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  1. @kimsohyun1201 guess what? the person who designed for empress ki, will also design for ruler. ( since you've read all the posts of this thread, i'm sure you know it :), someone posted it) empress ki was set in Goreyo, Goreyo dresses are gorgeous !! Even the hairstyle is amazing. IMO joseon dresses and hairstyles are a little bit simple. The reason is that Goryeo was heavily influenced by the chinese dynasty and was still under the chinese influence. if you check the chinese period dramas, everything is abundance, luxury, extravagance. they have a lot of brushes, hairpins in their hair. (if you wonder why she's holding a mic, it is a press con pic) so if you compare to the goryeo dresses, there are not much differences Hahaha i'm in the same case as you, where i live nobody around me watches kdramas, is interested in Korea in general. i feel like a loner and if i tell people i'm a kdrama addict, all i get are glares, perplexed expressions. so, i learned to be low key and share my passion through internet. Soompi is litterally the only place where i can communicate with people who have the same interests as me. Even my family doesn't understand me and my passion. since it can't be helped, they've stopped their nagging and let me do whatever i want.
  2. Stepping on land mines and stripping on airplanes in Missing 9’s latest teaser read full article here:
  3. @kimsohyun1201 i think we're all shippers here ^^. i ship them since i miss you . what a coincidence ! thanks to you and your posts, our thread became richer . please keep posting, and we'll be ginving credits to you we actually have different people on this thread: one is a a staff of YSHbiased ( the international fandom of YSH), another one works as a viki subber and you run a fan page. the producer is the empress ki director. KSH usually plays strong head characters, so i won't have doubts she'll not be a damsel in distress. Ga Eun's a daughter warrior, she'll know for sure how to fight, ride horses etc.
  4. it's your first here post , it's an honor !!! welcome on board . too bad, i wish so much to see them in a modern drama. i'll take what is offered hoping that someday, in the future they will act together in a modern drama. i've been checking ruler news, there is nothing. it is too quiet. a month ago we were spoiled with news in the span of a few days. i wonder why MBC doesn't upload/reveal the script reading pics and vids , it's been almost a month . When will they do it?? i want so baaaad to see the bts and their interactions hahaha. As if revealing them constitute some major spoilers, come on MBC don't be stingy Besides, i really like the FMVs this person does, @KimSoHyun NFM
  5. jisung with his daughter in the drama, seeing him in dad mode makes me squeals and fangirl on him. he's such a dad material . i'm right now fangirling like yona
  6. it soo hard finding YSH pics, insta is polluted with YSH-KSH &KSH pics, i had to scroll down for about 20 minutes to find some only YSH pics
  7. yes, became a mod this month @maryofbethany hope that at goblin thread, there is noo more bashing. i intervened the other day to cease it. didn't have the time to check it .... it's my midterms period and on top of it my father got sick and is now hospitalized
  8. throwback: Baby YSH ( he looked sooo young back then) in the army
  9. @koreadaebak ROFL . people are even doing cross over MVs about their respective year end drama awards appearance. this is shipping at another level. Man, we're going to get cross over MVs after their every interactions. YT is already polluted. Feels like we're going to get gazillions MVs with the broadcast. @an05 thanks for the update.
  10. , hope you'll be selected. it'll be then two mods who are YSH's fans . All i can say: expect some craziness from the team hahaha
  11. @nearsea i've clearly stated, it would be good to not mention the other couple when some of you give reasons why they prefer one of the couple. btw, i'm not shipper and i don't ship any couple. i got little time, so i had to backread the most recent pages to find some " problematic and insensitve" posts. some of you claim that is your freedom of speech and expression to post comment and giving opinions. i have no objections regarding this and you're right. Nevertheless, we live in society, our freedoms are sometimes restricted /regulated and don't have an absolute power. in this case, we're on a plateform, interacting with a lot people. Therefore, our opinions and statements have an impact on the other people. the difficult task would be to find a balance and being able to use efficiently and without any harm our freedoms. so the big question is HOW to use them. in this case and to answer your question, it is okay to say i like more this couple. But it is not okay to say i like this couple more because the other has chemistry, i don't see the purpose of one of the character, the other couple has no relationship developement and in the contrary, the couple i like has chemistry, you can feel the love between them, their relationship has developed so much etc. See? this crossing the line a little bit and being insensitive to the other shippers. these kind of posts are a little bit problematic and falls within the category of bashing because by mentioning your favorite pair, you're actually bringing down/ degrading the image of the other couple. As i've said earlier, it is okay voicing out your opinion but it must be done correctly ( the HOW question). i hope i've answered to your question. NB: Remember the freedom of speech isn't an absolute right
  12. sorry to hear that :(, it makes me feel bad to know that because of some "insensitive" posts, you'll be gone it's been a few days i've been away ( because of personal issues) and i've heard that this place is slowly turning into DB 2.0. i'm actually a lurker at this thread. But as a mod, i think it is time for us, mods, to step up a little bit. Constructive criticism is welcomed but bear in mind this is a platform where people all other the world gather. in other words, we have different views, live in different environments and in different cultures. our opinions are not universal and don't constitute the absolute truth,someone living at the other side of the world may have another view, another opinion opposite to us. what is not allowed is bashing. even though some of you try to explain your liking/ preference regarding to a couple by comparing a couple to another, by critizing pretty negatively the other couple, it is still considered bashing. So, we should be respectful to each and don't generate uneccessary bashing. i think everybody is able to give his/her opinion by giving legitimate reasons without naming the other couple, without dragging one of the couple in the mud. For those of you who aren't aware of soompi rules, please have a look:
  13. oh damn ! i read one of your posts in goblin thread. Kdramas fans have this particular tendancy of bashing the actress: she's not pretty enough or she's too old or she can't act or she's too young. as far as i'm concerned if i don't like the acting skills of an actor/actress, either i don't watch his/her dramas or i watch but i keep quiet and don't go around bashing, throwing rants. Maybe that's one of the reasons why i'm not active in a lot of threads . i comment if i like the drama AND the main leads. this bashing mentality happened with PMY-YSH pairing and now a little bit with YSH-KSH. they are NEVER satisfied, they spoil the mood of the thread with their constant whining. Instead of enjoying the show, they find little details to critize for. i won't allow to happen to KSH/YSH, i'm gonna use my mod powers to warn and block them all: it is prohibited to bash the actor/actress, the members of soompi community. earlier i said jokingly we should create a protection guard for YSH but in fact my joke will be useful. we should think about it