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  1. I was wondering if anyone tried to send fan mail to Park Hyung Sik? Or if anybody knows a way you can send fan mail to him? Maybe we could do a fan project where we send PHS a scrapbook or something filled with letters or something... I don't know, I just had this random though haha, am I being crazy?
  2. @Visually-wandering and @furu.vu217 Don't worry, I'm waiting for Park Hyung Sik's kiss scene in this drama too! @Chi Le Haha so true! I won't be surprised if we get a kiss scene between PHS and JS first This thread is moving along so fast! Omg chingus, D-Day is finally here Well the drama airs tomorrow for me but it's already friday in Korea I am super excited for Episode 1. Gahhhhh, tomorrow hurry up and come!!! I'm debating if I should watch the drama live at 3 am....or just watch till tomorrow morning and watch it raw...
  3. @tingth and @windywind, I completely agree with you guys as well so don't be sorry about your own opinion Everyone here has their own opinions and what they think about the drama! But regarding your guys thoughts on the drama, I'm in agreement
  4. Looks like Park Hyung Sik is playing volleyball~ @Era Ferawati you're killing me with all of these PHS photos
  5. @athena22 Thanks for the photos! I'll go check on tumblr and see if there are any photos I like! @Era Ferawati I did try doing that in the past, the only problem is that some photos are too big and don't fit my iPhone screen So I was wondering if there were any fanmade lockscreen wallpapers because I know some fans do them.
  6. Anybody know where to find any good iPhone wallpaper of Park Hyung Sik? Haha, I've been trying to search for some but I have had no luck
  7. I agree. He is definitely good as an idol actor. I would even say he is one of the best among idol actors~ Of course there are other idols that are good at acting as well! But Park Hyung Sik does a great job at conveying a character's emotions. He got a lot of compliments from K-Netizens too because of Hwarang It is pre-produced maybe there are cameos but they kept it a secret... Maybe they will announce cameos later?
  8. Park Hyung Sik Explains How He Overcame Worries About His First Lead Role In “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” E. Kang February 22, 2017 From playing the second lead in “Hwarang” to his first main role in upcoming JTBC drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” Park Hyung Sik has been cementing his place in the drama industry. During the press conference for “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” that took place on February 22, the actor talked about the burdens he felt while acting his character. He explained, “Because Park Bo Youngworked with such talented senior actors in her previous works, I was worried if I could be as good of a partner for her. However, I’ve fully immersed myself into making [my role] Min Hyuk into my own, and act with the responsibility that I have to make him into a character that doesn’t lose to anyone else. ” Park Hyung Sik added that he was also really encouraged and grateful when Park Bo Young complimented him and said, “You seem more like Min Hyuk the more I see you.” Source: https://www.soompi.com/2017/02/22/park-hyung-sik-explains-overcame-worries-first-lead-role/
  9. Wow this thread has moved along really fast since I last visited. Thank you to all of you for sharing videos and photos from the press conference!! They all look so wonderful in the photos Just two more days until the first episode comes out!! So excited... the long wait has finally ended!
  10. Yes!!! This is why I love Aro and SMJ moments so much. Despite Aro not feeling the same way towards SMJ, I love their moments together because Aro believed in him no matter what. Also SMJ was so open with her and willing to share how he felt to her, and Aro was there listening to him and understood him. I love their relationship with each other~ Aro believes in SMJ and encouraged him Agree! I love what you said about SMJ~
  11. Hwarang is finally over.... I just wanted to share my thoughts about Park Hyung Sik in the drama. From the beginning and to the end, I watched Hwarang for Park Hyung Sik and I had no doubts that PHS would do a fabulous job in the drama. While watching the drama though, he sure surprised me with his exceptional acting skills. I always knew he is a great actor, but oh man he just really shined in Hwarang. I found myself swooning over him each and every Episode because of his acting skills and his visuals. Ahh, he truly looked so beautiful in the drama and I think the long hair really suited him. For his first saeguk, he did such a wonderful job Like alot of people said, I hope he can do another saeguk in the future because he does a good job in it, he has such a great tone and his acting was on point... Hehe, I knew Park Hyung Sik wouldn't disappoint me when he was first casted in this drama... (When I first heard him casted in Hwarang I was super excited for him) I'm really glad that he got the opportunity to act in Hwarang because I think the role really suited him. I'm glad he got recognition in the drama as well because he truly is a talented actor... Now he finally scored his first lead role though, I'm so proud of him... (proud fan right here) Although Hwarang is over but we can see him in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon now Also thank you @athena22 for sharing photos from the press conference. He looks so adorable with Ji Soo and Park Bo Young And he is handsome as usual
  12. Finished Episode 20 with subs and although the drama was not perfect, I think the ending is the best ending we all could have got from Hwarang... Despite some of the flaws in the drama, I truly enjoyed each and every episode of the drama... The agony of waiting for a new episode each week, smiling and giggling, and questioning things from the drama. Although there are many unanswered question (My biggest question is, where the heck is Soo Ho in the last scene?), I think it's best to not overthink everything so much. In every drama, there are always questions the viewers still have and that are unanswered. I truly love the happy ending we get with Aro going back to her normal life, not worrying about being in danger or dealing with any higher enemies, Sam Maek Jong and Sun Woo with their friendship (I love their bromance so much), and our OTP finally together without any troubles. I'd like to think that in the end of the episode, Yeo Wool, Dan Se, Ban Ryu, Sun Woo and Sam Maek Jong are on their way to Baekje to teach the Crown Prince Chang a lesson I am glad that I was able to watch a drama like Hwarang, and I love everything about the drama: the actors and actresses, the cinematography, the OSTs and each character in the drama. It has been quite a journey with Hwarang from the beginning to the end for all of us viewers, and I am happy I was able to share my thoughts and converse with everyone on this thread. Although not everyone is satisfied with the drama as a whole, I hope each and every one of us gained something from watching this drama and don't regret it To finish up my post, my favorite things about Episode 20: SMJ sending a letter to Aro, telling her the whole reason why he kept her locked up in the palace was to protect her from Park Young Sil... Also the second time SMJ visited Aro telling her how he feels towards her. The beginning of the Episode when SMJ drops his sword and SW and SMJ continue to carry out their conversation. Just that scene as a whole, including the flashback when the Hwarang hailed SMJ. When SW visits SMJ, telling him about the Crown Prince, and their conversation with each other. So adorable, love it so much SMJ finding out that his mother has been drinking poison all this time and he marches into her room, throwing the cup, and telling Pa Oh to kill the Court Lady. And then SMJ and Queen Ji So crying in front of each other. (Ahh, Park Hyung Sik's acting in that scene) Sun Woo and all of Hwarang marching into the throne room, declaring their loyalty to King Jinheung, and SW saying Park Young Sil is a traitor Then SW and SMJ's telepathy with each other haha~ Sam Maek Jong finally becoming King officially and Pa Oh having that sad, proud face for him. Ahh, I just loved their relationship so much. Ban Ryu and Soo Yeon moment When her father came in and he shook the window, I thought he was trying to pretend he was doing something else not trying to see if he can escape through the window Thank you to Hwarang for giving us not a perfect, but exceptional drama, as I enjoyed each and every way... Now that Hwarang is over, we all don't have our Monday and Tuesdays to look forward to...but for me I'll be watching Park Hyung Sik's new drama coming out this week. Thank you to everyone on this thread as well for all the thoughts, opinions, and comments. We sure all had a heck of a ride with this drama.
  13. Hmm, it was Sam Maek Jong who wrote that? I thought I was Sun Woo... The drama isn't too clear about the paper Anyone here know how to read Chinese characters? xD
  14. Anyone else wondering what the paper that Sun Woo gave to Poon Wol Jo says? Does it say what SW and SMJ said about what kind of King?
  15. Perfect Wife although I do not know much about that drama... Agree, I love Pa Oh and Sam Maek Jong's relationship so much... It seems like they have a father/son relationship and bickering at times, haha~