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  1. [Season 1] Holiday Present Hunt 2017

    I'm in Whoop whoop let's win and crush the opponent team, team IDOL !!
  2. Ratings , I guess it all boils down to timing and MBC's strike. If the drama was broadcasted as it was originally planned without the strike's interference, the ratings would have hit the double digits because when HS ended, it had more than 10 % ratings and its ratings were higher than WYWS. At that time Wise prison life and nothing to lose weren't aired. I hope YSH will not blame himself and got into hiding for 8 months or something like he did in 2016 if the ratings remain stagant. He should comeback with another drama mid-2018 in order to bounce.
  3. Because this is the first time KMK cooks in front of someone ( see the pun ? ). We all need a cook like KMK in our life. I'm digging his smirk saying : " I'm good , aren't I ? "
  4. Excellent observation ! I may add another insight. He told her she's the priciest thing in the house, later he'll realize how much thruthful his words were and she will become the most precious person in his life. His words are almost like a confession and he doesn't realize their deep meaning, just like in last week episode when he told her he'll make a room inside her, put all the information and asked her to look only at him, to follow only him and to look after him only. It's no wonder JA gets confused and has butterflies in her stomach. His confessions without actually being confessions have an impact on her. Oh no need to thank me , you're actually on fire. If you weren't here, I wouldn't be able to post the live recaps. I think the consensus is he has a psychosomatic allergy, it's only mental. In the first episode when she touched him, he was aware she's a human and his allergy happened. But when she pretended to be a robot and grabbed his hand, his allergy actually didn't occur because he's convinced she's a robot. edit : the OST clip has been posted on naver http://m.tv.naver.com/v/2414039
  5. @V Thank you for the recap I can't wait to watch the eps with eng subs. Finally KMK opens up to aji3/JJA and tells her about his tragic past. I didn't expect him to give her instructions when he faces a situation in which his allergy occurs. It shows how smart he is, despite the show dumbing him and making him clueless about JJA who pretends to be a robot. And I'm happy JJA didn't get repulsed and run away from him. Now the fun and interesting part begins ... I go aaww at their cute moments. Tomorrow eps will give us more candies treats and JJA will get butterflies in her stomach
  6. naver clips http://m.tv.naver.com/v/2413861 http://m.tv.naver.com/v/2413883/list/175255 http://m.tv.naver.com/v/2413913/list/175255 http://m.tv.naver.com/v/2413940/list/175255 YT clips
  7. #7 THE EVIL COMPANY PEOPLE They know about AJ3. They are looking at a video of AJ3. He figured out why the chairman wants to break the deal, but he isn’t the smartest guy. MANSION MG is getting some crazy ridiculous boxes from company poeple like voodoo dolls and bloody things and all that because he is merging the companies. That is why they have all these screenings for the boxes. He thinks about Ye Riel and picks up a picture of her. He thinks his heart is pumping because of her. He opens a box and looks at all these postcards, possibly from her? He also has a cute little porcelin cup that looks like an animal maybe. Cut to Riel, she is in a car and tells someone not to tell him that she is there, she wants to surprise him. She drives up to the mansion and MG sees that she is there on his CCTV. he lets her in and tells AJ3 to stay there and not move around. JA – someone came? MG – Riel, my first love. He is super happy and runs out to great her. She is looking chic as ever and looking over his vast gardens on his estate. They meet over a bridge. Riel – it looks the same. It is like time stopped for 15 years MG – R – how do I look? I became team leader for your social service team. But I want something else…my father told me to marry for money, you know…so my answer is…why not…more money is better, I know your personality, it is better to marry you than some other cheobals son. You give me money and fame. I will guarantee my father share is your side. She grabs him and his heart rate starts to go up, his reaction starts to take effect, his skin is bubling up. He treis to hide this from her and tells her he will call her. He runs away and treis to get to his room. He can’t open his room door, but then he manages. But he is all on the floor, he can’t make it. He is crawling on the phone and JA runs up to him. He tries to grab his syringe, but he can’t make it, he passes out. JA – are you okay? He is trying hard to breath and she is shocked. She remember back to what he said. If she can’t recognize him then she should go back to that secret room and open the door. A syringe should be there. She grabs the syring and tries to remember everything he said. He wants her to recognize him no matter how he looks. SHe takes a few breathes and readies herself to shoot the medicine into his heart… Fade out. —————————– Preview Way too fast, but he lives cr @V
  8. naver clips : http://m.tv.naver.com/v/2413758/list/175255 http://m.tv.naver.com/v/2413689/list/175255 http://m.tv.naver.com/v/2413687 #4 SCIENTISTS They are back at the shack and having a mini feast with all the food they got. It looks like they are eating ssam with the bulgogi. The conversation goes to the outfit for AJ3 and he remembers that it was her outfit at one of her jobs when he first saw her, but it doens’t look like he mentions it? The minions tell them that they should live in the same house and rekindle their love but JA says that is something they don’t want to rekindle. MANSION MG is reading about relationships and rooting on someones heart. He is thinking deeply about connecting with 3’s heart. End part I —————————– #5 NEXT MORNING MG is waking up as the light shines on his face. He turns and blinks his eyes open. Then he looks outside and smiles. he picks up his AJ3 remote access and says hello. 3 – I love you master, what do you want MG – come to the house 3 – okay Scientist – it is remote access, he wanted to have it MG – did you have a good sleep JA – yes master MG – you don’t sleep, you were just charging. Then they walk and JA tells him everything about the stock market and weather and he should go outside and walk around. But he asks her what was there before (his card castle). They have a mini argument about that that is one sided on MG’s part. MG said it took him 15 years to build that. He started when he was tiny. Flashback montage of him building it from when he was like 7 until now. MG – when I was little I started with my dad and did it until now. When you destryed it I was really angry. Look at that, sunshine. So this window is the window where I have so much sun. I like to sit here. I thought the house was so dark, but I never knew that it was because of the cards. So my face now, emotions, input it into your brain AJ3, your master is very happy becaue you restored my sunshine. JA – *thinking* you should be a psycho all the way, I can’t adapt to you. But then he hits her head. MG – when you clean you have to look around. I have some expensive things…well actually you are the most expensive thing in this house. cr @V
  9. #3 SCIENTISTS They are talking about the food in the house. They are crazy hungry. MG throws away some meat because it will expire tomorrow (everyone is angry with him). Meanwhile the butler is checking all the packages, but there is a system error. MG is cooking and the scientists are mesmerized by his cooking. I am mesmerized by it as well. He presents himself with the dish that he made and wonders what JA thinks about him? he tells her that he is very cool. JA tells him that he is super duper cool and then when he starts eating her mouth drops at the deliciousness in front of her. The scientists are also feening over the food. MG tells her that if she were a human then they could eat together ans she tells him to shut up in her head and puts her mind to providing him the best environment for eating with music and tv. But ont he tv is a commercial for young entrepreneurs (the contest she wants to be in). JA tells him that MG is super cool and should keep doing the contest for his image. But MG thinks they are all liars. JA wants to know him better so she can seduce—know him better. MG tells her that she should just know about her master. Her master is very very rich so she can brag about it. But that isn’t it, he tells her that he is the KM banks boss. She wants to know if that is him. He says that isn’t him so she wants to know what type of person he is. He racks him brainthinking about it. He is….he is….wait. he said JA shouldn’t just talk to him like that. Her sunbae is working hard cleaning the house (the robot vacuum) so she should work hard and clean the house as well. Go. JA leaves and goes to the exact spot that she should touch and stats to vacuum. She thinks back to all the money he owes her and then accidentally knocks over the card tower. *epic music plays* slow motion of the entire card tower getting knowcked over. MG drops his glass and yells, YAAAAAAAAAA. Scientists – out of battery out of battery out of battery! JA – I am out of battery, I am in standby, after charging, take me. SCIENTIST AND MG They are both sitting around the table and talking about AJ3. MG is upset at all the problems and JA is trying to say it is not AJ3’s fault. Meanwhile the other scientists and JA are sitting around complaining about MG throwing away Korean meat. Then she thinks…they should eat some! At the table MG continues complaining about all that 3 isn’t doing right, she rescues perfume instead of her master…(meanwhile JA and a scientist go into the house to take all the meat, BG sees this and tries not to react) MG keeps complaining and is about to leave but BG tells him that training means having a relationship. MG stops and wants to know what that means. BG tells him that he should input the emotions and share them with her. cr @V