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  1. As much as I dislike DM and want to see CP take him down, I was quiet disappointed in DM because he hasn't been taking much action.. I mean we all know he's an evil guy, but we didn't see much of him and in action in the previous episodes. It's nice to see DM's old evil self now so we can hate him more and root for CP to take him down >:3 Also I just had a crazy thought, but what if CP blood or something could be the antidote or something? Haha, I thought of that because you said CP is the living proof and he's the cure, which is 100 percent true!! So maybe they could use CP blood or something as the antidote? Lol, am I thinking too crazy?
  2. Just one thing I have to say about today's episode..... How many times does our Crown Prince have to die or have somebody trying to kill him?? Man, poor jeoha...
  3. I'm freaking out about the preview for next week... omg looks like Crown Prince is going to take th flower poison to save Ga Eun since Dae Moo has her.. Ahhh, noble idiocy going the wrong way.. At least through this, we'll see if the Crown Prince is really immune to poison or not.. I'm so freaken worried though for the Crown Prince because this isn't any normal poison, this is the flower poison, which is a strong one... Please drama... Don't make Crown Prince a puppet. Please please please.. Actually what I'm hoping and thinking will happen that Crown Prince will pretend to be poisoned, but he's actually immune to it and trying to fool Dae Mok... Ahhh, I'm so curious what'll happen with our crown Prince and with the whole poison..
  4. I've been rewatching the kiss scene between our OTP many times now... (Am I the only one doing this, hehe..) I just love everything about the kiss scene.. Love the scenery, the background music, our OTP... I love the way Yoo Seung Ho kissed Kim So Hyun the first kiss, where it was a light kiss, because their lips just match up perfectly... Ahaha, am I weird for mentioning this? I love kiss scenes where their lips lock perfectly instead of those weird kisses where it looks like one of them is kissing the other's upper lip... Ahem, ANYWAYS... Yes, love the kiss scene and love how our Crown Prince did a light kiss and then a passionate kiss. The music in the background is perfect too~ The kiss by the water makes it SOO much better too. Like I said before, I have an obsession with scenes by the water because they always come out so beautiful... I love how there is a small wind that blows Kim So Hyun too because it makes it look amazing.. Also the fact that it's Yoo Seung Ho doing the kiss Hehehe.... Okay, back to rewatching it.
  5. So many questions that arise after watching Episode 23/34... Like who the heck is behind the poisoning and decided to poison all the candidates, the Queen Dowager, AND the judges?? T_T I'm so confused who would be behind all of this.. Why is it that the poisoning happened during Ga Eun's turn? Does that mean somebody wants to frame the poisoning on Ga Eun? And speaking of Ga Eun, she's one of the candidates for marrying the King now... Does that mean she's going to become Queen? Omg, I hope it doesn't turn out this way because as of right now the Pyeonsoo-hwe is still in control... Ahhh, I want our OTP to end up together but not like this...!! The Pyeonsoo-hwe still has control and all the power.. I felt bad for Lee Seon in this Episode. I swear flashbacks to all the happy and good moments always get to me. It's so sad that things turned out this way for Lee Seon because all he wanted is to get out of his poor life... He saw his father get hanged and now is a puppet King. It's really sad how his life turned out and honestly I hope they don't kill off Lee Seon. I hope Lee Seon can get the antidote for the flower poison and live a happy and normal life. Please drama... Don't torture any Lee Seon anymore.. Finally, was anyone else screaming, "FINALLY!" when our Crown Prince found out that Hwa Goon is the granddaughter of Dae Mok? Because I sure was. About time he finds out Hwa Goon's true identity... I'm tired of seeing the Crown Prince tell her so much important information and she passes that information onto Dae Mok. Now that our Crown Prince knows who she really is, I hope he'll be more careful what he tells her... Not that I hate Hwa Goon or anything, but I really think she cannot be trusted with her family being practically apart of the Pyeonsoo-hwe. I'm glad that CP found out that HG is part of the Pyeonsoo-hwe.. Next episode does not seem promising because it seems like they're gonna go on the route of oh-ga-eun-you're-the-one-who-poisoned-everybody-so-it's-time-to-arrest-and-torture-you-for-this.. Sigh... I am not looking forward to this part of the drama because I know it's not going to be fun.... Ga Eun is going to suffer alot in next weeks episode.. Please let things get better T.T... Seems like Lee Seon is going to make a deal with the Queen Dowager too? Ahhh, I want to see the plot move forward with the battle of Pyeonsoo-hwe.. Overall, this was a good episode too because we had some plot moment. Let's just hope this whole thing with poisoning and GE doesn't go on for too long.. PS, Love the relationship between Crown Prince and Woo Boo
  6. Good morning Monarchs! i just woke up so I haven't seen anything about today's episode.. I hope it's really good! I'm off to watch the videos on Naver~
  7. Ah, great episode! Great episode! Finished Episode 22 with subs. Love how the plot is moving forward and we are really starting to see all the secrets unveil. I actually did not expect that it was the Queen who gave the poison... Does that mean that the Queen Dowager never wanted the Crown Prince to live in the first place and despises him? At the preview, we hear the QD saying, "Son of the lowly Youngbin," which is obviously addressed to our Crown Prince... Now that all the secrets are being revealed, we are seeing the true nature of the Queen Dowager... She is definitely out to get the Crown Prince and it looks like CP is a target in the next episode, again.. Man, everyone is trying to kill our seja jeoha.... Interestingly, we aren't really seeing any progress with the Pyeonsoo-hwe and with Dae Mok. The only thing is that Hwa Goon is the chief of the PSH now, but DM isn't going to just sit on the sidelines and watch her granddaughter take over the organization. Surely he has some trick up his sleeves. I'm wondering when Dae Mok will find out the Crown Prince is alive..because when he finds out that the Crown Prince is alive, he is definitely not going to sit still and let the Crown Prince stay alive.. About Hwa Goon too.. Ahhh, seriously the conflict with me liking her or not comes up again. I really don't know if I should like her and trust her because, I mean, she's the chief of Pyeonsoo-hwe now. Sure she loves the Crown Prince, but at the same time it seems like she wants to help out the organization.. And is it even good for the Pyeonsoo-hwe to find out all of this information, about Choi Heon brining his army.. I really don't know... Overall, great episode today and I can't wait to see what happens in tomorrow's episode! I want Ga Eun to find out that "Chun Soo" is actually the Crown Prince! I have a feeling that once Ga Eun finds out the "King" is Lee Seon, she'll be a step closer to finding out that our Crown Prince is, well the Crown Prince. There is definitely going to be some heartbreak between the two of them, but I hope our CP will tell Ga Eun the truth about her father (even though he pretty much blames himself for her father's death) and Ga Eun will understand.... Edit: @vangsweetie637 pretty much agree with everything you said too! And I was cracking up when they all thought the Crown Prince was dead and they were all crying over Choi Heon's note, haha! And then Woo Boo saw Crown Prince and was like "Who are you?" and "You rascal!" (It's more funnier the way he said it in Korean, haha. I was cracking up when he said it.. Ahh, sometimes it's a shame that English can't fully translate Korean 100 percent) Edit #2: Btw, oh my goodness. I am obsessed with, I think it's Hwang Chi Yeol's OST for this drama? Gosh, I love it so muchhhhh.. When the episode ended and that OST started to play, ahh so beautiful and lovely.. Love the OST~
  8. Ahhh, sorry chingu for the late response! I didn't see you mention me until now! But, yes last night I saw those stills of Ga Eun and Crown Prince by the water and I was squealing!! Hehe, chingu, I understand how you feel too. That kiss scene, I watched a few times already Probably will be on my repeat list for awhile.... I think you are sleeping now chingu, so hopefully you get a good night rest for the next episode (tomorrow morning for me!). I finished watching Episode 21 with subs and it is really good!! I wrote my thoughts about them just now. Hehe, glad to see you're joining the Ruler thread! I miss Liar as well with Lee Hyun Woo~ I'm sure some of you guys know about this, but Lee Hyun Woo and Yoo Seung Ho actually acted together in the Master God of Study when they were younger! Edit: Ahhh, sorry for the double posting!
  9. I'm confused like the rest of you as to why Ga Eun and Crown Prince ended up on the shore when Ga Eun passed out I just thought of the currents drifting them off to the shore magically, like what always happens in dramaland... Haha, but I try not to pay attention to those details (unless it's like a huge huge detail and it doesn't make any sense at all) because it makes you enjoy the drama less. Anyways, I finished Episode 21, and I pretty much have four things to say about this episode (great episode, or half of a episode should I say?): First, the beginning with Crown Prince deciding not to take the General'a army and attack Pyeonsoo-hwe... *slow clap* My goodness, the Crown Prince was AMAZING in this scene and I really like what he said about protecting his people over attacking the Pyeonsoo-hwe. 멋있다 세자저하 (= The Crown Prince is cool) Love the speech he gave and the way he acted. And the Teacher looked so proud for him too! Definitely got the chills while watching Yoo Seung Ho deliver the Crown Prince's speech, very powerful and cool of him to do. Second, of course we can't not mention the kiss scene. I already mentioned it before, but I love how the Crown Prince first kissed Ga Eun lightly, touched his forehead with hers, and just swooped her for a passionate kiss. And the fact that it's Yoo Seung Ho doing this doesn't make the scene any better.. I really love the scenery as well because it's just so beautiful how they're near the water. (SWDBS peeps know how obsessed I am with by-the-water scenes.. Something about being next to the water just makes the scene amazing and makes me love it so much) When I saw Ga Eun jump from the cliff into the water to save the Crown Prince, dang she's really brave! But like the rest of you, as I said before too, I question how exactly they got to the shore.. I try not to analyze or think on it so much though because over-analyzing things don't really help and make the drama less enjoyable for you.. But I'm so happy we got a kiss scene in today's episode because it confirms our OTP feelings for each other.. Which leads me to the third thing I wanted to talk about.. When Ga Eun and our Crown Prince was kneeling and trying to take the blame in front of Lee Seon and the Eunuch.. Gaaah, so sweet! I love how the two of them were trying to protect the other. Just shows you how much they truly care for one another and how much they love each other. Meanwhile, we have Lee Seon watching the two of them and is scowling at the Crown Prince... I thought this scene was really sweet though between Ga Eun and the Crown Prince. And finally something that is not about the Crown Prince (well, kinda) is the whole "death of the Crown Prince" with the Queen Dowager. Okay, I really thought she wasn't that bad at first, but after watching Episode 21 with her, no just no. I don't really like her and cannot trust her anymore. She pretty much was willing to kill the Crown Prince just for the General to bring his army from the border. And the fact that the General decided to do this... Gaah, I was yelling, "Ah, babo yah!" The General should at least confirm that the Crown Prince is dead instead of just going ahead to bring his army away from the border.... Sigh.... The QD....very evil of her to do. But one thing though, I thought she kind of knew that the Crown Prince was alive? I guess not though? But anyways, I am off to watch Episode 22!
  10. Ooh Hi chingu!!! I didn't know you were on this thread as well! Probably because I'm always disappearing all the time But it's nice to see you here on this forums as well, hehe throwback to Liar days.
  11. Also woooaaahh~~~ Yoo seung ho opened an Instagram? Maybe it could be a fake but guess we have to wait and see if the agency confirms it or not.. if it is real, that is soo awesome! I followed him immediately And another thing.. I just watched the kiss scene and my goodness.. Bless... so beautiful... love how it's near the water because the scenery is beautiful.. love how the crown prince did a light kiss at first and then dove in for a more passionate kiss. -squeals-
  12. Lol what the??? I wake up and see that a kiss scene happened in today's episode okay I'm not fully awake so the fangirling hasn't fully started yet..
  13. Okay, I'm trying so hard not to scream internally and externally because of those new stills released for tomorrows episode.... -squeals- Cannot wait until our OTP moment and see what happens between them...!! The question is why are they near the water and all wet? Did they fall into the water? Perhaps, our Crown Prince saved Ga Eun? So many questions.. The most important is, will we get a kiss scene tomorrow? I highly doubt it though and the drama is just teasing our hearts.... But still, -squeals- at those new stills.. Excited for tomorrow's episode...
  14. Hello!~ Good Morning Monarchs! I have been MIA for awhile, once again... Haha... But the good news is that the new episode of Ruler comes out tomorrow!! Yay! I have alot of pages to backread, but what happened while I was gone? Also @silvianage, don't worry I feel the same way too, about watching the drama live and waiting for it to finish.... Now we have to go through each week waiting for each episode.. Also a late welcome to the thread
  15. Lol, okay I'm super late to the party... Like one year late, but I guess I never came back to this forums after the SBS Drama Awards! @Berou @maryofbethany @evie7, I was reading your guys comments back on page 189. I swear, if Yoo Seung Ho didn't win an award for his performance in Remember, I was legitimately going to burn down SBS because this boy DESERVES the award. (Well he already got the award but this is what I thought last year) Yoo Seung Ho's acting in Remember was exceptional and really really good. I mean how many times did the boy have to cry in the drama? Okay, anyways... All of you guys are on other dramas now, well except now we're watching Ruler together on on the soompi forums, haha!