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  1. No, this isn't the same actress that got married! Are you talking about Taeyang's marriage? Also, don't worry chingu, it isn't a sad ending, but I won't spoil the last couple of episodes for you! You just have to tune in and watch!
  2. Be prepared for more heartbreak in episode 10!! I teared up when I was watching Episode 10 raw... So sad...
  3. Oh boy guys, buckle up because tomorrow's episode is going to be the cliffhanger of them all!! The real action starts after tomorrow's episode... Be prepared for heartbreaks.... Also thank you @RPM and @0ly40 for providing photos and videos!
  4. Ahh, it was so heartbreaking when younger Shin Woo asked where mom is Older Shin Woo already experienced their mothers death but younger Shin Woo wasn't expecting it at all.. Also I had second lead syndrome with Lee Jung Shin, haha...
  5. Yes! I love Jung Shin's facial expressions in the drama and it's so believable! I never realized how great Jung Shin is at acting. I did watch him in Cinderella and Four Knights but I guess he wasn't able to show his potential in that drama, which is why he didn't shine as much there! (Although I did have second lead syndrome in the drama) I don't want to admit that Jung Shin might be better at acting than Min Hyuk since MH is my bias, but man! Jung Shin in this drama though Also about Seo Ji Hoon. This is my first time seeing him in a drama before (I never watched any other dramas he was in) and he is a scene stealer too! I like his acting and how expressive he is. All these boys are stealing my heart in this drama It's really nice to see Lee Tae Sun in this drama too, as he's a great actor too. I watched him in Entertainer (fun fact: he acted with Min Hyuk and now he's acting with MH's bandmember Jung Shin!!!) and thought he did a great job portraying his character. I have my eyes on him ever since Entertainer so it's nice to see him in this drama too!
  6. Hehe, the anticipating episodes finally came out this week with Shin Woo going back to the present and saving Jisoo and now with younger Shin Woo in the present!! The adventure & heartbreaking begins now!! Also I had no idea the mother found out about Shin Woo's identity in this episode! Yes, I agree! I love the drama flow and pacing. The episodes are playing out really well and it'll be interesting to see younger Shin Woo in the present now! I actually can't believe Jisoo would've actually died in the present if Shin Woo didn't save her. Can you imagine how much pain Shin Woo would be in and the amount of regret and sadness he would experience? I'm glad that Shin Woo managed to save her. Yes, I did I watched it for Kang Minhyuk and I thought it was really good. Hi chingu! Yes, oksusu has already released all 10 episodes of the drama but they are not subbed. If you like, you could binge watch it on oksusu with a Korea VPN since the site doesn't allow foreigners to watch anything on there. However, OCN is airing the drama too and it's halfway done, so maybe you can just wait and watch for the episodes?
  7. Hi @alekaonu! Welcome to the thread Don't be like me and spoil yourself for the drama by watching all the episodes on oksusu... But yes I do agree that Lee Jung Shin's acting and facial expressions are really good in this drama! I mean Minhyuk is a great actor too, but Jung Shin is just stealing my heart in this drama As for Seo Ji Hoon, he's definitely a scene stealer too! I already have a crush on him and I love Seo Ji Hoon and Jung Shin's bromance, on and off the screen! Btw, chingu off topic from My First Love, did you watch Hospital Ship?
  8. Haha, yes jealousy will come and it's funny Spoiler alert
  9. Aigoo, that preview has so many spoilers for the next episode!!! Can't wait to see it even though I already watched it on oksusu. About the ending, it's a happy ending....hehe, or is it? But anyways, I really love the ending and how the drama puts it together like that Also, isn't it crazy if you think about it, Jisoo was actually supposed to pass away in the present! If Shin Woo didn't go back to the past, then she would've been dead... I can't imagine how heartbroken Shin Woo will be if Jisoo really did pass away.. Btw a small spoiler for future episodes, be prepared to have a box of tissues next to you because the future episodes get really sad. Another kind of a spoiler: older Shin Woo gets jealous of younger Shin Woo when Jisoo talks about him and it's so funny because he's getting jealous over himself
  10. I heard the news about it originally supposed to be airing on SBS Plus but changed to OCN. But yes, I’m currently watching episode 6 (episode 18 on oksusu) and towards the end of the episode. I totally spoiled my self for the ending though, but I just had to! Now I’m just going back to watch Episodes 5-10 I am not a patient person... But I’ll first watch it raw (since I can understand most of what they say) and then watch the episodes subbed later to fully understand. Haha yeah, definitely with older Shin Woo going back to the best, he’s altering some things in the past! Older Shin Woo totally made his best friend have a thing for the English Teacher, which is hilarious! I love how embarrassed his friend is when they kissed by accident. It’s like he was traumatized from that but at the same time fell in love! Regarding Shin Woo’s mother and younger Shin Woo, I can’t say any more because I’ll be spoiling the drama! However, I absolutely love Lee Jung Shin’s acting in this drama! He’s doing such a great job portraying Shin Woo.
  11. I agree chingu.. It would've been nice if oksusu and OCN worked together to air the episodes at the same time that way fans won't be spoiled because pretty much we can find out the ending of the drama! I'm wondering why oksusu has the ability to release all of the episodes, but OCN is doing two episodes per week? I already watched the ending of the drama, but now I'm watching Episode 5-10 on oksusu, haha...
  12. @RPM Also dude after this drama, I have a crush on Seo ji hoon and I just love Jungshin even more! My bias from CNBlue is Minhyuk, as you can see from my profile picture, but oh man. Jungshin is stealing my heart now! I love his acting in the drama... Do I dare to say that Jungshin might even be a better actor than Minhyuk?
  13. So I just checked oksusu and omg episode 28, 29 and 30 is out Should I watch it or should I now? -goes to watch it- Edit: oksusu is being a butt and not letting me watch the last three episodes so I checked the person's instagram for clips and she posted them! Spoilers below
  14. I'm totally patient and I totally did not watch the recent 3 episodes that oksusu released today, and I totally don't know what happens in Episode 9... Read at your own risk... Btw, I realized yesterday that our main leads name is Shin Woo not Shi Woo. You know I heard Jisoo say Shin Woo in the drama and I kept wondering why she would say the "n" sound in his name. This whole time I thought his name was Shi Woo and was just thinking Jisoo was slurring his name to sound like Shin Woo.... @RPM Do you know when oksusu releases new episodes on their site?
  15. Yup, pretty sure there are 10 episodes in total. For oksusu, episode 25, 26 and 27 is episode 9. I resisted and didn’t fully read what you said in your spoiler tag. Instead I’m just going to go on oksusu, use my VPN and watch the episode myself!