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  1. Figurants posts at ruler's set: Trans :My hometown is Jeonju. It's been a while since I've been living in the sun for a long time. I've been shooting Yoo Seung-ho for a long time. I have not been able to see him yet. Trans: I wanted to see Yu Seung Ho. Trans : Happy :-) As happy as ever.It was really funny day. In front of the game # Yoo Seung-ho is so sorry that he did not get into taking pictures of the monarch (Actually, I wanted to see Yoo Seung-ho) ㅠㅠ)
  2. @oh_ALMOND i see other yoopies posting on different threads tho, so it's not a matter of laziness or not liking forums. Contrary to me who is following YSH only, they have a lot of oppas to drool over, they only post about Yoo when he makes a comeback at his dramas threads. i'll say they stan him but more distantly than me. While i was doing my usual routine of checking dramas threads, i stumbled upon your posts about GHS. I couldn't resist to like your posts, until now i didn't really paid attention to her but she came out really pretty in the pictorials.Certainly she does not have the korean beauty standards but she is still pretty. At the SBS drama awards, i was really surprised by the way she talked lol. she spoke in a charming way, she has some charms. one of the mods went to his fanmeeting and praised him for being well mannered and genuine. I think the biggest reason why people don't drool over YSH and don't go crazy is because, as you've said, they still see him as a child. They saw him grew up and it's hard for them to stan him like they stand over k-actors. Even though PBG is the same age as him, he isn't a child actor, he didn't grew up in the spotlight. So it's easier to be his fan. Let's be honest here, the majority of kfans who stan kactors, like the image of the kactors in the first place, they see them as " potential boyfriends". The acting of the said actors comes in the second place, it is not the predominant element. Even kactors with mediocre acting have more fans than YSH. Thus it is hard for them to see Yoo as a potential boyfriend, YSH gets most compliments for being cute and not for being "hot". i also wish after ruler, this thread will become more lively but not too much lol. I can't keep up with threads that grow fast, just enough people to keep the thread going.
  3. Many kdramas fans appreciate his works tho, i met some yoopies outside this thread, they don't come here. For a while his thread was abandoned,then mary came and became the author last year. She PMed and asked me to join her, since we are parked here. If we dont post his news,nobody will do besides us. I dont know why they dont come here,it's not like YSH is nugu/ unknown. The ruler thread is the most popular upcoming drama thread, we have reached page 50! Some current dramas thread havent reached that number of pages. I reckon he is not as popular as PBG/LMH/SJK/KSH. It is must be one of reasons why it is empty here. But i prefer to be empty than be filled,too much people= drama. The mood is laid back here,we can chat more freely than at other threads. At other thread,sometimes people become defensive, you have to be careful, to filter your words etc.
  4. The second one is totally YSH's type : short hair, cute, innocent. What if she was his first love? During his last highschool year,he had a one sided love. No.worry, i'll still remember it's mimi haha. I would tell you :). Oh my oh my I cant imagine someone else as yeowon. He had a more impact on me than BDS. I understand completely.his choice, YW character is more challenging than BDS. He has different layers,not completely innocent and not completely a villain. He is standing in between,torn between his will for vendetta and his friendship, as many as other characters that yoo played, he was tortured,suffering and had a trafic fate. His will of.chosing death was way to make stop all the suffering, he had enough. What is amusing is that YSH who was veteran.declined the lead role and prefered to play the second role, the lead role.went to a freshly debuted actor, ji chang wook. For him, leader role or second role are not important, he doesnt care as long as the character he is playing is appealing.
  5. No i think she meant she is mimi12789, she has again changed her username. Last time it was grayheart. By reading the captions and hashtags, there are two possibilities. I used google translate and got a broken translation. Im not sure if the person who uploaded it is the same as the one posing. It's either her: Or her:
  6. it's a shame Secret door didn't get high ratings, it was LJH's comeback project after completing his military service. it was a SBS sageuk after all, SBS is notorious for not producing successful sageuks. But he did get a top excellence award at the SBS drama awards. i watched the first 5 eps few years ago and then dropped it ( i have a tendency of dropping dramas lol). it is on the pile of unfinished dramas, i might tackle it next week , marathon it and also the throne finally. it's only 24 eps, i'm used to more lengthy sageuks (~ 50 eps). I have no doubt YSH can pull this role well, this drama might be his very signature act as an adult, he will leave his print and viewers will remember him as Sado Prince. He needs to let go of the bratty boy image in the way home. In many people's minds, YSH is still the boy in the way home.They seem suprised after noticing how much he has grown up. But this was 15 years ago, he has become a adult and needs to establish himself as an adult actor. He has been trying it for the last 2 years and haven't meet great success yet. Nevertheless, he is still one of the most sought-after actors of his generation and viewers are highly anticpating his 2017 projects even though he has disappeared from the limelight for a year ( @maryofbethany today is the first anniversary of Remember, the wrap up party took place on 18/02). he will get at least a top excellence award if not a daesang. i'm curious how Sado character will be, YSH has the acting chops required playing both versions: -the crazy one. In IMY, he played a psychopath murderer. - the innocent one who is the victim of conspiracy. In the teaser, we didn't see any hint/trace of some mental illness. YSH looked solemn and composed. but it is too early to judge as the teaser was rushed and filmed 2 days before the mbc drama awards
  7. You guys talk about Sado prince and all the cinematographic works who evoked him. I have only watched some eps of secret door and WBDS. Gotta find some time to watch the throne and the beginning of secret door'cause I didn't really focus on sado's story. Then i will be able to participate in the discussion and give my point of view. The throne has been on my to watch list for months but real life is preventing me from watching
  8. @maryofbethany i can't get over his father death's scene and have re-watched many times even though it's painful to watch. Such brilliant acting. what is even more surprising and admirable is his various ways of crying. Each scene is unique, YSH knows how to cry without overdoing it, he litteraly counts the amount of tears a scene needs LOL. Actors/ actresses tend to show only one " crying expression" sometimes, and go overboard while bawling. but it is not YSH' case.
  9. someone met YSH at the location filming and got his signature
  10. Friendly reminder : i've observed some of you tend to break soompi rules/ terms of services. I had trouble in editing some of your posts because the page refused to download. so please don't quote images/ pics/ videos & don't post more than 3 images/videos/gifs per comment, put the rest under the spoiler tag. These rules exist to facilitate the navigation of the forums since some users use their phones and use extra data to download if you break these rules.
  11. It's good to talk to people who have already passed this stage. You're completely right, i should chose a topic im interested into and is broad enough, i have enough materials to work with. I think it was already posted on ruler thread, im going to post it here.
  12. First of all, please edit your post, you can't quote pictures. Even though, no mod is lurking around here, it's a deserted place, let's keep rules in mind, I'm not empowered to edit it. my dad is again at the hospital , it can't be helped, he has reached such an age, illnness is inevitable. I know he'll be gone in some years, it's a fact i have to accept. He already face strict diet, can't eat certain types of foods. I also though BF is one sided when i was looking at the picture, there is some distance between them and he has crossed his arms in the respectful asian manner. She' s just one of his classmates, maybe talked with him a few times, asked for a selfi, shared it with her friends and now it is exposed online. like you said, he's used to people asking selfies with him and then go posting it online to have a moment of fame : " look i met YSH". i can't wait for his drama ruler to air but it is airing at such an unfortunate timing, right before my exams. if the ruler thread won't become popular, i'll be able to watch the drama and at the the same time posting. It all depends on how fast the thread will grow during the broadcast. For once, i'll be glad if they postpone the airing date. Besides worrying about my dad's problems, i'm worrying about my thesis and my internship. i have to make a choice and chose a subject, i'm clueless.The time has finally come.... i'm going to be uber busy next year with my thesis, i won't log in regularly. i'll be around only when YSH makes his comeback.
  13. yoo seung ho with a classmate, back in highschool days. OMG he was skinny @maryofbethany i thought he wasn't close with classmates girls. He gave an interview some years ago, stating it was difficult for him to have friends in highschool and even more to have a girlfriend. It looks like he was close enough with her to let her take a selfie. look at the hashtags : BF ( best friends)
  14. Gentle reminder : Please stop posting consecutively 2/3 comments, instead edit your post. This is a breach of our rules, especially rule 5. Do not post one picture per post or one quote per post in addition to posting several times in a row to bump your post count or keep a thread on the first page of the forum. Simply edit your previous post for further details see: