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  1. It depends on who the couple is, and even then, most of the focus is at the beginning. He & YoonA already experienced it and I don't believe it affected them or bothered them too much, not to the point of breaking up or staging a fake break up. They know it's something they have to deal and live with. It comes with who they are. Especially her. if it was so stressful for her YoonA wouldn't be getting teased by her own members on radio shows and variety shows. I've only seen her really tense in her first appearance post dating news at the 23rd Seoul Music Awards. Some unannounced silly questions at press conferences and getting linked to each other in unrelated articles may be annoying, but not any more than that. But yes very few couples are open about their relationship and don't mind talking about it. SongSong certainly never had any issue with it. YoonGi started and had many moments on broadcast just like them, so all the fuss was normal.
  2. This is the second time this year I've seen someone on dclsg claiming to know who LSG is currently dating (deleted pronto). Just for the record, no names are given, only broad generic terms which are useless.
  3. DId they go to SM or is it BoA's own personal practice room? Hahaha!
  4. We finally get to see them both at the airport again. Just as YoonA arrives (she will leave again soon), LSG sets off.
  5. We might see YoonA do the same when she goes back to Jeju for the spring filming of HH.
  6. It's the premise and speculation of them not being in contact with each other and him deciding to wear and/or buy the same shoes as her because he happened to come across a picture of hers or even worse purposely look for them that's ridiculous. This only makes sense if it's a pure coincidence, which is not out of the realm of possibilities, they're not going to stop liking the same brands or change their personal tastes because they broke up, or, if they're actually together. I've no idea what brand that is and if it's a relatively new model or an old one. If it's a new model that came out recently, then it could make sense for it to be a coincidence, but even then, that would mean they bought the exact same pair of shoes at approximately the same time. If it's an old model, I can't see how it can be a coincidence for them to just happen to wear an old pair in such close proximity of each other, especially when we know for a fact that this is exactly what they used to do. See how something so seemingly simple can become complicated? lol.
  7. You seriously think he's going to stay checking out what she wears and then dresses or buys accordingly? Especially if they're not together? That's so ridiculous. The full shot pictures of her where you can see her shoes perfectly clear are few, if not just that one. The chances that he's seen that fan picture are null.
  8. Knowing this is something they used to do when they were together.. It leaves you pondering.
  9. It's a list of celebrity endorsed products which sold out.