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  1. 2018 Yoo Seung-ho fan meeting <spring excursion> Donation fund raising result guide A total of 8 million won was donated to Yonsei Medical Center under the name of Yoo Seung-ho by Talk To U fancafe . The amount is the contribution collected at the fan meeting site , the calendar field sales amount , and the fan meeting income . Credits : TTU Yoo Seung-ho's fanmeeting 's pictures taken by TTU
  2. @Unicaunnisansu Thank you for posting ! I saw those pictures too but somehow forgot to post them.
  3. Google Play 8 Actors Who Started Their Careers Through Adorable Child Roles If you’ve been around the K-drama world for some time, you’ve probably seen a lot of the child actors and actresses grow up right before your eyes. It’s crazy how fast they grow and how fast time flies, isn’t it? These actors and actresses went from acting as children to landing main roles where they’re falling in love Here’s a look at eight adorable child actors who have grown up way too fast: Yoo Seung Ho In 2000, Yoo Seung Ho made his debut as a child actor, but it wasn’t until 2002 when he had his breakout role. In “The Way Home,” his role as the bratty city boy who develops a strong relationship with his deaf grandmother won the hearts of many and even won an award. After this role, he played the child version of many top actors and rose to fame fairly quickly. Throughout the years, viewers were able to watch Yoo Seung Ho grow and take on more mature roles. His first-ever starring role in a K-drama was in “Operation Proposal” where he showed us that he can be taken seriously as an adult actor. In his more recently roles, he has definitely shed his childhood actor image. Catch him in his latest drama “I Am Not A Robot” https://www.soompi.com/2018/05/13/8-actors-started-careers-adorable-child-roles/
  4. More or less accurate translation of the related part : Solbin, who picked Lee Soon-jae, Bae Jong-ok, Jeong Yoo-mi and Yoo Seung-jun as the actors she want to perform with, explained: " I love Bae Jong-Ok's acting. It's the best. Teacher Lee Soon-Jae is really nice and great, too. I love the acting of Jeong Yu-mi, and Yoo Seung-ho is so cool that I want to act with him. There are so many things I want to learn". Solbin is asked about LABOUM's rival, her last relationship, + which actor she'd want to work with She also revealed that she would love to be the female lead in a romantic-comedy drama and was a fan of Yoo Seung Ho since she was young so would like to have a love line with him. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2016/12/solbin-is-asked-about-laboums-rival-her-last-relationship-which-actor-shed-want-to-work-with credits as tagged
  5. YSH has already said in past interviews he is a bad singer and his mom forbid him to sing because his singing is noise pollution . He is not that bad , I've seen him singing at his fanmeeting. He can sing low songs that don't require too many vocal tehniques like using chest voice/ falsettos etc. Ahhh Harry ! Indeed I'm happy with his pick ! you know me so well ^^. I wonder why he chose him for a blind date . KMK and Lee Sun are the perfect ideal boyfriends though. I also can't wait for his next drama, I believe he will start filming it in the upcoming months. Maybe he reiterated it because media and fans don't believe a healthy young handsome man in his 20's is single. He knows some people don't believe, perhaps he wants to make thing clear. In the past he was quiet about the dating topic. But now he is giving us more crumbs. He said he dated before, huh ? I assume that's why he was quiet about dating and didn't say anything. I'm going to take at face value his answers since it is so unlike him to deceive his fans and to lie. We'll see in the future in interviews if what he is saying is the truth. If he goes back to his words, I'll just shrug I'm happy to know he is finally letting go of himself, I've always criticzed him for being too reserved, practicting self-discipline and self- control. He has finally understood his fans will still love him even if he shows his real-self and it is okay to not be too upright and to not show a perfect image.
  6. @sakura2016 aww no worries. Yes I checked it again, he really prepared a coffee truck for his fans. And the FM lasted 4 hours( 2 PM - 6 PM). This is also my favourite one, I'm contempling to use it for my background cover ! . His fans actually tease him when they ask him to do embarrassing / weird poses. Last time they asked him to do sexy and cute poses again. They know him the best haha. They know he is shy and has an aversion of being put in spotlight like this. I laughed at his version of being " sexy". Is passing through your hair with your hands sexy for him ? Oh I forgot about that poll ! But still is it a legit poll ? not a random one trying to attract traffic on the site ? I looked at the website and investigated, there is no mention about any trophy or award at all. I prefer to use my free time on legit polls like baeksang or soompi awards, at least our efforts will be concreted through a material thing if YSH wins. Even if you vote and YSH wins, he won't ever know the existence of that poll.