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  1. LIST 8 Korean Child Actors Who Have Transformed To Top K-Drama Stars By abbyinhallyuland | July 14, 2018 DEDICATION TO WITHSTAND THE TEST OF TIME CAME IN EARLY FOR FORMER POPULAR SOUTH KOREAN CHILD ACTORS. NEVERTHELESS, THE FRUITS OF THEIR LABOR ARE EVIDENTLY ENJOYED THESE DAYS. Having filming sets as their known playgrounds and being flexible to adjust in the set conditions while shooting as a child are feats which only disciplined and passionate performers can achieve Yoo Seung Ho, Kim Yoo Jung, Yeo Jin Goo and Kim So Hyun are some of the child artists who grew up right before the audience’ eyes, winning us with genius portrayals that have improved overtime to stable perfection. The uphill battle that they individually sustained provided them much-needed opportunities for breakthroughs to become today’s shining star models. Let’s dig back at the current small and big screen reliable performers who have emerged from their humble and memorable beginnings as child actors. 1. YOO SEUNG HO As the first generation epitome of successful transition from youth to adult acting, the skilled actor has warped from being grandmother’s well-loved city boy from 2002’s heartwarming film, The Way Home. He has solidified his presence as a bankable leading man leaving astounding roles both in television and film. Notable works: I’m not a Robot, Ruler, Remember, I Miss You, Magician, Operation Proposal, Queen Seondeok, Hearty Paws https://www.hellokpop.com/list/korean-child-actors-k-drama-stars/
  2. Hi again unfortunately it is still the waiting time. I'm also on my toes waiting for his come back. But I am not surprised at him taking his time and extending his break time because last year he practically filmed all year with I am not a robot and Ruler. Ruler itself took 7 months of filming. I miss You is one of my favourite dramas of his too !! I became his fan after watching him in IMY. You are not the only one who didn't like I am not a robot, some yoopies told me they weren't impressed by it and it was subpar compared to his previous dramas. I do expect him to comeback with an intense role requiring high acting skills. He is all about acting and likes to challenge himself by taking up difficult roles. If he is taking that much time it means he is looking for the right drama perhaps and he hasnt been convinced by the offers presented to him. today he posted on IG account:
  3. Hi @jongski ! Unfortunately still no news. All his fans are waiting for him to come back. I haven't watched MARS, so I don't know. A drama like remember would be good, but with less crying scenes and with a happy ending. His last two dramas are doing well overseas. Lastly Japan has decided to make DVD for his drama I am not a robot.
  4. http://koalasplayground.com/2018/06/27/park-seo-joon-yoo-seung-ho-and-jung-hae-in-voted-smartest-decision-to-enlist-early/ Park Seo Joon voted #1 star who made the best decision to serve early Article: Park Seo Joon, thank goodness he served in the army early... Yoo Seung Ho #2, Jung Hae In #3Source: TV Report via Nate 4. [+50, -3] Yoo Seung Ho's truly amazing for serving right when he was getting popular. He also enlisted as a normal soldier instead of the celebrity unit. 7. [+23, -0] All three deserve it. Yoo Seung Ho's decision was probably the hardest since he was already so famous and at a young age but I know that he has more light to shine on him as he gets older (skipped unrelated parts) http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2018/06/park-seo-joon-voted-1-star-who-made.html?m=1 PARK SEO JOON AND YOO SEUNG HO TOPPED THE DCINSIDE SOUTH KOREA SURVEY Park Seo Joon and Yoo Seung Ho topped the DCinside Survey DCinside is an online community with over 6 million monthly users in South Korea. Users "Connect and Converse" by reacting and expressing their opinions South Koreans voted on Park Seo Joon ranked #1 with 26.9% followed by Yoo Seung Ho with 22.3% for the male actors that have made decision of completing their mandatory military service early. http://www.koreandramaportal.com/2018/06/park-seo-joon-and-yoo-seung-ho-topped.html?m=1
  5. Translation : Actor Yoo Seung-ho, who showed great success in the MBC drama ' Not a Robot, ' visited the Blue Eye Center in Incheon headquarters for an eye exam. I wish you a better performance in the future, and I will always support you in Blue Eye Center so that your bright eyes can shine and stay healthy.
  6. For Overseas Applicants (Except for Applicants in Korea) ●Overseas Set purchasing including Season 1 and Season 2: from At noon on June 15 to 11:30 p.m. on July 20 Of all set purchasers, applicants in Japan and overseas applicants, by lottery, Twenty persons will be given The Special Card which have Yoo Seung Ho autograph. ※We do not notice the Winner list. ※The person who get the Special card, we will ship the card with<YOO&YOU~season1>. 【About the Photo Book】 Book Tittle:Photo Book<YOO&YOU~season1>  Language: Japanese Only Photo Book<YOO&YOU~season2> Language: Japanese Only Price:A set Price goes to 9,720yen(Tax included.) Shipping Fee: It differ to country to country. We will inform you of the fee after receiving your order.    Shipping:<YOO&YOU~season1> In August (as Planned.)       <YOO&YOU~season2> In December(as Planned.) ※As two Photo Books are set each Sale Time, we are to ship them Two times as mentioned above. ※The Sale times are expected date and by some conditions the date could be changed to some extent. We accept any overseas application by email. Our email address is ticket@a-ara.co.jp When you apply for the purchasing, please put the tittle as 「YOO SEUNG HO Photo book」 and inform your name, telephone number, address and the set(s) you want to buy on main Text blank. You need to transfer the money to our Japanese bank account. We are sorry but you have to pay overseas remit charges including the Photo book price. After receiving your order, we will send the payment guidance in a week. You need to pay accordingly. Overseas transfer usually need two or three days, so, you have to wait one week or so until you get the confirmation mail regarding your payment. Regarding the photobook purchasing, please refer to as follows: A Set of The Photo Book costs 9,720 yen. For overseas remittance, customers need to pay overseas remit charges in addition to the Photo book price. The charges usually go to 4000 yen or more. We accept bank transfer only for the payment. (We do not address pay pal or credit card payment.) ※If you have friends or acquaintance in Japan, you can ask them to pay on behalf of you. It save overseas remit charges. For example, if you want to buy TWO set( @9720×2), total payment goes to 23,440 yen (= 19,440 yen + 4000 yen for overseas remit charge.) We have to remind you that some banks, such as invest bank use their affiliate banks and impose extra charge. Be aware that once a customer pay for the photo book we will not refund the money. If you accept the conditions mentioned above please tell us the photobook(s) and the number(s) you want to buy. Then we will let you know the guidance for the payment. If you have any questions or concerns, tell us regardless of what they are. http://www.seung-ho.jp/news/2747
  7. You are welcome. I was busy these past weeks but I did my best to update , even being a few days late A few hours ago he/his agency posted again : It is about the upcoming japanese photobook. I agree with you, hopefully he will choose his next drama wisely. It is long overdue for him to get a breakthrough performance, since his return from military he has been plagued with bad luck with starring in dramas full of plot holes and inconsistencies, especially his last two ones. He deserves to get a good role and a good drama.
  8. Multi-Generation Flowerboy Male Leads Dominate 1st Half Of 2018 K-Drama Sphere 2018 KOREAN DRAMAS HAVE BEEN SIZZLING WITH HEART FLUTTERS AND WELL-MADE STORIES FROM A MIXTURE OF FRESH AND OLD FAVORITE DRAMA MALE LEADS WHO HAVE CONQUERED THE K-DRAMALAND IN THE FIRST HALF OF 2018. We are not talking about just one actor starring in the dramas. The production companies appear to be following the trend of joining two or more reliable and popular actors to spearhead and spice up the last six months of 2018 drama narratives. If we ponder on it closely, most of the stories produced for television from the tail-end of 2017 up to now were hero-centric. It’s interesting to note that we also have variety of characters which is the exact opposite of how we mostly met prosecutors and serial killers in the previous year. Yoo Seung Ho, Kim Rae Won, Hwayugi deities, and the jailbird brothers of Prison Playbook spurred the masculine vibe this year. Then it continuously flowed with engaging spring dramas which flaunted Return, Eulachacha Waikiki, The Grand Prince, Switch Change The World and Suits. THE TRIED & TESTED OPPA CHARACTERS YOO SEUNG HO – AS KIM MIN KYU IN I’M NOT A ROBOT Yoo Seung Ho, as a love struck chaebol, is the best visualization of BTS’ “Boy in Love” hit single. From his bag of emotional drama scene expertise, Yoo Seung Ho charmed the viewers on those why-did-you-lie-to-me frames, as well as those omg-am-I-in-love-with-a robot soliloquies. Considered to be an effective drama actor, his switch to a light role raises another “oppa cult following” https://www.hellokpop.com/review/flowerboy-male-leads-1st-half-2018-k-drama/