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  1. It makes me happy to see he has fans all other the world
  2. It makes me hungry too. I want to eat some... The best ones are the ones filled with chocolate @jeijei Good luck with your humm... School supplies ! -2
  3. Belgian wafles ... 834
  4. I also loved the video made by the chinese fans. I reckon YSH should see it too. They're really skilled and chose the right BGM, the special effects were amazing. I know YSH is popular in Japan but I didn't know he also has a fanbase in China. He's so young but has already a big filmography, he's a big senior in the movie/drama industry at this stage. It's still his birthday in SK, I'm going to wish him again happy birthday and I hope he would reach great heights in his career and would achieve his dreams.
  5. Rescue Me: Episode 3 The focus shifts from our insidious cult toward our band of friends and their own problems in this hour. As it turns out, there is just as much corruption and moral bankruptcy in the world outside of the cult, and the deciding factor comes down to what each of our heroes are willing to do in the face of injustice—will they stand by to save face, or will they stand up for what’s right? full article:
  6. I prepared this for his birthday : Happy Birthday to one of the most hardwoking and genuine person. After his discharge he hoped he would establish himself quickly as an adult actor, nevertheless he encountered barriers on his path that made him lose faith in his acting abilities. We lost him for a year and we worried for him. He came back to us this year, worked very hard and gave himself completely to the point he lost excessively weight. May his next project be without any hurdles, may his project make him shine, may he find a good writer, good PD and a good cast who would support him and let him exploit fully his talent. May he continue to find joy in acting and stay healthy.
  7. @Dhakra -2
  8. Hi !!!! It's his birthday on Aug 17 !!! 596
  9. The thread is now open for anyone who wants to share his/her final thoughts about the contest. I'm pleased to announce the prizes: 1st place - Moon Lovers : 4000 community points, limited viki passes, group titles 2nd place - W: 1000 community points, exclusive banners ( to be confirmed) 3rd place - dots : 750 community points The participants must PM the moderators in charge [ @Berou and @MadraRua] to receive the said prizes.
  10. @ibru thanks for the suggestion. In case if we organize a k-drama contest 2017, it'll be completely different, a 180°degree turn. The issues we encountered at this contest, won't happen in the future. We'll try to make it the fairest possible. You've done a great job and have come so far ! Don't be disappointed and dejected by the results, LJS has another drama this year thus you can participate for the potential next year contest ! This contest was a learning curve and I reflected on its flaws.