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  1. No, you're completely right. I noticed it too that in that scene, KH also has the rubber string thing that nurses use to draw blood from your arm. That's one of the things I first noticed about KH when I saw the scene. I wonder if KH is really going to donate his blood to the boss guy? Maybe the gangster guys threatened SEJ and KH, or the guys were trying to make SEJ do it but KH said he'll do it instead? I'm really curious why he gets shot in the first place though and why in the world is there so much blood on SEJ and KH? That was one thing I was super curious about when I first watched the preview.
  2. I'm happy that Minhyuk got the opportunity to finally become the main lead and act alongside with HJW. I bet his acting is going to improve tremendously by the end of the drama! (Not that his acting isn't good already... He's doing a fantastic job in this drama, acting as Kwak Hyun) He really doesn't have much of a baby face as he did in his past dramas... Maybe it's like some of you guys said, the HJW effect? But anyways, I'm proud of MH and how well he has done in Hospital Ship so far. Now all we need is a deep, passionate kiss scene between him and HJW and cute OTP moments, and we'll be satisfied @lovegirl92 I noticed alot of chingus were still active on this thread too! They all probably can't sleep because of the excitement for Hospital Ship, haha! That is going to be me tonight... I won't be able to sleep...and I have to work on a report for my class, which I procrastinated of course.
  3. Haha, I think it's hilarious that many of us are actually happy that KH gets injured in this week's episode... Usually people would be worried, but in our case, this is a perfect situation for SEJ to stop acting cold towards KH and realize how important he is.. Ahhh, I'm so excited for the next eipsode!! I wish I could just fast forward my day and have HS day come already... I watched the preview many times as well, and probably will until tomorrow morning! I hope after KH has surgery (if he does), that SEJ is by his side and helps him recover I wonder if we are going to see the hospital ship crew worried for KH and visit him in the hospital as well.. @jerusha25 Welcome back to the thread! Yup, when we get a preview like we did and finally see some action happening, we all get excited... The romance is finally going to come. And @andra30, luckily in that scene it wasn't KH who got shot, but one of the guys who ambushed the gangster guys... But I think later on at the hospital ship, we're going to see KH got shot or hurt..
  4. I think SEJ is going to be the one who treats on KH.. What if something like SEJ is performing surgery on KH and then his heart stops so she has to do CPR and use the machine, and we see her crying and tearing up for KH to come back? Or after the surgery is done, we see SEJ with KH and she cries out to him and tells him she was so scared he would die and she's glad that he's alive... Just possible predictions... I like how many of us predicted that KH would get hurt for SEJ to finally open up her heart.. I was hoping it would happen too, because I feel like it is the only way for SEJ to realize her feelings. I'm glad the drama writers gave what we wanted even though Wednesday's episode is going to break our hearts. Like someone else once said on this thread, SEJ only realized about her loved ones if they are on the brink of dying. (ex. SEJ's mother, father and brother)
  5. @arore4eva and @dugeundugeun, welcome to the thread, chingus!! It's never too late to join the party, hehe. As someone else said, we're all spazzing about KH getting hurt (and deep down happy) because we are finally going to get OTP moments! I was thinking that too.. the gangster guys got KH to give some of his blood... But also in the preview, there's a lot of blood so I'm wondering where that all came from?
  6. Lol, I've probably watched the preview a few times now. Some other things I noticed, when the gangster guy shoots somebody, it's one of the men that invaded their group, so it isn't Hyun or SEJ... Also second thing, when KH is back in the hospital ship, it seems like he has the plastic string around his left arm, the one they use to withdraw blood. Is he going to give blood or something? I wonder what's going on there.
  7. Hahaha!! It's okay chingu, I noticed that as well.
  8. I just noticed... Oh, well before I talk about the preview, as soon as the thread jumped a couple of pages, I was like, yup the preview came out. Is it crazy that I had a dream about the preview just before waking up and checking the thread? In my dream, I checked the MBC website and the preview was there... Maybe I checked it too many times these past few days that it got ingrained in my head. Anyways!! Preview is out! (Finally...!!) And looks like what we hoped for is going to come true. Is it bad that when I saw this forums and saw that KH got hurt, that I was kind of happy...? More like I KNEW IT! happiness and our predictions were right. But oh boy, we're going to have a heck of a ride this week. It looks like KH actually doesn't get hurt when they're helping the boss guy, but instead when SEJ and KH go back to the hospital ship, that's where he gets injured. Just an observation that I noticed. Also @SCSfanz You're going to have to ask the camera director on that...
  9. Yup, looks like Hospital Ship will start at 22:30 (10:30) instead of 22:00 (10:00) on Wednesday. At least we still get our episodes this week
  10. Still no preview.. -cries in the corner- I bet the preview is going to be out when I wake up tomorrow morning, or maybe they just won't give us a preview at all this week?
  11. I keep checking the MBC website... I expect that when I come back from work, the preview for this week's episode will be uploaded!! (Hopefully...) For now, the thread is quiet since we're all waiting for the preview.. I know the thread is going to explode when the preview comes out haha!
  12. I think the preview is going to be out in a few more hours. Last week, the preview came out Monday night (my time) or Tuesday afternoon KST... We just need to be patient for a few more hours for the preview... *twiddles my thumbs* I am waiting very patiently... Very patiently.
  13. I know right... I'm dying of the wait! Hehe, he's so adorable I love his smile... Also he likes kids!
  14. Yeah, I would think so too. You rarely hear them refer to each other like that since they call each other by their character name in the BTS.. i remember in an interview that MH called HJW, Noona