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  1. [Drama 2017] Chief Kim 김과장

    Ep 17 preview Cr: Owner
  2. [Drama 2017] Chief Kim 김과장

    I kept repeating the scene where HK told SR he was clueless when he asked her why is she so worried about him and he says it's weird.. I can see SR actually smiling to himself when she said he was clueless.. it seems that he kinda acknowledged that she likes him too as he already adore her.. Like others have mentioned, he needs to settle the huge issue with TQ first before paying attentions to the matters of the heart..
  3. [Drama 2017] Chief Kim 김과장

    AGREED! Gwang Sook needs to be the matchmaker for her idols!
  4. [Drama 2017] Chief Kim 김과장

    From last night episode, it is obvious that HK likes Chief Kim and not SY.. Especially when she was so worried for SR and that guy is seriously clueless and that's what HK told him straight in his face.. I feel that HK treating SY to a meal was to thank him for saving SR.. SR is the type of guy who had never had a romantic relationship in his entire life so even if he adores HK he doesn't realise it even his subconscious actions already reflected his liking.. He may need SY to tell him in his face that HK likes SR instead of himself
  5. [Drama 2017] Chief Kim 김과장

    I really want Chief Kim to end up with HK coz they are cuter together and on top of that they are more compatible.. SY is too young for HK though his puppy like actions and behaviour towards HK is enjoyable to watch hehe...
  6. [Drama 2017] Chief Kim 김과장

    Haha I like how you say it... Maybe Chief Kim needs this to wake up and start actioning! I highly doubt his character ever had a gf before haha
  7. [Drama 2017] Chief Kim 김과장

    Regarding the love story between Chief Kim and HK, I do see slow and subtle improvements since episode 1: - Chief Kim do like to hang out with HK, he is always with her. - Chief Kim will tell her everything especially the money incident and was worried that HK was angry with him. - Chief Kim subconsciously held onto HK during the scene before their scooter ride at the roadside stall.. He was holding onto her shoulder and arms - Of course their scooter ride where he again subconsciously brought HK hands around his waist. - Chief Kim trying to mirror HK actions during the scene when they were talking to Minji the first time at the cafe and he called HK a beautiful lady. - Chief Kim pinching HK arm and showing the love sign (the second time he did this, the first time he did this was when he said HK was his partner forever) - Chief Kim reminding HK how they bought over the triangle gimbap but was left all embarrassed. - Finally the last scene in ep 14 where HK was kinda confessing to Chief Kim and before that Chief did indirectly asked her for a date to go eat octopus.. After the confession you can see Chief's smiling to himself and bouncing away in joy before he was tasered. I also agree that I hope HK will care for Chief Kim and more romance will blossom from there...
  8. [Drama 2017] Chief Kim 김과장

    Haha I juz went to watch the subbed ep but only focused on our OTP...I think we still have hope as it could be a teaser and HK say be here younger brother for an hr lol.. my opinion is that both have attraction towards each other but refuse to admit so bring out the siblings thingy.. haha
  9. [Drama 2017] Chief Kim 김과장

    For all Chief Kim and HK shippers https://www.soompi.com/2017/02/28/namgoong-min-nam-sang-mi-enjoy-romantic-scooter-date-chief-kim/
  10. Lee Dong Gun x Jo Yoon Hee (Jin Sil Couple)

    My conclusion is that LDG is more into JYH than she into him.. She is more reserved in your behaviour and she mentioned that LDG wasn't her type during the Happy Together show so I believe he really did improve on her and she began seeing him in a different light... She doesn't have any private life scandal before and know officially admitting their relationship must be a big step for her and I believe she is prepared for the backlash from JY fans.. I agree that JY is way too young for LDG so most probably the passion died off and both may not have any similar goals given their big gap difference. I believe both LDG and JYH are ready to get married anytime and start a family.. She is good for his image and career and will be his solid support..
  11. Lee Dong Gun x Jo Yoon Hee (Jin Sil Couple)

    Cr: IG owner Taken during the KBS awards and we can clearly see how LDG slants towards JYH.. I believe he has good feelings for her during that time which was in December.
  12. Lee Dong Gun x Jo Yoon Hee (Jin Sil Couple)

    Thanks chingu! This is kinda expected by JY fans but the majority of the netizens are supporting LDG and JYH new relationship. In addition I also believe that LDG broke up with JY way before Dec as it was obvious during the Happy Together show he didn't show much passion of interest when asked about JY.. I guess that period was kinda of cooling down and when he met JYH for the drama and both worked closely for over 8 months he fell for our JYH.. it's was defy not love at first sight for our OTP but accumulated feelings which are more long lasting right.?
  13. Lee Dong Gun x Jo Yoon Hee (Jin Sil Couple)

    I can't see what you have posted under the hidden contents
  14. Lee Dong Gun x Jo Yoon Hee (Jin Sil Couple)

    I am still over the moon that I can't concentrate at work even though I got tons to do.... Yessss let's continue spamming this forum until they get married and have babies Cr: IG owner
  15. Lee Dong Gun x Jo Yoon Hee (Jin Sil Couple)

    Thanks for the video! I like how the camera panned over the JYH and LDG after CIP said that feelings confession thingy