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  1. JIPSABU! And even a clip with LSG sitting next to Yook Sung-jae and making everyone laugh. http://programs.sbs.co.kr/enter/2018house/clip/51354/22000255643
  2. He knows it won't. It's a safe bet. No cable tv show/drama has ever started with a double digit rating. I don't think it even happens on nation wide broadcasting networks these days.
  3. The special preview just ended. If any of you watched it, it's very magical and fairy tale like.
  4. Hong-ki & Seung-gi! Remember that he disabled his IG comments.
  5. He's come a long way, but he's still the same.
  6. If Yoona was showing signs of regret back in January, I can't imagine now that LSG is literally all over the place. ♫Cinca Masheetda♫
  7. Yoona has never done a Coffee CF has she? Not to my recollection. Shame. I would've paired them together drinking coffee.
  8. N O B L E CF Making of Just how many CF's is he doing? lol.