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  1. @WoozyPrincess they were both ambassadors/models of lotte department store in 2015. They shooted a lot of pictorials together and even a CF. cr: ayabloomington
  2. Hello sleepy heads, After a long week of waiting, it's finally time ! .... 30 mins to go Giving shout outs to : @ilwoo_aein @jeonghyang @alindahaw @stargazer187@marykarmelina @Lmangla @maribella @Rania Zeid @evie7 @moodypie @bebebisous33 @Visually-wandering @irenetan @parkchams @daynci @vrod123 @valentvcd @kimhanbin102296 @uglypearl @lmhpsh @JojoCx3 @darcydevenus @Mymindisblank @jstgt1501 @mujay @faithinme lara @VIP_Cake @bahara @quockhanh45 @stargazer187 @idless @Queen_Of_Baekje @didi31 @wunwing1 @lan06 @londonfrog @skuukzky Fan @an-naum @Bara Tresna @puppy8888 @sukzy @soultree @lery50 @Go Seung Ji @Riman Rakshit @AlexandraReid @Miky88 @triplem @arhana @emiry32 @sakura2016 @frozentundra @Latte_Anyday @Fai Nurse @marykarmelina @vangsweetie637 @saanjh sena @herina_90 @baechimi @cadymcbronzie @kaoriharang @0ly40 @Chellsee @hacenthanonuevo @uglypearl @zagigirl @nona88 @Silver Fall @Anggraselena @desertflower @babsgrrl @ddeokbokkii @cherrycokez @sava2sava @CamelKnight @scorpio8 @baechimi @fellforryu @kembie @stroppyse @USAFarmgirl @kimhanbin102296 @booo28 @blademan @roziecaparas @lovcom00 @icyphoenix @larus @kokodus @htk9207 @lynne22@tianaa @naritul @mai5116 @aineofcebu @gomugomuno @jellybellymonster @itzibitzispider @serhine @blackberrypie @bogummerz @chubbybugz @GREENNA @mellinadear @wunwing1 @Shine2111 @nammminn @silvianage @Reyko @enigmatic_zephy @faye406 @plappi @parisonheaven @snowglobe147 @oohhkkay @rairamegumi @tintin92 @sarah15 @yoyo_icecube @kasjady @yeonka @kikair @Mau_Cherry @moodypie @xiashenghan @szne09 @hugo10 @sgg30828 @uncool @picorange @Yongzura @newstory @whoopeeyoo @000231846597 @skinnerbox @jstgt1501 @snowglobe147 @vivvianne22 @Wotad @sa0irse @xxPeepsxx @nonski @ibru @triplem @USAFarmgirl @sakura22 @sakura2016 @vangsweetie637 @lynne22 @plappi @desertflower @frozentundra @lan06 @kembie @rittoo @silvianage @Tinkiebell @J-Pooh @fellforryu @PinkNekoB@carolinedl @mujay @uncool@rhiesta @yusefull @nammminn @diana_123 @booo28@Ais1ing @Juni Asat @KdramaSwimmer@moreenke @blademan @aineofcebu
  3. @sakura2016 thank you !! How I wish I could read japanese . the fans are really talented
  4. @sakura2016 I'm the type who sees the glass half empty . The PD took the award at home, so how could it be a win for YSH ? Hahaha. Just kidding. It feels good ruler gets some recognition
  5. Add and Subtract Game

  6. At this stage he has become a noona collector I shall update the first post and include her name. It's really an honor for YSH that CWH finds him awesome. She's really well known in chungmuro and her filmography is amazing. She has won many awards in these recent years for her movie Han Gong Ju ( I know her from the movie Han Gong Ju). Unfortunately she's a bit old for YSH who looks babyish, when he's paired up with older actresses he feels a little bit awkward and can't cross the bridge to become " intimiate and comfortable" with them. Nevertheless, I hope one day ( when he'll be nearing his thirties) he would get the chance to act with such an extraodinary and lovely actress. I have mixed feelings concerning the KDA. I'm happy ruler gets some recognition at those big awards ceremonies, YSH gave himself and it's one of the reason the drama became popular. Objectively, ruler was flawed and had many loopholes, especially on the second part of the drama. I can name some dramas who were better written and directed but didn't even get the chance to be nominated ( i.e The defendant, the voice, Save me, Secret of forest, seven days queen). Most of the time I take these awards ceremonies as a joke as they tend to give awards to the most POPULAR drama/ actor. What is even sadder, the ones who made it successful, the ones who were behind the two digit ratings, the ones who gave themselves to it a 100 % hadn't even be nominated. This is why I'm a little mad. If it weren't for YSH and KSH, ruler wouldn't have crossed the 10 % ratings. It's the brand/ reputation/ star power of KSH and YSH that made it possible. Thus instead of awarding the PD and the writer, KDA should have awarded these two to be fair.
  7. Add and Subtract Game

    That shade 626
  8. @sakura2016 IANAR stands for I Am Not A Robot Well, I looked at the calendary : If IANAR starts airing on November 22, 10 eps will be aired before the awards week ( MBC drama awards, MBC entertainment awards and MBC gayo festival). It still can enter the competition. We'll see him without a doubt for ruler nominations. I don't know how year end shows get selected. For instance Remember aired on December 9 2015 and didn't make the cut for the 2015 SBS drama awards, whereas healer was still on going and its pilot was aired on December 8 2014, it still made the cut for the 2014 KBS drama awards. I guess it depends on stations. I prefer IANAR to make the cut, if it gets selected next year, the hype will be died and people will have almost forgotten about it. I know I'm greedy Ah the gifs ! Sure ! This time I'll make them. During ruler airing I was very busy and could not post much or do gifs, I only moderated the thread. By the time I got free time, I practically lost interest in ruler (will you kill me if I tell you I haven't watched the last eps lol ?) and didn't bother with gifs. This time I'll have sufficient time to make gifs and participate a little bit
  9. @sakura2016 seeing him in that red suit made me think, I want to see him in bright red suits for his next drama as a CEO . He wears the suit, the suit doesn't wear him ! His hair colour, his hair length and hairstyle are jjang ! Since they've pushed back the airing of IANAR, do you think he'll be nominated for the drama ? Will we see the cast at the year end awards ? The drama will air either on November 22 or November 29. I think dramas must be at halfway to be selected. In a few days we'll see soon fan taken pics/fan accounts, then the official posters and teasers ! One of our wishes got fulfilled . I'll binge watch the drama and will grin at my screen when I'll see him as a CEO.
  10. Thank you @sakura2016 and @WoozyPrincess for the updates I went wow when I saw him in red suit. It fits him so well ! So eye catching !!! He should wear more often those bright colours I'm glad he has put on more weight and he seems healthier I love his new hair colour btw It's unfortunate we don't know what he said during his fanmeetings . Such a bummer I'm excited and anticipating impatiently his next drama . Late November seems so far away....
  11. Add and Subtract Game

    Yikes ! My cutie pie @staygold I call it my cutie pie and his kitty -2