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  1. While I was voting, came out err msg that website is offline
  2. I gave up watching the awards after the internet lagged badly and missed them getting daesang *haish* But I'm glad they both finally get the highest awards together. What a present to us shippers to end this year. Happy New Year to all comrades
  3. I thought today I wouldn't be happier than last week. But they both proved me wrong. Speechless. Thanks God my cough is almost gone after being sick for 1 month, so I don't need the oxygen tank tonight. So happy. Thank you all for managing and participating in this project. Congratulations to us. I'm off to have that 3 days 0 night
  4. Oh yeah after noticing the notification and checking my IG, then BAM! Saw her post. Now I really need that oxygen tank to survive the night
  5. I literally died after reading the live report, wheezing and coughing while screaming because of this couple. I knew I should've bought the oxygen tank before the fan meeting since I still have the worst cough ever. Thank you all comrades for sharing the reports, pics and vids since I've tried all the links posted but they didn't work on my phone.
  6. Oh boy just got the chance to join the party. I literally lost my voice coz I screamed like crazy after seeing their red carpet pics and vids despite my bad cough and sore throat. So happy for this couple and wishing them all the happiness they deserve. I've been spazzing with my oldest sister since last night. I sent her YAI IG pic and her first comment was maybe Puppy was the one who took the pic Thank you all for the pics, vids, news and translations. You guys are the best comrades
  7. @ironmom I don't have problem with my app, I'm using mobile network (XL). Try restarting your app. I'm collecting points again to vote today. Fighting! ☺
  8. Annyeonghaseyo. I've been a silent reader of this thread and the drama. I avoided Soompi for almost 2 weeks as part of my Dots addiction treatment Since I consider myself (50%) cured, I decided to visit Soompi again and I have to do backreading for 100+ pages (boy this thread moves very fast) and have missed so much. I really appreciate all the members who contribute everything to keep this ship sailing. This is my 1st ship ever (I've watched many Asian dramas in my life) and this couple dazzles me so much that I'm willing to use my cc to subscribe Magzter. I'm an old school and wary of internet transaction but I really really really want to vote for them. I tried playing the (stup*d) online games and failed all of them. So why not just pay for Magzter and be done with it in 5 min. I didn't have any difficulties in installing Baeksang app and subscribing Magzter, guess I'm one of those (thanks God) lucky people. Now I have 8000 points and hope my vote will help getting them to the red carpet. To members who experience problems, keep trying and your pain will be worth it when we see them together at Baeksang Awards. Happy voting everybody!