptical about this message, don't think it meant anything more that PBY probably saying that she is leaving Bali and her love for the place and her fans.
  10. Were they alone or with other casts / crew in the private lounge? Seems like the managers are definitely there. Still it's nice to hear that they are not purposefully avoiding each other. I'm not really a shipper actually, or rather, I'm trying hard not to be. Been burnt badly by a ship that I was on for a Taiwanese otp years ago. . But still, I'm curious about wuri puppy couple's are-they-or-are-they-not chemistry.
  11. Agree... let's respect that each has his / her opinions and interpretation of PHS interview responses and it will be sweeping to say just because an opinion is shared that PHS seems to really likes PBY perhaps even romantically from his interview responses does not mean the opinion is a shipping comment. Or tge opinion giver is a shipper. I'm sure most of us here are rational people and shipping or not, we all know that whether PBY and PHS have real feelings for each other are entirely their business. Speculating about it is just part of fun and perhaps to bask in the warmth of their chemistry longer before the next rom-com otp comes along to takeover their place. So let's not overthink the comments in this thread, unless the comment is overly delulu and I don't think there are any of those yet.
  12. Could the other cast, crew and hotel staff be warned not to post any pictures of the leads together?