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  1. Congrats ,you're a full time mod !!! -2
  2. 392 Weekend dramas are a little bit boring for me, they are targeted to ajusshis and ahjumas. Btw i dropped radiant office . I have a habit of losing interest and dropping dramas lol. @kokodus it is a good idea to alternate members. I noticed there are more members in the add team than in the subtract team, it is the major reason why there is no competition. I have to go now, maybe bringing minor changes to the game will boost competition. See you later.
  3. Friendly reminder : news related to the actors/ actresses should be posted on their respective threads. Since it is not the airing time yet, i'm being lenient and allowing them for now.
  4. 394 The teaser looked very interesting, i wish seohyun's acting won't turn me off. I 'll pick the drama up at a later time
  5. 398 It seems like everyone is sleeping, aint no fun. Where is the add team ?
  6. 402 Thank you for the teaser, im the thread starter of bad thief good thief,i need to update the first page. Sorry i was away with some modding things
  7. i proposed to replace +2/-2 by +10/-10 460
  8. 468