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  1. She completely got spellbound by Eric The part she said he is some one who does houseworks... it makes me laugh. Because I remember Eric's replied to a troll's comment on his YT asking if he has nothing to do.... Eric said he has a Fanmeeting, a variety show, a concert, drama and houseworks to do... so he'll be busy till the end of the year and thanks for the concern. AHAHAHAHA I love it so much when he threw in 'houseworks'!!!! The manliest thing a man can do for his wife/woman. 190315 [Passersby Report] Shinhwa’s Eric & Minwoo with #4WheeledRestaurant: I Coincidentally Met a Big Star *** NOTE: There wasn’t much of spoilers but if you don’t want any spoilers before the show is on air, don’t continue. Also, please credit the source as well as the translation credits properly if you repost or re-translate to another language. Thank you and enjoy! #MunJungHyuk #Eric, I am a passerby and coincidentally met a big star. Because I can understand the fans’ feelings, I decided to write this report. There was too much to write about, so I couldn’t write all at once. I will continue tomorrow. As for the photos, please do not repost without credit, thank you. PasserbyReport - Really, I was just a passerby. If it’s not because of my friend, even if all the gods are in front me, I would not even recognise anyone of them. I’m just just a passerby. Today is the first day of 2019 Off the Grid Fort Mason Spring Returns. It was Friday after work and I was to hang out with my boyfriend over drinks and conversations. Coincidentally, a colleague of mine, who is a fan of Shinhwa, mentioned that they will be in San Francisco filming a variety show by running a food truck that will showcase Korean cuisine. However, she was not sure where they would be today. According to my colleague, they were at Civic Center 2 days earlier, somewhere near UN Square. So that means they should be working in partnership with Off the Grid (t/n: food truck festival in the San Francisco Bay Area). From a foodie’s research, it should be at Off The Grid at Fort Mason next. After all, it is the biggest food truck night market in the northern states. And today is the first day of the 2019 season. When I arrived there with my boyfriend, the first session had been sold out and they were about to start the second session. Coincidentally, there were not many music fans disturbing the majority of the patrons who were there for food and drinks. The food trucks attracting the longest queues were the handful of the popular branches and those sell alcohol. My colleague was already there waiting for the second session to start. When I returned after buying my wine, I heard the PD standing there explaining to the customers that in order to show a certain sense of reality, they can not have too many fans, and no photo taking. The seats in front of the food truck were only for ‘local foreigners’. This is in order for them to get this target group to experience Korean cuisine (I will talk about the food quality another time). (omit this part because it contains spoilers) When I was queuing with my colleague, a few of the gents appeared. As I am just a passerby, I was not able to tell who was who, so I could only recognise by their headbands. Mr Mun’s stature is not short, he stands out physically. If my colleague didn’t tell me, I would not have known that he has reached middle age. He didn’t give me a greasy feeling, but gave off a very comfortable vibe. Most importantly, if it’s not for the cameras nearby, you will not feel he has any awkward in the Korean food truck. He blended in perfectly with the environment. During the whole preparation process, he was conversing very softly with his co-workers, a very carefree feeling. Although he is not the main chef, you can tell that he is the kind that does houseworks. His movements were effortlessly, not sluggish. For a northern China slang, we can call it “nimble” (t/n: quick and neat movements). As a stranger, if I am to say what was the beauty of this scene, I would describe it as “harmonious.” Mr Mun’s movements were fast but never paused unnecessarily, very smooth movements, not tensed, and his hands were very steady. My colleague was the first in the queue. However, 2 girls jumped the queue, but the crew didn’t stop them. Because it was in the midst of filming, we didn’t say anything. I was the 3rd to order. Since I knew they served rice, I was so happy and excited! The person in charge of taking orders was very easy. He had a nice and gentle voice. Before this, the crew said that we could pay with Apple Pay, so I left my wallet in my bag. When it came to payment time, the little brother told me that it was not possible. They could only accept credit card and cash. So I had to put down the stuffs in my hands and looked for my wallet. The little brother was very patient. When I said, “aaye, so we can’t use it? But your staff said it was ok. Give me a moment to look for my wallet“, he apologised on behalf of the crew for the inconvenience. Very polite. During that time, he got called over by Mr. Mun. I couldn’t hear what they said. Nonetheless, Mr Mun’s tone was very gentle. He had a very good tone. After ordering, I quickly whipped out my camera to take a view of the surroundings. When it was time to collect my food, it was Mr. Mun who brought it over. As I was standing a distance away, I didn’t hear him when my order was first called out. I only heard it the second time. When I went over, Mr Mun was very thoughtful and bent over to keep the bowl from tilting. He also cautioned me to be careful. He felt like a very gentle and polite person. His voice was very nice to hear. In close distance, he gave me a very comfortable feeling. He shouldn’t be called fresh and cool, he should be called gentle which is better. (To be continue) Source: 长尘_ Translation: YukoSGP for EricMun.tumblr (please credit properly if repost or re-translate to another language. Thank you)
  2. [Fanaccount] 190315 Meeting Shinhwa’s Eric & Minwoo at #4WheeledRestaurant Filming Location - Off The Grid, San Francisco I got to meet Eric and Minwoo, took selfies, talk to them a little bit, offered a drink (juice) by Eric (it was meant for him but he gave it to me!), hug from Minwoo, signatures of both on my SHCJ raincoat but they sign on top of each other signature so lol. But not without a fight! I won’t be posting anything related the show including my selfies with them before the show air as I promised the staff. I’ll talk about my interaction with them here. They are really my idol! I came straight from work. By this time it was already packed with people including fans and locals d/t the camera and a big beautiful truck. Their truck was the biggest! Eric’s English is so manly and calm. He speaks minimally but his actions are more than words! When I talked to him he jut said yes, thank you, oh. But then he offered me a drink that he got for himself and ask me if I want another retake of the selfie! Minwoo’s English is soooo cute. He smiles and wink in place of his lack in English. I’m dying!!!! He try to speak though! He ask me where I’m from, what’s my name. The staff was strict towards fans but not locals which I understand the Minwoo and Eric takes photo and sign for fans when they can even if the staff say no. I got my chance when they stop filming and take their aprons off. I waited forever for Minwoo to spot me (Eric was in the back taking his break). I raised up my sharpie when Minwoo saw me. I was like “Minwoo oppa sign please”. He was about 4 feet from me but he heard. He was like “oh sign ok” then Minwoo walked over to me and sign my raincoat. Then I ask for a pic, he said sorry he can’t. But I was like “please please oppa” he went “aw please, ok”. Minwoo then stood by my side and I gave my phone to him to take a selfie for us and he did!!! By this time Eric came back and I was trying so hard to wait for him to look at my direction. He was on my side getting ice into his cup and put his juice. Minwoo was closer to me so I ask Minwoo to help me get Eric signature. Minwoo gave my raincoat to Eric to sign. I folded it in the box so I can open it for them to sign that spot I want. But Minwoo signed so big so Eric ended up signing over it cuz no space. It’s ok! Our CEO are 1! I came to Eric as he was signing my raincoat, I talked to him about being a long time fan and will meet them at their concert this April and etc. He didn’t respond much but you know that he was really listening to me! You know that face of Eric! After Eric signed I asked him for a picture and he said yes! I gave my phone to him to take our selfie. There was some problem on the phone screen so he was like “how do I take the picture” I was too busy looking at him to notice the problem lol. Then I fix the problem then Eric took our selfie. He clicked once and he was like “you want one more?” And I was like “YES please” oh our leader! Then I continue to talk to him and he was like “you want a drink?” Then he have me that drink he was going to drink. Then after that me and a fellow SHCJ, who I met while waiting at the airport, waited until the end when no one is there. All the other fans left. Just me, my fellow SHCJ, and them. The fellow SHCJ arrived late so we waited so she can get at least their autograph. Eric is amazing! He kinda walk to the side so that we can approach him cuz he knows we have been waiting. And when the SHCJ ask for signature he said “yes” right away. Shinhwa love SHCJ! Then he signed for that SHCJ and took a picture with her. You can tell he is happy to do it because he wasn’t rushing us or anything, even when they have to leave already! I offered to take a picture for them and Eric stood, smiled, and had a peace sign! Love love love! We got Eric now it’s time to get Minwoo to sign her mwolf hat. The staff stopped her from approaching him but he heard her asking for signature so he told the staff it’s ok and head over to her and signed her cap. After Minwoo signed her cap he offered to shake her hand. They did! And he gave her a hug! I saw that hug so I have to get one myself too! Lol they are too sweet! They know that fan service wasn’t allow by filming but they did it anyway. Ok that’s my story! I will post my pictures after the show air but here is the drink Eric gave me. I basically told every locals i talked to about how Shinhwa is in the Guinness record book for longest boyband holding title and all of them were amaze that they are active for 21 years and have no change of member. #proud Yeah the staff did not allow the fan to take any photo and make us delete them but they said nothing to non-asian. I asked this non-asian person to take photos for me. Hopefully he’ll send them to me At one point this staff wanted me to delete my selfies. I retracted my phone and beg her no. She asked me promise not to post them Lol sorry I took a look at my raincoat again and Minwoo and Eric’s signature are not overlapping. Eric signed under Minwoo’s. Thank you for being so thoughtful!!! Source: ShinChang4life + Via: EricMun.tumblr
  3. More photos from Off The Grid 190315 Shinhwa’s Eric & Minwoo with #4WheeledRestaurant at Off The Grid, San Francisco Photo by: moonbugs_makes, nootherth4n444, spencersboringpix, helloyagen Via EricMun.tumblr
  4. 190315 Shinhwa’s Eric & Minwoo with #4WheeledRestaurant Team at Off The Grid Night Market, San Francisco Fancy meeting an idol in San Francisco. Everyone comes quickly~~~~ Come and see your childhood idol selling Jjajang noodles At Off The Grid night market Source: 守得云开待天橙 Translation: YukoSGP for EricMun.tumblr Next 5 Photos: An East Coast die hard has asked a West coast SanFran gal to help her looking for her idol. The first reporter Rachel has died. She sent her first report hahahahaha The tongue sticking out, 2nd CEO is so cute!!! Source: 守得云开待天橙 Translation: YukoSGP for EricMun.tumblr Last 3 Photos: Eric is so sweet! He ran out of the truck and brought us kimchi!!! I was so surprised. He was working hard She said the Jjajangmyeon was yummy!! Chewy noodles are so good! (Note: the comments are in English) Source: moonbugs_makes That small flower arrangement makes me think of the one E-chef did on 3 Meals A Day
  5. 190314 Shinhwa’s Eric & Minwoo with #4WheeledRestaurant Team Spotted at San Francisco Civic Center Eric is at the far right and Minwoo is in center front
  6. 190314 Official Shinhwa‘s Eric Update: Eric’s MoonDay Fanmeeting - Vlive+ Full Package Is Opened Eric’s Moonday - Full Package is now opened for order for 700 coins. Order from here >> https://www.vlive.tv/product/ds00u00u00000103 You can purchase the coins through Vlive. The whole package is USD $14 (600 coins package + 100 coin package). It will be shown on April 5th. The full fanmeeting package consists of 6 episodes as below Source: OfficialMunEric + Eric Vlive
  7. I don't want to be that person who always complain but I hope Top Media use HQ photos for their SNS posts.... The photos are nice look at how grainy the photos are. 190314 Official Shinhwa’s Eric Update: Moonday Calendar - Behind the scene V LIVE+ ERIC’s Fanmeeting [2019 ERIC’s Moonday] Sale Open coming soon Source: OfficialMunEric
  8. They definitely try to avoid spoiler because there are so few sighting in San Francisco compared to LA The original owner of this post deleted it. 190313 Shinhwa’s Eric & Minwoo with #4WheeledRestaurant Team at Spark Social SF in Mission Bay, San Francisco Source: kkim.life + via Phi_216
  9. 190312 Shinhwa’s Minwoo to Join Eric and #4WheeledRestaurant Team for San Francisco Location Source: Liveworks Translation: Malpabo tvN announces that #JungJoonYoung will be removed from the cast of #4WheeledRestaurant Season 3 and #SaltyTour. The upcoming season 3 of “4 Wheeled Restaurant” is yet to be aired, thus his footage will be fully edited out from the season (Source: MyDaily via Korean Update) + via EricMun.tumblr
  10. 190310 Shinhwa’s Eric, Chef Lee Yeon Bok, Heo Kyung Hwan spotted with SNSD’s Sunny at Concerto Restaurant in LA *** Concerto is an Italian fusion restaurant in k-town LA Source: concertolosangeles Not sure how reliable this fan account is but it is nice to see this on the actual broadcast. Some interesting interaction with 'local' Sunny is known to be close to Shinhwa members. Especially Minwoo, Eric and Hyesung. Here are some 2012 - Eric & Minwoo went to see her musical ‘Catch Me If You Can’ 2014 - Eric called in to Sunny’s FM Date radio show (2014) to request her to play SNSD’s Gee because he and Sung Joon sang that song in Discovery of Love 2015 - She said she keeps in touch with Minwoo, Eric and Hyesung and went for drinks together often. 2016 - While Sunny watched his Oh Hae Young Again drama, she texted Eric but he ignored, showing her close relationship. Source: EricMun.tumblr This one is funny!!! Eric's infamous Bulsae line "Do you smell something burning" never die
  11. 190310 Shinhwa’s Eric with #4WheeledRestaurant Team at Smorgasburg LA Food Market #ShinhwaHotTopic I finally met him today!!! Eldest brother (Eric) looking extremely handsome Source: 三哥家的米拉@weibo, inkspecht Translation: Yuko for EricMun.tumlbr t/n: Smorgasburg LA is an open-air food market that opens every Sunday from 10AM - 4PM. It houses about 50 food stalls
  12. 190309 Shinwa’s Eric and #4WheeledRestaurant Team Went on Full Throttle at LA’s Six Flag Magic Mountain Photos by: choronggie_luv & thatsixflagsphotographer + Via EricMun.tumblr
  13. 190309 Shinhwa’s Eric and #4WheeledRestaurant Team Spotted at Six Flag Magic Mountain, LA A friend of mine told me there is a food truck at Six Flag where a very handsome guy making hot dogs. I went to take a look, the guy looked like Moon Jung-hyuk and it was indeed him [love it]. Jung Joon-young and John Park were there too and they were filming a tvN variety show. I joined the fun and went to order food. The chef’s food was really really delicious [good] Originally, I wanted to take a photo with Eric but he was standing right at the back end of the truck, focusing on making hot dogs kkk Eventually, I took a photo with John Park. Source: 1022x1221@weibo Translation: Yuko for EricMun.tumblr
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