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  1. I would also be interested if there are any news concerning this issue! (this is a bit ot, but it's unfortunate that we have to have two accounts for soompi now :/ )
  2. idk if the official statement has been posted here already, but yeah...it's official :-(
  3. a cute interview with them together https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zH_r2F6krE
  4. she's so talented and pretty!
  5. I started the drama because I watched your fanvid (am a longtime subscriber of yours)! So, thanks so much <333 I love Sang Sang and hope we get more scenes with her! Right now,, she basically only has scenes with Ning Que ....
  6. who is that woman in the preview? maybe HM's or NM's biological mother?? Or the other reporter?
  7. We've seen glimpses of Na Moo's darkness before, when he destroyed the mirror with his fist, when he went after the criminal and later interrogated him, when he watched the documentary/news report....but this one is the darkest. I hope he won't cross a line he can't uncross
  8. omo, this is the darkest version of Dojin
  9. I'm so happy we get another episode tomorrow...how long has it been since we got two episodes a week...Hallelujah !!!
  10. this psycho....it's giving me goosebumps how he thinks he's part of the family...calling HJ his father and NM/HM his brothers....
  11. I like all the promo MBC is doing for CAHM since the drama is getting cancelled so often. Hopefully things can get back to normal starting next week and we will see a steady viewership rise again!
  12. Hyun Moo's eyes when he realized that he had stabbed Na Moo were full of shock and guilt, there was no triumph there. Which makes me very much believe that he will find the way to redemption and back to his true family. The fact that little sis still calls him Big Oppa even after all he's done...it's not too late.
  13. Thanks for the trans @stroppyse ! Can you please translate this BTS as well? Here is the subbed version of the latest BTS, as well as an older BTS I just finished: I love how affectionate Jang Ki Yong is with Jin Ki Joo! The casual skinship has me squealing lol
  14. Thanks for tagging me, please continue to do so And yes, I'm a her :-) I also added your Translator notes, if that's alright. The handholding had me fangirling for a moment haha. Here's the subbed video:
  15. These two are just too cute together!!
  16. Thanks to the fast tips of @stargazer187 and @supergal99, I connected with @stroppyse, who has graciously allowed me to use their translations. So here's the first BTS I subbed, more are to come soon! Hope you guys enjoy :-)
  17. @stargazer187 Hi, thanks for the tip! I will pm them :-D
  18. Hi everyone! I would love to sub the short BTS vids for Come Here And Hug Me since the next few weeks will be hard for all of us with all the postponed episodes, so I'm searching for someone who can translate from Korean to English! I can time and hardsub :-D