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  1. Welcome to the thread! I believe it is a new OST that the drama will release soon I think we'll need to wait and see until there is an announcement about the new OST. Anybody else hoping (and still has hope) that Park Hyung Sik will sing an OST for the drama? Seeing how far we are in the drama now, I don't think we'll get to hear PHS's voice....but we can still hope right?
  2. Sorry chingus, I have been quite absent in this thread I'm more active on the Strong Woman Do Bong Soon thread... But here are some photos of PHS, that I stole from the other thread, where he is just so adorable, handsome, and cute
  3. Yes!! I'm a fan of ZE:A and I'm quite sad if they do end up disbanding It sucks that they are such an underrated group, because I think some of their songs are really good. Although I didn't dig that deep into ZE:A, but when I first got into PHS, I checked out ZE:A and watched a few videos with them~
  4. Yes, of course you are welcomed Hehe, yes that makes sense. I know that between siblings, even if they're the same age, they still address them as "oppa" "noona," etc I guess I learned something new about twins though. Probably because I never really encountered any twins that speak Korean to each other Thank you for the translations I couldn't quite understand those two parts that's why It makes so much sense now that I know what they're saying. I love this scene too because Bong Soon is easedropping on their conversation! If only Min Hyuk admits why he did it though. Notice how every time somebody asked him that question, he either dodged it, stayed silent, or brought up another subject. Seems like he doesn't want to admit to others his true feelings~
  5. Also some gifs of my favorite scenes from Episode 9 that I didn't get to post last night because I fell asleep.
  6. Yes, I am wondering the same thing about Min Hyuk's role with the kidnapping storyline!! GD is very much involved with the case since he is a policeman and is trying to catch the culprit. Bong Soon has been pretty much involved with it as well since, well, the culprit is targeting her now and she encountered the culprit a few times already. The question is though, what does Min Hyuk have to do with this kidnapping case? I was thinking that he would save Bong Soon in the future episode because she gets captured or something... but other than that...wonder what else he has to do with the case? It seems like he won't really be involved with it. These two K-Netizens comments pretty much sum it all Actually, it just depends on the people. When I first found out Bong Ki calls Bong Soon "noona," I thought it was a bit weird, even though they are the same age and born on the same day. If people are born in the same year, regardless of the difference of months, weeks, or days, usually Koreans would speak informally to each other. Of course, when they first meet, they wouldn't speak banmal immediately... But usually being the same year (or even a one year difference) isn't a huge deal to many people in Korea. There are alot of same-aged people that speak informally to each other and don't address each other by "noona" "oppa" or "hyung." Personally, I find it strange that BG is calling BS "Noona" because they are literally born on the same day, even if she's older than him by minutes.... I think a situation like this....isn't too common, especially since the two of them are twins.. What do you think @stroppyse? I think it all depends on the person and whether they are willing to drop the honorifics with each other or not, but usually same-aged people are okay with speaking informally with each other. It's actually common to see this.
  7. Edit: It seems like @stroppyse already translated this scene... Hehe I apologize for the repeat. I didn't see it because I don't go through the pages while I'm watching the drama live Well here's another translation of this scene, haha~ GS: Tomorrow, I'll come with your mother. BS: What are you talking about? GS: I'll help push you and Ahn Son-In-Law. BS: Don't you be like this too.. I am really confused. GS: You're confused? BS: Ah, hey! I need to go. Anyways, don't move and stay home, since the culprit hasn't been caught yet. Hello? Yes, Secretary Gong? Huh, really???? Really, tomorrow I am starting on the team? Thank you so much!! No, how could President make me feel so moved? Yes, go back. Yes~ Hey. I'm on AIN Software Planning Team!!! Oh, sorry, sorry.. MH: It's been awhile since she got the call... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... Of course... You are in my hands. Hello? BS: President, thank you so so so much! MH: Yes. I'm keeping my promise. BS: Ah, I will work really hard! MH: Of course. BS: But President, what are you doing right now? MH: What do you mean? I'm waiting for you of course. BS: Ah, I'll be there soon then. But, if I want to go to work tomorrow, I need to go to the hospital and then come back to my home in the morning. MH: Yes, that's your own situation. BS: No, but I thought you would say just to stay home and rest. I need to go to work but when will I have time to go back and forth from the hospital. Gyeong Shim next to me is saying it shouldn't be like that. Well, I will go right now. Ah, I think I'll be tired tomorrow. MH: No, just don't come here and rest at home. BS: Ahh, what are you talking about. How could I be like that. I will go RIGHT now. MH: Hey, it's okay, don't come. I don't know why there is so much to get ready, but do it. If there is something wrong, my wound (or something) will just burst. Ahh, do whatever you want. I'm hanging up. BS: Oh, President! MH: Huh? BS: (I'm honestly not sure what she says here, but I know she pretty much just hangs up on him haha!)
  8. Hehe I accidentally clicked the save button before finishing video translation so just ignore this
  9. Subs might not be 100% accurate.. I apologize for not being able to translate what one part of what Secretary Gong says and what BS said... Another meaningful scene from today's episode. Secretary Gong: President, I'm curious about something. Just like President, using your body like that to protect...when no one else would...(It's something along those lines.. I couldn't catch what he said here) Why did you get stabbed? It was by mistake and you slipped, right? MH: No. Secretary Gong: Then, did you really get stabbed in purpose? MH: Yeah. Secretary Gong: Why? -cue Jeong Eun Ji's OST and MH opens the door with BS in front- MH: I'm going to the library. BS: Should I clean up and go there? Yes.. -BS behind the bookshelf- BS: Oh... (She says here something about going somewhere, but she'll do it next time because she can't drink...I'm sorry guys I don't quite understand this part ) MH: Okay, lets do that. BS: Lets go, I'll take you.
  10. Since @stroppyse won't be able to do translation today, I'll fill in This is such a short scene with not much dialogue but such a meaningful scene that I had to share and sub it~ BS: Why did you get discharged...You should've waiting until you got out your stitches first.. Are you okay? MH: Yeah. BS: Then get some rest, I will be going now. -MH puts his head on BS's lap- MH: Let's stay like this for awhile... -BS is looking at the painting- BS: Oh... Then this is....
  11. MH: Hurry and end your one-sided crush... I think I may like you... Alright, bye guys. I'm dead.
  12. Well excuse me while I just go back in my corner because GUESS WHAT PEOPLE?? MIN HYUK JUST CONFESSED TO BONG SOON!!! -crawls to my corner- way to throw an ending like that to us, drama....
  13. Hahaha Bong Soon is so disappointed because she is still working in MH's office. Min Hyuk said that she has a team leader and Bong Soon got all excited again. Turns out it's Min Hyuk who is BS's team leader.. -MH winks- and she got so disappointed haha.
  14. Omg so I'm Bong Soon's dream, she asks him if he likes girl and he said, of course I like girls! And then they almost kiss but Gyeong Shim wakes her up. notice how Min Hyuk isn't wearing a mask in her dream now