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  1. I am also curious to know what he is up to. But if I start thinking about it, I will end up thinking about him more and more,and will be very impatient to get my hands on the slightest news haha. I actually like that he goes into hiding, it allows his fans to focus on themselves and live their life. When he comes back, we all gather to support him. How do you know NH card didn't renew the contract ? I am lost. Wow. How did you come up with those numbers ? It is very hard to estimate how much he gets paid and his earnings. If you want to count, you need to start with his debut projects ... YSH is very private and has never talked about money.
  2. I also tried to know how much he gets paid but there are no official reports sadly. I know about other actors : http://m.kpopline.com/top-10-highest-paid-korean-actors-1185.html So I guess it is safe to assume he charges around 30-40 million won ? Haha. Living with his parents is very common in Korea actually, many koreans live with their parents until they get married. It is a cultural thing. So to koreans, if someone still stays at home, it is not surprising.
  3. I am not a fan who cares about the popularity of his partners or if they have gotten recognition before being paired with him. My only requirment is that they do their job well and I don't find myself cringing throughout the drama because of their acting. An actress can be popular without being a good actress. So I choose acting skills over popularity or anything else. However I reckon that if the actress is popular, it is going to be easier to achieve higher ratings and YSH will have less the burden. He promoted IANAR alone after its run, so all the burden to promote and sell the drama was on his shoulders. The ideal actress is someone who is popular and a very good actress. Sadly only few actresses make to list on my terms. Yeah there are many detectives dramas, as well as fantasy dramas. But YSH has done none of them, so I want him to do one. I said detective and fantasy because there were the first genres that came to my mind. Speaking of genres,K-dramaland isn't diverse, there are many legals, medicals, fantasy, sageuks, fantasy, thrillers dramas. The genres are limited and original dramas are very rare. I am okay with a detective, a fantasy, a thriller or medical drama as long as the story is engaging and brings something new. @See Wong's idea sounds very good ! Detective dramas about a mole are rare ! I already can see how the story would unfold : a police is a mole in a crime organization in order to gather evidence and arrest the leader, but then he meets a woman who turns out to be daughter of the leader and he falls in love with her, unbeknown to him she has killed his sister. So he goes through shock when he learns about it, but it is too late as he is already deeply in love with her. From that he develops a love-hate relationship with her and even tries to kill her. The woman is conflicted : she is condemned to make a choice,whether to betray his father or side with the police officer. A series of betrayals and rescues follow as she can't bring herself to make a choice...... I can go on and write all the story lol . korean channels tv have small budgets, so I doubt that one day they will produce something like LOTR, GoT. The one channels who has big pockets and willing to spend money is TVn but even TVn dramas are sometimes a miss and the CG effects are bad. Memories of Alhambra was well produced despite a suckish ending, but it took 7 months to produce a 25 billion won drama. @see wong, BTW in case you don't know, it is against rules to quote images as images use data and soompi staff tries to limit that by forbidding images quoting.
  4. Thanks for the eye candy treat, even though I'm not an ahjumma, I am still allowed to be here, right ?
  5. IMY made me a fan of him and Harry is one of his best characters !! Remember is a legal drama, usually legal dramas do well with ratings but aren't popular. It is very difficult for a legal drama to become a hit drama. Besides as you said, Nam Goong Min stole the thunder from YSH. These are the reasons why he didn't get any recognitiion with remember. Ahh I am glad wer're on the same board !! I also didn't like the chemistry in remember simply because there was no chemistry ! I still remember saying in Remember thread to the other folks that if the writer was unwiliing to focus on the romance and intended to write a half-cooked romance, it would have been better that the leads ended up as comrades. I got many glares haha and made some fans angry. Why don't you like the female in IANAR ? KTH is very famous and already a settled actor, so BS Comp doesn't need to push hard to promote her. Now her priorities are oriented to her family rather than to her career It's a difference case with YSH who needs a breakthrough role , to establish as an actor. YSH has still a long way to go. I just want him to try something else, if he does another melodrama I already forsee fans whining and saying he always do melodramas. I like melodramas but melodramas are not everyone's cup of tea, YSH needs a more " mainstream" drama that will help him to push through. A detective drama or a fantasy drama sounds good Ohh so you are a long time reader and created an account only recently. I hope more readers will come out. Yeah I got very disappointed in him and my mood got completely spoiled the day I learned he chose BS Company. It took me a while to move on. The link with Won Bin and Song Kang Ho gave me some hope, so now it is the waiting stage . I am going to wait patiently and see how they will manage him, which project will be his next one. I have to admit I am a fan of his character rather than his works ( dramas & movies), so I still stay as his fan. I am sure his old friends know him better than me and are around him to give advice when it is needed. I am just a fan who maybe knows only 10 % of him. He was a top child actor before so he knows what it takes to be a top actor and the sacrifices he must make. When he was a child actor he didn't like acting and chose to enlist very early to think about his career. He realized he liked genuinely acting and what he had hated was the pressure, the spotlight, the celeb lifestyle, the long working hours, the overworking south-korean culture. He stays away from all of this. He just likes acting. I hope he has a change of heart but it doesn't look like it, he is still a ninja and doesn't update his instagram unless it is for work. He only posts when he is active again and working on something. It is like before : when he works , we get news and when he rests, he is silent and we have to wait. He has some principles and is sticking to them stubbornly and with vigor. An agency change won't change them.
  6. Aww that red lipstick was awful, his lips were redder than JBA's. What was his make-up artist thinking ? Yeah.. we, fans, dont actually know the BTS. The reason he chose a one-man agency in the first is for the freedom so changing to a traditional talent agency was a huge change. I hope one day he will come back to these dark times and open up about his experience with San ent. I think San ent mismanaged him and couldn't give him proper support, that is the reason he parted ways with it. Being forced to chose MSH is an assumption. Maybe he didn't have any choice like you said. His break-up with San ent was not a sudden decision in my opinion, rather a sum of little disagreements over the time and frustration getting bigger. And MSH could be the last straw that broke the camel's back. We were all surprised him choosing another rom-com after IANAR ,whereas in Feb 2018 he was pretty clear and said he wouldn't do another rom com soon after IANAR. So what happened between Feb and Sep 2018 ? Why did he change his mind ? Hmmm about BS company. Actually I am going to surprise you probably . I don't have high hopes because simply I simply dont want to have high hopes. Yes he did well going to another agency and breaking-up with San ent but is BS company the right one ? That remains to be proven. With YSH I have learned the lesson and I have been disappointed multiple times, so it is better to go with a clean state rather than with expectations. I want him to be bigger than he is but a part of me thinks that maybe he is content with his life overall : doing a drama per year and being a civilian during his free time. It is not ambition he is lacking but a competitive mindset. Some people dont like being put under the pressure constantly and competition. YSH is one of those people. Thus if he becomes more famous and super star, he will get all the attention on him and be put under the pressure . It means also less free time and more work. Haha I never thought I gave the impression of being a friend of him . Unfortunately I have never been to one of his fanmeetings because they are exclusive. You need to be a member of his korean/Japanese fancafe in order to buy the ticktets and attend. Sighs.... yeah YSH is too exclusive.. Sorry for taking a long time replying but these days I am busy. I read the updates. I need to find time to reply because my posts tend to be long. I haven't replied half of what I wanted lol. Will reply to the rest of posts later
  7. IMY, WBDS, Remember are the dramas in which YSH looks the best without any doubt. It depends on our preferences, whether you prefer him before or after army. I like more mature actors so I choose Remember lol. Sighs... his peak. Can you believe his peak was after IMY ? Coincidentally he chose to enlist around that time. I remember how everyone was raving about his looks and his new mature appearance. He received many CFs offers that he had to turn down. Haha you should know me by now, why do you ask if I've watched my strange hero ?? actually I dropped it. I watched like 7 episodes and then decided to stop watching it. Should I list my reasons and why I got disappointed ? We were promised a hero with a grudge who decided to avenge and make the ones who hurt him to suffer. But what did we get in return ? A marshmallow hero who was too sweet to take revenge. We were promised something and got something else instead. Besides, I didn't like the heroine and her reason for " betraying" and not taking Bok Soo's side was too weak and shallow for my liking. In result, I couldn't get invested in their romance and couldn't root for them, especially how quickly they started dating after resolving their misunderstanding. Nope, that was very unrealistic and I wonder if they writer lack experience in dating. How could Bok Soo so quickly forgive her, run after her like a puppy and court her, and seduce her so that she accepts dating him ? It took them one episode to kiss after resolving everthing. Instead of making her suffer and pay, Bok Soo decided to run after and ask her multiple times why she betrayed him. He was more interested in knowing why she betraying than getting his revenge. Sadly his name Bok Soo aka revenge didn't suit him as he didn't have an ounce of revenge in him. I really dont know.. he didn't look really enthusiastic about the drama at the press con. I tortured myself trying to find a reason why he chose my strange hero as his comeback drama. It is a shame he didn't do any post drama interviews. That could have enlightened us. I also noticed it, he looks more comfortable and really let himself go when he was doing comedy. He didn't care about how his acting would come out. So that's a positive point. Haha his dramas are like an early christmas present. Maybe he hates filming in summer ?? Yeah that's the first thing I noticed it. The biggest actors are Kim Tae Hee and Seo In Guk. Not having really big actors could be beneficial to him actually: BS Comp will focus on him more and give support fully to him + YSH won't be pressured to work harder. At least we are saved from dramas like Ruler & Co. And the other actors under BS Comp get really good offers, for example Seo In Guk did the remake of the japanese drama a million stars from the sky. So I expect the same for YSH.
  8. Hmmm. I like more his character in IMY than the plot, the IMY plot is also a mess. My favourite drama is Remember. I like many of his movies and it is hard to choose one as my favourite : the way home, hearty paws, blind, city of fathers Yep. He looks really good in Remember, the suits and coats only enhanced his beauty lol. He has one of his best looks in Remember. Hi @rahma92 ! Welcome. It feeels good that this thread is again alive the insta of his company is this one : https://instagram.com/bs.stagram?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1mhe5q589vejo they also have a website : http://bscompany.asia I agree wholeheartedly with you. yes YSH no more rom com please. I want to see him doing something he hasnt done before.
  9. @See Wong I reckon I am very picky as a dramas fan and my patience has run out over the years because of flawed dramas. Now I drop them like a hot potato if I find a plothole or something bothering me. I didn't like IANAR at all but I still tried to finish it for YSH. IANAR has also plotholes. To put it into a nutshell, I just disliked how the deception dragged and it took 12 episodes for the hero to realize it. The drama was 16 ep but sadly the writer didn't use the allocated time to write a solid plot, the plot was very thin because there wasn't much plot advancement. The second part was very draggy and I think all the heartbreak, sad mood, emotional scenes, break up could have been shortened or avoided, we were promised a rom com but IANAR isn't a rom com to be honest because half of the drama is melo/sad. I have my doubts on the writer and I think she milked YSH's melo skills to cover her shortcomings in writing. Yeah I noticed it too how recent dramas/films comment how beautiful he is. It happened in IANAR and My strange hero lol I am delighted that he is finally opening up. In the past he rarely posted something in his previous official fancafe. Last year after his fanmeeting in Seoul he promised he would try to be more interactive with fans but then his official fancafe , talk to U, got relegated to a mere fancafe and got stripped of the official title Talk To U has over 18 000, time is needed for his new fancafe to grow. I agree that he has less fans compared to other actors. Other actors have millions of followers in instagram.
  10. Yeah his japanese fans are lucky. I remember last year his filipino fans petitioned to get a fanmeeting, I don't know what went wrong but it never happened. I hope BS company would help to organize fanmeetings outside of Korea and Japan. Wow you watched IANAR again ? Watching it once is enough for me as I really really didn't like it. As much as I am a big fan of him, I can't rewatch it. It is tortuous for me. Completely agree with this. Rom-coms and sweet/cute acting dont help him to secure loyal fans. If another actor comes and acts in a rom-com in a cute-ish way, those fans will support him. Their support is temporary. Therefore he needs a project that will be his breakthrough performance in which he showcases his acting skills and get fans who will be loyal to him and be fans of his acting rather than of his charms. Haha I saw it. Silly boy ! He took his phone and pouted on instagram. His complaint was cute. I think he went to his fancafe right away, after BS company's announcement, so there weren't many fans. That kind of explains why he got ignored . I tried to get into it but I couldn't because I needed to get an authentification through a korean phone. I don't have a korean phone. Last time I checked the number of his fans in his official fancafe was a little over 1000.
  11. Kim Sun Dal was a good movie but like you said it is unfortunate it didn't become successful. I think it might due to the fact he was the only star of the movie, the actors relied on him and his star power. It is hard for movies to do well if only one actor has the star power unless the actor is a guarantee for a box-office success, which YSH hasn't proved it yet. Same here. I have the same dilemna. The only thing I wish is he meets the right people that know how to use his talent. I believe he has many open doors for success and there is not only one path or one recipe for success : he can stays in dramaland or decides to do more movies, he can go mainstream or do smaller independant movies, he can choose to become a popular actor with hit dramas/ blockbusters movies or a critically acclaimed actor doing smaller projects , he can choose a international career path, seeks recognition for his acting and stars in foreign productions rather than staying in Korea.... We'll see what he decides to do @WoozyPrincess yes ! YW is an iconic role, so is Harry. YSH with those two roles re-defined villains and gave a new perspective. Harry and YW were not typical one-dimensional villains who were blinded by revenge. They were torn throughout the drama, in YW's case between his revenge and his friendship with his male lead and in Harry 's case between his revenge and his love for the female lead. YSH humanized them and gave them a heart. That's why many fans had empathy, rooted for them and got shocked by their tragic ending. In those two dramas, I have to say YSH stole the spotlight from the male leads with his gripping performance.
  12. He modelled for atelier cologne,lacoste, lafuma, Joseph & Stacey and other brands @See Wong I have never met him. I think all Yoopies wish to meet him one day . Yeah that's what I've been wishing ever since. Until now he has met people that couldn't polish this raw diamond, in result he met many bumps on his path. He is always listed among actors who are bad at picking a project. It is time for him to break this curse.
  13. Edit : my first thought when I saw the pictorial was how Handsome !! I spent some minutes with a smile admiring his beauty. His hairstyle is especially on point. @See Wong Yeah . When he was younger he looked very much like SJS but then his features matured and as he grows up he looks less and less like SJS. Rather than looks, he looks like Won Bin because they both have the same vibe. They are both very private,quiet, shy, reserved. They shy away from any broadcast program so they are very hard to approach. YSH used to not do interviews because he found hard to put his thoughts into words well but now he has become laid-back. They prefer to focus on their work, don't want to get into unnecessary news / headlines. When WB was still single, he was asked many times why he was "alone" and didn't date anyone, he even got into gay rumours because of that. They share many common points and look similar in that sense in my opinion Now all he needs is a breakthrough project, either a drama or a movie. Ahh time flies ! You don't really count the years that add up, when you look back you think : " That much ? It's been quite a long time !" Lol. I started stanning him when he was in his late teens, just before his army stint. So I am not a " very old Yoopie".
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