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  1. Add and Subtract Game

    532 @triplem it's apparently rice cake soup
  2. Add and Subtract Game

    532 Let's go till 500 lol I want to watch mother's new ep but it's already late
  3. When will YSH do an action drama ? @justlove Thank you for spreading YSH love and converting many people into Yoopies. A good fan is a fan who promotes his/ her bias well. I've read the writer of Remember will team up with the PD of the time between dog and wolf in tvn cable TV, to create a drama in which LJK will be the hero. My low-key wish is, since the writer of Remember has many hits under his belt and writes very memorable villains ( for instance Nam Gyu Man) and likes YSH's acting, the villain role should be offered to YSH lol.
  4. @justlove I don't think it was taken the same day, he wears the same pair of shoes and jeans but not the same jacket / coat . The jacket he wore at the repair shop is shorter YSH might come to the Philippines
  5. @sakura2016 super happy here ! YSH is going to grace us with another magazine shooting . He is being too generous to his fans . He's not obliged to do, especially with the ratings of his latest drama. The waiting is less painful with the few updates we will get
  6. You should watch one of her movies , she's a good actress I don't see any ressemblance between V in Hwarang and YSH in Queen Seondeok , I'm saying this without having watched Hwarang. I watched some clips on YT to try to understand your point of view but I failed. Perharps you're talking about the characters or the aura they give off ? @maryofbethany Aww god bless you ! Don't worry will watch over Yoo and protect him from any nasty rumours tainting his image and instigating hate towards him. As a long time Yoopie, I've spent years watching over him closely so I have a good grasp of his personality, he is someone who deserves love and support from fans. He is one of the few - very rare - korean celeb who doesn't have any anti-fans. This speaks volumes about his personality as we know how koreans can be unforgiving and can turn their backs at you for any small mistake. Thus koreans really love YSH genuinely and I'm going to be sincerely apalled if one day I see an anti-YSH fan. And yes, let's wish him a long successful career in dramaland and in movieland and to be paired with all those big senior actors you've mentioned . He is going to learn a lot from them and they might be a great help for him.
  7. MISTY OFF TO A STRONG START WITH MYSTERIOUS DEATHS, ILLICIT AFFAIRS, DSYFUNCTIONAL MARRIAGES AND BURNING AMBITIONS . When her position is threatened by a younger colleague, Hye Ran refuses to take it lying down, promising her boss she’ll secure an exlcusive interview with a Korean pro golfer, Kevin Lee, on his arrival to Seoul. In her bid to chase the golfer down, she chooses to accost him at the aiport instead of seeing her ailing mother for the last time. Her decision disgusts Tae Wook, who ends up being a dutiful son-in-law, and seeing his mother-in-law off for her final journey. Hye Ran manages to meet the pro golfer, but is in for a rude shock when she realises he is none other than former lover and is married to an old school friend of hers. I’ll working backwards here because the episode kicks off with a car accident in the middle of a late, snowy night. The incident about Hye Ran rushing to the airport to snare her exclusive interview actually takes place one month before the accident.The driver lies dead in the front seat. The detective seems to suspect foul play because the next scene cuts to Hye Ran being summoned to the police station for questioning. She is shown a picture of a man, whose face we can’t see. The picture triggers her memories of her torrid encounters with her former lover. The story then tumbles back in time to one month earlier, which I have briefly described above. The episode wraps with Hye Ran at the police station in the present. We see the picture in clarity now and it is Kevin. Hye Ran acknowledges she knows who he is – the pro golfer whom she interviewed. Though she is composed, the detective doesn’t buy her story though and shows her another picture, who she identifies as Kevin’s wife. She admits that they were former schoolmates and claimed they weren’t close – though the scene is interjected with flashbacks of her meeting with the couple at the airport where Kevin’s wife declared they were inseparable in school. The detective then questions whether she knew they were married before or after the interview took place… Based on the synopsis, Hye Ran becomes the prime murder suspect of the case and Tae Wook decides to defend her in court. In the process, he falls in love with her all over again. The directing is very fluid yet tight, and kudos to Kim Nam Joo and Ji Jin Hee for creating nervous tension and a forbidding atmosphere right from the start. As expected, their portrayals are compelling and lend much weight and gravitas to the overall product. I ‘m all hyped to watch the second episode tomorrow. https://breathlesssurvival.wordpress.com/2018/02/03/misty-off-to-a-strong-start-with-mysterious-deaths-illicit-affairs-dsyfunctional-marriages-and-burning-ambitions/ GETTING MISTY EYED… I LIKE MISTY. If you are looking for a sweet, heartrendering romance to swoon and sob over, this drama isn’t it. If you are looking for a slickly packaged, entertaining story with some thrill, Misty may work for you. I’m not into romance at the moment so Misty is ticking all my boxes. Episode 2 was just as gripping as the first, with deeper insights into our characters. As much as Hye Ran is lusting over Kevin, I don’t think she loves him. He probably represents fond times of herself being carefree and wild. As far as the drama goes, Kevin seems to be an easy tumble in bed, willing to seduce anyone who is equally keen on seducing him. Hye Ran is very aware of that and uses it to her advantage. Though her emotions – and heady lust – threaten to overwhelm her at many points, it doesn’t keep her from being manipulative, scheming and calculative. She is ruthless when it comes to protecting her position at the broadcast station. Tae Wook was right when he wondered how far she would go to guard her primetime news anchor spot. Tae Wook on the other hand seems to be resigned that Hye Ran will never change, and knows her better than she thinks. I liked that he immediately noticed she was off-kilter during the studio interview with Kevin, and how he is rapidly joining the dots based on astute intuition and shrewd assumptions. Hye Ran probably married him to boost her social satus and safeguard her career, but there are hints that she does genuinely love Tae Wook. I find their estranged relationship fascinating since they both seem to be acutely disappointed in each other, leading to resentment. But deep down, they don’t seem to actively hate or detest each other. Kim Nam Joo and Ji Jin Hee are perfectly cast, and are the main reasons why I’m liking this drama. I usually prefer not to have time jumps, but I’m fine with how it is implemented in Misty. As the detective investigates Hye Ran, the flashbacks to the happenings in the month leading to the murder serves to substantiate the execution of the plot, and helps viewers to weigh the truth, and how truthful Hye Ran is being. The fun part as a viewer is coming up with your own conclusions and pondering whether you would be proven right or wrong as the drama progresses. Episode 3 ended on a cliffhanger with Hye Ran refusing to answer on her relationship with Kevin. Even when presented with damning evidence, she remains defiant until the end. So much so I’m curious as to why she is doing so because it is obvious she is up to something despite being in danger of being accused of murder https://breathlesssurvival.wordpress.com/2018/02/03/getting-misty-eyed/
  8. The choices are hard !! I like most of them. But if I have to pick one, it is going to be Go Ah Sung. Why ? There are many reasons : - They are both child actors - they were co-stars in God of Study, so a reunion of them would be nice - they both have maturity and intensity when they act. So could you imagine them acting as a couple in a intense romance drama ? I don't necessarily mean a melo drama, but I'd like to see them in a mature romance drama. - Go Ah Sung is mostly a movie actress. I would say without any exaggeration she is an accomplished movie actress since she has worked with top directors and got many awards. I'm very sure she has her own network of friends in chungmuro. They say she is friends with the goddess Bae Doona. So she could give YSH some tips about filming in movie industry. YSh expressed his wish to do a movie but he is afraid - Go Ah Sung is close to YSH age, ( she's a 92 liner), so she won't look too old for him on screen.
  9. Yes he was the nice gangster , Woo Doo Han's hyung How did he become such a sexy namja ?
  10. @Jillia Thanks for the eye treat ! There is too much tension and sexiness in this drama. I don't know if GHR felt something when she saw Lee Jae Young shirtless, but I did ! . I went to google his name right away after finishing the episode 2. I actually saw the actor in save me but he didn't draw my attention back then. Mee too. Idol dramas will be produced in the future but I hope we`ll have diversity. Hope they will produce dramas for all audiences. JTBC, fighting Count me too in the club ! It departs us from idol dramas and vanilla flavour dramas . GHR is actually wrong about her husband, he knows perfectly what she does and what she feels. He knew she was supposed to drive LJY home but was suprised to see her early home. He noticed her nervousity and her uneasiness when she was interviewing LJY. He is very smart and has caught on something is going between them, especially when he replayed their interview at their home and glanced over his wife. There is a possibility that her unborn child is LJY's , it could explain why she had decided to abort it. The show hinted she did something to her baby. Everyone is a suspect, they could have comploted together to bring her down. Something tells me Seo Eun Joo isn't so naive as she appears to be, please don't tell me she isn't aware her husband cheats her on her back. I'm sure she knows that women come to him and seduce him. If she was naive, she wouldn't have laughed and giggled while her husband was kissing her when she had GHR on the phone. LJY knows that he is a star and is followed by paparazzis. It felt too easy to be caught cheating, for someone who is a regular cheater, I suppose. He is perceived as someone who has worked his way up from the bottom, has a beautiful wife and a happy marriage. There are no cheating rumours surrounding him. My hunch is he knew GHR was about to lose her spot, so he voluntarily let himself to be caught.
  11. I 've decided to watched this drama for mere curiousity, i'm on ep 1 and I'm already hooked ! it's been a while I've watched a mature korean drama, the last one was the good wife. My admiration goes to Go Hye Ran for being to able to endure . Everyone is ought to critize Go Hye Ran and to show anymosity towards her, especially women who are burning from jelaousy. Although she gets envy and admiration from the public, she litteraly lives a miserable life and a loveless marriage. This is the price she has to pay for being a successful carreer woman. Although she is a big sunbae in her work place and has been working for the broadcasting company for 7 years, she is mistreated by her co-wokers who are ready to throw her under the bus in favour of a new and youthful fresh. I really disliked this emphasis on the youth. Age shouldn't be a factor to determine someone's competence and to force someone to give up his/ her spot. The snide and hurtful remarks she receives every day within her social circle have turned her into a very cold woman. She is surrounded by snakes who are ready to jump on her at any second if she shows any weakness sign. Her cold demeanor is used as a protection shield by her. And she is ready to go really far to keep her spot and nothing won't stop as she preferred meeting Kevin Lee instead of saying her final goodbye to her dying mother. She's hurting inside but the show must go on. Now I wonder how she gets embroiled in the murder case and became a suspect.
  12. Ms Koala published an article about the Gucci Event : http://koalasplayground.com/2018/02/02/big-name-k-stars-don-subdued-overly-labeled-gucci-outfits-brand-event-seoul/#comments Everyone in the comments section is raving about YSH @sakura2016 Haha thank you. I guess I beat the experts- analysis / investigators who give in depth analysis of the BTS/ pics/ gifs or whatever you fill in the blank. My amazing contribution was even mentioned in dramabeans by the beanies LOL. I must have surely made a big impression on some of them . Ive become a certified netizen FBI agent It's sad to hear he got hurt as a child by adults , he has already mentioned this in some of his past interviews. I hope he gets one day a very good movie offer that'd push him to accept it without any hesitation. The best would be a movie with some box office hitmakers names attached to it because if he's the only star in the movie aka the only one who will bring in viewers, he will carry a huge burden on his shoulders. If he wants to leave his imprint in movieland and be active in chungmuro he should start by accepting and playing 2 nd lead roles or supporting roles, then little by little making his way to the top. He needs to have a few hits under his belt so that great scripts by great directors and writers will come to him afterwards. If his movies fail at the box office, obviously the good offers won't go to him because his name and reputation are going to be affected.
  13. Awww why did he feel angry ? for what reason ? @justlove your dad is going to become his number one fan after watching remember , IMO Remember is his best work. Remember had plotholes too but they were not huge like IANAR's. And the acting of the cast was on another level, there were no acting holes. The excellent acting could make us ignore the plot holes. And YSH really shined. The story was sad, thrilling and captivating