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  1. Gong Yoo welcomes spring on Jeju Island Gong Yoo recently did a photo shoot on Jeju Island for a fashion magazine’s April edition. In one photo, the model-turned-actor wore a dark blue jacket with beige rolled-up pants and a casual khaki shoulder bag. Another photo showed him in a light gray sweatshirt, matched with white pants. His agency Management Soop also released a photo Sunday via social media. The actor pulled off a dandy look in the photo.Gong Yoo attended Lee Dong-wook’s fan event Sunday as a special guest.
  2. Gong Yoo's character doll from 'Goblin' sets record sales in Korea and overseas! Adorable character doll 'Boglegel', also known as 'Maemil-Goon' from the drama 'Goblin', has set record sales both in Korea and overseas! The 'Boglegel' character was modeled after Gong Yoo's character Kim Shin in 'Goblin', a project the drama's production company Hwa and Dam Pictures carried out in conjunction with doll company Bonicrew. The doll was often seen in Kim Go Eun's possession in the drama. According to Bonicrew, the 'Boglegel' doll recently maxed out on its 5th series as well as over 600,000 dolls being distributed through claw machines nationwide. In addition, overseas orders from China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, North America, and more have become backed up due to overwhelming domestic and foreign order quantities. To answer to the unwavering love and affection toward 'Goblin', Bonicrew will be opening up pop-up stores in Seoul with not only original favorites like 'Boglegel' and his friends and the '2S candle', but also limited edition goods including bath accessories and jewelry. Don't you want your very own 'Boglegel'?
  3. February Spokesmodel Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed “Goblin” fever has yet to die down as lead actors Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun continue to dominate spokesmodel brand reputation rankings. The Korean Business Research Institute revealed their February spokesmodel brand reputation rankings based on data gathered from January 27 to February 28. Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun remain in first and second place with “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” star Park Bo Young entering third place respectively. Check out the top 20 rankings below: 1. Gong Yoo 2. Kim Go Eun 3. Park Bo Young 4. Park Bo Gum 5. Hyun Bin 6. Baek Jong Won 7. Ma Dong Seok 8. Suzy 9. Taeyeon 10. Kim Soo Hyun 11. Yoo Jae Suk 12. Seolhyun 13. Song Joong Ki 14. Kim Yuna 15. Jung Woo Sung 16. Kang Dong Won 17. Jun Ji Hyun 18. Lee Min Ho 19. Kim Yoo Jung 10. G-Dragon