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  1. bedifferent

    Add and Subtract Game

    @triplem @stroppyse Kensington, Covent Garden, SoHo? Thanks MMM Looking at this https://www.marriott.com/reservation/rateListMenu.mi?defaultTab=prepay After that, it’s London to Lisbon, Sintra, Porto and Sevilla 18 days -2
  2. bedifferent

    Add and Subtract Game

    @triplem @stroppyse hello, so I will def have 4 nights in London, flying in red eye from LAX. Which part of London should I stay? -2
  3. I am only on episode 2. Have to laugh out loud about your soup guy comment. Is it ok if I laughed? I thought the closeup to his bruised fingernail was deliberate... and tada, it came back later. In a Confucious society that values life after death where we also must treat the deceased in an honorable manner, the poor and suffering cannot afford to hold faith and morality when their king has failed them. But yes, survival kicks in so we can either see the guy as mad or realistic. So far, love the look of the show and the editing... the cast, JJH and Bae Doona’s restrained acting make me believe in the story. Not just an all out horror show with characters acting incoherently so they can die. I like the quiet moments that episode 1 carved out so we get to know more about the two main characters right away. How the Crown Prince is acutely awared of his fate all along as a prince in name only but his love for his father runs deeper than all others who conspired to take over the throne. Because of his bloodline, I think he never understood the need to connect with the people or embrace the role of a leader/prince. He underestimated himself. The journey outside of the palace is one of self discovery asides from making him understand why he needs to save his father and country. Seobi is quite a healer with good instincts. I hope she plays a big part in the drama as I continue to watch.
  4. hahaha you are funny. Drama is dripping $1.74 million USD each episode. I love the cinematography! Beautiful opening credit too.
  5. Ohhhh I’m watching. So late, gonna fall asleep in the middle.... So far, beautiful cinematography. Kim Seong-hun directed the movie Tunnel with Bae Doona too right? star2.com
  6. bedifferent

    Add and Subtract Game

    @phikyl @Dhakra ehhhmmmm, I plank to 1:30 to start, don’t think I have ever passed 3min. Ohhhh you guys are gym rats. I yoga used to run, knee won’t cooperate. @Dhakra do you have a fitbit or some device to target your HR to? -2
  7. Kingdom beauty kit, that face mask and nail kit
  8. I'm here to join the party. All 6 episodes released at once right? The posts will be long then LOL.
  9. bedifferent

    Add and Subtract Game

    @staygold Ohhh, I really did think you would identify with JiHeon. What he said at the end, I'm so glad you said it. Children is hard work, lots of sacrifices and responsibilities but ohhh, they bring so much joy!!! I'm so glad the drama touched you this way. Yeah, Ji Heon is very likable, a competent cop with the right instincts. Not without fault, fair with a strong conviction. I like how he balances his emotions, logics with empathy. A great character, rare in dramas. 9 of 10 is exactly what I wouldate it, mostly for the reasons it was not as polished as Signal/Tunnel/Secret Forest. Agree with you @staygold , the cast and PD were not as high profile nor did the station spent money to create buzz. Although Kim Sun Ah did a marvelous job, it needed a more popular and seasoned actor to give it more weight. Remember this is a MBC show, surprisingly, even if not on par in production quality as OCN/tVN is still a very good effort by all involved. It deserves a lot of accolade in script writing, given the complexity of the story, a murder crime mystery that intersects Woo Kyung's own personal mystery. It is not perfect; a few more episodes are needed. What it did manage to tell, it did well. The structure of the story is quite original and it excelled in bringing a much needed spotlight on child abuse. Personally, CoN is a great marriage, bringing together 2 different genres: mystery thriller and social commentary. Its subject was very irrelevant, this is where it edged out Secret Forest for me. I love Mother but the drama itself is smaller in scope than CoN. That story was about one little girl's journey where as CoN took on more than one facet of the abuse, looking from many angles including the victims, parents, abusers, and law. What I also love love about CoN is that it doesn't offer easy solutions, root for a clear villain or hero . It places the characters in crossroads, the dilemma that would confuse even us in real life. Life is hard. It's a struggle, yet we chose to push forward and learn to live with mistakes and hope for change. We choose forgiveness over retribution and hate. The world is not black and white, good guys don't always win or bad guys always lose. Don't read the below, spoiler CoN -2
  10. bedifferent

    Add and Subtract Game

    @bairama I really like CoN. It has some thought provoking points about child abuse and our justice system. A dark drama with a realistic ending. -2
  11. bedifferent

    Add and Subtract Game

    @Dhakra Try to go to 1:30 with no rest planking. CoN spoiler -2
  12. bedifferent

    guess the abs

    Sorry @Lmangla, I didn't watch drama of Day 2 question. Want to keep my Suzy-free streak going.
  13. bedifferent

    Add and Subtract Game

    In his post drama interview, Lee Yi Kyung said he appreciates the comments viewers left him, those who said his Ji Heon character is much like a real life detective. Guess you feel the same then Remember how he started out, all idealistic, seeing black as black, white as white. How he said his job is uphold the laws and not to judge, that a life is a life no matter what? I like his temperament, he is not quick to judge, is quite logical.. I see you @Dhakra in him (oh ok ok maybe most of time, when you are not all emo over a girl!). He's the anchor of the drama in a way. That said, he has much to learn, this case made him a better person. I agree - his character and his sincere personality won me over. I am watching LYK in Waikiki. Ohmigod, so funny. A totally different character, hilarious drama. Love it. BTW, how long can you plank? -2
  14. Yes. Love reading everyone thoughts. You know it's a sign of a great drama when weeks after, dust and thoughts have settle, we find meanings after meanings of what it wants to tell us. Sorry to have cut your post, I learned a lot from it. @cyan5tarlight I agree with @liddi here on her analysis of Eunho/EunTae. Their collective acts made Red Cry, each take on a different role though motives are both personal and united in many ways. This made RC a complicated figure, not one to simply disregard as a vigilant or psychopath. I think I came to a conclusion that Eunho in many ways tragically chose to execute his solutions consciously. The pain that he felt and his overwhelming need to stop the suffering of others were the overwhelming "motive" for his actions. Just as Ji Heon, I considered over and over again how I should remember Eunho. Or whether Ji Heon (who supposedly personifies our society) has done all that he could to help steer Eunho's life to a different outcome. And the answer is yes and no. He did have the choice to walk away. However, he didn't have the tools to see the available options or the foresight to understand the consequences. The person who should have helped him was EunTae who chose to hold his own brother hostage to mental prison and used him to alleviate his own survivor's guilt. The way the drama ends, it is my belief that the message is clear... we need to take accountability for our choices and live with the consequences. Rainbow, unicorn, or not. Because Eunho wanted to give the victims the permanent solution that he himself could not, I think he did consciously committed his executions and not just merely being coerced by EunTae. Does that make Eunho unsympathetic? No way. We didn't get to know more about EunTae. I don't know if this is deliberate on the writer's term so that he remains a figure for us to consider our own moral and personal stance in all of this. I did like the two phrases that EunTae uttered cuz they speak so much, means a great deal... were wonderfully written. Just marvelous. "I was glad it was not me" and "Good job Woo Kyung". The former speaks on how EunTae compartmentalize his psyche. Fascinating really. On one hand, he felt great survivor guilt just like Wookyung. He tried to transfer this guilt and anger toward the abusers. Maybe in his mind, this is a productive and positive way to correct for his own mistakes. I also think it's his own therapy for empowering himself for being the victim years ago. Handling out punishments to the abusers allow him to heal just like Eunho. I don't doubt he also takes upon himself the authority to judge but I wonder if he perceived it as the victims taking back their lives. This is why he identified with Woo Kyung at a mentor level and took careful steps to grooming her. The rage in Woo Kyung was something that needed to be unleashed so she can regain control against her abuser. In many ways, I see Woo Kyung's struggle to continue to live as very realistic and a great way to highlight the dilemma we all face. It started with EunTae congratulating her on resisting going down his own path. To EunTae, he chose to go beyond the law to deliver justice because the route through law and order failed. In exchange, the victims received what he considered a fair judgement. Woo Kyung chose to stay within the laws to preserve her humanity and morality. The result is that the statute of limitation was not on her side. What she is left with is the struggle to make peace with her decision. The consequences of taking the other route and chose life over death. The options that life gives to the permanent solution of death. If she could, would she change her decision if she can go back in time? That's what I love about the ending. The what if? Woo Kyung became the vigilant figure like RC in her stepmother's life. It became her burden to carry for the rest of her life. I think it is something Woo Kyung embraces as her debt to little SK just like the sun switching places with her sister moon. For her sacrifices, she comforts herself with the happiness of family for SK and her daughter. Is it fair? Not really but is so realistic. This drama does need at least one more episode to tie up some of the small details, Boy A, Soo Young and Ji Heon's back stories... How about that missing Epilogue!? Maybe it will be included in the Director DVD version? Any news of that possibility? All in all, love it, excellent drama.
  15. bedifferent

    Add and Subtract Game

    LoL. CoN is ONE big case, everything ties together. That’s why the writing is impressive. Wookyung and RC story are separate yet in a way, not. The story gets darker. You wll see how the story comes full circle. The team is great, reminds me of LoM, Signal, Tunnel. We talked a lot to tease out the details of the story in the thread. I would miss a lot watching on my own. -2