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  2. The chance of meeting him are really scarce , unless you take a flight and go to Japan/ Korea for a fanmeeting. In June he visited Malaysia and attended an opening of a store though. He held a fan sign event. Thus he might come to your country and attend another event like this...
  3. According to dramabeans:http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/09/han-ji-min-nam-joo-hyuk-kim-hye-ja-up-for-jtbc-time-bending-romance/ , the actors are still considering the offers and there is no confirmation yet. Therfore I'm locking the thread
  4. Hello, unfortunately there's no such place to find information. YSH's agency doesn't have a website in which we can look for his schedule. When he does public appearances, he takes his fans by surprise and doesn't announce it beforehand. As for his fanmeetings, his korean fanmeetings where organized by his korean official fanclub that has been dissolved in June. Thus I don't know how his fanmeetings in korea will be organized from now on. For his japanese fanmeetings, I believe there will be managed/scheduled by his official japanese fanclub from now on. There is a fanmeeting in Philippines underway but nothing is concrete. Lastly, unlike his peers he hasn't ever done a fanmeeting tour... maybe we need to wait more to see him going on tour . If it happens, I'm sure his fans around the world will relay the news. I mostly look at fan accounts to keep being updated about him.
  5. @Cecentre To answer your first question : it depends on Tv stations. Each TV stations has its own politics and works differently. I'm going to take 2 dramas as examples to illustrate my point. Remember run its airing from Dec 9 2015 to February 18 2016, before the SBS dramas awards 6 out of 20 episodes aired. It didn't make the cut for the 2015 SBS dramas awards and was selected for the next year's. Therefore SBS seems to apply the policy of " the half", at least half of the drama must be aired in order to get picked up. Other TV stations can be flexible and nominate dramas whose first episodes had been aired. As for instance Healer aired from the 8th of Dec 2015 to the 10th of Feb 2016 but made it through the KBS dramas awards 2014 despite only 8 episodes had been aired at that time. To go back to BKIB/RIB, IF it has only 16 episodes it might have a chance AND IF it begins airing early Dec. To find out about it, we have to wait until the end of the year . But the drama seems to me to have a format of 20 episodes with the teens year part and the expulsion. It can spend 3/4 episodes on that part and do then a time jump of a few years. The EP 5 would begins then with him going back to school and seeking revenge, the next episodes would focus on him getting involved unwillingly in other cases and his growth into a " small hero". Towards EP 16 the real fight will begin, the last two episodes would be the climax. #my 2 cents. In general, directors and writers are working under one TV station. They are hired by the station/ broadcasting company. So they don't submit a proposal to any broadcast companies and wait for one of them to pick up their projects. What usually happens is either the director or the writer has a concept, the first 4 episodes are written and then they try to cast actors. So for actors it is a gambling game since they don't have the complete script in their hands, they have to accept according to the first episodes and trust the director/ writer. In case of YSH's new drama, I will put my bet on the fact the concept came from the director because his previous drama is similar to this one with the same ingredients ( Romance, comedy and a softy ex-gangster as a hero which is another version of Bok Soo who is a softy bully). And the writer is a new hired one that has been chosen by SBS to be in charge of the writing. Thank you for reminding to look for the competitors . I wanted to research about it but forget it multiple times. The most important thing is his drama to be the first/second in its timeslot : - Clean with passion for now ( JTBC) will air on Mon-Tue at 23: 00 KST. So no chance to compete with Yoo's drama that will air at 22: 00 - Gyeryong Fairy Tale ( TVN) will air on Mon-Tue at 21: 30 KST from November 5th ( still no confirmation of episodes). I don't know the following drama but Love Alarm is confirmed for a late 2018 airing and might compete with Bok Soo's back. Other Tvn dramas are waiting for a timeslot ( Asadal, Gwanghae and Abyss). - The currently KBS drama, lovely horribly will be followed by Matrimonial chaos starting airing on October, the drama that will follow it will compete with Bok Soo's back ( TBA). - Bad detective ( MBC) will air from the 26th of November and compete with Bok Soo's back. Last but not least, aaww let me give you a for your last statement
  6. Yes, I do agree. It has the ingredients to be a very excellent drama. I have also noticed most popular rom coms which became hit dramas have the right amount of everything. And after years later, viewers still love them and they have become classic rom coms. Now, I take back my words about the writer... the real issue lies within the investment of SBS : It looks like to me SBS needed a drama to make bridge between the end of the year and the beginning of the next year. Many big production dramas are scheduled for the next year ( i.e Vagabond), thus SBS needed a buffer-drama. If it had any will to make it a hit or at least to produce a good drama, it wouldn't have entrusted the project to a rookie writer. There are so many writers in SBS, don't tell me they couldn't find a writer with some experience. The other issue is the SBS drama awards, we don't know yet if his drama will make the cut. If it doesn't, chances are high SBS will almost forget him and his drama next year like how they did back in 2016. Remember was one of SBS's high rated dramas in 2016 but due to the popularity of certain dramas starring hallyu stars and on going dramas, SBS preferred to give the spotlight to those dramas, even though those dramas didn't achieve the ratings that Remember did. And next year the hallyu stars, who have gone to army, will be back and they can potentially be cast in a SBS drama. To put it into a nutshell, he took way too long to make a comeback and he did it in a bad timing. His character looks reall interesting and I finally understand why he chose to comeback with this drama. YSH likes layered characters who are multi-dimensional . He is moreover really good at playing baddies. And he really looks scary in those roles . Maybe it is because his I am not a robot image is stil refresh in your mind that you have doubts. I would say that's one of the rare positive things that came out of that drama ? LOL. Here you go, some gifs I made I watched her in Surplus princess and monster. She made an impression on me with her character in monster. She played a bratty but lovely chaebol daughter. I looked at her filmography and saw she won the best new actress for that role. No surprise ! I also hope she takes the role. I haven't watched any of those school dramas you've listed . I guess I'm not a school drama person ? But I heared very good things about angry mom. I hope, when the dramas touches on those sensitive topics, it won't use humour or comedy.
  7. @soara , welcome !. You've described the state of my mind. I'm actually more worried about the writer than the director or his potential co-star. Even excellent acting or excellent directing won't cover a poorly written drama. If the writer can't keep up, then all will fall apart and it will become another drama that failed him. I checked the reviews of the director's previous drama, the critics were directed at the writing rather than the directing, although some viewers felt the first episodes were disjointed but the directing got better later. Besides, nowadays viewers are more interested in the plot than which actors are leads. Getting a popular pair in your drama is not guarantee to success, wouldn't Ruler be a good example in this regard ? It topped the ratings in its timeslot but didn't live up to the expectations, despite the massive promotion by MBC prior to the premiere. In the first post of this thread and in some other articles, it is stated he will return as a student. In my opinion he will return to clear his name because his life after the expulsion has not run smoothly. Probably the stigma of being an expelled student must have followed him and he failed to make a life. idk about the son of the headmaster. Though the article from SBS says the ulterior motive behind his decision is to get back to his first love and to revenge. So I suppose she works there.
  8. @evie7 Haha . Unfortunately YSH doesn't let us admire his well-built physique ! I would say he is.. shy ? Or he doesn't want viewers mindlessly fangirling on his abs lol. In his last two shows, he had the opportunity to go shirtless but he didn't, there weren't fanservice scenes either, the scenes were essential for the plot. Then, if he has trouble to go nekkid now, we need to wait way longer to see a bed scene of him. I'm going to drop here a scene from I am not a robot, in which you can see he is taking care of his body off-screen. @Cecentre Yes. Bullying is a bane in SK and SK is one of the countries with the most high rates of suicide. There were some published statistics showing the youngsters ( teens and young adults) are one of the most vulnerable groups, the other is the elderly. After some second thoughts, I'm more optimistic about this drama. It has actually a right amount of everything : romance, comedy and action (?). Moreover it has some substance, it is not one of those rom coms focused mainly on the OTP falling in love, kissing and dating for 16+ hours. Thus other non-romcoms fans can enjoy it too. Everything is left in the hands of the newbie writer, I'm crossing my fingers that it will turn out to be a decent drama. The SBS article disclosed he will be changing persona from a bully to a genuinely nice guy, a grudge holder, and a buffoon.We will again see a nuanced acting of YSH, his character will be like an onion with multiple layers. From the tidbits we got so far, I get the feeling his character is a tsundere : someone who purposely looks scary and has built shield but is actually really nice deep inside, and prefers to hide his real feelings. The grudge holder adjective refers to him seeking vengeance and the buffoon adjective refers to him being a fish out of water after returning to high school as an adult. My fangirling feelings will be at the highest if we see him fighting with other bullies ! I want to see some action. YSH is really good in fight scenes, Ruler had some fight scenes but they were not enough for me to admire his fighting skills.
  9. The SBS english website posted about the casting news. It is confirmed it will be a rom com and he will expelled for being a bully. Yoo Seung Ho to Star in a New SBS Drama Published Wed Sep 05 11:15:00 KST 2018 Updated Wed Sep 05 11:28:00 KST 2018 Actor Yoo Seung Ho will return to our loving arms this December with a new SBS drama called 'Revenge Has Returned' (tentative title). According to SBS on September 3, Yoo Seung Ho is confirmed to take one of the main characters in 'Revenge Has Returned', which will be aired after the last episode of upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama 'Where Stars Land'. In the teen romantic comedy 'Revenge Has Returned', he will take the role of 'Kang Bok-soo'. Even though the school accused him of being a bully and expelled him, Kang Bok-soo somehow managed to find a way to return to school as an adult. The ulterior motive behind his decision was to get back to his first crush and to revenge the son of the headmaster. However, the changed environment and the vibe of school make things difficult for him to achieve his goal. Ultimately, he ends up being dragged to another case despite his initial intention. Throughout the episodes, the viewers will be able to explore the different sides of Kang Bok-soo since he will be changing his persona constantly from a bully to a genuinely nice guy, a grudge holder, and a buffoon. A staff from the production team commented, "Yoo Seung Ho's kind personality, likable appearance, and positive mind are just like Kang Bok-soo." He continued, "There is always something special about a broken little hero. I'm pretty sure that he would be the perfect person to show what it means." 'Revenge Has Returned'―a collaboration between a rookie screenwriter Kim Yun-young and 'Wok of Love' producer Ham Jun-ho, will be broadcasted this December. (Kang Eunbee, Credit= San Entertainment, SBS funE) (SBS Star) https://news.sbs.co.kr/news/endPage.do?news_id=N1004920892&plink=MAINIMG&autoplay=Y&cooper=SBSNEWSAMP
  10. 1STLOOK NEWS Yoo Seung Ho Is Back To Make Your Hearts Flutter With A New Drama! YOO SEUNG HO IS BACK WITH A VENGEANCE AS SBS CONFIRMS HIS NEW DRAMA LEAD ROLE! After capturing our hearts as Kim Min Kyu in I Am Not A Robot, Yoo Seung Ho returns with another romantic drama from SBS. Photo from Sports Donga Set to air on every Monday and Tuesday, Revenge is Back will premiere on December and takes the time slot of Star of the Foxes. The story will revolve around Yoo Seung Ho’s character Kang Bok Soo, who gets expelled from school after being falsely accused as a violence perpetrator. As he becomes an adult, he seeks justice and returns to the school, with a mindset of making those who wronged him to pay for what they did. Two of the people who he is out to get are his first love Son Soo Jeong and the school chairman’s son Oh Se Ho – both whom have caused his expulsion. However, the school environment has changed from since he left, which sets him back from his plan of emerging as a small school hero. “Yoo Seung Ho ‘s kindness, friendly appearance, and optimistic personality resemble Kang Bok Soo’ s character. Kang Bok Soo returns to the school in order to become a small hero, but he finds that it isn’t a place for love and romance anymore. Yoo Seung Ho will be able to demonstrate the charms of this character as a failed, small hero,” the SBS drama department said. Revenge Is Back will be directed by Ham Joon Ho, who previously co-directed Wok of Love, while rookie writer Kim Yoon Young provides the drama’s story. Are you excited for Yoo Seung Ho’s new drama? Let us know by leaving a comment below, giving us a holler on Facebook, or tweeting us at @hellokpop! https://hellokpop.com/tv-movies/yoo-seung-ho-new-drama/ Hi . Same here !! He played perfect characters in his last dramas, it's time to see his goofy side . Finally we will be on a thread after ages ! I also don't see any reasons why she would refuse it, everyone would love to act with YSH. It's a big opportunity to work with him. There are many actresses that have voiced wanting to work with him. Besides, I got told about some crucial information - if not the most crucial- I heared from some people that JBA isn't shy about kissing and goes all the way. If it is the case, that's great then ! Because to me, being a good kisser is as most important as being a good actress . YSH isn't shy about kissing either, then we're on board for some great kiss scenes . Melo is YSH's trademark, we can't escape from tears when we watch a drama of him. I bet we will watch some tears jerking scenes again with his new drama. I reckon he cries beautifully and this is one of the reason I became a fan of him. I don't watch much high school dramas, but it looks like bullying is a common topic/ arc for those dramas. No surprise to that since bullying is rampant in Korea and many teens commit suicide because of it. His character will get expelled for violence, the term is very generic and can refer to bulllying. Maybe the show will frame him for being a iljin and terrorizing students .... @jongski I understand you :). We all have our preferences. Some prefer him in light dramas, other in melos. I am also not a fan of rom coms either.... I'd rather watch him in a drama that would fully exploit his talent. It is obvious a rom com won't do it. He is right now in the fluff stage of his career, doing lighter dramas. As I said earlier, I don't approve all his choices but I will support him. Let's hope next time, he will meet talented directors and writers that will know how to use his talent.
  11. Same here, I only participate in YSH's drama threads, sometimes I post on other threads but I end up stop posting. I hope too, I guess other IANAR folks and his other fans will come later. I should perhaps tag some of them to make them come out. @vangsweetie637 @soara @hyania @maj_loves @miye0n @paperboat04 @Unicaunnisansu @2handsintertwined @2016moana @ferily @findit @evie7 @hiriena02 @sanaeozora @sakura2016 became the victim of my nagging and rants . I'm sorry to her. Everytime a casting news came out, I went to her for ranting, wondering why YSH was refusing to come back. Trust me. Even though it is a revenge drama with a highschool background, it is still light in terms of " YSH's dark and melo" dramas. The melos he did before were full of drama, anguish and tears. He cried or had an anguished expression in every scene. Bullying is a sensitive topic and viewers might feel uncomfortable watching characters getting bullied, but we don't know what the writer has in mind for the plot. Maybe the drama won't touch on the bullying issue.
  12. @Cecentre long time no see too ! I'm happy to see you again . Finally we will see him again and I was seriously losing patience these days. Yeah I know, when his fans read revenge part, they thought about a dark drama, like the ones he is used to doing. However this is a highschool drama and we should be mindful of its background. In my opinion, the revenge will be light. Most highschool dramas are light and don't go dark. From the synopsis it looks like a romcom drama, with revenge as the plot. Soompi article stated it is a fun romance drama with a goofy hero, thus we can expect some comedy as a stress reliever too. Just to be certain, it would be better to get more information in the coming weeks. When we will see the teasers, fanaccounts and official stills, I hope everything will be clear .
  13. http://koalasplayground.com/2018/09/04/yoo-seung-ho-confirmed-for-sbs-rom-com-bok-soo-is-back-with-jo-boa-in-talks-for-female-lead/
  14. http://koalasplayground.com/2018/09/04/yoo-seung-ho-confirmed-for-sbs-rom-com-bok-soo-is-back-with-jo-boa-in-talks-for-female-lead/
  15. @sakura2016 Do you have some cristal ball ? Because Jo Bo Ah has received an offer . I am quite relieved because I saw her in Monster drama and was quite good in there. So she is an actress that I know. She is around his age (born in 1991). Naver article : https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=213&aid=0001057278 Jo Boa, SBS 'Revenge is back' "Under review" Well I trusted his last two dramas and then... The writer is really a rookie, with no drama under her/ his filmography. So it is natural to get worried. It looks like YSH likes to experiment dramas with new writers. No matter what, I will support him even though I don't approve all his choices. You are partly right about giving a chance, at least it is not a MBC drama and the quality of the drama will be better. Let's hope for the best ! Edit : Soompi article Jo Bo Ah In Talks To Star Opposite Yoo Seung Ho In New Romance Drama Sep 4, 2018 by eclipse01 Actress Jo Bo Ah may be joining Yoo Seung Ho in a new SBS drama! On September 4, Jo Bo Ah’s agency SidusHQ confirmed that the actress was considering the leading role in the new drama “Revenge is Back” (working title). A representative of the agency stated, “Jo Bo Ah has received a casting offer for the female lead of ‘Revenge is Back,’ and she is currently in the midst of reviewing the offer.” SBS previously confirmed that actor Yoo Seung Ho would be starring in the drama as the male lead. “Revenge is Back” is a fun and refreshing romance drama about Kang Bok Soo (played by Yoo Seung Ho), a boy who is expelled from school after being falsely accused of violence against other students. He later returns to the school as an adult to seek revenge, but instead finds himself unexpectedly swept up in a new series of incidents at the same school. The drama, which will air on Mondays and Tuesdays, is currently scheduled to premiere in December of this year. Are you excited to potentially see Jo Bo Ah and Yoo Seung Ho star together in this new drama? Leave your thoughts below! Source (1) https://www.soompi.com/article/1225083wpp/jo-bo-ah-talks-star-opposite-yoo-seung-ho-new-romance-drama?utm_source=viki&utm_medium=newsmodule-celebrity-web&utm_campaign=soompi_news_module&utm_content=14342pr