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  1. I feel like Chan Young is lingering on the past and doesn't realize what's going on around him. We see that all the Crude Play members and Han Gyul are all worried for Chan Young and they really do care! Somebody mentioned this before, I think it was @triplem.... Not too sure. Anyways! They mentioned that a relationship is a two way street. I feel like Chan Young is expecting to receive so much when he isn't really putting the work in himself. Sure all that happened in the past, but I am sure that the Crude Play members and Han Gyul feel different now and do care about CY.. I like how you said that Han Gyul is always apologetic towards Chan Young, because it really does seem so. I don't really like how Chan Young is trying to use Seo Rim and hang onto her when he clearly knows her feelings towards Han Gyul... I hope there won't be any conflict be-scratch that.. There will probably be conflict between Seo Rim and Han Gyul now with everything that's going on, but I really hope that doesn't affect their relationship and there is no noble idiocy between the two of them! Yesss, I love Han Gyul too! I love how he is changing to be better to Seo Rim and he is just absolutely so sweet to her! The things Han Gyul says to Seo rim just makes a girl's heart flutter man... He is just too sweet Also I love Crude Play and Han Gyul's friendship too in the drama~ Of course Lee Hyun Woo is doing such a good job portraying Han Gyul I wish he would get more recognition though... He's so underrated! LHW is a good actor as well and well-capable of expressing so much emotions with his eyes. Thank you for your thoughts! I agree with what you said as well. And the thing is that it's not like Han Gyul is trying to win over Chan Young or anything. We can see that Han Gyul does care about Chan Young too. He doesn't mean to hurt CY at all. I definitely agree that Chan Young is constantly viewing himself as always being the victim. CY seems to pretty much blame Han Gyul for everything that happens, even for things HG doesn't know about. It seems like CY has been playing over HG's bass recording or something (this was mentioned in today's episode) and Han Gyul had no idea what he was talking about. I like what @lovcom00 said with Han Gyul. HG is always being apologetic and sorry towards Chan Young... I agree with you with the fact that it must've taken some courage for Han Gyul to reveal himself as K because he has always been hiding behind the mask, not revealing his identity. Don't worry, I am Team Han Gyul too!
  2. What do you guys think of Han Gyul with the whole situation with Chan Young? Chan Young says that Han Gyul takes away everything of him and always wins over him no matter what.. Do you think CY has the right to be mad at Han Gyul? Also do you think it was right for Han Gyul to play the bass instead Chan Young? Although I think it was all CY's plan for Han Gyul to do this... And what do you guys think about Han Gyul when he's around Seo Rim? Haha I guess my question is what everyone thinks of Han Gyul now, positive or negative things?
  3. I love how Han Gyul finally stepped out of his mask and revealed himself! Also I love how the Crude Play boys are playing together with Han Gyul too. It's a throwback to when they first started the band and now they're playing out in public on the Sketchbook program. It was nice to see them on the stage and play together... I'll probably repeat the ending a few times, haha.. At the same time I feel really bad and sorry for Chan Young because of everything that is happening with him. I don't like how Choi is constantly treating Chan Young, and this time Choi completely manipulated CY and HG! Choi used HG's song without his permission and threw away Mush&Co's debut song for the program.. I don't think Chan Young necessary has nothing now because even though Han Gyul did play the bass for him at the Sketchbook, CY is still a member of Crude Play. Han Gyul was just filling in for Chan Young for that performance, and I believe that HG has no intention in replacing Chan Young in Crude Play. (At least I hope nothing like this happens....) I don't think they will switch Han Gyul in for Chan Young. Despite CY running away and not performing, it doesn't change the fact he is still the bassist of Crude Play and is still part of the band.. I think we are going to get conflict after this episode between the Crude Play boys and Han Gyul.. I hope it'll all work out though and Chan Young will truly find his place in the band.
  4. @KangSoRim Thank you for sharing the photos! Hehe, at least the boys are close in real life, right?
  5. I believe so. Because in the previous scene, we saw Chan Young watching the Real Crude Play video on Shi Hyun's computer and he was thinking about Han Gyul playing the bass with them. I think Mush&Co singing Han Gyul's song is what made him really burst and just let it all out. He even said to Han Gyul, Think about who the bassist In Ho, Shin Hyun and Yoon really need. No preview
  6. Haha, I kept the stream on and Park Hyung Sik's Wibee ad just came up! Anyways, oh my gosh, I can't believe Han Gyul really went up stage with Crude Play. Seems like this was Chan Young's plan from the beginning... Han Gyul's-wait pause.. Lool, Park Hyung Sik's French Cafe just came out right now! (Still have the stream on) Okay... Back to what I was saying... Oh, Han Gyul's identity as K is finally revealed..
  7. Omomo, Han Gyul is really playing with them...... They all don't look happy backstage though. The four of them walked onto stage and HG pugged the chord in his bass.. Seo Rim finally found Chan Young.... He said Han Gyul is going up on the stage instead. Chan Young just grabbed Seo Rim and hugged her, telling her not to go... CY asks Seo Rim if she could choose him... And the drama ends there... omo.. NOOOOO THERE'S NO PREVIEW
  8. They can't contact Chan Young and it looks like CY took his car key.... Uh Oh, where did Chan Young go off to... Don't tell me they're going to have Han Gyul play the bass for them... Chan Young called Seo Rim though.... It looks like Seo Rim is going to CY. Gaaah Yoo said that HG could play.. OMGGG
  9. 10 minutes left for the Episode.... Omg, the MC said that they're singing Han Gyul's song. Chan Young glares at Han Gyul but HG said that he didn't know about this.. WHAT? Choi just said that Han Gyul is going to be producing for MUSH&Co now. Okay, now with whose permission? CY asks what is that to President Choi and said Jin Woo and Gyu Sun aren't playing... Chan Young said that mUSH&Co is his.. Wow, Choi is like do you really think like that? Do you think you can win over Han Gyul? You're a bassist and you cannot compete with HG. So go back to your place. Chan Young said where is the place I go back?
  10. Omg, what's going to happen now... MUSH&Co's turn on stage.... Ahhh the MC said that they're going to be singing a new song and advertisement..!!!!
  11. Han Gyul sees Seo Rim in the dressing room and says do well since he'll be looking over her~ Seo Rim was like, Han Gyul I need to tell you something, but Choi walked in....
  12. Oh my gosh. Wait I think Chan Young might be planning something with Sketchbook. He saw that Shi Hyun was watching the videos the 3 Crude Members filmed and posted on the internet.... He asked if Han Gyul is coming to Sketchbook too. I think he might be planning something with having the four of them play together Also MUSH&Co aren't playing Chan Young's song anymore, Shiny Boy... But instead they're playing Han Gyul's song. What the heck.... >.< Oh haha! If you look at the scene right now with Yoona and Han Gyul together with the blue ribbons in the background, Lee Hyun Woo actually took a photo there.
  13. Aww. Yoona asked Han Gyul why he turned out like this and how come they didn't work out.. Han Gyul told Yoona that Seo Rim made him like this. Before he thought he could hide behind music but Seo Rim came and took him out. So sweet what he said My gosh I ship Soo Yeon and Shi Hyun so hard! We need to see more of the two of them >:D
  14. Advertisement So know we know Seo Rim might sing Han Gyul's song at the Sketchbook... Chan Young and Han Gyul have no idea about this too... This is where things are going to wrong..
  15. Choi visited Han Gyul.. Wow, Choi said to Han Gyul that he should produce MUSH&Co's next single but HG thought what SR said after they met President Yoo, about HG making a song only for SR and not MUSH&Co. HG said it might not be right to do that since he didn't prepare a song for MUSH&Co. Gaaah, Han Gyul found out about his father possibly doing an album with President Yoo so he went to his father and asked if he accepted it. HG said that his father's music was the first music he listened to. When his father's song got taken away from him, it was him (Han Gyul) who got hurt from it. Han Gyul asked to his father to please not do it, and for his father to be the father he wants for once in his life. Oh dear... Now things are starting to go wrong. Choi's plan is for Seo Rim to sing Han Gyul's song at the sketchbook... SR asked if HG and CY know about this whole thing. Choi then tells Seo Rim that she'll be singing live and Jin Woo and Gyu Sun won't. Then he told them that Crude Play doesn't sing live except for Chan Young..